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🛏 | Yoshiko Mita "Powerful Grandma" following "Nagi's Leisure"


Following Yoshiko Mita's "Nagi's Leisure", she played the role of "powerful grandma"

If you write the contents roughly
Shared TV
Oreko Tachibana "Promise Cinderella"
(Shogakukan Ura Shonen Sunday Comics / Manga App "Manga One" serialized)
Kazuna Furuya ("S-The Last Policeman-" "Ouroboros-This love is justice.

TBS will broadcast "Promise Cinderella" starring Fumi Nikaido in the July drama frame on Tuesday.This work is from my husband ... → Continue reading

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Production Kyodo Television TBS Original Tachibana Oreco

Manga One

"Manga OneIsShogakukan 2014 Released from December 12thiOS-AndroidusemangamagazineApps[1]..The name at the time of release is "MangaONE".


Operated by ShogakukanWeb comic distribution site"Back sundaeYou can read the entire story of the serialized works (including the serialized works), and also published by Shogakukan.Cartoon magazineIt was published in "Dark Gold Ushijima''MAJOR''The World God Only Knows] And other masterpiece manga can be read.

The mascot character isTamiki Wakaki"Page number & Cerberus" designed by.

2014 At the start of December, more than 12 episodes of 22 works were posted, and the number of episodes and serialized works was expected to increase steadily in the future.

The privilege of reading the serialized works of "Ura Sunday" one week earlier, and the extra page drawn only in "Manga One"Add a littleIs prepared[2].

Around January 2016, "Boy jump +』(Shueisha), Of Japanese capitalInfomationHas become the number one monthly active user (AU) in Japan in the manga app by[3]..Since then, the two have fought for first place for several years.Global corona wreckAround February 2020, the number of AUs for "Shonen Jump +" surged, and "Manga One" was greatly separated.[4].

Serialized work

Serializing (updating)

Works as of July 2021, on pages by update date [5].

