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🧳 | "MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa STATION", opened on April 4 Real mystery solving game set in Asakusa


"MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa STATION" opens on April 4 Real mystery solving game set in Asakusa

If you write the contents roughly
3 It will be a real mystery solving game that you can enjoy together with your family, friends, etc. while avoiding the crowds.

Cosmos Initia and Cosmos Management are an urban apartment hotel "MIMARU Tokyo Asakusa STAT ... → Continue reading


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Experience-based game

Experience-based game(Taikangata game) is a participatory game in which participants become the main characters themselves in reality, solve mysteries, clear missions, and sometimes challenge with physical strength.[1][2].."Experience-based game" as a hands-on game event[3]And "real games"[4]"Real mystery solving game"[5]Also called.

Incidentally,Escape Game OfRealA pioneer of experience-based games launched as a (reality) versionReal escape gameIsSCRAPSince it is a registered trademark of, it is not a generic term.

For the progress of the gameインターネットEnvironmentalSmartphoneThere are many contents that require.Especially in the take-out type, the website is used to judge the answer.

When visiting the city, almost all of them have no time limit during the period or during business hours, but some of them have a time limit in the facility.

A genre of computer games that use input devices that are operated by moving the bodyExperience gameAlso used in context to indicate[6]However, that means that the meaning of "experience" is regarded as the movement of the body, and this (experience-type game) indicates that it is actually played in the real world.

Main types

  • "Room type (or hideout type)" performed in a room dedicated to escape[7]
  • "Hall type (or secret type or performance type)" where chairs and desks are prepared in advance in a large room or hall and a team of several people is formed.[7]
  • "Stadium type (or large venue type)" held at baseball stadiums and leisure facilities after closing[7]
  • "Field type (also called excursion type or excursion type)" around the venues and facilities held in the city, leisure facilities, accommodation facilities, etc.[7]
  • "Take-away type" that you can take home and play[7]
  • "WEB type" that you can play on your computer or smartphone while you are at home[7]

Main experience-based game event services


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