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🧳 | If you want to drink at home, feel overseas with "snacks"!Easy recipe, takeout, back order summary


If you want to drink at home, feel like you are abroad with "snacks"!Easy recipe, takeout, back order summary

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Couscous salad with plenty of summer vegetables called "Taboulé" is a classic side dish in France.

Now that it is difficult to travel abroad, food is the best way to experience the feeling of being abroad in Japan!However, I have to eat out ... → Continue reading


TABIZINE is an off-time WEB magazine with the theme of travel and freedom.
Through travel information and small stories from all over the world, we propose a lifestyle that makes you feel like traveling.

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Summer vegetable

Summer vegetable(Natsuyasai) isVegetablesEspecially insummerTo収穫What is done,cucumber,eggplant,Tomato,green pepper,Okra,corn,Leek,Pumpkin,zucchiniAre typical.

Carotene,Vitamin C,Vitamin EThere are many vegetables that contain a lot ofSummer heatIt is highly effective.

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