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🛏 | I can only say "as expected" ... There was a hotel in Kumamoto with "all-you-can-drink shochu" for breakfast buffet

Photo All-you-can-drink shochu from the morning? (Image provided by Ref Kumamoto)

I can only say "as expected" ... There was a hotel in Kumamoto with "all-you-can-drink shochu" for breakfast buffet

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For breakfast, which is based on the concept of "local production for local consumption," there are other popular menus that use red beef from Kumamoto prefecture, such as "original red beef hamburger," Karashi Renkon, Taipien, and dango-jiru. Local dishes are also lined up.

When staying at a hotel while traveling, one of the pleasures is eating.It's easy to finish your usual breakfast ... → Continue reading

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Taihei Yan

Taihei YanAnd

  1. Fuzhouso"Taiping YenRead,ChugokuFujian ProvinceFuzhou Oflocal cuisine.Fujian cuisine OfSoupWontonKind of.
  2. "Taipien"When"Taipien, Or "TaipinenWas arranged in JapanChinese cuisineKind of.(I.e.SoupToshrimp,squid,豚 肉,Chinese cabbage,Bamboo shoot,FungusAnd so on, friedeggWith.Kumamoto OfLocal gourmet.Noodle dishesKind of.

Chinese taipien

"Taiping YenIs Fujian, ChinaFuzhou Oflocal cuisine.duckBoiledeggPutSoupWontonIt is like.Duck eggsFuzhouThe word "duck egg alloun" has the same sound as "turbulence" (to calm the war), and is also called "Taipei Taibin" in puny words.If the war subsides, it will be Taihei Tenka.Also, in Fuzhou City, it is called "Fuzhou Swallow" (Fuzhou dialect Bien Nyu Yen).豚 肉Crushsweet potatoStarchThere is a unique chewy wonton skin kneaded together with it, which is also abbreviated as "swallow".The dish that combines these two ingredients is "Taipien", and "Taipien" has the same sound as "Feast", so it became an auspicious name as "Taipien Feast" (peaceful song), such as weddings. It is made as a banquet dish.Taiwan StraitThere are many people from FuzhouTaiwanAlso, it may be served as a banquet dish.

Incidentally,Chinese OfdialectWhat is called a bird's egg an "egg"?Zhejiang ProvinceSouthern, Fujian,GuangdongEastern, northern, western,HainanSince it is limited to Taiwan and is called "dan" in other areas, it is not a pun, and "duck egg" (duck egg) also means "zero point" in the test, so there is no congratulatory image. ..

Japanese Taipien

"Taipien"Or"Taipinen"Taipien, a Fujian dishMeiji EraToOverseasIs said to have been passed on to Japan.After being introduced, it is difficult to obtain in JapanduckInstead of eggsChickenIt is probable that the fried egg (tiger skin egg) was made with vermicelli instead of the flat-fleshed swallow.With this arrangement, the taipien, which was a soup dish until then,Noodle dishesTransformed into.

in JapanNagasaki,Fukuoka,Kanagawa,TokyoIndividual such asChinese cuisineHas stores and stores all over Japan based in KumamotoAjisen RamenExcept for the one on the menu, it is basically found only in central Kumamoto prefecture.Local gourmetIt is positioned as.Kumamoto-shiSeen as a staple of Chinese restaurant menus in the surrounding area,School lunchBut it is issued[1]It is a popular dish. In September 2008HidakayaBy adopting it in the menu, it has become possible to eat it in some areas of the Kanto region.About this, "Secret Kenmin SHOW"(Yomiuri TV) was also introduced.Currently not only in Kumamoto City but also in the southUto,Uki(Ogawa) Furthermore, in the northern part of the prefectureNankan TownIt is also used for school lunches in elementary and junior high schools.

TaipienRamenthe same as,SoupToSoy sauce,salt,TonkotsuThere are variations in taste such as.Also, instead of fried eggs, boiled eggsQuailThere are many variations depending on the store and home, such as the egg in it.In addition, the vermicelli used is made in China.Green beansMainly vermicelli,PotatoesStarchIn some cases, Japanese vermicelli made from Japanese vermicelli is used as the main ingredient.

Relatively low in recent yearscalorieIt is attracting attention as "healthy-oriented noodles" because it uses vermicelli and abundant vegetables as ingredients.2005ToToyo Suisan,Ace cock,West Japan Food IndustryからCup NoodleWas released as.It was also sold at some convenience stores in the same year.further2006ToYonezawa FoodsThe cup Taipien, which uses domestic vermicelli, is on sale from.There is also a product with retort packs of ingredients,Ajisen RamenAlso sells such products.

Incidentally,NagasakiInside (in NagasakiTaipinenCalled)New landChinatown OfJiangshan Tower,Chinese gardenEtc. are on the menu.Overseas Chinese from Fujian is from NagasakiKofuku-ji TempleThere are many opportunities to participate in legal affairs held at temples such as Kumamoto, and it is said that Kumamoto and Nagasaki were also transmitted to Nagasaki because the overseas Chinese of the Fukuken family in Kumamoto and Nagasaki interacted with each other.


The originatorChinese garden(Kumamoto-shiSakuramachi "Prefectural department store8th floor, founded in 1933, closed in 2015)[1],Kai Paradise(Shinmachi, Kumamoto City)KouranteiThere is also a theory that originated in (Anseimachi, Kumamoto City).in this regardMasahiko KatsuyaIs the book "Ikemen!" (Shinchosha Co., Ltd.), "These stores were founded1933から1934Around that time, overseas Chinese had a strong horizontal connection, so it is highly possible that information was exchanged, and I don't know where it originated. "


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