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🛏 | Toyoko Inn ・ The front desk is astonished by the things left behind by the guests.


Toyoko Inn ・ The front desk is astonished by the things left behind by the guests.

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Some users called Toyoko Inn and APA Hotel "Pro-wrestling" in response to this forgotten item and tweet, but I would like to expect a refreshing rivalry that stimulates each other as other companies in the same industry.

At Toyoko Inn in Hakodate, I found something left behind by the guest.In response to that identity, it has become a hot topic, "What about a new declaration of war?" → Continue reading


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Other companies in the same industry

APA Group

APA Group(APA Group) isbusiness hotelchainApa HotelDevelopment and operation,ApartmentFocusing on development and sales ofReal estate developer.. RepresentativeShigeo MotoyaAPA Co., Ltd., APA Group Co., Ltd., APA Holdings Co., Ltd., APA Hotel Co., Ltd., etc.Family companyでCorporate groupHowever, the details of the capital structure are not disclosed.The head office isTokyoMinato-kuAkasaka, The main storeIshikawaKanazawa.


1971May 4ToKomatsu Shinkin BankRetiredShigeo MotoyaHowever, the investment of the bank and小松 市内 のTelephone exchange roomEstablished "Shinkin Development Co., Ltd." by borrowing traces.same yearMay 5からHousing loanAs a setDetached houseorder住宅Started planning and sales of built-for-sale housing and land for sale.

Credit unionIt was a strategy to win the trust of customers by reminiscent of its affiliated companies, but a few years after its establishmentMinistry of FinanceRenamed to "Shinkai Sangyo Co., Ltd." under the guidance that it is not an affiliated company of a credit union.Toshio Motoya acquires a stake in Komatsu Shinkin BankFamily businessThen, the business will be developed under the trade name of "SHINKAI".

Strongly oriented towards detached houses since 1978Hokuriku regionFor rent / saleApartmentAdvance into planning and sales.Toshio Motoya makes a profit from the housing businessAmortizationEntered the hotel business in 1984 with the aim of being able to compress with.In the same year, he entered Tokyo in the condominium business for a period of time.Ark Mori BuildingI had a headquarters inBlack MondayReturned the headquarters to Kanazawa City in response to the recession. In 1986, opened "Apartment Apartment Apa Rental Building" in Ishikawa Prefecture as a real estate agency.The first bubble period in the Hokuriku regionTower mansionThe focus was on housing development, such as "Shinkai Urban City".

In 1997, after the burst of the bubble economy, the hotel business expanded into Tokyo with the opening of "Shinkai Hotel <Tokyo Itabashi>". After the opening of "APA Hotel <Osaka Tenma>"1997May 11From Shinkai Sangyo to APA Co., Ltd.Company nameChange[Annotation 1] ..The trade name APA (APA) was written by Toshio Motoya.Landor AssociatesToBrandingI asked for, "Always Pleasant Ataken from the initials of "menity"AcronymIs[2]..Landor Associates worked on 1989, such as Shinkai Urban City, before the name change of APA.Japan AirlinesIt is shaped like "Λ" like the 3rd generation logo of.

31st year since establishment2002May 5In addition, APA Group headquarters functions in Ishikawa PrefectureKanazawaAcquired from Tokyo's office and rental condominiumAkasaka MitsukeMoved to the office building.Registration of APA Co., Ltd.Head officeIs left at the Kanazawa Headquarters, and the tax payment place is also the Kanazawa Tax Office.

APA Group is managed by Toshio Motoya's strong leadershipFamily businessFor a long time, I was reluctant to disclose my business results to the outside world, but from the fiscal year ended November 2015, it was linked to the corporate information on the APA Group website.Announcement of financial resultsIs now posted.However,Cash flow statementな どFinancial statementsSome of them are not disclosed.

In addition, the signboard of the construction plan of APA Hotel and condominium is not mainly APA Co., Ltd., but APA Mansion, APA Home, APA Hotel, APA Group,Special purpose companyThere are also properties where only the company name such as is written, and the capital relationship between these companies is alsoPrivate companyNot revealed because of.

In the past, the entire group meant the concept of a company, and in press releases, etc., it was written as "APA Group" instead of individual company names.[3],2012On May 5, APA Urban Development Co., Ltd. was renamed APA Group Co., Ltd., and Toshio Motoya's eldest son, Kazushi, became the representative director.It was decided to position it as a company that controls the operation of the group.[1].

The condominium business is a group representativeShigeo MotoyaIs the representative[4]The hotel business is my wife'sFumiko Motoya The presidentAPA Hotel Co., Ltd.[5][6].

