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🧳 | Masashi Sada goes on a journey to look at the “origin”.TVQ 30th Anniversary Special Program


On a journey where Masashi Sada looks at the "origin".TVQ 30th Anniversary Special Program

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Called "Sadaban Reporter" among fans, he published "Sadaban Dressing Room Story" (published by Nishinippon Shimbun) in 15.

Tele-Q (TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting) produced "Masashi Sada's Journey to the Origin'" as a special program commemorating the 30th anniversary of the opening of the station.TV TOKYO ... → Continue reading

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Sadaban dressing room story

West Japan Shimbun

Nishinippon Shimbun Co., Ltd.(Nishi Nippon Shinbunsha,British: THE NISHINIPPON SHIMBUN CO., LTD.) IsFukuokaFukuoka CityHeadquartered inJapan OfNewspaper company.Hokkaido Shimbun, Chunichi ShimbunWithUnion of three block papersAre formed.

CorporatesloganIs "Our Kyushu".Newspaper shopNickname is"Nishi-Nippon Shimbun Area Center".

The nickname of the character of "Mono-Knowledge Times", which started in April 2012 and can be enjoyed by children and adults, is "Wa Cattapy".


West Japan NewspaperとSports paper OfWest Japan Sports(Nishi-nippon Sports) is issued. In 1992Fukunichi newspaperHas been virtually discontinuedFukuokaIt is the only local newspaper (de facto prefectural newspaper) that covers the whole area, in addition to the prefecture.Saga-Nagasaki-Oita-Kumamoto OfKyusyuHas a network in 5 prefectures.For this reason, it is classified as a newspaper.Block paperLocated inChunichi Shimbun,Hokkaido ShimbunCombined with "Union of three block papersIs formed.Fukuoka CityCentered onFukuoka metropolitan areaThe subscription rate is particularly high inKitakyushu,KurumeIncluding the share of circulation throughout Fukuoka Prefecture,Yomiuri Shimbun(In the Kitakyushu metropolitan area,Mainichi NewspapersHas the highest share).

While investing in commercial broadcasting stations in all prefectures of Kyushu, Co., Ltd.TV West JapanIt is said that it has a particularly deep relationship with (TNC), but it is a corporation.TV Nagasaki(KTN) and a corporation that covers Fukuoka Prefecture as well as TNCTVQ Kyushu BroadcastingIs betterVoting rightsThe ratio of voting rights to the total number of[3].

Not only sportsFukuoka Softbank HawksThe central reporting attitude stands out.Nishinippon SportsIraq warHawks even at the beginning of the warOpen battle(There is also a view that sports articles are not particularly noteworthy because they are sports newspapers, not general newspapers).Also,Avispa FukuokaHas been a uniform sponsor of the 2011 season since the middle of the 2011 season (back in XNUMX, pants the following year).

By high school studentsmartial artsTournamentGolden Eagle High School Judo Tournament,Jade Dragon Flag High School Kendo TournamentIt is known nationwide for hosting the event, and it plays a role in establishing the image of "Kyushu, where martial arts are flourishing."

Since ancient timesSankei ShimbunIn addition to handling the Sankei Shimbun at some Nishinippon Shimbun sales offices in Fukuoka Prefecture and Saga City,Sankei sportsAnd Nishinippon SportsCentral horse racingThere was some paper cooperation such as the article of.In addition, the Kyushu General Bureau of the Sankei Shimbun used to be in the West Japan Newspaper Hall, but on April 2009, 4Kyushu-Yamaguchi Headquarters (currently Western Headquarters)When it was promoted to, the office moved to the Sunlight Building on Watanabe-dori, and from October 10st of the same year, it was renewed as a special edition of Kyushu-Yamaguchi.Mainichi Newspaper West Head OfficePrinting is outsourced to a printing factory (Mainichi Shimbun Kyushu Center Tosu Printing Factory, Tosu City, Saga Prefecture).On the other hand, from April 2013, 4,Central horse racingNishinippon's paper tie-up is the same block newspaper for the articleChunichi SportsConnect with[4]There are changes in the alliance.

In addition,2010から2011Hang onSaga newspaperThe printing company of our group was entrusted with printing from the company.This is due to the renovation of the printing room in the Saga Shimbun headquarters and the replacement of rotary presses.

Long time agoYamaguchi -Miyazaki-Kagoshima-Okinawa[5]However, it was issued, but due to the decline in advertising revenue and the rise in production costs, Yamaguchi and Okinawa prefectures2009May 3Excluded from the business area (closed general bureau and discontinued newspaper issuance / sales).On the other hand2010May 10In addition, the Kitakyushu branch office has been upgraded to the "Kitakyushu Headquarters" to strengthen coverage and sales in the Kitakyushu region.[6]..In addition, Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures have extremely small circulations compared to local newspapers and major national newspapers.2010From Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefecturesLocal versionIntegrate into "South Kyushu Wide Edition"A TV scheduleWas reorganized into the same content in both prefectures, but as of March 2018, 3, the publication and sales of Nishinippon Shimbun and Nishinippon Sports were discontinued in both prefectures.NobeokaとSatsumasendaiThe branch office in[7].

