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🧳 | "JRE POINT" can be exchanged for Shinkansen / limited express tickets and upgraded to "Railway version miles"


"JRE POINT" can be exchanged for "railroad mileage" for Shinkansen / limited express tickets and upgraded

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Bonus points will be added if you make a payment with a view card at the time of booking.

JR East will start a service on June 6 that allows you to exchange "JRE POINT" for Shinkansen and limited express tickets ... → Continue reading


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View card

East Japan Railway > View card

View card(English: VIEW CARD) IsEast Japan RailwayLtd.(JR East)subsidiaryIsViewcard Co., Ltd.(English: Viewcard Co., Ltd.), And issued by the companyCredit cardbrand.


1992May 10The Card Division was established in JR East, and the following day.1993May 2Issuance of credit card "Viewcard" has started.[2].

Initially, it was issued by JR East itself.However, as the business environment became severe, the credit card business was made a subsidiary with the aim of strengthening profitability and competitiveness.2009May 10Established Viewcard Co., Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary of JR East.2010May 2In addition, JR EastCompany split(Absorption-type company split), Viewcard Co., Ltd. took over the credit card business from JR East[3]..クレジットカードの審査業務はCredit card examination workCredit Saison(OldQubitous)Subcontractingare doing.

In addition to JR East, other Japanese railway companies have issued international brand credit cards in-house.JR West Japan(J-WEST card)WhenOdakyu Electric RailwayOnly. Two companies other than JR East still issue their own cards as of December 2.


  • 1992(Heisei4 years)May 10 --The Card Division was established within East Japan Railway Company.
  • 1993(5)May 2 --Start issuing viewcards [2].
  • 1994(6)May 4 --Start issuing View Zipangu Cards.
  • 1996(8)May 7 --Achieved 100 million viewcard reception members[4].
  • 1997(9)May 2 --Start issuing LUMINE cards.
  • 1998(10) April 4-View corporate card issuance started.
  • 1999(11)May 10 --Start of affiliated caching (Daiichi Kangyo Bank,Fuji Bank,Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank,Postal savings/at that time).
  • 2000(12)
    • August 4- VisaStarted partnership with.
    • May 8 --Start accepting viewcard applications on the Internet.
  • 2001(13) October 10-Started installation of VIEW ALTTE.
  • 2003(15)
    • May 3 --Obtained ISO9001: 2000 certification as a card division.
    • May 3 --Started VIEW's NET, an internet service for Viewcard members.
    • May 7 ――Started partnership with JCB at the same time as the start of the "View Suica" card service.
    • October 10-Start of "Thanks Charge" service for "View Suica" card.
    • May 10 --Start issuing TYO View Watermelon Card and Espal View Watermelon Card.
  • 2004(16)
    • May 3 - MasterCardStarted partnership with.
    • May 4 --Internationalization of View Watermelon VISA card.
    • May 6 --Started issuing LUMINE card (with view watermelon).
    • May 7 --View ETC card service started.
  • 2005(17)
    • May 1 - JAL cardSuica issuance started.
    • June 6-Adult Holiday Club Card issuance started.
  • 2006(18)
    • May 1 --Start issuing "View Suica" card with commuter pass function.
    • March 3-Business Ekinet card issuance started.
    • May 3 - Bic cameraSuica card issuance started.
    • October 10-Start of auto charge service.
    • May 10 --Atre Club View Suica card issuance started.
  • 2007(19)
    • January 1-Acquired ISO12: 27001 certification as a card division.
    • February 2-Start recruiting AEON Suica cards.
    • February 2-Super IC card Suica "Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ-VISA" recruitment started.
  • 2008(20)
    • March 3-Yahoo! JAPAN Card Suica recruitment started.
    • March 3-TOYOTA TS CUBIC VIEW CARD recruitment started.
    • October 10-Mizuho Mileage Club Card "Saison" Suica, SMBC CARD Suica recruitment started.
    • October 10-ANA VISA Suica card recruitment started.
  • 2009(21)
    • March 3-Achieved 30 million auto-charge setters.
    • April 4-Yokohama Bank Card Suica recruitment started.
    • July 7-Auto charge (link) service started.
    • September 9-Established Viewcard Co., Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary of East Japan Railway Company.
  • 2010(22) February 2-The credit card business of East Japan Railway Company was succeeded to Viewcard Co., Ltd., and full-scale business started as Viewcard Co., Ltd.
  • 2015(27) --VENUSⅡ update,Gold card・ Started issuing family cards.
  • 2016(28) April 4- 3D secureCorresponding to.
  • 2018(30) June 6-View Thanks Point integrated into JRE POINT[5].
  • 2018(30) July 7 --JRE CARD recruitment started (Atreview Suica card, Perrier view card, we view, watermelon card, Espal card, Fezan card, which had been separated so far).
  • 2019(31) March 3-Viewcard Co., Ltd. inherits the "View Plaza Gift Certificate Business" from East Japan Railway Company and begins issuing "View Plaza Gift Certificates"[6].


