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What day is it today? [June XNUMX]

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The date is from June 2018, 6, when the Housing Accommodation Business Law (New Minpaku Law) came into effect.

January 1st is New Year's Day, May 1th is Children's Day, and the third Monday of July is Marine Day, except for national holidays ... → Continue reading


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Private residence

Private residence(Minpaku) generally means that travelers and others stay in ordinary private houses.JapaneseIn the expression of[1], Especially used when the guest pays the price[2].JapanAccording to the law of住宅It is called "accommodation", and "private lodging service" is also used as a term for tourism policy including the Housing Accommodation Business Law.[3].

In addition,home stayMay be used synonymously with[4].

Minpaku from a global perspective

Services equivalent to Japanese vacation rentals are widely used in Europe and the United States.A broad term is generally vacation rental (British: Vacation rental) Is used[5]..Vacationrental(Rent) Target facilities are in the United StatesHawaii,Florida,地中海In resort areas such as the coastVillaFrom usaニ ュ ー ヨ ー クAnd the UKUKIn a big city likeCondominiumIncluding up to.AlsotransactionThere are various forms ofIndividualUtilization of assets owned byC to CBy type)home stayFrom farm stays and farm staysReal estate companyな どCorporationLarge-scale rental business carried out byB to CType) is included.All of these businessesHotelIt is widely used as an option for travelers who are not satisfied with their accommodation, or as an option to supplement the demand that cannot be met by facilities such as hotels.

Since the XNUM X'sインターネットAbove,host(Lender) andGuestFor rent among (borrowers)platformWith the emergence of companies offering vacation rentals, vacation rentals have shown new developments.AirbnbIs known as a representative company.other than this,Expedia,trip advisorCases where travel site operators such as, etc. have a subsidiary specializing in vacation rentals under their umbrella,Booking.comCases involved in both hotel reservations and vacation rentals[6],Accor HotelsWhen the hotel operating company has a subsidiary that operates a vacation rental[7]and so on.In these companies,Sharing economyThere are also differences depending on the property handled, such as Airbnb based on, HomeAway, which handles rental of private homes and villas, Booking.com, which handles many rental properties by corporations, etc.[8].

Regarding the legal status of these services, in recent years, the national government or local governments have been enacting and operating laws in Europe and the United States.Responses include legalization and bans to strengthen crackdowns, conditional legalization that requires restrictions on the number of nights stayed, host living together, hotel tax collection, and reporting to local governments and tax authorities. Divided into[9].

  • Legalize short-term rentals with or without lenders.
  • Legalize short-term rentals when the lender resides.
    • Netherlands OfAmsterdam(Established in February 2014),FranceAll over the country (established in March 2014), USASan Francisco(If there are no residents, up to 90 days a year, established in October 2014), etc.
  • Legalized short-term rental in residential areas.However, business for more than 180 days is prohibited.It was subject to hotel tax.
  • Legislation prohibits short-term rental (less than 30 days) of homes while absent.
  • Platform vendor reports income to tax authorities, business days are within 1 days per property per year[10].

Vacation rental in Europe and the United States is a concept that covers a wide range, but when the Japanese word "minpaku" is used in a context limited to the utilization of privately owned assets (rental by individual lenders)[11]And when including the rental business by a corporation[12]In the latter case, the meaning of private lodging is almost the same as vacation rental.

Minpaku in Japan

Definition / legal position

In Japan in January 2013National Strategic Special ZoneBased on the lawInn Business Law"Special Zone Minpaku" was enacted as a special case of[13]..Subsequently, the Housing Accommodation Business Law for the whole country was enacted in 2017 and came into effect on June 2018, 6.[14].

Generally, "house (house)Detached houses,Apartment houseEtc.) ”refers to providing accommodation services by utilizing all or part of[15]..Of these, accommodation facilities that utilize housing are referred to as "accommodation charges."[Annotation 1]If you collect and provide it repeatedlyInn Business LawUnder the application ofSimple lodgingBusiness permit required[Annotation 2][18]..For facilities with less than 10 guests, a business permit can be obtained if the total floor area of ​​the guest room meets the standard of 1 square meters or more per person (3.3 square meters or more in total for 10 or more people). There is no need to set up a front door (however)OrdinanceCan be regulated with)[19]..In addition, as a private lodging to which the inn business law does not apply,National Strategic Special ZoneIn the area certified byCabinet Order"Special zone minpaku" that is elastically stipulated by the ordinances of each local government within the range of the outline specified in[20]"Event Minpaku" that enables us to provide accommodation services that utilize our homes at the request of local governments, etc., when the event is held once a year (a few days).[21], There is a free private lodging "volunteer private lodging" for volunteer activities.

