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🧳 | "Genbi Shinkansen" to archive exhibition Sofa sales


"Genbi Shinkansen" to archive exhibition Sofa sales

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In addition, at the three stations of Echigo Yuzawa, Tsubamesanjo, and Niigata, the sofa installed in the car will be used as a waiting seat.

JR East has exhibited the works exhibited in the "Genbi Shinkansen", which ended operation on December 2020, 12, in Joetsu Shin ... → Continue reading


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Waiting seat

Yuzawa Town

Yuzawa Town(Yuzawa Town) isNiigataMinamiuonuma DistrictBelongs totown.


JapaneseSpaGround (Echigo Yuzawa Onsen) And (old)Shiozawa TownAlong with Makino-doriMikuni highway OfPost townOne of theYasunari Kawabata OfNovel"Snow country] Was the stage.

After the 2000sFuji Rock FestivalIs also the venue forNaebaBut,Winter sports,Climbing OfMeccaIt is gaining popularity as.

AkitaYuzawaTo distinguish fromEchigo YuzawaOften called,Joetsu ShinkansenIt is a stop stationEchigoyuzawa StationThere is.

It is one of the most heavy snowfall areas in the world, and the surrounding areaMinamiuonuma City-TokamachiAlongsideSki resortThere are many.JR EastAlso in our townGala Yuzawa Ski ResortWhen openingJoetsu ShinkansenA station dedicated to ski resorts that is open seasonally (Gala Yuzawa Station) Was constructed.At the same timeJR East SKI SKIWith the development of the campaignTokyoな どCapital AreaFrom to the ski resort by Shinkansen (in the case of commercialsTokyo --Gala Yuzawa The shortest ○ minutes) style has also been established.

Also one of Japan's leadingVilla areaBut alsoBubble periodFor skiersResort mansionWas built a lot.From this,ResortIt is often taken up as a model of development.Therefore, during the bubble period,TokyoYuzawa TownWas ridiculed (Niigata DailyFrom the title of the special feature that was serialized from 1988 to 1989).afterwards,Bubble burstAccompanySki boomWith the end of the skiing, the number of skiers has decreased.Resort condominiums were put up for sale, and the prices of condominiums plummeted, which had a major impact on the economy of Yuzawa Town.

The only remaining town in Minami Uonuma District, from Minami UonumaKoshihikari Rice,SakeIt is one of the production areas of.

Minamiuonuma CityCommuting rate to 11.0% (2010Census).


Located at the southernmost tip of central Niigata prefecture, the town area is in the mountains, but there is a flat land along the Uono River that runs north and south in the center, and railroads and highways run along the river, and a long-distance tunnel is on the Gunma prefecture side. It is connected with.Route 17 runs from the center to the southwest, avoiding tunnels.

Adjacent municipality


Mikuni Mountains


Mt. Shirasunayama・ Uenomayama ・Inazutsumi・ Misaka Pass ・ Chujiroyama ・ Kaminokurayama ・Mt. Saburyuyama・ Daikokuyama ・ Mukaiyama ・Mikuni Pass-Mikuniyama・ Mt. Daigenta ・ Mt. Daigenta ・ Mt. Tenmaruki ・ Mt. Akakura ・ Mt. Akayu ・Hirashibeyama-Mt. Sennokurayama・ Matsudeyama ・Ten thousand Mt. Tarousan-Tanigawadake-Mt. Naebayama-Ichinokura-Mt. Mokura・ Kagura Gamine ・ Mt. Nihaku ・ Mt.Takenodake・ Shiraitasan, Mukaiyama, Karigamine, Footbeat Mountain, ArasawaNanatsugo mountain・ Mt. Front, Mt. Takaishi, Mt. Daigenta, Mt. Karasawayama, Mt. Hojo ・Akihayama-Mt. Omine・ Mt. Tategara ・ Mt. Takatsukura ・Iijisan


Kiyotsu River・ Sebat River, Asagai River, Nii River, Jiodo River, Cassa River, Yabukawa, Mizunashi River, Tono River, Tosawa River, Drinking River ・Uono River・ Matsukawa Irikawa ・ Daigenta River ・ Footbeat River ・ Tozawa River ・ Komagata River ・ Tsunagi River ・ Okuzoji River ・ Yunosawa River


