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🧳 | [Komeda Coffee Shop] Condensed milk and honey "Mashiro Noir" will be available seasonally this year as well!


[Komeda Coffee Shop] Condensed milk and honey "Mashiro Noir" will be available seasonally this year as well!

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Please enjoy a sweet time at a Komeda coffee shop near you.

"Mashiro Noir", where you can enjoy the rich "honey" taste of condensed milk and honey, is on sale seasonally at Komeda coffee shops nationwide! ... → Continue reading


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Komeda CorporationIt is,AichiNagoya cityToMain officePut,A coffee shopchain-Coffee shop komeda coffee shopAre expandingJapan OfCompanyIs. In this sectionHolding companyIsKomeda Holdings Co., Ltd.Is also described.


1968In January, founder Taro KatoNagoya cityOpened "Komeda Coffee Shop". The name of "Komeda" is that of the founderFamily business rice storeAnd is associated with "Taro of Rice Shop".[5].. originallyPrivately runIt was a coffee shop that I was doing,1970からFranchiseStart deployment,1975In 8 monthCorporationEstablished Komeda Coffee Co., Ltd.1993Established Komeda Co., Ltd. in April to operate a franchise chain. While promoting the franchise expansion of Komeda coffee stores, it is also opening various experimental stores.

2014Komeda Corporation on November 11Stock transferWholly owned subsidiaryBy the single share transfer,Holding companyKomeda Holdings Co., Ltd. (Comeda HD) has been established. In addition, on June 2016, 6 Komeda HDTokyo Stock ExchangeIn the first part of the marketListing official[6][7].

2021As of the end of February, "Coffee shop komeda coffee shop] 899 stores,Japanese style"Of the cafeSweet coffee thanks』\ We have 11 stores.As a new business form, the originalHot dog bunSelling "Komeda Soft Shirokoppe"[8]2 stores, bakery type store "Stone kiln bread workshop ADEMOK"Okinawa-Haebaru1 store, a new type of coffee shop "KOMEDA is □』(Comedy) in TokyoHigashi GinzaWe have 1 store in[9].

In the past,"High-class cafe』Was developed,2013It closed on February 2th.In addition, Komeda's first self-service store "Komeda Stand"[10]Was deployed, but closed by the end of August 2020[9].


History of "Franchise Agreement Key Points and Overview"[1]And so on.

  • 1968January-Founder Taro Kato opens "Komeda Coffee Store" in Nishi-ku, Nagoya[5]
  • 1970February-First franchise store opened
  • 1975August-Established Komeda Coffee Co., Ltd.
  • 1977February-Komeda Coffee Ueyama store (main store) opens[11]
  • 1993April-Established Komeda Co., Ltd. Full-scale franchise development. 4 franchisee stores at this time
  • 1999February-Opened a sweet café "Thank you"
  • 2001August-Headquarters in NagoyaMizuho WardMoved from Kamiyama-cho to the current address
  • 2005February-Opened a high-class coffee "Kichicha"
  • 2008
    • 4 month - Advantage PartnersSucceeded to AP11 Co., Ltd., which is funded by a fund that provides services (78% investment ratio)[12]
    • 5 month - Pokka CorporationIn the same yearMay 4In addition, announced that it has a 11% stake in AP12 Co., Ltd.[13]
  • 2009March-AP3 Co., Ltd. absorbs and merges five companies: Komeda Co., Ltd., Central Komeda Co., Ltd., Owari Central Komeda Co., Ltd., Komeda Green Co., Ltd., and Komeda Real Estate Co., Ltd.[14]
  • 2011March-Achieved 3 domestic stores
  • 2013
    • February-AP2 Co., Ltd.Pokka Sapporo Food & BeverageShares owned by(Korean version)Transferred to MBKP3 Co., Ltd. invested by[15][16][17]
    • February 2-Closed the high-end café "Kichicha"
    • March-Achieved 3 domestic stores
    • June 6-MBKP1 Co., Ltd. merged with Komeda Co., Ltd. and France Bread Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Komeda Co., Ltd.[18][19]
  • 2014
    • March 3-Closed due to dismantling due to deterioration of the building in which the Kikui store, which was the first store founded, resides[5][20][21]
    • March-Achieved 10 domestic stores
    • November-As a wholly-owning parent company of Komeda Co.Holding company・Established Komeda Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • 2015April 4-Start of exclusive prepaid card "KOMECA" at 1 directly managed stores[22]
  • 2016
  • 2018
    • March-Achieved 7 domestic stores
  • 2019
    • 6 month - AomoriThe first store opened. Achieved expansion into all prefectures
    • 7 month - TaiwanAs the first FC storeTaipeiOpened Dunnan Nobuyoshi store in
    • October-Opened Ishigama Bread Studio "ADEMOK" Haebaru store
  • 2020
    • July 7-"KOMEDA is □" Higashi-Ginza store opened

Komeda's Coffee

"Coffee shop Komeda coffee shopIs being developed by the companyA coffee shopIt is a chain and one of the main business categories.