View card

This is a basic card issued by Viewcard.国際ブランドは、株式会社International brand is a corporationJCBPartnered with JCB,Ucy cardPartnered with a corporationMasterCard-By VISAYou can choose from each brand.Since all international brands are open to affiliated stores, the services provided by JCB and UC Card cannot be used.However, for JCB brand cards, services for overseas travel provided by JCB as an international brand, such as "JCB PLAZA" and "Shopping & Dining Passport", can be used.

Currently,SuicaEquipped with"View Suica" cardIs the main force.

View Type II affiliated card

The ViewTypeII affiliated card is a card issued by a credit card company (bank) affiliated with Viewcard, not a card issued by Viewcard Co., Ltd.Therefore, only a part of the view card service can be used.Most of the View Type II affiliated cards are equipped with Suica.2019May 6The current lineup is as shown in the following table.

NameIssuing companyA partner companySuica
Yokohama Bank Card SuicaYokohama Bank-Yes
Super IC card SuicaMitsubishi UFJ Bank-Yes
Mizuho Mileage Club Card "Saison" SuicaCredit SaisonMizuho BankYes
ANA VISA Suica cardMitsui Sumitomo Bank CardAll Nippon AirwaysYes
Aeon Suica cardAEON credit service-Yes
TOYOTA TS CUBIC VIEW CARDToyota financeToyotaNone

Corporate card

View corporate card

1998May 4Issuance started.The international brand is a VISA brand affiliated with UC Card.However, Suica is not installed.

Business Ekinet Card

BusinessStationTo the start of2006May 3Issuance has started in[7]..It is a house card and can only be used by Ekinet.There are also partnerships with each international brand.BillingTokai passenger railway OfJR Tokai Express CardSimilarly, payment can be made via a travel agency or the like.

Main features

Services / functions common to VIEW / VISA card / VIEW Suica card

View Type II affiliated cardThose restricted by are marked with x

  • JR EastGreen WindowTickets (hereinafter referred to as the company's window)Commuter Pass-Limited express ticketWhen purchasing etc.), transactions up to 5 yen at a time are signless.
    • Transactions using an IC credit card will begin at the company's counter from April 2020, 4, but when making payments with an IC credit card, it is necessary to enter a PIN regardless of the payment amount.[8].
  • × Installment payments when purchasing tickets at the company's windowボ ー ナ スPayment is also possible (commuter pass is not possible).
  • × Domestic travel accident insurance (while boarding a public vehicle / recruitment typePlanning trip・ One of the accommodation reservations is covered by credit card), and overseas travel accident insurance (compensation for card members) is included.
  • × You can purchase a Suica card and charge (deposit) to Suica with credit within the JR East jurisdiction.There is a separate monthly usage limit, which requires approval at the time of sale.
  • × Inquiry of card usage details on the Web service "VIEW's NET", change of payment method by the closing date.
  • ×"Central liner" and "Ome liner" OfLiner ticketReservationMobile phonePossible from.
    • As of March 2019, 3, the operation of "Chuo Liner" and "Oume Liner" has ended, and the limited express "Hachioji" and "Ome" have ended.
  • JR EastMobile SuicaIf you registered a view card in, the annual membership fee was free from the beginning of the service.
    • However, after February 2020, 2, the annual membership fee will be free regardless of the registered credit card.[9].

