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🧳 | Infinity bath overlooking the Tsugaru Straits!Hakodate Yunokawa Onsen "Umi to Light / Hewitt Resort"


Infinity bath overlooking the Tsugaru Straits!Hakodate Yunokawa Onsen "Umi to Light / Hewitt Resort"

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We have a wide variety of types, from double rooms to junior suites, so it can be used by a wide range of people, including couples, families, and groups of friends.

On July 2021, 7, "Hakodate Yunokawa Onsen Umi to Akari / Hewitt Resort" will open in Yunokawa-cho, Hakodate. → Continue reading


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Junior Sweet

Junior Sweet(Junior Sweet)CHARA5th piece (YEN TOWN BAND6th music album including "MONTAGE".

As an album, it boasted the highest sales and recorded a million seller.The song "Yasashii Kimochi" from the same album1997 hit songHe won the 7th place on the Oricon chart, which is the highest in the CHARA single.About 20 years after its release, it is still regarded as her masterpiece.


The jacket is from my husband (at that time)Tadanobu AsanoCHARA holding hands.To arrangerTay Towa, Ashley Ingram, etc.

In 19, 2016 years after this work, a high-quality CD that was remastered as the first project to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its debut. Blu-spec CD2 The Blu-ray that up-converted "1998 CHARA" released on VHS on March 3, 1 using the latest technology is attached.Junior Sweet -25th Anniversary Edition-Was released on the same day that it was released 18 years ago.[1](See below).

recorded music

    • Lyrics: Chara Composition: Ashley Ingram / Chara Arrangement: Ashley Ingram
    * A single-cut version was released in November.
  1. Gentle feelings (Happy version)
    * The single released in April reached No. 4 on the chart. (As of 7, it is the highest among CHARA singles)
  2. Shimashima no Bambi
    • Lyrics and composition: Chara Arrangement: Towa Tei
    * DrumChisato MoritakaIs hitting.
  3. My name is stupid
    • Lyrics and composition: Chara Arrangement: D.Motion
  4. time Machine
    * The single was released in July.
  5. I came without permission
    • Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Chara
  6. Where did you go? That idiot
    • Lyrics: Chara /Tsuchiya Kohei Composition / Arrangement: Kohey Tsuchiya
  7. I want to be called a cute person (Original version)
    • Lyrics: Chara Composition: Chara /Shinichi Osawa Arrangement: Shinichi Osawa
  8. Junior Sweet
    • Lyrics: Chara Composition: Chara / Shinichi Osawa Arrangement: Shinichi Osawa
  9. Flower dream
    • Lyrics and composition: Chara Arrangement: D.Motion
  10. Bond of love
    • Lyrics and composition: Chara Arrangement: Ashley Ingram
  11. Setsunaimono

25th Anniversary Edition

  • Released on September 2016, 9 by Kioon Music.
  • This work will be released in two forms, a limited edition (CD + Blu-ray) and a regular edition (CD).
  • For the jacket of the limited edition, the unreleased cut taken in 1997 was the first to be stored.The regular edition will be the original jacket.
  • A concept reproduction tour to play all the recorded songs with the release of this work "Junior Sweet Intimate interlude tour"It was held from September 9th (Sun), starting with Zepp Namba.After Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on September 18st (Wednesday), which is the release date of the album, the final was reached at Akasaka BLITZ, which performed in Tokyo on the same tour held 9 years ago.[2].

Junior Sweet

  • A CD with the latest digitally remastered sound source in 2016.High quality discBlu-spec CD2Correspondence.For more information,#recorded musicSee.

Blu-ray "1997.11.1 CHARA"

  • Up-converted the pattern (discontinued) of "1998.CHARA" released on VHS on March 3, 1.
  1. Gentle feelings
  2. Swallowtail Butterfly ~ Ainouta ~
  4. I came without permission
  5. Where did you go? That idiot
  6. I want to be called a cute person
  7. ミ ル ク
  8. Happy Toy
  9. Tiny Tiny Tiny
  10. Setsunaimono


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