Futai Dam-Kassa Dam-Kassagawa Dam・ Ogenta Lake


Joshinetsu Kogen National Park-Uonuma Mountain Range Prefectural Nature Park


From the discovery of a hot spring in Takahan Hanroku (Takahan Ryokan ancestor) at the end of the Heian period (natural springs about 500 per minute)L) The history of Yuzawa Town, which started now, changed from Yunosawa, the name of the hot spring source, to Yuzawa.Kenshin UesugiPlayed an active roleSengoku periodIsNaoe KanetsuguIs said to be the place where was born.Minamiuonuma CityThe theory is that, but since there are many Higuchi surnames in Yuzawa Town, the Yuzawa birthplace theory is influential).Edo PeriodToMikuni highway OfPost townIt develops into. 1931 (Showa6 years)Joetsu LineWas opened, and on July 1932, 7 (Showa 7), the temperature was 9 degrees and 71 per minute.LToSpaSucceeded in digging up.After that, he made great achievements in hot spring excavation one after another, and when the foundation of the current Yuzawa hot spring was completed, it became a large-scale hot spring resort.Also, in 1937 (Showa 12)Yasunari KawabataThe novel "Snow countryWill be published, and Echigo Yuzawa will become known nationwide.

温泉観光地として発展した結果、2000年(平成12年)には全就業人口の81%が第3次産業に従事している一方、第1次産業・第2次産業はその立地が難しい地勢条件などから年々減少している。1982年(昭和57年)の上越新幹線開通と、1985年(昭和60年)Kanetsu ExpresswayAll lines opened, 1997 (Heisei 9)Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku LineDue to the convenience of transportation such as opening of business, the working population of the town, especially the tertiary industry workers, has continued to increase.

From 1986 (Showa 61)Bubble economyWas established in 1987 (Showa 62)Resort lawDue to the influence ofResort mansionWas also developed.

It occurred in 2004 (Heisei 16)Niigata Chuetsu EarthquakeThen, even in our town, where the damage was small, the number of customers decreased due to the damage of rumors.Also, on July 2007, 19 (Heisei 7) in the same Niigata prefectureNiigata Chuetsu-oki EarthquakeHowever, as a result of the tourism industry working together to stimulate new tourism demand, the number of customers is now returning, centered on repeaters in the Tokyo metropolitan area.In addition, some hot spring inns make capital investments such as guest rooms with open-air baths to meet new needs, and several inns were reopened in 2007 (Heisei 19).

It occurred in 2011 (Heisei 23)Great East Japan EarthquakeHowever, the damage was small, and it was highly evaluated that the town actively accepted the victims.Since then, evacuation migration from the disaster area and the metropolitan area has increased due to the improvement of transportation infrastructure, the cool summer climate in the Naeba area, the large-scale dam in the town, and the good location as a natural energy power source. ing.Uonuma Koshihikariabout,Global warmingDue to the influence ofmAttention is being paid to improving the quality of the region.



Population distribution by age in Yuzawa Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Yuzawa Town (2005)
Purple-Yuzawa Town
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Yuzawa Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



  • First generation: Nobutomo Kakutani (1955 <Showa30 years> April 4-30 (Showa 1968) July 43)
  • 2nd generation: Yoshimasa Takahashi (1968 <Showa 43> August 8-10 <Showa 1976> August 51)
  • 3rd generation: Kikuji Morishita (August 1976, 51-January 8, 10)
  • 4th generation: Kozo Nagumo (1986 <Showa 61> February 2-6 <HeiseiFirst year> November 11)
  • 5th generation: Takayuki Murayama (December 1989, 12-December 10, 2005)
  • 6st generation:Kiyotaka Kamimura(2005 <17> December 12-10 <2013> December 25)
  • 7st generation:Masayuki Tamura(December 2013, 25-)


Working population by industry

  • Primary industry: 1 people
  • Primary industry: 2 people
  • Primary industry: 3 people

Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications / Census (2005)



  • Yuzawa Gakuen
    • Yuzawa Municipal Yuzawa Elementary School
    • Yuzawa Municipal Yuzawa Junior High School




Echigoyuzawa Station TheJoetsu ShinkansenIncluding,Joetsu LineAnd evenHokuetsu ExpressHokuhoku LineIt is a terminal station in the southern part of Niigata prefecture, where most of the trains arrive and depart.