VIEW Function with VIEW Type II affiliated card

Of the previous sectionView Type II affiliated cardThe services available under the VIEW brand are limited to:

  • When purchasing tickets, etc. at the company's window, transactions up to 5 yen at a time are signless (payment methods such as installments cannot be specified, only lump-sum payment the following month).
  • You can charge your Suica card by credit card at the VIEW ALTTE card ticket vending machine.
  • Auto-charge service can be used (limited to those equipped with Suica).
  • Station(JR reserved seat reservation service) ・ To use Mobile Suica, register as a member as a VIEW card.
    • Credit card points at the time of card payment will be accumulated for the use of "general cards" other than VIEW cards.

Other functions (with or without travel insurance, Web services, etc.)View Type II affiliated cardIn accordance with the service of the credit card company that issues the commuter pass, there is no special limit for commuter passes, such as "Tore TEL".Also, payment of credit usage fees and inquiries are not made at the Viewcard Center.View Type II affiliated cardIt is done by the credit card company that issues.

Domestic / overseas travel accident insurance

Viewcards come with domestic and overseas travel accident insurance as one of the services.The conditions are as follows.

  • Domestic: Compensation will be provided only if you suffer damage in the "from entering the ticket gate to exiting" part, subject to purchase with a view card.
  • Overseas: Overseas travel accident insurance is automatically applied.

Please refer to the PDF file on the official website for insurance coverage conditions.

Redeem points on the JRE POINT site (formerly VIEW Thanks gift)

■View Type II affiliated cardCannot be exchanged for products exclusively for Viewcard members on the JRE POINT site, and VIEW Plus does not apply.

It has been implemented since the card was issued in 1993, and usually 1,000 JRE POINTs are added for every 5 yen used for shopping (1,000 thanks points (equivalent to 2 yen) for every 5 yen in the View Thanks Point era).

The expiration date is valid from the last point usage date of JRE POINT (the date of either saving or using) to the end of the month two years later.[10]..Initially, points were earned until the end of January of the following year (thanks charge is until the end of March), but points granted after March 1 were valid from the month of earning until the end of the month 3 months later.[11]

The point award rate at VISA member stores of Viewcard is 1,000 points for every 5 yen.VIEW PlusBefore the system started, when purchasing a commuter pass, the grant rate was halved to 1,000 point for View Thanks points (equivalent to 1 points when converted to JRE POINT) for every 2.5 yen (equivalent to 6 points when converted to JRE POINT). The point award rate for tickets has been increased six times).In addition, at the beginning, there was a system in which points were given by presenting the card even with cash payment, but it was later abolished.

Depending on the points earnedFoodAnd green car ticket ・Gift certificatesYou can redeem it for a free gift such as (For depositing to Suica by redeeming points)VIEW Suica cardSee).

From October 2012, with viewcardRakuten Edycharge,nanacocharge,SMART ICOCAQuick charge,SAPICAPoints will not be awarded for the amount used for auto charge.[12]

From June 2018, 6, Viewthanks points will be integrated into JRE POINT, and some viewcards will be newly issued, and functions as JRE POINT cards will be added when the cards are renewed or reissued. ..[5][13]


With JR East station windowAutomatic ticket vending machinebyJRAll linesticketKind purchase andSuicaAs for the charge (payment), the privilege points are tripled, and the JR line can be used advantageously in the company's area.