The store isAichiWe have 899 stores (as of the end of February 2021) centered on[9], 33 directly managed stores (as of January 2021, 4)[1]The main form is to outsource to a local franchise company. Also,DominantIt is also characterized by conducting various store developments. Many yearsTokai regionWe have been expanding stores only by2003 OfKanto regionBeginning with nationwide expansion,2019May 6 OfAomoriAchieved opening stores in all prefectures by opening the first store[24].. In March 2016People's Republic of ChinaShanghaiOpened the first overseas store in.

In 2012Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Productivity HeadquartersService Industry Productivity CouncilCustomer satisfactionIn the surveyCafe#1 in the category[25].


Although it is a franchise, there is no strict manual, and although the minimum guidance is provided by the headquarters, the owner's discretion is large, so the menus and services may differ slightly depending on the store and region. (Basically unified).

The sign of the store is a sign with orange letters on a black background. this isDay exhibitionIt was written by Kimura Tarumoto, a calligrapher who is also a councilor, and was commissioned because the founder was a student of Tarumoto. In addition, Mark's uncle of Komeda was born at the request of a regular design school student.coffeeIs designed to[26].

The interior iswood,Plaster,BricksIs heavily used.chairIs also wooden. This is based on the empirical rule of the building industry that humans feel calm when the ratio of bare skin in the field of view (wooden vision rate) is 4% or more when they overlook the inside of the store. The open feeling of the customersPoliciesSo thatceilingAnd the partition is designed to be higher, and the strategy is to increase the number of regular customers who come to the store as an extension of everyday life.[27].

Basically except for some coffee at storesExtractionInstead, the products extracted at our own factory are delivered, heated, and provided, so the variation in taste at the store is minimized.[28].. As a result, it is said that the kitchen space is suppressed and the efficiency is improved.[29].. In-house bread is also provided except for some areas.[30].

Suburban stores often come with a large parking lot,Log houseThere are many magazines and newspapers that can be read freely in the store with a relaxed tone. Unlike the recent cafe style, which focuses on enjoying the taste of coffee itself, it has an atmosphere close to that of a traditional coffee shop.

At the storeChukyo typeWe also provide a service that is said to be. From the opening until 11:XNUMX am, you can order a drink at no additional chargeToastとBoiled eggOrEgg saladOrAn OguraBe attachedMorning serviceIf you order drinks such as coffee at other times, you will get tea confectionery such as bean confectionery as an extra. By the way, it is the home of Komeda.Chukyo regionIs one of the most fierce battlegrounds for coffee shops in Japan, so such services are not uncommon.Morning serviceSee).In addition, we have introduced a coffee ticket (advance ticket that is valid only at the issuing store), and you can order from 20 types of products with just the ticket, and you can also order a coffee ticket + 100 yen for "plenty size" and "rice black". You can order "Premium Coffee Sophia" and "Rui (Hot Ice)"[31].

Even though the founder's parents' house is a rice shop, it is rare as a general coffee shop (except for cafe style shops)Curry and rice,pilaf such asCooked riceMenu does not exist[32].


Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: ProductImage providedplease.(Year ending March 2020)

While maintaining the unique style from the beginning, we invent and provide a unique menu.

Coffee (hot)

  • Komeda Blend
One of the main products. Until the end of September 2019, the name was "Blend Coffee".
It used to be called "Morning Cup".

Coffee (ice)

From the beginninggum syrupThere are many stores that contain (If you want to remove gum syrup, tell when ordering).
  • Ice ole
  • Ice milk coffee
It used to be called "Ice Morning".
  • Ice wiener
  • Honey ice coffee
  • Cream coffee
Soft creamPut oniced coffee.. Soft cream is applied in various forms in Komeda.
  • Cream ole
  • Gold ice coffee
  • Ice soy milk ole
  • Caffeineless ice coffee
  • Azuki Komachi Ice Aoi
  • Azuki Komachi ice cherry
  • Azuki Komachi ice violet
Some coffees have a generous size that is about 1.5 times the regular size.