Title of workAuthor (Drawing)Original work etc.Update date
Even if it ’s too much, it ’s sweet.-01Every other monday
Ikensen Kiuerun TeioNanaki Nanaki-01Monday
When I was squeezed, I was finally struck by the sword.(Drawing)(Original)01Every other monday
SeabedSea EmperorNoshinobu Hoshino-01Monday
Shinitakari and Satsushinki-kun-01Monday
Seta no Tensetsu and Cheating and Furin SetsuThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessAkira Himekawa-08Monthly monday
It ’s easyHow many kilometers can you have with a dumbbell?(Drawing)Sandrovich Yabako(Original)01Every other monday
Hatorukuru UntowakasuBattleground workersMinoru Takeyoshi-01Monday
Mokura no UtaSong of the DragonTakahashi climb-01Monday
HanhantoritoriBand Band LidoriNya melon(Drawing)Bushiroad(Original)
(Character draft)
01Every other monday
-01Every other monday
Furomisu ShintereraPromise Cinderella-01Every other monday
RelieveDaisuke Higuchi-01Every other monday
Mitori no HashiyoMidori Novasho-01Every other monday
How about Yuushiya-sama Yukaken?Marimo-01Every other monday
Stepmother Haratsuchi(Drawing)Shin Jukushima(Original)01Monday
Ikinuke Hakuso Damuchiyan-01Every other monday
Aishi Yuura-02Tuesday
Blue OkesutoraBlue orchestraMakoto Akui-02Every other Tuesday
Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation Reincarnation (Drawing)(Original)02Every other Tuesday
Afuta AkotsutoAkemi Eno-02Every other Tuesday
Isekai Isekai Isekai Isekai Isekai Isekai I have been treated.(Original)(Original)
02Every other Tuesday
Did you get rid of it as a sledge?(Drawing)(Original)
02Every other Tuesday
Ihara Kikoshi and Karu TetsutoIbaraki Gojappe Quartet-02Every other Tuesday
Uanhi ahAkili-02Every other Tuesday
Kikureu Aru FurukisuCapricious ValpurgisIssy-02Every other Tuesday
There is a kohi-02Every other Tuesday
I'm sickBurning Kabaddi-02Tuesday
Squeeze and squeezewogura(Drawing)(Original)02Every other Tuesday
I can't do it all-02Every other Tuesday
About Chichiki NorenChi. -About the movement of the earth-Uotoyo-02Tuesday
Let's enjoy ChitoQueen of blood and ashBakohajime-02Tuesday
Let's do it(Drawing)Arata Miyatsuki(Original)02Tuesday
Meitei Amitsukusumeiten(Drawing)Fumiaki Maruto(Original)02Every other Tuesday
Will Yuushiya become Kosokuihan?-02Every other Tuesday
TatensakusenOperation FallenShoichi Yamamoto-08Monthly Wednesday * Resumed after March 2020 as of September 3
I'm trying to do this for the sake of the watermark.(Drawing)(Original)03Wednesday
Isekai Ofusatetsu and Konhidenin no Ikatensei and Isekai-03Every other wednesday
Liar Satsuki can be seen-03Every other wednesday
Mr. Takaki, the source of teasingMr. Takagi (former) who is good at teasing-03Monthly wednesday
Satsushinki to come to you-03Every other wednesday
Koisuru Inma no Kinki Seikatsu-03Every other wednesday
Kotofukien YesCough and tetsuji-03Monthly wednesday
Seiki no Kakuen-03Every other wednesday
FishingFishing idiot diaryKenichi Kitami(Original)Juzo Yamasaki(Original)03Monthly wednesday
Reincarnation Isekai no YakusahimeHiroki Miyashita (Drawing)Takeshi Natsuhara(Original)03Every other wednesday
Hakenshiyain Asumi no KakeihoAmeno Sayaka(Drawing)Yuko Aoki(Original)03Every other wednesday
Hana storm-03Wednesday
Engagement of the wide range of people(Drawing)(Original)03Every other wednesday
MaruseiMarusei-08Monthly wednesday
Motosho-kun's TETSUTO(Drawing)(Original)
Banpai Akira(Character draft)
03Every other wednesday
Raifumeekaa-03Every other wednesday
Akako HikanYuuki Iinuma04Thursday
Let's get excited(Drawing)(Original)04Thursday
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I want to send you a sequel, but I don't know if it's okayKawaguchi(Drawing)(Original)04Every other thursday
Woman's Kokata Ichiya04Every other thursday
House music04Thursday
Skein TaichiThe land of the windKazama Eiji(Drawing)Nobuhiro Sakata(Original)04Every other thursday
Kenkan OmekaKengan OmegaRammeon (Drawing) Sandrovich Yabako (Original) 08Thursday
It's more likely than Tanto Sanki-04Every other thursday
I'm the only one who can't get along-04Every other thursday
Take itMeet and battle in 5 secondsMiyako Kashiwa(Drawing)(Original)04Thursday
Tenchi Yara SurimanDenjarasu LehmanKazutoshi Soyama-04Thursday
Let's do Himachi-04Every other thursday
Staggering or swaying04Every other thursday
Hokukatsu Muku KimiEri Kumaki04Every other thursday
Raiko no Kuni (Drawing) Satoshi Suzuki (Original) 08Every other thursday
New storyAratakangatari ~Leather Gods~Remastered versionYuu Watase05Friday
I can't help it(Drawing)Sato(Original)05Every other friday
Isekai Isekai Isekai Isekai Isekai Isekai Isekai Isekai IsekaiKenji Taguchi(Drawing)(Original)05Every other friday
Behind the scenes, Mr. KamuiMr. Kamui in front of the back(Drawing)(Original)05Every other friday
ToughOdd taxi(Drawing)Kadzuya Konomoto/PICS(Original)05Every other friday
One of the soliloquy catsThe Apothecary of the Pharmacy ~ Cat Cat's Gomiya Mystery Solving Notebook ~Kurata Minoji (Drawing) Hinata summer (Original)
(Character draft)
08Every other friday
Yuraha turning over the swordsYoichiro Ono (Drawing) Hirotaka Akagi (Original)
(Character draft)
05Every other friday
Mr. Sato who supports salt is sweet only to me @comic (Drawing) (Original)
(Character draft)
Every other friday
It ’s a good idea05Friday
Smooth and smoothSlap stickShunju Aono-05Friday
Souki YuhoisuThrowing boys(Drawing)(Original)05Friday
The elixir that you want to have before you become an elixirKotaro Takada (Drawing)Aso Uro(Original)05Every other friday
May I open it upMay i go out with you-05Every other friday
Nankoku YutakaTropical! Utah Girl-05Friday
Yes(Drawing)(Original)05Every other friday
Secret lid-05Every other friday
I want to be a sloppy seaweedYuji Takemura(Drawing)(Original)05Friday
Hokakokurankiyoniru-05Every other friday
AiyoshiKiyose Akame(Comics)Yuka MaruyamaYuka Maruyama(Original)
Sumeragi Amber(Main character design)
06Every other saturday
Uraito HokinshiBack part-time job: No escapeShotaro Taguchi-06Saturday
I'm sorryMy student is an AV actress and my director is me.-06Saturday
The occult and the ken are not so good-06Saturday
I can forgive you because it's cuteJin Mocoyama-06Every other saturday
Kinro Furatsu and Hoon(Drawing)(Original)06Every other saturday
Koruko KiyanfuGorgo CAMP(Drawing)Saito Takao(Original)06Every other saturday
Satsuki(Drawing)Naho Kamimura/(Original)06Every other saturday
I'm sorryI changed from the strongest job "Dragon Knight" to the beginner job "Carrier", but for some reason the heroes are relying on me @comicYuki(Comics)Amaui ShiroichiAmaui Shiroichi(Original)
(Character draft)
Tsukito Usaki-06Saturday
Tsuhasa-kun wants to get rid ofTsubasa wants to get rid of-08Every other week