JR East200110It was enacted to promote the use of the company's card by giving more advantageous points when starting the sale of tickets using general credit cards.

Suica charge (including auto charge when using private railways),Mobile SuicaCredit card payment for JR East stations andStationTickets and "View Plaza Travel Products" can be purchased atVIEW PlusUnder the system, the grant rate will be tripled (3 points per 1,000 yen, equivalent to 15% of the payment amount) when used at non-applicable member stores.

Therefore, JR East andPASMOStores inside the station of the operator (station Naka) and SuicaPASMOElectronic money affiliated stores, etc.Suica Shopping ServiceWhen paying at a place where (Suica electronic money) can be used, it is more advantageous to pay with Suica once charged with a view card (compared to paying with cash or view card), and it is more advantageous to give points.Bic cameraAnd operates as a tenant in the station buildingMatsumotokiyoshiAnd so onPoint CardIt is profitable to be given points similar to cash payment.

In addition, I registered in advance with the "Suica Point Club".VIEW Suica cardとMobile SuicaLimited to, but from June 2007JR East Retail Net(Former East Japan Kiosk)JR East Food Business(Jeff Bee) etc.Station NakaAt the target stores of "" and the target stores in the city, "Suica points"Is added, which is even more advantageous.In addition, from March 2010, 3, the types of Suica that can be registered for the service, such as Suica commuter passes and My Suica (registered), have been expanded.Currently, for these services, by registering Suica and a view card on the JRE POINT site, points for using the view card and points for using the Suica will be added together as JRE POINT.

Caching service

From the beginning of the service in 1993, JR East (at that time) himselfMoney lending businessAs a person, with a viewcardcachingWe are providing services.

Initially on the premises of the main stationCD/ATM(View Cash In (used as the name of an automated teller machine at that time) →View altteIt was possible to use caching from the first train to the last train.その後afterwards1997Started tie-ups with other financial institutions.Currently,City bankAll 5 lines (Mizuho-Mitsubishi UFJ-Sumitomo Mitsui-Resona-Saitama Resona)・Chiba Bank-Chiba Kogyo Bank-Yokohama Bank-Joyo Bank-Kiraboshi BankandJapan Post BankIt can also be used at ATMs (post offices).

As a viewcard service, there is no overtime fee.On the contrary,View altteAt ATMs, all city banks and Yokohama, Chiba, Chiba Kogyo, Joyo, Kiraboshi,Yamanashi Chuo(Currently suspended) ・Musashino-Keiyo-East JapanEach regional bank,New Bank Tokyo,Credit union(Current,Tama-Saitama-Asahi-Mito-(I.e.-(I.e.-Seibu7 credits are supported.We plan to expand alliance credits in the future), Withdrawal of deposits and savings is now available with Japan Post Bank cash cards.The amount of money that can be withdrawn is in units of XNUMX yen, but if the balance of the deposit account is negative (such as the balance of borrowings such as fixed-term deposit collateral), no withdrawals can be made.In addition, VIEW ALTTE accepts short-term repayments of Viewcard cash advance services (full payment of principal and interest) and payment of the amount of money spent shopping with the card (partial payment or full amount of shopping usage amount, payment of annual membership fee). ..Previously, it was possible to deposit with both banknotes and coins (or coins only) at some ATMs, but now ATMs only handle banknotes.

  • With the exception of the "View Watermelon Revolving Card," which was launched in 2004, the cashing interest rate for all types of Viewcard has been in the 28% range for a long time.Gray zone interest rateAlthough it was a high price, in light of the situation where the defeat of the money lending industry became decisive until 2006, 2006May 6In the same yearMay 718% per year from new caching usage fromInterest limitation lawAnnounced that it will be reduced to the maximum interest rate).