Warm and sweetDanishIt's a snack and dessert with soft ice cream on top, which is a specialty of Komeda. SeparatelysyrupIs added and you can add and eat as you like.
The origin of the nameJapanese Ofwhite(“White”)FrenchでblackIt is a combination of "noir" that means "," which is likened to the opposite combination of cold white soft ice cream and warm blackish Danish.[33].
There is also a mini size.
Limited-time and seasonal flavors may be sold.Seasonal Shiro Noirreference.
  • Soft cream
  • Coffee jerry
The name at the time of launch as a new product was "Komeda Coffee Jelly"[34].


Specially madesandとHamburger,ToastRefers to.
  • Domiglas burger
  • Fish fly burger
  • Egg burger
Until the end of September 2019, the name will be ``EggBuns"was.
  • Croquette burger
Until the end of September 2019, the name will be ``croquetteBuns"was.
UsedPlain breadYou can choose whether to keep the normal state or toast it.
When toasting, each part is cut into larger pieces, so the number of sandwiches in a plate is smaller.
  • Ami grilled chicken hot sandwich
  • Katsupan
  • Miso cutletBread
  • Shrimp cutlet bread
  • Katsu curry bread
Originally, it was sold for a limited time.
It used to be called "Scrambled Egg Toast".

Drink (hot/cold)

Use a pot-shaped vessel with a spiral lid (various types)shakeAlso used for).
Use a boot-shaped cup (otherLemon squashUsed in etc. Be careful when drinking, as the contents will blow out when the air enters your shoes).
There are plenty of sizes.


Menus that existed in the past

  • Cinnamon coffee[35]
  • Cinnamon Vienna[35]
  • Hamburger[35]
  • Fruit salt[35]
  • ice cream
  • Pudding soft

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For special stores (eg stores with long business years)Image providedplease.(Year ending March 2020)

Sweet coffee thanks

"Sweet coffee thanks] Is a Japanese-style coffee shop chain operated by Komeda Co., Ltd. It is a sister brand of Komeda coffee shop.

As of June 2021, there are 5 stores in Nagoya,Nagakute1 store in TokyoSetagayaIn 1 stores,Kanagawa横 浜 市There are 2 stores in total, 1 stores in Yamato City and 11 store in Yamato City.[36].

Menu (Thank you)

Although they sing sweet cafes, they have a wide variety of foods, drinks, desserts and menus other than sweetness. It consists of a coffee shop menu centered on blended coffee, the same as the Komeda coffee shop, a sweet shop menu, and an original menu with Japanese and Western flavors.

Drinks include coffee, cafe ole, cream coffee (soft ice cream on ice coffee),Black tea,cocoaEtc., green tea, green tea float,MatchaWe have matcha-based original drinks such as ole and matcha shake. MatchaSencha such asJapanese teaAlso offers.KinakoThere are unique original drinks such as Kinako Ore that used to be found, which are not available at Komeda Coffee stores.

Retro is popular in foodspaghettiThen, when it is poured into a hot iron plate, it becomes an eggNeapolitanAnd thenParmesan cheese,Tabasco-Worcestershire sauceYou can eat it as you like. Other food menus include curry udon,Udon,Soba, Chikara udon, Chikara soba,Zoni,Porridge,rice ball, Yakichazuke (Grilled rice ballOchazuke) And so on.

As a dessert,Zenzai(Cold/heat) (chestnut/cream)Anmitsu(Matcha·vanilla・Mix cream anmitsu),Honey bean(Cream bean paste),WarabimochiThere is a Japanese dessert such as. Also,parfait(Matcha/chocolate/fruit yogurt parfait, Thanksan special hospitality parfait) and soft-serve ice cream that you can enjoy various toppings and tastescold daysoftTo sayJapanese and Western EclecticAlso has their own dessert. Thanksan specially selected hospitality parfait is matchaSmoothieHandmade matcha agar jelly, matcha ice cream, warabi mochi,White ballIt is a parfait with plenty of original special materials such as, but there are other hidden flavors,Black honeyThere are many unique elements, such as the fact that you can enjoy toppings and toppings freely, and it has been a hot topic since its new release. In addition, there are always several kinds of sweets such as seasonal Japanese sweets called "Ochano-ko", unique tea sweets, sweets that match coffee and matcha. Also, throughout the yearshaved ice(Senji, Uji, Black honey, Ogura) (milk, cream, milk cream) is provided.