In addition, if an individual or a family-owned entity operates the "Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Experience Minshuku Business" for the purpose of experiencing agriculture, forestry and fishery, the standard for the total floor area of ​​the guest rooms of the simple lodging will be exempted.[22]..If you do not receive the accommodation fee, such as letting an acquaintance / friend stay at home for free (including foreigners), or receiving only the consideration for experience guidance in the agriculture, forestry and fishery experience, the law does not apply.[23][24].

Recent trends

2008With the launch of the service by Airbnb, a situation occurred in which the private lodgings overheated.Behind this is the traditional homestay demand, in addition toinvestmentIt has been pointed out that many lenders for the purpose of using Airbnb's services have entered the market.[25].

Many of the lenders who entered the market are Airbnb in the United States and free customers in China.[26]After registering with a business operator outside Japan, we are staying at a private residence.Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareとTourism AuthorityIs urging Western and Chinese businesses to encourage registrants to acquire simple lodgings[27].

Personal investmentIn response to the increase in private lodgings by vacant room owners for the purpose ofreal estate business-tourismAnd arranging private lodgingReservationサイトRunIT vendorThere is also a movement to enter the market and convert all the rooms of the newly built apartment building into private lodgings.[Source required].National Old Folk House Regeneration Association An old private houseBy promoting the use of private lodgings in JapanMarginal settlementでA vacant house-Abandoned housePrivate lodging business using the above has begun to be carried out in various places, and it is playing a role in maintaining the village.[28]. Also,Railway operator,Bus operatorHowever, the number of passengers is expected to increase, and the entry of private lodgings along the railway lines has begun.

As a source of anxiety for private lodging userskeyBecause there are many voices that raise the receipt ofconvenience storeHas started a service to hand over keys.Meals andAmenity goodsWe are conscious of increasing sales of groceries, etc. when we come to borrow a key for private lodgings that do not provide[29].

Occurred on March 2016, 28Kumamoto earthquakeIn response, the Japanese operator of Airbnb will be available for a limited timeVictimWe solicited hosts on the site who could provide accommodation for free temporarily, and it occurred two days later.Ecuador earthquakeHowever, similar calls are being made on a global scale, and Japanese sites are also supported.[30].

National Rental Housing NewspaperAccording to a survey conducted by Airbnb in August 2016, out of a total of 8 properties registered in Airbnb, including 23 wards and 18 cities in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Hyogo, and Fukuoka prefectures, they are legally operated. There were only 3375 cases, and 503% of the total was illegal business.[31]..In the same survey, even in the case of Ota Ward, which is designated as a National Strategic Special Zone, about 6% of the listed properties were suspected of being unauthorized.[31]..The fact that such illegal private lodgings are widespread is also known at the health centers in each region that have jurisdiction over private lodgings, but the lender cannot be identified only from the posted information, and even if there is a complaint from a neighboring resident, it is compulsory because there is no investigation right. It is in an uncontrolled state due to reasons such as being unable to enter the target.[31].

Even after the enactment of the Housing Accommodation Business Law, it violated the law and related local government ordinances, or stipulated a ban on private lodging.ApartmentThere are private lodgings that ignore the rules of management associations.These are sometimes called "Yami (dark) minpaku"[32].

On the other hand, some homeowners and renters have abandoned private lodging business due to tightening regulations, and there is also a private lodging withdrawal business that undertakes room renovation and furniture disposal.[33].

Even private lodging-related companies are trying to foster the soundness of the market.Industry groupIt was announced on December 2019, 2018 that the `` Housing Accommodation Association'' (JAVR) will be established in 12.[34].