2009May 4Cashing cannot be used for viewcards for which new applications have been made since then.[14].. However,View Type II affiliated cardCan use the cashing or loan of the issuing credit card company.ただし、トヨタファイナンスが同年5月以降に発行する「TOYOTA TS CUBIC VIEW CARD」は除くHowever, "TOYOTA TS CUBIC VIEW CARD" issued by Toyota Finance after May of the same year is excluded.[15].

Annual fee

Proper's "view card" has been "view card" from the beginning.VIEW Suica cardUntil now, the annual membership fee is 477 yen (excluding consumption tax), but the annual membership fee is free for the "VIEW Suica Revolving Card" exclusively for revolving payments and some affiliated VIEW Suica cards.

Precautions when purchasing a ticket

  • If you purchase a ticket with a view card at a JR East ticket office, "East C" will be displayed on the ticket face, and a ticket purchased with a general credit card ("C system" will be displayed on the ticket face. ) Is distinguished.
  • Other than JR EastJRIf you purchase a ticket with a view card at a window or online reservation (including when you receive an Ekinet reservation in the JR Hokkaido area or JR West Hokuriku area) or at a travel agency, "C system" will be displayed on the ticket face and general As with tickets purchased with a credit card, a signature is required regardless of the amount.
  • JR Tokai's view card as a payment cardExpress bookingIf you purchase a ticket such as an e-express ticket using, "Sea C" will be displayed on the face of the ticket, and in principle, you need to go through the procedure at the express reservation counter when making a refund after issuing the ticket.

Handling financial institution

Automatic account transferCan be used forFinancial institutionIs as follows (2014May 1Current).However, there are some financial institutions that cannot transfer funds at Internet branches.


(Bank Codeorder)

Cooperative financial institution

  • Credit union(Aomori,Iwate,Miyagi,Akita,Yamagata,Fukushima,Ibaraki,Tochigi,Gunma,Saitama,Chiba,Tokyo,Kanagawa,Niigata,Yamanashi,Naganoas well as the ShizuokaLimited to)
  • Credit cooperative(Aomori prefecture, Iwate prefecture, Miyagi prefecture, Akita prefecture, Yamagata prefecture, Fukushima prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Tokyo Metropolitan area, Kanagawa prefecture, Niigata prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture, Nagano prefecture and Shizuoka prefecture. Limited to prefectures)
  • Agricultural cooperative(Aomori prefecture, Iwate prefecture, Miyagi prefecture, Akita prefecture, Yamagata prefecture, Fukushima prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Tokyo Metropolitan area, Kanagawa prefecture, Niigata prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture, Nagano prefecture and Shizuoka prefecture. Limited to prefectures)
  • Labor union


Issue start

At the beginning of issuanceHouse cardSo, you can buy tickets for JR East and relatedJapan Telecom-Tokyo Digital PhoneFee settlement, someTokyu HotelsIt was limited to stores.In addition, the recruitment target was limited to those who live or work in the business area of ​​JR East.

The infrastructure at that timeMaruiRed card (currently:Epos Card) Is said to have been purchased and refurbished.On the other hand, in partnership with the company's group companies, station buildings and hotels such as "LUMINE CARD" (Hotel Metropolitan-Hotel MetsWith the chain)Partner cardWas issued, and many members were acquired, laying the foundation for further business development.次いでThen1998FromHokkaido passenger railwayThe station window of (JR Hokkaido) and the station building of the company group can be used as "viewcard member stores".

2000May 4OldUcy cardCo., Ltd. (in 2006Credit SaisonStarted issuing "View VISA Card", which is a view card attached to the VISA brand (open to affiliated stores) using the company's issuance rights.[16],House cardView card (proper card) Existing members were sent a "View VISA" card all at once and switched.なお、旧ユーシーカードは2005年に事業分割が行われ、現在は旧社から分割設立されたThe former UC Card was split in XNUMX and is now split and established from the old company.Ucy card(2nd generation) andQubitousThe VISA / MasterCard brand, which issues viewcards, is operated and credited in the infrastructure of.

