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🛏 | [Atami] Hot springs, seafood, sweets ... Recommended spots that you can enjoy on a day trip or overnight


[Atami] Hot springs, seafood, sweets ... Summary of recommended spots that you can enjoy on a day trip or overnight

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A bar "Muddy Cat" with a unique signboard cat in Atami city, and a short trip from Atami, report on the activity of interacting with animals at Izu Mito Sea Paradise.

Only 40 minutes by Shinkansen from Tokyo, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is a place where you can easily enjoy fresh local seafood as well as hot springs ... → Continue reading


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Izu Mito Sea Paradise

Izu Mito Sea Paradise(Izu / Mito Sea Paradise)ShizuokaNumazu CityIt is inaquarium.Seibu Group OfIzu Hakone RailwayIs operated by.1930Opened as Nakanoshima Aquarium[2][3][1].. Renamed to Mitsu Natural Aquarium in 1941[1].. It became the current Izu Mito Sea Paradise in 1977.[1].

As of 2015, Japan's second oldest aquarium[4].


First time in JapanBottlenose dolphin,Walrus,Sea otterIt is known for breeding.Sea otters were the first to succeed in breeding in Japan, and in 1985.Japan Zoo Aquarium Association(JAZA)Breeding AwardWas awarded.DolphinThe show is also famous, at the "Dolphin Sea"Bottlenose dolphin-Kamileka-Oki GondoAfter the show by, at the adjacent "Sea Animal Square"California sea lion-Sea lion-KamilekaShow byOmnibusIt is done in a format.You can also interact with dolphins on an inflatable raft.

From 1972 (Mitsu Natural Aquarium era)Fisheries Agencyof"fur sealWe are entrusted with the breeding research test site, and at the fur seal research breeding house in the park.Northern fur sealCan be seen through the window, but their names are serial numbers.

Since ancient timesWalrusWas also bred, and until around 2005, a walrus model was placed at the entrance.However, since the walruses that had been bred by around 2003 died, two females, "Silk" and "Snow", were brought in in 2004 and one ("Genki (male)") in 2006.

A mobile aquarium is held free of charge except during the busy season.

Whale shark[1],Minke whale[5][1]Once involved in breeding, it has a valuable track record worldwide.

In the pastOrcasesA total of 3 animals were bred.The first killer whale was captured off the Kii Peninsula in 1986, but died in 1988, Yamato (male) was brought in from a foreign aquarium in 1995, and Asuka (female) was captured off the Kii Peninsula in 1997. It was brought in.However, Yamato died in October 2000 and Asuka died on September 10, 2007, so they are not bred as of 9.At the time of Asuka's death, killer whales were bred in JapanKamogawa Sea World(ChibaKamogawa) And Taiji TownWhale Museum(WakayamaHigashimuro-gunTaiji Town) Only.As for the cause of death, the accidental ingestion of a small foreign substance stayed in the lungs.Aspiration pneumoniaDue to the complications associated with the onsetsepticemiaWas announced in a press release in December of the same year.[6]..In the neighborhoodAwashima Marine ParkBut in the past there were dolphinsSuruga BayThere is a case of accidental ingestion of a foreign substance that had been washed ashore inside and died.

Main Event

Mascot character

The mascot character is "". In the spring of 2014, a proposal was made for in-school learning at the nearby Uchiura Elementary School in Numazu City.Breeding in the same gardenWalrusIs the model, and the origin of the name is "Uchi" in Uchiura, where the garden is located, "Uchicchi" which means "ourselves" in the local dialect, and "Uchi" in the walrus.Kigurumi is also produced (currently the second generation), and he is on a business trip not only in the park but also at various events.

Mitsu Ship (Circular Route in the Bay)

With the park (Mitsu Port) since the 40'sNumazu PortThe route between them was established by the Izuhakone Railway, and the neighborhoodAwashimaIt was operated as a "Mitsu Bay Tour" that goes around Nagaizaki in Nishiura Bay. By 2002, the company's Nishiizu route was completely abolished, so the Mitsu Ship Sales Office, which controls the Mitsu Bay Circular Route, was the company's only maritime vessel business, but the operation was terminated in April 2016.

Ryugu Maru

In 1985, the 26th generation Ryugu Maru (capacity 250 people, total length 27.2m) was launched and commissioned until early summer 2008.1998Until the summer seasonNumazu PortIt was operated on a regular basis, but it was abolished, and since then it has been operated as a "Mitsu Bay Tour". He was berthed at Nagaizaki for more than 1999 years from 2005 to March 3.Floating restaurant ScandinaviaAlthough it was a route to call at the port, the route was changed due to the closing of Scandinavia business, and it has become the original round-trip route.After retirement, it was sold overseas in the same way as "Kobato Aro" on the Nishiizu route.


