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🛏 | [China] Hoshino Resorts, Zhejiang Hotel Opens [Sightseeing]

Living room of "Sweet Casque Mountain" limited to XNUMX rooms (provided by Hoshino Resorts)

[China] Hoshino Resort opens a hotel in Zhejiang [Sightseeing]

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Hoshino Resorts is currently developing hotels in Bali, Indonesia, and is the fourth hotel in Zhejiang Province overseas.

Hoshino Resorts (Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture) is a resort hotel "Hoshino Resorts ..." in the Tiantai Mountain area in the eastern part of Zhejiang Province on the 27th. → Continue reading

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Hoshino resort

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Hoshino Resort Head Office-389 Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 0195-2148, JapanImage providedplease.(Year ending March 2013

Hoshino Resort Co., Ltd.(Hoshino Resort) is the head officeNaganoKitasaku DistrictKaruizawaNikonResortIt is an operating company.


Our Business

  • Management of resorts and hot spring inns, contract management of resorts and hot spring inns
  • Food business
  • Hot spring facility management business
  • Bridal business
  • Eco tourism business
    • Picchio
      • A group of ecotourism specialists, whose predecessor was the "Wild Bird Laboratory," which was established in 1992 to practice ecotourism. Based in Karuizawa, we conduct research and conservation activities on wildlife and plants, as well as conduct eco-tours and environmental education to unravel the wonders of nature. In 2004, established NPO corporation Picchio.
  • Villa management and sales business
  • Entrusted operation of recreation facilities
  • Real estate rental business
    • Real estate brokerage/sales business [Governor of Nagano (2)4741]
    • Karuizawa Villa Navigation
    • New construction, remodeling support, mediation, villa management


Group Companies

List of resorts, hot spring inn management, resorts, hot spring inn management contract facilities

