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You can enjoy a dynamic panorama and a starry sky from the open-air bath floating in the sea of ​​clouds.

When you go on a trip, one of the important things is choosing an inn.The popularity of the inn is not a reference when choosing ... → Continue reading


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Outdoor bath

Outdoor bath(Rotemburo) was installed outdoors or outdoorsroofOr no enclosurebathIs[1].Bath(Noburo),Outdoor bathAlso called (Notemburo)[Note 1].


The open-air bathSpabathingNoharaEveryday LifeCan also be said.Hot springTo a hot spring that was in a state likeBathtubIt is the beginning that is prepared.

Open-air baths in hot springs are very popular. Being able to take a bath while gazing at the scenery, having a feeling of openness when taking a bath, and in the bathroomheatThere are various factors such as the difficulty of hot flashes due to the absence of muddy water. So manyJapanese inn,Day trip bath facilityThen.UchiyuNot only that, it also has an open-air bath.

In recent years, not only traditional hot springs, but manySuper sentoThere are also open-air baths installed in such places.1980 eraUntil the beginning, Roman bathsJungle bathThe indoor baths represented byBubble economySince then, I have been acclaimed for having an open-air bath.

Incidentally,ceilingAnd MikatawallThere are some cases that are called "open-air baths" and some are called "half-open-air baths" even though there is a sense of blockage that is not much different from being indoors.

Open-air bath with number

Open-air bath with number(Rotenburobanzuke) isHot spring numberingIt is a kind of, and the open-air bath is famoushot springTheNumberingIt was done. Was created1981so,Fuyu NoguchiEdited by. In the outdoor bath numberingWest OfYokozuna TheYubara hot spring"Yuyu," the eastern YokozunaTakaragawa OnsenIs. A large open-air bath numbered monument is posted at Yubara Onsen.symbolIt has become.

Variant of open-air bath


As a management problem, particularly in a free-flowing hot spring where the source temperature is high, the temperature of the hot water greatly fluctuates depending on the weather conditions, so more detailed temperature management is required.

Also, alwaysLegionellaStrict hygiene control more than indoor bath is necessary because there is an opportunity to be polluted by[2].



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注 釈

  1. ^ In the case of the outdoor bath (field bath),Hot springIt does not mean that it naturally springs up, but it may also mean that the open-air bath has no walls or roofs.
  2. ^ As a "town development project" based on the ideas of young people at Yubara Onsen,1987Was started by.


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