Review of legal regulations

Deregulation of the inn business law

2016In April, the Enforcement Ordinance of the Ryokan Business Law was amended, and some of the requirements for a simple lodging facility were relaxed, such as the relaxation of the standard for the total floor area of ​​guest rooms for facilities with less than 4 people and the exemption from the obligation to install a front desk.[35][19]..In addition, as a deregulation of the agriculture, forestry and fishery experience guest house business, in addition to the facilities run by individual agriculture, forestry and fishermen, the exemption from the standard for the total floor area of ​​guest rooms in simple lodgings will be added to the family management that will be managed by a corporation in March 2014. Regarding the body (one household and one corporation), in March 3, it was decided that it will not be applied even if a person other than agriculture, forestry and fishermen (limited to individuals) conducts a hands-on accommodation business at home.[36][37]..Nevertheless, even after the enactment of the bill in April 2016, there are still some local governments such as Karuizawa Town that prohibit private lodging based on their own tourism standards.Hakuba-mura,Nozawa Onsen VillageSome local governments have a policy of thoroughly providing guidance by grasping the actual situation of rental villas, etc.[38]..Regarding the Ryokan Business Law, which has existed as a means of private lodging business, the "Ryokan Business Law," "Ryokan Business Law Enforcement Ordinance," and "Ryokan Business Sanitation Management Guidelines" were revised from December 2017 and January 12. And the previous regulations were relaxed[39]..Specifically, in the past, "hotel sales" and "inn sales" were different business forms and had different regulations, but with this amendment, they have been unified into "inn / hotel sales".[40].

Special Zone Resident

2013January,National Strategic Special ZoneLaw passed[41]..In response to this,2015In October, the Osaka Prefectural Assembly passed and passed an ordinance to promote private lodging[42]Also, in October of the same year, it was designated as a National Strategic Special Zone.TokyoOta-kuSo, the special treatment under the Ryokan Business Law was certified.[43].. In October 2016, a cabinet order was passed to ease the minimum number of nights required for special zone minpaku from the previous 10 nights and 6 days or more to 7 nights and 2 days or more.[44]..By the way, the special zone system requires that the facility is suitable for foreign tourists to stay, but there are no regulations regarding users, and even Japanese can stay.[45].

New Minpaku Law (Housing Accommodation Business Law)

In June 2015, the government decided to reach a conclusion within 6 on deregulation related to private lodging.[46], Based on the operational results of special ward minpaku in Osaka and Ota Ward, certain laws and regulations were established from 2016 to 2018 for both minpaku by individual lenders and minpaku conducted by companies as a business. Above, it has announced a policy to gradually lift the ban on a nationwide scale.[12]..Until now, private lodging has been approved within the framework of regulations such as the Inn Business Law, but in June 2016, the final report draft with a view to enacting the new private lodging law was prepared by experts from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Japan Tourism Agency. Summarized by the study group[47]..In the same plan, paid and repetitive private lodging within the range of "certain requirements" is legal (if the "certain requirements" are exceeded, a business permit based on the Ryokan Business Law is required as before), and registration is made from the current permit system. System (applicable to landlord residence type (homestay)) ornotificationIncludes conversion to a system (applicable to the landlord absent type), setting an upper limit on the number of business days (assuming within the range of 180 days or less per year), and legalization of business in residential areas.[47]..In addition to such deregulation, consideration will be given to raising the fine amount for unauthorized private lodging from the current 3 yen to 100 million yen.[48], Of each municipalityOrdinanceIt is also possible to make private lodging impossible[49]..New Minpaku Law (Housing Accommodation Business Act) Bill decided by Cabinet in March 2017[50]Was submitted to the Diet and passed on June 6th.[51].. Enforcement date is April 2018, 6[52].

Disqualification clause

According to Article 4 of the Housing Accommodation Business Law (New Minpaku Law), those who fall under the following cannot run a minpaku.

  1. Those specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as persons who cannot properly carry out the housing accommodation business due to physical or mental disorders
  2. Decision to start bankruptcy proceedingsThose who do not receive reinstatement
  3. A person who has been ordered to abolish the housing accommodation business pursuant to the provisions of Article 16, Paragraph 2 of the Act and has not passed three years from the date of the order (if the person who issued the order is a corporation, the order) (Including those who were officers of the corporation within 3 days before the day and less than 30 years have passed from the date of the order)
  4. Persons who have been sentenced to imprisonment or more, or have been sentenced to fines pursuant to this law or the Inn Business Law, and have completed their execution or have not been executed for more than three years.
  5. Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Boryokudan(Boryokudan Countermeasures Law) stipulated in Article 2, Item 6GangsterPersons who have not passed 5 years since they ceased to be members or members of the gangsters specified in the same item (hereinafter referred to as "gangsters, etc.")
  6. Minors who do not have the same ability to act in business as adults whose legal representative (including their officers if the legal representative is a corporation) falls under any of the preceding items.
  7. A corporation whose officers fall under any of 1 to 5.
  8. Persons whose business activities are controlled by gangsters, etc.