For the Shinkansen,Tokyo~NiigataAmong"WhenIn addition, Tokyo ~Echigo YuzawaAmong"Tanigawa, But each is operated at intervals of about 1 hour.

On conventional lines, after the Hokuhoku line opens, the limited express "Kanazawa / Fukui area"HakutaAs a connecting station connecting the Greater Tokyo Area and HokurikuNagaoka StationShifted from to Echigo Yuzawa Station (Note that the limited express "Hakuta"Hokuriku Shinkansen Kanazawa StationIt was abolished due to the opening of the business, and the communication function connecting the metropolitan area and Hokuriku was handed over to the Shinkansen).

East Japan Railway(JR East)
■ Joetsu Shinkansen
■ Joetsu Shinkansen branch line (formally Joetsu line branch line)
Joetsu Line
Hokuetsu Express
Hokuhoku Line
  • (There are no lines or stations in Yuzawa Town, but most rapid trains and regular trainsMuikamachi Station --The Joetsu Line runs between Echigo Yuzawa Station)

Transit Bus


General national road
General prefectural road
Forest road
  • Takaishi forest road
  • Ichinozawa Takinomata Line (total length 11km, width 5m)
  • Komatsubara forest road
  • Tashiro forest road
  • Akayu forest road
  • Mukaiyama forest road
  • Mikuni Pass(Elevation 1,100m
  • Hiuchi Pass (elevation 983m)
  • Nii Pass(Altitude 810m)
  • Shibahara Pass (elevation 680m)
  • Hoho Pass(Altitude 1,529m)
  • Eitaro Pass (elevation 994m)
  • Gala Pass


Nearby Tourist Spots

Permanent exhibition hall for works selected for the Go-Yuzawa National Children's Painting Exhibition (inside the two-living communal bath "Shukuba no Yu")

Historic site

  • Suwasha
  • Ogen Okawa No. 1 Sabo Dam
  • Kosaka Koshinto group
  • Zuishoan
  • Aratani Bishamon-do
  • Omine Hyakuban Kannon (Mt. Omine-Akihayama
  • Arato Castle Ruins: Prefectural designated historic site
  • Yagisawaguchi Remains
  • Yagisawa Twelve Shrine
  • Yagisawa Kannon-do
  • Oshima Twelve Shrine
  • Snowstorm monument
  • Ime Shrine
  • Sanfuan trace
  • Mikuni highwayMitamata innHonjinSekishinemon's house ruins
  • Tsurujo monument
  • Mikuni Highway Mitsumata OldWakihonjinEchigoya
  • Mimata Kannon-do
  • Mikuni Highway Mitsumata Former Wakihonjin Ikeda Family
  • Mitsumata XNUMX Koshin
  • Mikuni Highway Futai Former Honjin Tomizawa Family
  • Yorii Castle Ruins
  • Asagai Twelve Shrine
  • Asagai Hyakushin
  • Misaka Sansha Shrine (Sangoku Gongen)

Ski resort

ゴ ル フ 場

  • Gold Echigoyuzawa Country Club

Fishing park

  • Yuzawa Fishing Park
  • Okawa Fishing Park


Special event

Works based on our town






Major companies with headquarters in our town

(In alphabetical order)

Major non-profit organizations based in our town

Major companies with offices and branches in our town

(In alphabetical order)


  • Yomiuri Uonuma Mini Komi Magazine
  • VITA Yuzawa --Quarterly free mini comic magazine (first published in July 19, published four times a year)

Native celebrity

Special Tourism Ambassador

Tourism charisma

  • Tomomi Nagumo (Niigata Tourism Charisma)[3]

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