Let's go to one placeMeet and pick up the climax! @ComicYusukiYuzuki N'(Comics)Hirotaka AkagiHirotaka Akagi(Original)
Mataro(Character draft)
06Every other saturday
Nanami Minami wants to shine (Drawing)Yuki Yaku(Original)
fly(Character draft)
06Every other saturday
Let's tunnel goodbye to NatsuTunnel to summer, goodbye exit UltramarineSmall udon (Drawing)Hachimoku Mei(Original)
(Character draft)
07Every other saturday
There is a cat in Yuushiya's hisashiThere is a cat on the lap of the heroShiori (Drawing)Kosuke Iijima(Original)
07Every other saturday
I'm going to be a kid, I'm going to be a kid(Drawing)Amaui Shiroichi(Original)08Every other saturday
YohitoUru Okabe-08Saturday
* Currently suspended
I tried to comb the withdrawal of the withdrawal and put the voice on the cat garlic and the shinuchi yuto rakon.Aruta Kusui (Drawing) Tatsuhiko Takimoto (Original)
07Every other Sunday
I'm sorry for the inconvenience. (Drawing) (Original) 07Every other Sunday
Kakuriyo-07Every other Sunday
Hitman and Hakiyo can't beat that-07Every other Sunday
I gathered happinesshollyhock-07Every other Sunday
Let's go, let's go (Drawing) Moonlit tears (Original)
(Character draft)
I'm going to go to the beach to scoop up (Drawing) (Original)
(Character draft)
07Every other Sunday
Senka and Oni-07Sunday
I was struck by a cat-07Every other Sunday
Hersona Fuaifupersona 5Hisato Murasaki (Drawing) Atlas (Original) 08Every other Sunday
Instinct YuukiCrystal Yosuke-07Sunday
With you (Drawing)(Original)
07Every other friday