Apa Hotel

Established in November 1980. Opened the first store "Kanazawa First Hotel (currently APA Hotel <Kanazawa Katamachi>)" in Kanazawa City in December 11.[7]..Since then, he has continued to open stores in Ishikawa and Toyama prefectures under the name of "Shinkai Hotel" and became president of Shinkai Hotel in 1995.Fumiko MotoyaIs inaugurated.alwaysHatIn full dress wearing a formal wear, he actively appears in advertisements and variety shows with a catch phrase of "I am the president".[8].

Opened a new construction of "APA Hotel <Tokyo Itabashi>" on July 1997, 7, and expanded into the Kanto region.Properties along the JR line such as Itabashi Station and Ogaki StationJNR Clearing CorporationAcquired the land owned by.

In 2005Seibu RailwayAcquired the land and building of Makuhari Prince Hotel for 132 billion yen fromAPA Hotel & Resort <Tokyo Bay Makuhari>".

Tokyo 23 WardWith the exception of Itabashi and Akasaka, there were only a few stores in the area, such as the acquisition of existing business hotels until the 2000s.Lehman shockSince then, we have accelerated the acquisition of construction land with business profits and bank loans.[9], Called "SUMIT-2010" from 5Dominant strategyWe are continuing to open new construction of "New Urban APA Hotel" with an emphasis on efficiency, mainly in central Tokyo and ordinance-designated cities. Since September 2011, through alliances and acquisitions with locally owned hotel management companiesFranchiseAs of May 2016, it is the 5th store.[10][11].

2015May 11, As the first hotel outside Japan,America-New Jersey OfNewark Liberty International AirportAPA Hotel Woodbridge opened nearby. This hotel is oldHilton At the Hilton Woodbridge in the stateReal Estate InvestmentIt operates under a franchise agreement with the Taiwanese company Friendwell Group (Tomoi Group).[12]. 2016May 9ToOkabe (metal processing)Was a subsidiary ofカナダ Of(English edition)Acquired, and became a hotel chain with 40 hotels and 5,028 rooms in the North American area.[13].

The hotel has 100,756 guest rooms (as of February 2020)[14]

Main hotels

  • APA Hotel & Resort <Tokyo Bay Makuhari>(50 floors <domestic highest hotel>, 2007 room)
  • APA Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho Tower (28 stories, 620 rooms)
  • APA Hotel & Resort <Yokohama Bay Tower> (35 stories, 2311 rooms <the largest number of rooms in Japan in one building>)
  • APA Hotel & Resort <Midosuji Honmachi Station Tower> (32 stories, 917 rooms)
  • APA Hotel & Resort <Ryogoku Station Tower> (31 floors, 1111 rooms)

ホ テ ル の 特 徴

Depending on the opening time, one bedroom has a minimum area of ​​1 m9 to 11 mXNUMX (XNUMX mXNUMX to XNUMX mXNUMX) as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations.Modular bathBy placing a semi-double bed in (including), we place the highest priority on the capacity for the total floor area, such as by placing a semi-double bed, and it is designed to be different from city hotels and other business hotels that sell spacious living rooms. I am doing.Therefore, it is large unless it is on the bed.suitcaseThere are some rooms that cannot be expanded.Only a few twin rooms have been installed, except for facilities from the acquisition of an existing hotel.In addition, medium-sized and larger hotels have a large communal bath called "Oyuden" exclusively for guest room users (only a small number of facilities such as Hokuriku have hot springs), but by unit bath.bathingThere is also the aim of reducing utility costs.

Room rates are by airFareBased on the regular rate, it fluctuates greatly on busy days according to the number of remaining rooms.Dynamic pricing), The occupancy rate of guest rooms is increasing.Around 2015-2018, when tourism demand was strong, a phenomenon occurred in which the supply and demand matched by selling at a price of around 3 yen, which exceeds the regular price, and it is said that it contributed to high profits.[15].

The location is close to the station, but the shape of the land is distorted, and the land in contact with houses and temples in the back alley is acquired at a lower price than the surrounding market, and the building is designed.[16][17][18][19].

APA Mansion

For saleApartmentAPA Mansion Co., Ltd., which is engaged in business such asAPA GroupIn a group company of1971March 4Ishikawa小松 市Established as Shinkin Development Co., Ltd.1997May 11More of the group (Shinkai group)Company name APA GroupThe company name has been changed to the company name of the group company.

CEOAo Group representative Shigeo Motoya also serves as president.