  • "Kai" -Japanese-style inn with 50 hot springs or less
    • Aomori Prefecture·Oiso Onsen"Kai Tsugaru" (formerly Izumitsugaru, formerly Minamitsugaru Kinsui)
    • Tochigi Prefecture·Chuzenji hot spring"Kai Nikko" (former: Nikko no Rikyu Kaede)・・・Opened May 2014, 5[11]
    • Tochigi Prefecture·Kawasa Onsen"Kai Kawaji" (formerly Yukuya Denchi)...Opened on June 2014, 6[12]
    • Tochigi Prefecture·Kinugawa Onsen"Kai Kinugawa"...Opened on November 2015, 11. Kai brand first new property
    • Kanagawa Prefecture·Hakone hot spring"Kai Hakone" (former: Sakura-an)...Opened December 2012, 12[13]
    • Shizuoka Prefecture·Ito Onsen"Kai Ito" (formerly Izumiso)
    • Shizuoka Prefecture·Izuyama Onsen "Kai Atami" Main Building Annex: Closed from April 2019, 4 with the aim of renovation. Dismantled in 1.
    • Shizuoka Prefecture·Kanzanji hot spring"Kai Enshu" (formerly Hananoi)
    • Nagano Prefecture·Asama Onsen"Kai Matsumoto" (former: Kishoan)
    • Nagano Prefecture·Omachi Onsen"Kai Alps" (former: Matsunobu)
    • Ishikawa Prefecture·Yamashiro Onsen"Kai Kaga" (formerly Shiroginya)
    • Shimane Prefecture·Tamazo Onsen"Kai Izumo" (formerly Kasentei Yuraku)
    • Oita Prefecture "Kai Aso" (former: KAI ASO)
    • Oita Prefecture·Beppu hot spring"Kai Beppu" (former:Hanabishi HotelFormer site) ・ ・ ・ Opened on June 2021, 6[14]
  • "Risonare" -Resort hotel
    • RISONARE Tomamu (Hokkaido) (formerly Galleria Tower Suite Hotel) A part of "Hoshino Resort Tomamu" described later, all suite rooms.
    • RISONARE Yatsugatake (Yamanashi Prefecture)・・・with IWNC training facility. The first renovation property handled by Hoshino Resorts.
    • RISONARE Atami (Shizuoka)・・・(Former: Atami Hyakumangoku)
  • "OMO" -City Hotel
    • OMO7 Asahikawa(Hokkaido)-Former: Asahikawa Grand Hotel
    • OMO5 Otsuka (Tokyo)
    • OMO1 Tokyo Kawasaki (Kanagawa Prefecture) ・ ・ ・ Scheduled to open in the fall of 2021
    • OMO5 Kyoto Sanjo (Kyoto Prefecture)
    • OMO5 Kyoto Gion (Kyoto Prefecture) ・ ・ ・ Scheduled to open in the fall of 2021
    • OMO3 Kyoto Toji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture)
    • OMO5 Okinawa Naha (Okinawa Prefecture) ・ ・ ・ Scheduled to open on May 2021, 5
  • "BEB" -City Hotel
    • BEB5 Karuizawa (Nagano Prefecture)
    • BEB5 Tsuchiura (Ibaraki Prefecture)
  • Other accommodation
    • Hoshino Resort Tomamu The Tower (Hokkaido) (formerly Alpha Resort Tomamu)
    • (Aomori Prefecture·Komaki Onsen
    • Oirase Keiryu Hotel (Aomori PrefectureOirase Stream
    • Hoshino Resort Mt. Bandaisan Onsen Hotel (Fukushima Prefecture)
    • Hoshino Resort Urabandai Hotel (Fukushima Prefecture,LiberesteFrom the management contract)
    • Hotel Breston Court (Nagano PrefectureKaruizawa
    • Hoshino Resort Anjin (Shizuoka) (Closed for renovation from 2015, scheduled to open in 2017)
    • Hoshino Resorts L'Hotel de Hiei (Kyoto) (Hotel Keihan OfAlliance
    • Hoshino Resort Iriomote Island Hotel(Okinawa Prefecture) (Former Hoshino Resort Nirakanai Iriomote Island. From October 2019 after management consignment)
    • Utoco Auberge & Spa (Kochi) (formerly UTOCO Deep Sea Therapy CENTER & HOTEL)
    • Kia Ora Rangiroa (Tahiti) (formerly Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa)
  • Other leisure facilities
    • Tomamu Ski Area(Hokkaido) (part of Hoshino Resorts Tomamu)
    • Alz Bandai(Fukushima Prefecture)
    • Nekoma Ski Area(Fukushima Prefecture)
    • Mellowwood Golf Club (Fukushima Prefecture) (formerly Bandai Resort Development)

Facility currently under construction

Facilities operated in the past

  • "Risonare" -Resort hotel
    • RISONARE Iriomote Island(Okinawa Prefecture, former Iriomote Sanctuary Resort Nirakanai rebranded on October 2011, 10)
      Consignment operation ended on March 2016, 3. From April 31st, the next day, Hotel Nirakanai Iriomote Island. From October 4 Hoshino Resort Iriomote Island Hotel.
    • RISONARE Kohama Island(Okinawa Prefecture, former: Southwest Paradise Resort Kohamajima Resort & Spa Nirakanai Rebranded April 2012)
      Consignment operation ended on March 2017, 3. From April 31st of the next day, Hotel Allamanda Kohamajima and Hotel Nirakanai Kohamajima. From April 4, it will be opened again as Hoshino Resort RISONARE Kohamajima.

Hiring attitude towards smokers

smokingAre not employed based on work efficiency, facility utilization efficiency, and deterioration of corporate competitiveness in the work environment.Non smokingThen, if you pledge, it will be subject to selection[16].

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外部 リンク

Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang Province(Let's go!Chinese: Zhejiang,pinyin: Zhèjiāng Shěng,English: Zhejiang) IsPeople's Republic of China Ofprovinceone of. Abbreviation isZhejiang(Setsu). Located in the central part of East ChinaEast China SeaFacing.Provincial capital TheHangzhou.. Zhejiang is the largest river in the provinceQiantang RiverPoint to. Because Qiantang River meanders violentlyQujiang(Kyokko),Noe(Let's go),Orie(Gypsum),浙江Has been called.


