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🧳 | Feeling like traveling to Thailand on a round-trip flight JAL et al.


Traveling to Thailand on a round-trip flight JAL and others will be held on May 5th to and from Narita

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JAL, JALPAK, and NAA have been holding this event since December 3.

Japan Airlines (JAL), Tourism Authority of Thailand, JALPAK, Narita International Airport (NAA) are overseas on domestic tour flights ... → Continue reading


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Jar pack

JALPAK Co., Ltd.(JALpak) IsJAL Group OfTravel clubName and the company is implementingパ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ーIs the brand name of.


Japan's first overseas pack tour

High economic growthDue to the increase in foreign currency earned bySecond World WarLater restrictions on overseas travel by Japanese people1964(ShowaIn response to the cancellation in 39)1965(Showa40 years)May 1Japan's first overseas package tourbrandThe first release of "JALPAK"Japan AirlinesStarted by, all 7 coursesIATAIt was released all at once by member travel agencies.

At that time, travel bags were distributed to tour participants as a service, and the bags were regarded as status among overseas travelers.Nowadays, the high-class image has been dispelled, and although some high-priced package tours are left, it has become a general package tour.

Independent from Japan Airlines

Since then, "JALPAK" has been performing well enough to become synonymous with overseas package tours.1969(Showa44 years)May 4"Travel Development Co., Ltd." was established as a wholesaler that plans, operates, manages, and sells "JALPAK" with the investment of Japan Airlines and major travel agencies.1991(HeiseiIn 3 years), the company name was changed to "JALPAK Co., Ltd."

Reorganization within the JAL Group

2000(HeiseiFrom 12) to the following year, the branch office operations in various parts of Japan were outsourced to the JAL Sales Network (JSN).2002(Heisei14) by Japan AirlinesJapan Air SystemSubstantial absorption-type mergerJapan Airlines SystemWith the inauguration), the JAL sales network was reorganized to (JSA), but this time was the time when the Japan Airlines Group was searching for a sales system, and JAL sales contracted not only JALPAK but also Japan Airlines itself. I am also in charge of sales to travel agencies.However, this unified sales method is unpopular both inside and outside the company.2006(HeiseiIn 18), due to the reorganization of the sales system of the Japan Airlines GroupSapporo,Tokyo,Nagoya,Osaka,FukuokaReturned the district branch office to JALPAK.still,2010(HeiseiSince February 22, the head office (Tokyo) is the only domestic base due to the reorganization of the sales system.

Japan Airlines Group's domestic travel division "Jal Stage" "Furari" "JMB Tour" "JAL Shunkan Club"(Former Domestic Travel Development Co., Ltd. → Jar Story Co., Ltd. and oldJapan Air SystemTDA Trading Co., Ltd. → JAS Trading Co., Ltd. → Jas Nice Wing Co., Ltd.2003Merged with.The surviving company, Jas Nice Wing) has been a separate company from the beginning, and the former JAL Sales has moved away from being a sales representative of the Japan Airlines Group, and is a travel agency of the Japan Airlines Group that follows the old (former (JTS)) trend. It has reached the present as a store.ジャルパックやJALツアーズ商品を自社で販売または市中の旅行会社へ取次する他、「JAL紀行倶楽部」というブランド名で国内In addition to selling JALPAK and JAL Tours products in-house or brokering to travel agencies in the city, Japan under the brand name "JAL Travel Club"パ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ー/Free PlanIs planned in-house and sold via a travel agency in the city. The contents of "JAL Journey Club" are very similar to those of JAL Tours, so be careful not to confuse them.
In addition, Japan Airlines' city counter (which also sells travel products) "" is operated by "" in Tokyo and Osaka, and "Hokkaido" in Sapporo.

2011(Heisei23) Merged with JAL Tours Co., Ltd. on April 4st.存続会社はJALツアーズで、合併時にジャルパックに社名変更する(いわばThe surviving company is JAL Tours, which will change its name to JALPAK at the time of the merger (so to speak).Upside down merger).Therefore, the registration number of the travel industry was No. 705 owned by JAL Tours.

Conversion from a full-time wholesaler

JALPAK was a so-called full-time wholesaler that did not have its own sales store and outsourced sales to other travel agencies, but in recent years customers have left package tours and the travel agency's customers have been locked in to deal with it. And the move to emphasize direct sales of its own products prompted JALPAK to shift from the traditional wholesaler specialty.その新しい方向性の一つがOne of the new directionsTour operatorIt is a business, and the other is direct sales via the Internet.