In the 2000s, we were developing multiple properties that were integrated with APA Hotels (eg APA Garden Palace Takasaki) and large-scale properties with more than 300 units (eg APA Garden Higashi Washimiya) in the area adjacent to the station in the Kanto region. But,#Seismic strength camouflage problemVirtually withdrew from new development in the suburbs of Kanto.CurrentlyHokuriku・ We are developing the family-friendly condominiums "Apa Garden" and "Premier" mainly in Niigata Prefecture, and the premium-oriented "CONOE" series in central Tokyo and Osaka.

Political attitude

The uproar about books in the room

Shigeo MotoyaIs published in the magazine "Apple Town", an in-house information magazine installed in hotel rooms, published since 1990.International politicsPersonLDPRepresentativeDiplomatUsing a dialogue article with Toshio Motoya and the pen name of Toshio MotoyaMaintenanceHas been announcing systematic speech since 2008# "True Modern History" Sweepstakes PaperIs hosting.

Guests on January 2017, 1AmericanとChinese peopleBut,Japanese army Sino-Japanese warIt is said that it went underNanjing Incident"True Japanese History" Theory Modern History II ""[20]Is installed in the guest roomPeople's Republic of China OfSocial Media-WeiboToMoviePublished in a post[21].. This video has been played more than 3 million times on the third day[21].

On January 1, the hotel side stated on the official website, "The book is not intended to criticize a specific country or people, but to know the true history based on the facts", "I'm not thinking of removing it because of criticism from a different perspective." "In JapanFreedom of speechSince it is guaranteed that it is not possible to withdraw the claim due to unilateral pressure. I would like to refer to it if you point out an error in the content."[22][23].

January 1, People's Republic of ChinaTravel clubCtripIt became impossible to make reservations for APA hotels on multiple major reservation sites, such as[24].. Ctrip isAnti-middleIt states that the reservation was suspended due to national problems.[24]. Also,National Travel BureauIs requesting accommodation reservation sites and travel agents to remove ads and stop using[25].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,South Korea OfKorean Athletic MeetIs "Far rightBook of the trend",Sapporo Winter Asian GamesWith the organizing committeeJapan Olympic CommitteeRequesting removal[26].

The APA Hotel, which will be used as an athlete's village for the Sapporo Winter Asian Games, is verbally requested by the staff of the Organizing Committee of the Games to “remove all information in the guest room”.[27] However, even though the policy is not to "remove books when it is a problem to install books", at the time of selecting accommodation facilities in April 2015, all information items in the guest room were removed from the agency Since we received an oral request for the above and officially requested on January 4, 2017, in writing, the accommodation conditions, including room fixtures, we will not install anything other than the designated items.[28].


The APA Group claims that more than 1 comments were received on guest room books, most of which were positive.[29]The representative Motoya is officialWebsite Cyber ​​attackIt says that it went down[30].

Regarding the report on a series of books, Motoya, the representative, said, "There will be no impact. Operation was strong in January and February, the highest record ever" "NowHilton,SheratonIt became an average name. Even if you forget something, the name (of APA) will remain in your mind."[31].

Immediately after it became a hot topic, 5 copies of "Real Japanese History Theory and Modern History II" were sold out, and 2 copies were printed.[32].

The Jiji Press has responded to these issues by the Governor of Hokkaido.Takahashi HarumiReported that he questioned[33].

The Asahi Shimbun is the mayor of Nagoya City.Takashi KawamuraReported understanding of book placement[34].

The Sankei ShimbunFumio KishidaReport offensive to China's series of criticisms[35].. The editorial board member of the same paperAbiru Rui"There are few Japanese who believe that more than 30 people have been slaughtered," he said, understanding the content of the book and arguing that "national awareness no longer tolerates unfair interference in China." ing[36].

Sun Yat-senIt is,Daily newsOnline column series article, Chinese institution TV stationChina Central Television(CCTV) reported daily interview videos denying staying at APA Hotel.propagandaIt is clear that it is a "giving" aimed at. In addition, the reason why the Chinese Communist Government opposes staying at APA Hotel is not a historical issue,Chinese New YearIt is analyzed that the primary purpose is to prevent travel to Japan during the consecutive holidays season and expand domestic demand. My grandson said, "The attitude of APA Hotel isAnti-JapanIt plays the role of a filter to prevent Chinese with thoughts from staying in Japan," said Apa Hotel's response to maintaining the conventional policy.[37].

In addition, on February 2017, 2, according to the Chinese-Japanese Private Friendship Committee in JapanDemonstration activitiesAbout what was doneChinese Communist PartyIt is clear that it is the lead, and the number of participants is actually about 40 (300 announced by the organizer), and in JapanPro-dayOn the other hand, it claims that the Chinese site was transmitting the exact same propaganda as the Chinese government, "telling the truth of the slaughter of 30 people" and "always killing those who commit Chinese food"[38].