First detection after the new Minpaku Act

After the lifting of the ban on private lodging on June 2018, 6, the revised Ryokan Business Law, which came into effect together with the new private lodging law, has raised the upper limit of the fine amount for unauthorized business such as private lodging from 15 yen or less to 3 million yen or less, and further administration Has been granted authority such as access to facilities suspected of being illegal and an emergency stop order.In response to thisKyoto CityUkyo WardKyoto City, assuming that the private lodging was open without permissionShimogyo WardKyoto City immediately after the enforcement of the inn management company "Capital Incubator" and three men including the company's presidentKyoto Prefectural PoliceWe also conducted an on-site inspection of this private lodging. In July 2018, a criminal accusation was filed with the prefectural police, and on the 7th, on suspicion of violating the revised inn business law, the Kyoto prefectural policeDocument inspectionWas done.Since the revised Ryokan Business Law, which strengthened the Housing Accommodation Business Law (New Minpaku Law) and penalties, came into effect on June 6, the prefectural police have carried out the first detection of "Yami Minpaku" in Kyoto City.According to the Kyoto Prefectural Police, the company started Yami Minpaku in January 15 and posted information on Airbnb, the world's largest minpaku brokerage site.It is said that this private house started Yami private lodging in January 2015, and stayed at 1 groups in two and a half years and sold about 16 million yen until July 1, the day before the house was searched by the Kyoto Prefectural Police.

Survey on minpaku after the new minpaku law

August 2018, 9,Cross marketing groupAccording to the results of the "Survey on Minpaku" released by the company, the recognition rate of minpaku is 86.5%, which is close to 9%, but most of them only know the word "minpaku" and the contents of the minpaku. The rate of understanding up to is low, and the utilization rate of accommodation and provision is even lower.Looking at the usage rate of private lodging, of the 86.5% who are aware of private lodging, 5.5% have experience of using private lodging by accommodation and provision, which is very small.The recognition rate of about 9% of private lodgings is that of travelers who used private lodgings.SexWith the goalSteal,prostitution,Orgy,AVphotograph,rapeOrrape殺人,drugCultivation,Wire fraudGroup base,antisocial forces OfFunding sourceThe recognition as a "hotbed of crime" is ahead, and the source of the crime that becomes a hotbed of crime is overwhelmingly related to Airbnb.

New regulations and reactions unique to local governments

Nagano Prefecture in response to the government's deregulation of legal regulations in 2016Kitasaku DistrictKaruizawaIn the same year, "Minpaku is an obstacle to maintaining good customs and preserving a good natural environment, which may disturb the morals," and stated that it would not allow installation at all throughout the town.[53]..In addition, before the enforcement of the new national law, each ordinance was enacted,Legal regulationThere is also a movement to hang. December 2017, 12, TokyoShinjuku wardParliament passed "Ordinance on Proper Management of Shinjuku Ward Housing Accommodation Business" prohibiting weekday business of private lodging[54][55][56]..National Strategic Special Zone DesignationOta-kuHowever, in December 2017, a draft ordinance was submitted to the ward assembly regular meeting to completely ban private lodging business in residential areas and industrial areas.2018It is expected to be established at the ward assembly regular meeting in March.The city of Kyoto also submitted a draft ordinance to regulate the use of vacant houses at the regular meeting of the city council in March 3, prohibiting the use of vacant houses as private lodgings.Karuizawa Town mentioned above said in 2018, "Good that has been kept for a long time.VillaFor the reason of "to protect the environment," Nagano Prefecture was requested to enact a prefectural ordinance including year-round private lodging regulations throughout the town before the enforcement of the new law.Nagano prefecture is February 2018Nagano Prefectural AssemblyThe policy is to submit a draft ordinance to the regular meeting, but the year-round regulation by the ordinance will effectively stipulate a total ban on private lodging, which goes against the national deregulation policy, so the prefecture will pass the ordinance. Shows a harsh outlook.On the other hand, engaged in villa management business in Karuizawa TownHoshino resortAnnounced its entry into the private lodging business and expressed its intention to utilize the managed properties in the town as private lodging. Some villa owners say that they want to increase the occupancy rate of buildings by utilizing private lodging, and Hoshino Resorts said, "If a villa that is not used in the off-season is left unattended, the environment of the entire villa area will deteriorate." He insists that the value of the villa will increase and the number of villa purchasers will increase if the house is well managed at the private lodging. "" It will be a more attractive area. " He expressed the idea that "appropriate use of private lodging will lead to attracting customers to towns other than the busy season and contribute to regional revitalization," and opposes excessive regulation by Karuizawa Town's policies and ordinances.[57].