Company history

Here we describe the history of the company.Please refer to each section for the history of the newspapers that are published.

Memorial magazine

  • 1951(Showa 26) Published History of Nishinippon Shimbun(Edited by Nishinippon Shimbun, p. 437)
  • 1962(Showa 37) Published Nishinippon Shimbun Postwar brief history(Edited by Nishinippon Shimbun History Compilation Committee, p. 169)
  • 1978(53)3Issue Nishinippon Shimbun XNUMX Year History(Edited by Nishinippon Shimbun, p. 720)
  • 1988(Showa 63) Published Nishinippon Shimbun XNUMX Years History(Edited by Nishinippon Shimbun, p. 167)
  • 1997(9)4Issue Nishinippon Shimbun XNUMX Years History(Edited by Nishinippon Shimbun, p. 523)
  • 2007(19) Issued Nishinippon Shimbun XNUMX Years History(Published by Nishinippon Shimbun, p. 668)


Main office

〒810-8721 Fukuoka CityChuo-kuTenjin4-1-XNUMX West Japan Newspaper Hall (West Japan Watanabe Building)

On the lower floorsDepartment storeMajorDaimaruFukuoka Tenjin store is occupying (subsidiary)Hakata DaimaruOperated).
The building has a one-floor space (currently a smoking area) between the upper floor where the newspaper company is located and the lower floor where the Daimaru is located.

Kitakyushu Head Office

802-0005 KitakyushuKokurakita WardSakai Town2-16-XNUMX Juichi BankFirst lifeCommon building 4th floor

"Walk, newspaper.Has its own catchphrase.
Kokurakita Ward from the time of the branch office(I.e.Has its own building on 19-5 and becomes a regional headquarters[6]I continued to use it after that, but moved to the current location on February 2012, 2 due to functional expansion and aging of the building itself.[9].. The Kitakyushu branch office of Kyodo News' Fukuoka branch, which had moved in by 2014, was also relocated, the land was sold, and the building was demolished.A high-rise apartment building was built by the private sector on the site.
Ten-year history published when TV Nishinippon was still headquartered in Kitakyushu (published by the company in 1968)[10]According to the description, the company initially considered setting up a head office in the form of living together with the Tamachi office building, but in the end it was because the site was small to make a TV station.YawataIt is said that the head office was set up in.As a result, the Tamachi office building was installed independently by the Nishinippon Shimbun, and while the building was three stories above the ground, the tower building had a vertically high structure with an electric sign of the newspaper title.

Branch office

Tokyo branch office
104-0028 TokyoChuo-kuYaesu2-8-7 Fukuoka Building
Osaka branch
541-0041 OsakaChuo-kuKitahama3-1-21 Matsuzaki Building

Directorate General

It has regional bureaus under the umbrella of each general bureau.

Branch office

Overseas branch

Chunichi Shimbun-Hokkaido ShimbunWe are accommodating overseas coverage networks with both companies.

Printing factory

Fukuoka CityHakata WardIsoda 2-1-60 West Japan Newspaper Production Center

Published newspaper

Major group companies

As of 2020 year 3 month 31 day.[11]

Consolidated subsidiary
  • Nishinippon Shimbun Building Co., Ltd.
  • Nishinippon Shimbun Printing Co., Ltd.
  • Nishinippon Shimbun Advertising Co., Ltd.
  • West Japan Newspaper General Orikomi Co., Ltd.
  • Nishinihon Shimbun Media Lab Co., Ltd.
  • Nishinippon Shimbun Fukuoka Sales Co., Ltd.
  • Nishinippon Shimbun Top Clie Co., Ltd.
  • Nishinippon Shimbun SP Center Co., Ltd.
  • Nishinihon Shimbun Event Service Co., Ltd.
  • West Japan Newspaper Techno Create Co., Ltd.
  • Yukensha Co., Ltd.
  • Mameyoshiro Co., Ltd.
Non-consolidated subsidiary
  • Itoshima Shimbun Co., Ltd.
  • Nishinippon Shimbun Co., Ltd. TNC Culture Circle

Main Event

Here, the "standard" ones that are held every year are posted.

Organized and co-sponsored


Major broadcasters invested by Nishinippon Shimbun

2019the current. * IsFuji Television Network, Inc/FNN-FNSseries(Cross net stationIncluding). (Company name) is the most influential newspaper company.

Consists of a three-company block paper allianceHokkaido ShimbunCompany (Hokkaido Shimbun),Chunichi ShimbunThe difference is that while Doshin and Chunichi have invested in commercial broadcasting stations outside the issuing area, the Nishinippon Shimbun adheres to "regionalism" and there is almost no investment in stations outside the area.By that amount, even in stations where the investment amount is small, a large amount of commercials are broadcast as a general sponsor, and the fact that it is in the "local newspaper" is more strongly appealed.


Long time agoFM Kyushu(CurrentCROSS FM), But the capital was dissolved in 2008 due to circumstances.It seems that the friendly relationship is continuing.






(Issued and sold out on March 2018, 3)


(Issued and sold out on March 2018, 3)


(Outside the issuing area)

Famous people


[How to use footnotes]
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