Kent Gilbert"If Motoya apologized and had removed the book, the number of people staying was reduced," said Motoya's response, which was evaluated by the general Japanese and the occupancy rate of the hotel increased. Also,"To the leftAccording to the media ofMoritomo Gakuen, APA Hotel,DHC theaterIt can be said that the critical reports to etc. are a series of things'' and it is a biased report based on ``intention to crush collectively'', ``It is strange that the side that is bashing enough to know the fact Therefore, we must work hard to spread the facts."[39].

"True Modern View of History" Sweepstakes Paper

Under the umbrellaAPA Japan Revitalization FoundationIs hosting a prize paper for "True Modern History".

Tamogami Toshio TheChief of Flight StaffIn office2008Applied for the first prize paper in the paper "Is Japan a state of aggression?"[40] However, the content was clearly in conflict with the government's view, and this was a problem and was dismissed.[41].

Social contributions

2020To the government in AprilNew coronavirusAmong the infected people, the intention was to fully respond to consultations to accept mild and asymptomatic people. It also announced that it will be available at half price for accommodation of medical staff.[42].

2020 year 11 month,New coronavirusAlong with,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareThe number of hotels rented out at the request of prefectures and prefectures has increased to 15 nationwide.[43].

Seismic camouflage problem

Discovered in 2005Structural statement forgery problemI was investigating after receivingMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIt is,2007May 1ToToyama OfDesign office Structural calculationIn 2 APA hotels around Kyoto stationMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismStipulated bySeismic standard7% to 8% ofEarthquake resistanceAnnounced that there is nothing[44][45]..Kyoto cityStructural calculationWe issued an order to ban the use of two buildings in the city where counterfeiting was discovered, but M designer said, "Kyoto city's calculation is wrong and we are confident in our calculation."Structural calculationDeny the forgery of[46]..On the same day, APA GroupCEO・Motoya and Apa Hotel President Fumiko held an interview and explained, "I'm sorry that this happened."[47]..Kyoto city is the same yearMay 2Carried out on-site investigation into two problematic hotels[48][49].

In February 2006, APA Group confirmed the construction of multi-building large condominiums in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture and Tsurugashima City, Saitama Prefecture, for which the same design office in Toyama City created a structural calculation sheet.EHomesPresident'sTogo FujitaIs the result of re-examinationCamouflageTo the local government when there is a suspicion ofWhistle-blowingHowever, the construction was suspended.After that, after June of the same yearAsahi Shimbun,J-CAST NewsIt became clear by some media reports such as[50]..Regarding this matter, APA Group said, "FujitaLibelでChargesI am considering doing it"[50].

As a result of the local government conducting a survey of the properties that the office was in charge of under the direction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, by March 2007, in addition to the two hotels in Kyoto City, multiple properties also had seismic strength and gate pillar strength. Since it was confirmed that there was a shortage of water, repair work was to be carried out.

February 2 of the same year, by APA Group by Kyoto CitySeismic reinforcementThe plan is approved[51]The renovation work started on the 22nd of the following day[52].. By this constructionBuilding Standards LawIt was confirmed that the product conformed to the regulations, and resumed operations on March 3 and April 31 of the same year.[53].

In addition, of the two condominiums that Fujita pointed out, the property in Tsurugashima City, Saitama Prefecture was dismantled with about one-third of the construction progressed due to the inability to verify the structural calculation, and withdrew from the business.afterwardsHaseko CorporationとTobu RailwayAcquired the land, and the condominium was rebuilt in 2012.

300 billion yen due to the seismic strength camouflage problembankThe land was forced to be sold due to the loan increase, but it occurred the following year.Lehman shockIt became the name of the injury that made a great leap forward by purchasing a large amount of land whose price dropped due to[54]..The APA Hotel <Nihonbashi Ekimae>, which opened in 2005 and was the first APA hotel in Tokyo to have a large communal bath, was temporarily closed due to lack of strength of the gate pillars, although it satisfied the seismic strength.It was restarted later,Tokyo Nihonbashi TowerBecause of redevelopment toSumitomo Real EstateSold to, closed in March 2010, and dismantled in just five years (the site isTokyo Nihonbashi TowerDiverted to).

Other group companies


  • Apa Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • APA Hotel Co., Ltd.
  • APA Co., Ltd.
  • Apa Home Co., Ltd.
  • APA Mansion Co., Ltd.
  • APA Housing Co., Ltd.
  • Apa Service Co., Ltd.
  • Apa Group Co., Ltd.
  • APA Research Institute
  • Apa Community Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Development Finance Co., Ltd.
  • Apa Resort Co., Ltd.
  • Hotel Green Do Co., Ltd.
  • MIT Corporation Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
  • Northern Japan Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

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