End of serialization

Title of workAuthor (Drawing)Original work etc.Remarks / Update date
Ayakashi HisenAyakashi HiugiKyoko Kumagai-011st and 3rd Monday
He will replace him (Drawing) (Original) 08Monday
If you don't knowUru Okabe-01Monday
Inch-08Every other monday
Seta no Tensetsu Kansen Hansereku ShiyonThe Legend of Zelda Complete SelectionAkira Himekawa-01Every other monday
HellHelckNanaki Nanaki-01Monday
Yuushiyaka ShintaThe hero died! The result of the hero falling into a pit that I dug in the villagers.-01Monday
I love you-02Tuesday
A littleHitokui -origin-(Drawing)(Original)02Tuesday
Yes and elephant princessHaime to Zokihime (Drawing)Fumitaka Senga (Original)08Tuesday
Misuma HomiMuurian-08Every other Tuesday
Miyo Sansenri who wants to hit (Comic) Akihiro Dobashi (Original) 08Every other Tuesday
I want to make a fossilI want to earn market KuroganeGoto Kirinoki-02Tuesday
There is a kenshiya no fuikushiyon(Drawing)(Original)02Tuesday
Toku Sakura(Drawing)(Original)02Tuesday
Hokako Ake-021st and 3rd Tuesday
Hell Sai Yuo FusatetsutoVersailles of the DeadSuekane Kumiko-02Every other Tuesday
I'm with Mamiya-san-08Monthly
Akitsuki can't be an adult-03Every other wednesday
Let me see youTanahashi Namoshiro (Drawing) (Original) 03Wednesday
I'm sorry-03Every other wednesday
Kokoro salmonMy heart wants to scream.Makoto Akui(Comics)Super Peace Busters(Original)03Every other wednesday
Shini-03Every other wednesday
Shimokita Shiyankurooto-03Every other wednesday
Let's do it-03Every other wednesday
Toumei no Kimi-08Every other wednesday
It is said that even if you become a scholar, you will be struck by the fact that you have a good time.Original:Amaui Shiroichi
Character draft:03Wednesday
Makishin and Hatsuto HokenMagi Sinbad's AdventureYoshifumi Odera(manga)Shinobu Otaka(Original)03Wednesday
Let's go to Maharu-03Every other wednesday
Let's go to the blisterShippo Sugi-031st and 3rd Wednesday
Rinten is a hellKouichi Furuumi (Comic) Mag Garden (Cooperation) 03Every other wednesday
I can only say ah-04Every other thursday
I'm sorryShe looks good with S rare equipmentOmi noko-04Thursday
TurmericMarii Taiyo-04Thursday
Oniki Dermatology-08Monthly thursday
BitingGod fishingIsako Horoba(Drawing)Tochibori tree(draft)04Thursday
Kisho SenshimakuhaMarii Taiyo-04Thursday
I don't know if it's a good ideaHaruka Ono-04Thursday
Kenkan AshyuraKengan AshuraRammeon(Drawing)Sandrovich Yabako(Original)04Thursday
Let's goKengan Ashura ZeroRammeon(Drawing)Sandrovich Yabako(Original)04Thursday
Kengan Ashura spin-off
I'm sorry for the inconvenienceMomo Soda-08Thursday
NatsumekiJujube!!Kana Nashima-041st and 3rd Thursday
What was doneYuuki Ryu-04Every other thursday
Monsuta AmonsutaMONSTER x MONSTERNikiichi Tobita-04Thursday
I'm sleeping on my tsutokoMy husband is sleeping in the freezer08Every other thursday
Akane no HaneYuki IsoyaEditorial department (Supervision) 08Monthly friday
Assassin's Creed ChinaKurata Minoji (Drawing) Ubisoft08Friday biweekly
MofusaikoMob Psycho 100ONE-05Friday
When it comes to fishingSatsuri RecruitYoshimune[Avoid ambiguity](Drawing)(Original)05Friday
KoosuGORSEYuna Anisaki (Drawing) (Original)
Wataru Tanaka (Original)
NowadaysAlice in the Country of TodayAso Uro-05Friday
