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🛏 | <New Corona> A changing travel style, a leisurely stall bath for one person at an inn in Chichibu / Nagatoro

Photo Reiko Asami of "Taketori Monogatari" recommending a completely reserved open-air bath with a panoramic view of the bamboo grove = Arakawakamitano, Chichibu City

<New Corona> A changing travel style, "washing your life" by renting a stall bath for one person at a ryokan in Chichibu / Nagatoro

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"There was a time when there were no guests for more than a year and I was wondering if I could continue to stay at the inn," Shimizu confesses.

As the life of Corona is continuing, people visiting Chichibu City and Nagatoro Town, Saitama Prefecture, are experiencing a change in their travel consciousness.Infection prevention vs ... → Continue reading

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