To the northJiangsuShanghaiTo the westAnhui ProvinceJiangxi ProvinceTo the southFujian ProvinceIn contact with. The east faces the East China Sea.Qiantang RiverInflowHangzhou BayHas prospered in trade since ancient times, with about 2 islands such as the Funayama Islands scattered along the coast, making it the province with the most islands in China. The inland becomes a hilly area,Mount Tendai, Shimeizan,AmameyamaAnd so on. Anji County in Huzhou City in the northbambooFamous for its production area and moviesGreen destinyThe bamboo grove scene in Anji was also shot in Anji's Great Take Sea, China.


Spring and autumn era OfYueIt is a country, and during the Warring States periodChuBelonged toIt was unified by Qin Shi Huang and Kuaiji County was established.In his teensYangzhouBelonging to, in the Three Kingdoms eraKureEntered the realm of.Zhejiang East and West roads were set up in the era, and the name of Zhejiang began.Five Dynasties and Ten KingdomsHangzhou is the capital of the eraWuyueThe country was established.Northern Song DynastyTo the south, Lin'an (Hangzhou)Southern Song DynastyIt became the capital of.yuanZhejiang Province was established in the eraLightZhejiang Fu Seiji,clearZhejiang Province was established in its place. The remains of paddy fields have been found in the Kabot ruins of this area 7000 years ago, and the DNA of the paddy is Japonica.Yangtze RiverThe area along is JapanRice cultivationIt is considered to be a place of traditional roots.[1]

Administrative division

11CityBelow is the lower administrative unit 37Municipality, 19County-level city, 32Prefecture, 1Autonomous countyHave jurisdiction over.

Zhejiang administrative division
Zhejiang prfc map.png
No.NameChinese notationpinyinarea
Government location
#Zhejiang ProvinceZhejiang ProvinceZhèjiāng Shěng101,800.0064,567,588Hangzhou
Deputy city
1HangzhouHangzhouHángzhōu Shì16853.5711,936,010Uptown
2NingboNingbo CityNíngbō Shì9365.589,404,283Yinzhou District
3HuzhouHuzhouHúzhō u Shì5818.443,367,579Wuxing District
4JiaxingJiaxing CityJiāxīng Shì4222.875,400,868Nanhu District
5JinhuaJinhuaJīnhuá Shì10941.757,050,683Wucheng District
6LishuiLishui CityLí shuǐ Shì17275.202,507,396Liandu District
7Quzhou CityQuzhou CityQúzhō u Shì8844.552,276,184Kecheng District
8ShaoxingShaoxing CityShàoxīng Shì8279.085,270,977Yuecheng District
9TaizhouTaizhouTāi zhō u Shì10044.466,622,888Jiaojiang District
10Wenzhou cityWenzhou cityWēnzhōu Shì12082.649,572,903Lucheng District
11Zhoushan CityZhoushan CityZhōshān Shì1454.701,157,817Dinghai District


It is one of the most advanced coastal provinces in China. In particular, the public internet network led by the provincial government is well maintained.

In the eastern part of the provinceHangzhou BayAcrossNingboJiaxingThe longest in the worldHangzhou Bay Bridge 2004Construction started in June,2008It opened on May 5st.

Zhejiang Province's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2012 increased year-on-year to 32,000 billion yuan, by province and municipality.Guangdong,Jiangsu,ShandongIt became the fourth largest in China after. The total production per capita in 2012 was 63,266 yuan, up from the previous year.

Zhejiang Province's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019 exceeded 60,000 billion yen.




Friendship tie-up / exchange local government


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外部 リンク

Coordinate: North Latitude 29 Degrees 12 Minutes 0 Seconds East longitude 120 degree 30 min 0 sec /29.20000 degrees north latitude 120.50000 degrees east longitude / 29.20000; 120.50000


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