Tour operator business

When a Japanese travel agency arranges overseas travel, directly overseasHotel,busIt is rare to make arrangements by contacting the company etc.Tour operatorIt is common to outsource the arrangements to a company that specializes in arranging overseas travel.JALPAK has many subsidiaries around the world to make this arrangement, but this network is used not only to arrange package tours for JALPAK, but also to other travel agencies on behalf of other travel agencies. We have also started to arrange tours and private trips.Many travel agencies outsource their arrangements to JALPAK, which has a track record of making arrangements in the wholesale business for many years, and this tour operator business is now one of the pillars of JALPAK's management along with the wholesale business. ..

Internet sales

インターネットDue to the development ofB2CThe trend has paved the way for JALPAK, which does not have its own store, to sell tours directly to customers without relying on retailers.JALPAK is a direct sales site "(( http://www.etravel.co.jp ) ”1999Launched in May, the company's overseas travel as well as affiliated company Asia Travel Development Co., Ltd.Republic of China(Indicated as "Taiwan" in the company) Travel, domestic travel of JAL Tours, overseas airline tickets (in partnership with Access International Network), travel peripheral products of other companies (Apple worldIt sells overseas hotels in partnership with overseas hotels, overseas wedding arrangements in partnership with, and insurance product sales in partnership with. Domestic travel from around 2004 also started to be handled by e-travel. (現在ではアップルワールド及びワールドブライダルとの提携は終了)なお、「eトラベル」は(Currently, the partnership with Apple World and World Bridal has ended.) "E-Travel" is2006In December"( http://www.jal.co.jp/intltour/ Former name eJMB Tour Desk) ”was integrated and renamed from the end of September 2008Japan Airlines InternationalIt was included in the "Overseas Tour" and "Domestic Tour" menus on the official website.

Deployment brand

  • JAL Pack (JALPAK): A new brand from the first half of 2010 (April-) announced on January 1, 20.It was set by integrating I'LL and Ava so far, and it has been revived as a brand name for the first time in 2010 years.
  • I'll: First brand.1991Renamed from JALPAK. The tour, which departed at the end of March 2010, ended the history.
  • AVA: Second brand.The origin is "AMacheteVaFrom "Kanth". The tour, which departed at the end of March 2010, ended the history.
  • View Plaza : 1993ToEast Japan Railway(JR East) was established as a joint venture with Japan Airlines as an overseas package tour planning and implementation department, but due to a change in policy of JR East2007May 4It took over the same division and became a brand and product group of JALPAK (currently as a corporation).Byu Travel Service).Sales are limited to View Plaza, the exclusive "Lin Lin Dial", and JAL eTravel Plaza (partial).Originally, View Plaza had a relationship such as purchasing units from JALPAK.


Asia Travel Development

Republic of ChinaOverseas package tours forPeople's Republic of ChinaIt was not possible with JALPAK, which handles travel products in China (in the People's Republic of China).Chinese Communist PartyBecause of pressure from the government.そのため他の大手旅行会社も中華民国専門の別会社があった)ことから、JALグループのTherefore, other major travel agencies also had another company specializing in the Republic of China), so the JAL GroupJapan Asian Airlines"Asia Travel Development" (ownership ratio: JAA 70%, JALPAK 30%), which is a subsidiary of JALPAK Co., Ltd., was independently developed.しかしHowever2008(Heisei20 years)May 4At the same time that Japan Asia Airways was merged with Japan Airlines International, JALPAK will also conduct a tour of the Republic of China, and Asian travel development has stopped its business.同年same yearMay 4Disbanded with attachment.同年same yearMay 8The liquidation was completed with the attachment, and it disappeared completely.

Formerly developed brands
  • Century: 1st brand * Later integrated into "I'll"
  • VIVA: 2nd brand * Later integrated into "AVA"


A wholly owned subsidiary of JALPAK.Create travel itineraries and send travel pamphlets.


Overseas branch

Each overseas branch has the following as a local corporation.

United Kingdom (London):http://www.jalpak.co.uk
Italy (Rome):http://www.jalpak.it
France (Paris):http://www.jalpak.fr
Germany (Frankfurt Dusseldorf):http://www.jalpak.de
United Kingdom (London):http://www.ectuk.com
America (Honolulu, Kona, Maui):https://hawaii.jalpak.net

  Fura Journey:https://hulatabi.com

Indonesia (Jakarta)
Republic of China (Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung)
Hong Kong
People's Republic of China (Beijing)


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