ShinohikatakiNikiichi Tobita-05Friday
Senen Hiiroo-08Friday
TahishiwaranSumi Eno-05Every other friday
Fushimi no HaisenShotaro Taguchi-05Friday
Momoirotan Shiyochien SecantoshiMomo Soda-051st and 3rd Friday
I'll tell you-052st and 4rd Friday
Arukei Hiyuumansu-08Every other saturday
Ichikoto Miru Fuiyu-062nd and 4th Saturday
I'm going to be a virginTakafumi Adachi-06Every other saturday
So everyone's mountainMountainShinichi Ishizuka-06Saturday
Let's do somethingThe circumstances of Kunisaki IzumoAya Hirakawa-06Saturday
The World God Only KnowsThe World God Only KnowsTamiki Wakaki-06Saturday
Koto Fuchiyo-06Saturday
About thatSuzuki Nakaba-06Saturday
Tensei Han Temitsuku-08Every other thursday
→ Saturday
Furuushi AiantoBLUE GIANTShinichi Ishizuka-06Saturday
Hokura no KiyuKenji Ichima-08Saturday
Honkotsu HonkoUseless Ponko-06Saturday
AoashiGreen reedYugo Kobayashi-07Sunday
Let's hot-08Sunday
Ashi YutanSub-beast tanSumi Eno-08Every other Sunday
SisterSister is a love youkai-08Sunday
Broom SachikoForgetting SachikoJun Abe-07Sunday
TokusatsukaHorsetailNiwa garden-07Sunday
Toratsufu HiroinXNUMX wood thought-08Every other Sunday
I wonder if there is a reimeiDawn of the ArcanaRei Toma-071st and 3rd Sundays
Makiri no Iemitsu-08Every other Sunday
MensukoMen's schoolKaneyoshi Izumi-072st and 4rd Sundays
HiMAJORTakuya Mitsuda-07every day
FutakashiraFugarashiraOno Natsume-08Monthly
Tetsutsu no Torisu-08Monthly
HumanTamiki Wakaki-08Monthly
Tsuhaki and Tsumi Horohoshi no Toa-08Monthly
Ikatsuchi and Okuumi Kanaru-08Monthly
Hiyotenfreezing pointAi Mizutani(Drawing)Ayako Miura(Original)08Bimonthly
Can i call thisDaisuke Kadokuni(Drawing)Large and small adults(Screenplay)02Tuesday
HiiroohatsuRobinson Haruhara-01Monday
SqueezeCreator: Kami Manga SenkiMakoto Akui(Drawing)
Totsuka Takusu[Note 1]
Totsuka Takusu(Original)03Wednesday
Around you-05Friday
A littleHuman eating(Drawing)(Original)02Tuesday
Hanku Toman-02Tuesday
AlreadyRogueMakoto Akui-03Wednesday
OniWorld demonUru Okabe-01Monday
Chiyoeki 339339 year in prison-05Friday
NewHitotsuki Yamada-06Saturday
Let's go to the schoolSuper-dreadnought girl 4946Touki-07Sunday
Rafu Hoi Rafu-03Wednesday
ClockhourglassHinako Ashihara-03Wednesday
Let's goSumi Eno-05Every other friday
I'm sorryJunya Takeuchi-01Monday
There is no kettleSatoru Takamiya-08Monthly
About good luck-08Monthly
TakunomiOnly stake.-05Every other friday
Yamikin Ushishima-kunDark Gold UshijimaShohei Manabe-01Monday
New storyAratakangatari ~Leather Gods~Yuu Watase-05Friday
Shiyashin no Hanayome-05Every other friday
When is it?IT'S MY LIFENarita Imomushi-07Sunday
Happy Afuro TanakaHappy Afro TanakaMasaharu Noritsuke-07Sunday
Mr. Shiyaken touchesNikiichi Tobita-07Sunday
Maoutesu Onna Yuushiya is now a daughter of Onna Yuushi and Kakiri. (Comic) Morita Season (Original)
(Character draft)
Inasumai Refun Auta Akoo and AnnoyingInazuma Eleven Outer Code Anthology[6]Level five07Friday
Hanamaru broomHanamaru Magic Class--


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注 釈

  1. ^ In the WEB version, after the 17th episode, it will be distributed under the name of Takusu Totsuka, and in the book, it will be released by Makoto Akui.


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