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🧳 | Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto sells accommodation plans where you can enjoy draft beer on the beer server in your room


Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto sells accommodation plans where you can enjoy draft beer on the beer server in your room

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We also offer combination salads, fried chicken and french fries.

Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto has an accommodation plan where you can enjoy draft beer on the beer server in your room from June 6th to August 7rd ... → Continue reading


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French fries

French friesIt is,potatoCut into a size that is easy to eatoilでDeep friedIt wasCuisine.JapanThen.Potato friesSometimes called.

Called origin

ベルギーRefers to the birthplace of Fritz (French fries)Bruges(Bruge)FrietmuseumThere is.17st century,NamurIt is said that the origin of the potatoes was fried and eaten by residents who were troubled by poor fishing.On the contrary,FranceNewspaperFigaro』The electronic version is dated August 2018, 8,19st centuryEarlyParisOf a researcher who claims to have appeared inInterviewHas been posted and is in dispute[1].

British EnglishでChips(English: chips).American EnglishでFrench fries(Rice: French fries) OrFrench fries potatoes(Rice: French-fried potatoes).In BelgiumFritzCalled (Frietjes).In France etc.Pom (de tail) frit(France: pommes [de terre] frites) or justFrit (Buddha:fries). NetherlandsNow, let ’s take the potatoes that have been powdered and fried.Las Patato Called (Raspatat).JapanName inFrench fries (English:Fried potato) IsJapanglishHowever, since it is not a grammatical mistakeEnglish-speaking countriesBut the meaning is transmitted.In the English-speaking world, French fries refers to all fried potatoes, soCrispsAlsoHash brownsIs also included in this.

Incidentally,Iraq warCritical to the warlike attitude of the United StatesFranceWith protest and ironyUnited States CongressFrench fries in the dining roomFreedom Fly(Freedom fries) Was temporarily called.


Potatoes are cut into straight straight cuts (especially thin ones are shoetring cuts), wavy crinkle cuts, natural cuts with skin, ring-shaped spiral cuts, etc., but once powdered Some of them have been reshaped into these shapes and commercialized.Bread crumbsThere are examples of sprinkling and frying, but in many fast food restaurantsDeep-friedAnd serve the customers.Also, the oil for frying is not vegetable oilHetBy usingUmamiSome are marked with.At fast food chain stores, they are sold in special paper containers called potato cartons.In Japan, imports of raw potatoes are restricted due to quarantine, so fried potatoes made from imported potatoes are either locally manufactured and frozen, or powdered and elongated in Japan. Is.These are produced on large farms outside Japan and are cheaper, but there is also a tendency for French fries cooked with raw potatoes to be preferred.

Seasoning issalt,ketchup,mayonnaiseSometimes base sources are used.fast foodAt chain stores, it was attached to a paper bag containing french fries.seasoningThere is a way to eat it, such as putting it in and shaking it to cook.You can enjoy a wide range of ways, such as adjusting the amount of seasoning and preparing a wide variety of flavors.

Oil for French fries for home use and cooking utensils that can be easily fried with potatoes and oil are also relatively widespread.Belgian households have a high percentage of electric fryer on hand.

How to use each country

In Belgium, the food garnish isBreadIt is usually Fritz rather than Fritz.A Fritz stand also stands on the street corner, making it a staple food for Belgians.In Belgium, French friesSamurai sauce(Buddha: sauce samour aï,mayonnaiseToHarissaとoilとLemonIt is common to eat with spicy sauce with juice or mayonnaise.What is French fries in Belgium?NamurResidents cut into small piecesHetIt is a dish that originates from fried potatoes.[2].

In England, fried potatoes that have been chopped together with the skin(English edition)Called.The origin of the name is "WedgeMeans "type".AlsoChip buttyOf french fries calledsandwichIs loved by men and women of all ages.French fries are preferred in Britain as a side dish for a variety of dishes.Fried white fishAnd assorted french fries "Fish and chips"Is a very common dish.further,Indian cuisineShops andChinese cuisineEven in storesnaan,Cooked riceSome people order instead of.

NetherlandsSo basically potatoes are eaten in everyday life such as midnight snacks and lunch.I actually buy potatoes at stores, but unlike Japan, there is a fryer that fries potatoes without putting oil in a frying pan to make it dirty.

In American restaurantsHamburgerFrench fries are served as a side dish for sandwiches.This is a hamburger as the main productfast foodIt has been handed down in stores, and you can see many set menus that combine burgers, drinks, and french fries.The potatoes used as ingredients for French fries in these stores are large varieties dedicated to them.

Nutritional evaluation

Health effects

High in sugar and fat,calorieIs highJunk FoodIs.From the cooking method of frying in oil, depending on the fat and oil usedTrans fatty acidsIs also included.Also added for seasoningSalt Thehigh blood pressure,Gastric cancerRelated to.For this reason, some fast food restaurants do not fry but cut potatoes into strips.ovenBaked inBaked potatoesWe provide services that provide.French fries at a fast food restaurant can be left for two and a half monthsMoldThere is an idea that it does not grow, and depending on the product, it is used as a food additive at the stage of freezing.DiphosphateSodium is added, in which case gradually in a boiled stateHydrolysisDoneOrthophenylphenolIs presented as a basis[4].

Containing acrylamide

who(WHO) sub-organizationInternational Cancer Research Institute(IARC) is abundant in french friesAcrylamideIs evaluated as "a substance that is probably carcinogenic to humans" (Group 2A).this isCarcinogenicSecond from the highest risk in the classification of substances,grilled fishExists in the charredBenzpyrenIs the same rank as[5][6].

this is,Animal experimentationFrom the result ofHuman capitalAlthough it is speculated that it is carcinogenic in human cells, neither the actual carcinogenesis in human cells has been confirmed, nor the epidemiological findings that the higher the intake of acrylamide, the higher the carcinogenic tendency. It can be said that this is the stage.However, in 2007 NetherlandsEpidemiological studies in Japan show that the incidence of some cancers is statistically significantly higher in the group with high intake of acrylamide from food.[7].

Acrylamide is industrially used as a raw material for synthetic resins and chemical fibers, and its carcinogenicity in animals has been known for a relatively long time.But in 2002スウェーデンThe governmentStockholm UniversityIn a study conducted in collaboration withcarbohydrateContains a lotpotatoIt was announced that a large amount of acrylamide was produced by baking or frying such substances at a high temperature, and it was surprisingly reported that similar substances exist in common foods.

In fact, even in the subsequent analysis of research institutes in each countryCrispsAnd French fries are known to contain acrylamide in JapanNational Institutes of HealthIn the analysis of, 1 to 512 μg was confirmed per 784 kg of French fries.On the other hand, the samepotatoIt has also been clarified that it is difficult to produce even kind by cooking such as boiling.

2010 yearsFAO / WHO Joint Food Additives Expert Meeting(JECFA) recommends that appropriate efforts be made to reduce the amount of acrylamide in foods.


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