A popular dessert is Siro Noir (Mini Shiro Noir) at Komeda Coffee, but it is different from the soft cream used at Komeda Coffee.milkfatIn addition to using a lot of ingredients, it also offers matcha soft serve ice cream not available at Komeda Coffee stores, and mixed soft serve ice cream that allows you to enjoy both matcha and vanilla. The fact that you can eat black honey on Shiro Noir is another thing that Komeda Coffee does not have. Also, for the fluffy matcha bread as a colon seriesAnkoMatcha-colon bread, brown sugar-colon bread, and cherry-colon bread depending on the season are served as sweets and meals, and original bread that goes well with coffee and matcha is developed.

In addition to this, you can use the baking stand and bake it yourself on the tableIsobe rice cake,Soy sauce dangoOne of the uniqueness is the grilled food menu, such as, Kinako Dango, Anko Dango, and Dango Zanmai with a variety of tastes.

As a set menu, there are various kinds such as double sweetness set that you can choose 2 kinds from the sweetness lineup, various drinks and sweetness drink set, sweet meal set with udon, soba etc., half size shaved ice and half ice set of drink We provide a set menu with various options.

As a morning service, if you pay only the drink fee, you can use the same service as Komeda coffee shop where drink comes with toast and eggs, instead of toast and eggs, a combination of Koronpan and Anko, or Sencha, Matcha and Ochanoko You can choose from three patterns, one combination of items.

Stone kiln bread workshop ADEMOK

"Stone kiln bread workshop ADEMOK(Ishigama Bread Kobo Ademoc) is a bakery-type store operated by Komeda Co., Ltd. The first Haebaru store will open in October 2019OkinawaHaebaru TownOpened in[37].. The store name ADEMOK is called "KOMEDA" upside down.[38].

The bread to be sold is made by a scratch method that consistently performs from dough making to baking, and a Spanish stone kiln is used for baking.[39].. There is an eat-in space in the store[39]Sells self-service coffee as well as bread[38].. The Haebaru store also plays a role as a bread factory that supplies bread to Komeda coffee stores in Okinawa Prefecture.[38].


"KOMEDA is □" is a new business brand store operated by Komeda Co., Ltd. that uses 100% plant-based (plant-derived) raw materials. The first Higashi-Ginza store opened on July 2020, 7 in Higashi-Ginza, Tokyo.[40]..The “□” in the store name represents “the appeal and value that customers feel when spending time at Komeda”.[41].

High-class cafe / Yoshicha

"High-class cafe』(Koukyu Kisscha) is a high-class coffee shop that Komeda Co., Ltd. operated directly as an experimental store. Adjacent to the Komeda Coffee Main Store (Kamiyama Store)2005Opened in February. Closed on February 2, 2013. Elementary school students and below could not enter the store. At first, I kept my shoes at the entrance, but later I started to wear them as shoes. The waiter guided me to the table, but basically I was able to choose the seat that the customer liked. All the seats have various sofa seats, and I was able to relax quietly on my favorite sofa. Various coffees starting from 2 yen.


  • Computer board game "Momotaro Electric Railway Series, Released in 2009Momotaro Dentetsu 2010 Sengoku/Revolutionary Heroes!Has appeared under the name of "Komeda Coffee Shop" as one of the properties in Nagoya.[42].
  • 2013 year 6 month 16 dayTBS TV"Solid Monday!], the special feature of the Komeda coffee shop was organized[43].
  • GifuToki CityThe "Nacada Coffee Shop"2009May 3It opened using the building of the Komeda coffee shop Toki Izumi shop that was closed in. The color scheme of the signboard is "yellow letters on blue background", which is similar to Komeda's "orange letters on black background", and in combination with the three-letter katakana store name, at first glance it is quite a Komeda coffee shop. It looked very similar to. However, some menu items such as rice, pasta, yakisoba, and other light meals and set meals were not handled by Komeda. It closed on January 3, 2018, and is now open as "KURO Coffee Toki Store" from August 1, 30. In addition to this store, there is an example of opening a building that used to be a Komeda coffee store as another coffee shop.


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