In the latter half of 2000, "Station"(Internet Tore TEL) started service, and from 2001JR East Information SystemsThe core system "VENUS (View card Effective Network and Universal System) = Venus =" built by the company was put into operation, and the "VIEW Plus" system was started in October.

Issuance of "View Suica" card

Accepting applications for the "View Suica" card2003May 5Started in the same yearMay 7Was started from[17]..当初は、JCBと提携したJCB又はユーシーカードと提携したVISAの各国際ブランドから選ぶ事が出来たが、ユーシーカードと提携したMasterCardブランドの申込受付をInitially, it was possible to choose from JCB affiliated with JCB or VISA affiliated with UC Card, but we accept applications for the MasterCard brand affiliated with UC Card.2004May 2Started in the same yearMay 3Issuance has started in[18].

In the same yearRevolving paymentStarted issuing the dedicated "VIEW Suica Revolving Card" and started handling revolving payments only for this card (currently, revolving payments are possible even if this card is not used).

In addition,JAL,Bic cameraWe issue cards in partnership with other companies. Since 2005, the proper card has become a "VIEW Suica card with a commuter pass function".

2006May 10From, the standard amount and deposit amount are set in advanceView altteAfter registering withAutomatic ticket gate(PASMOVIEW Suica card at the time of admission to (including mutual use)Stored fairWhen the balance is below the standard amount, the registered amount is automatically settled and charged on the spot.Auto chargeAlso started.

Currently"SuicaIt is evolving as a credit card that has been developed in various fields centered on services.

CM character

From the beginning of issuance to the appearance of the "VIEW Suica Card", live-action shots are taken at a pace of one or two every two years, mainly around March to April and October.TV commercialandstationAdvertisements are made in magazines and magazines, and when the service startsMasahiro MotokiBut in 1993Pierre Littbarski(Under the umbrella of JR EastJeff United Ichihara1994-1995Noriko Kato(The inserted song isSomething ELse), But from 2000 to 2001Kyoko Aoyama, In 2013Takanashi RinWas appointed. 2015年からはFrom XNUMXUeda MasashiCartoon work ofKariage Kun』, But from 2018Akira Toriyama OfTelevision Animation"Dr. Slump AraleWas appointed as an image character.

The CM for the "Tore TEL" service in 1995 was a work related to the view card, but the CM for the ancillary business "View Gift Certificate" and the related businesses "Suica" and "Ekinet" ("Tore TEL" developed) It was a completely different work with no tie-ups between performers and stories.ただ、1998年からの「ルミネカード」のCMには、ルミネカードのために創られたとされるオリジナルHowever, the CM of "LUMINE CARD" from XNUMX is an original that is said to have been created for LUMINE CARD.characterof"Rumi unnie, 2004-2005 in TV commercials related to "VIEW Suica Card"Suica penguinHowever, from 2005, "Adult holiday club(Double face card) "advertisements (including TV commercials)Sayuri YoshinagaHas been unfolded.


  • ViewcardlogoThe notation is "V∥eW" ("I" is two lines). The notation of "View Card" is incorrect.On the contrary, "" issued by JR EastView Plaza Gift CertificateIs incorrect in "VIEW Gift Certificate".
  • There are also remnants of separate businesses in the past, and there are only a few "View Card member stores" other than stations that also serve as "View Card member stores" for "View Card" and "View Card" (JCB Gift Card). And UC gift cards, etc. are issued directly by credit card companies as ancillary businesses, so it seems that such a misunderstanding has occurred).
  • 20072We upgraded our core system to "VENUS2" and started handling revolving payments for all viewcards other than corporate cards. , Supports Type II card operation.
(Due to this change, handling at station counters and VIEW ALTTE was suspended around midnight and early morning around February 2.)
  • 2016May 4Than,3D secureCorresponded to. Enter the password associated with the VIEW's NET service ID (My JR-EAST password cannot be used).


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