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🧳 | Air Do, seeing off new graduates joining the company in 2022


Air Do not hire new graduates to join the company in 2022

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For general staff, mechanics, flight attendants, and ground staff.

AIRDO will not hire new graduates to join the company in 2022.General staff, mechanics, flight attendants, Gran ... → Continue reading


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Grand Staff

Grand Staff,Ground staffWhat is (Ground Staff, GS)?空港Work atAirlinesGround-based staff.Also called a specific ground job.


Passenger handling

At airport counters, etc.passengerCheck-in (Boarding procedure(Reception), guidance, guidance, etc.[1].

In addition to customer service qualities, to handle international flight operations語Ability is essential.Also, since I often run around the airport, it is a tough job that requires physical strength.
There are also educational background restrictions, and you must have graduated from a vocational school or junior college at a minimum.

  • The work schedule of the ground staffshiftDo daily work with a system.
  • In Japan, except for dispatchers and some aircraft maintenance technicians, it is adopted not by the airline itself but by affiliated subsidiaries.
  • Located at the airportTravel agencyEmployees such as these often wear the same uniform, but they are called senders rather than ground staff.

Lamp handling

Perform operations such as marshalling to guide airplanes at the airport[1].apronRefers to the staff who guide the aircraft and clean the inside of the aircraft.This is also called Ground Handling (GH).


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