Private lodging in Korea

South KoreaMinpaku in민박) Is a type of accommodation business, and the 2005 Agriculture and Fishing Village Development Law provides private lodging, and accommodation and cooking for the purpose of increasing income in agriculture and fishing villages by using detached houses where residents of agriculture and fishing village areas and semi-agricultural and fishing village areas live. Defined as a business that provides facilities, etc.[58][59]..Agricultural and fishing villages here are villages,surfaceThis is the area that corresponds to the above, the agricultural and fishermen's areas related to agriculture and fisheries, and the area that the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Foods discusses with the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries in consideration of living conditions, etc.[60].. Before the legislation in 2005, it was possible to operate private lodging without legal restrictions, but after the legal development, it became necessary to be designated as a private lodging business.[59].2007At that time, 14,805 people were registered as farming and fishing village minpaku businesses.[59].




  • In private lodging, there are some problems that were not seen in the conventional lodging industry, and discrimination has become a serious problem. Guests at AirbnbBlack,LGBTIn the case of, there have been reports of cases where accommodation was refused for that reason, and the United StatesHarvard UniversityAccording to a survey conducted by, there is a 16% difference in booking success rate when bookers are black compared to whites.Such discrimination is common in the existing accommodation industry, for example in the United States.Civil Rights ActAlthough it is prohibited based on the above, the problem has recurred because it is a transaction between individuals in private lodging. Airbnb is taking measures such as banning hosts that have acted discriminatory and taking anti-discrimination measures in September 2016[61].
  • In New York, the United States, where tight housing conditions are a problem, it is argued that the cause is that housing that is originally for residential use is being used for sharing.[62].


Economic effects

  • Cleaning industry-Catering(Delivery)・FurniturerentalIt is predicted that the provision of services to conventional accommodation facilities will spread to private lodgings, and considering these indirect effects, thatEconomic effectsIs estimated to reach 10 trillion yen annually[63].
  • General housing rooted in the area is often used as a private lodging, and in addition to having a positive economic effect when users eat, drink and purchase in the area, furniture, home appliances, various equipment, etc. Great economic benefits due to the purchase of consumables[Source required].
  • It is also expected as a means to solve both the increase in vacant houses and the shortage of accommodation facilities, which are problems nationwide.[64].


  • 2017May 1ToOsaka District CourtThen, regarding the lawsuit filed by the president of the condominium management association, saying that the owner of the condominium room is illegally operating a private lodging, troubles such as garbage and noise generated in the private lodging business are illegal acts against other residents. A ruling was issued to order the owner of the room to compensate 50 yen.[65]. Also,Urban regeneration mechanism(UR) and each cityLocal housing corporationFor rental properties by, subleasing (or renting) rooms is prohibited by, and therefore private lodging is also prohibited, but in July 2016, reports such as the Yomiuri Shimbun reported that private lodging was illegally carried out in such properties. The actual situation has become clear[66][67][68].
  • Condominium developers, such as family condominiums, are increasing the number of management associations that clarify the prohibition of private lodging due to concerns about the deterioration of public security and asset value in properties that are often purchased for residential use, and condominium developers are also new to these condominiums. There are an increasing number of cases where the property includes a management agreement that prohibits private lodging in advance when selling to[69].. On January 2016, 1, the condominium management associationOsaka District CourtProhibit private lodgingProvisional disposalIn response to the application, the district court has ordered the room division owners to suspend private lodging in a way that acknowledges the management union's allegations.[70].
  • From the above cases and concerns, TokyoTaitoIn addition to revising the ordinance to require the front desk to be installed in a simple lodging,SetagayaSome local governments have indicated that they will not deregulate private lodgings in order to maintain a good living environment.[71]..Experts also expect that family-friendly condominiums will be banned from private lodging, and investment condominiums will increase in private lodging properties.[69].


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