2008May 7From (26th generation) Ryugu Maru, the medium-sized ship "Chappy" (Gross register tonn 69.0 T,FRP ship,Diesel engine 605 horsepower, speed 10 knot, Capacity 150 people) went into service around Mitsu Bay[7].. Built in 1995, Kintetsu Shima Kanko Kisen (Shima Marine Leisure), The hull "Chappy" used for the "Toba Bay Tour" was purchased.The appearance is exactly the same as in the "Toba Bay Tour" era. Suspension period from December 2014, 12 to March 1, 2015[8]After that, the service ended on April 2016, 4.[9].
"Chappy" after the end of the flightHuis Ten BoschIt is owned by the company and has been operating as a sightseeing cruise ship in Omura Bay since July 2016, 7 under the new name "Flipper".[10]

Affiliated aquarium

Izu Mito Sea ParadiseSeibu GroupIs a companyIzu Hakone RailwayFor the operation of the affiliated aquariumPosterPosting each other, annual passport holdersYokohama / Hakkeijima Sea ParadiseとHakone Garden AquariumYou can get discounts such as admission.

Yokohama / Hakkeijima Sea Paradise(横 浜 市Kanazawa ku)
At the opening of Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in April 1993Risso's dolphinSubaru (♂) has moved.
Hakone Garden Aquarium(KanagawaAshigarashimoHakone town)
Seawater MuseumThe seawater used in the garden is pumped up in our garden twice a day for exclusive use.Tank truckIs being transported using.
Aqua Park Shinagawa(TokyoMinato-ku)
In 1994, African penguins that hatched in our garden are bred.[11].


Creatures in captivity

The main creatures bred in Izu Mito Sea Paradise and their exhibition locations are as follows."(Number)" is based on the animal handler registration (registration number: 227106138, registration date: February 2007, 19).[15]

Dolphin sea
Bottlenose dolphin(15),Oki Gondo(Not bred as of 2008 due to Brute's death on February 2, 3)[16]
Sea otter building
Sea otter(Not bred as of 2010 due to Sora's death on March 3, 20)[17]King penguins(7),Rockhopper penguin(3)
Sea Animal Square
California sea lion(11),Sea lion,Kamileka(8)
Killer whale memorial pool
Orcases(Due to Asuka's death in 2007, it is not bred as of 2016)

 A killer whale "Asuka" memorial corner is set up in the shop, and photographs are displayed.

Country of sea animals
seal,South American sea lion,Walrus(3)
Fur seal sea
Northern fur seal,Sesame seal(5)
Fish country
40TIn the aquariumSuruga BayBreeding about 400 species of seafood
Cape penguin(9),Humboldt penguin(18),Chili Flamingo(3)
Green turtle(3),Loggerhead turtle(1)


  • Sea ParadiseShizuoka Route 17 Numazu Toi LineIt is located alongside.Multistory parking lotHowever, a temporary parking lot is provided during the busy season, and a free shuttle bus runs from some temporary parking lots (Sannoura Tourist Information Office).
  • Izu Hakone Railway Sunzu LineIzu Nagaoka StationFrom to the sea paradise entranceIzu Hakone BusThe route bus is operated by.Operates approximately every 30 to 60 minutes (May long holidays-ObonThere is an increase in the number of trains), and the time required is about 25 minutes. Since the latter half of the 1980s, we have been operating specially painted vehicles that also serve as a promotion for the hotel, and as of October 2018, ``Love Live! Sunshine!!』\ Wrapping bus is operating as a vehicle equivalent to special painting.Set tickets from Izuhakone Railway are also on sale.
  • In front of the Sea Paradise multi-storey car parkPrefectural roadAlongTokai BusThere is a bus stop in front of "Izu Mito Sea Paradise" on the Eri / Kinaga / Toda line.Numazu StationSouth exit and Numazu cityAwashima Marine ParkYou can also go from the front.This also runs approximately every 30 to 60 minutes, and it takes about 40 minutes from Numazu Station, but when it is crowded, prefectural road No. 17 andNational Highway 414It is often delayed due to traffic jams such as.Also, packs with bus tickets are sold here as well.
  • There is an irregular route from the nearby Mitsu Port.Mitsu operates in the summerOse~ Between Numazu Port, other than that, the same bay tour as Ryugu Maru, or Ose Festival (usuallyMay 4) Time flight,Charter shipIt will be operated from Mitsu to Numazu Port and Ose.


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