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🧳 | 《Shimane Kaidan Tour》 “Matsue Ghost Tour” to visit Gesshoji Temple and Fumonin, scheduled to be held from July 2021


《Shimane Kaidan Tour》 “Matsue Ghost Tour” to visit Gesshoji Temple and Fumonin, scheduled to be held from July 2021

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The temple's Fumonin was founded about 400 years ago when Yoshiharu Horio, the first feudal lord of the Matsue domain, built Matsue Castle and created a castle town.

"Matsue Ghost Tour", which was canceled during the production year, is expected to be revived (Shimane) Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, a place related to the ghost story that Yakumo Koizumi re-spoken ... → Continue reading

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Matsue Domain

Matsue Domain(Matsuehan) isIzumo1 country orOki countryOwned two countries includingClan..Clan officeMatsue Castle(Shimane Matsue).The feudal lordOutside Daimyoof,Kyogoku familyAnd thenRelative OfEchizen Matsudaira family Abandoned DomainRuled up to.

Clan history


Toyotomi AdministrationIn the times, IzumoSanin road-Sanyo roadControlled 9 countriesMohri familyUnder the control of the clanHirokawa YoshikawaWas onceAmakoIt was the castle ofMt. Gassan Tomita Castle(CurrentShimane Yasugi City) Was the government office and ran two countries, Izumo and Oki.

Horio family era

Keicho5 years (1600)Battle of SekigaharaAfter that, the Mori clanSuo-NagatoThe number of seals has been reduced to two countries, and Kikkawa Hiroie has alsoIwakuniWas moved to.This willOmi Province浜 松Was occupying 12 stonesTadashi HorioBut retired the previous yearEchizen countryFather who had a retreat fee of 5 stones in FuchuYoshiharuAt the same time, Izumo againOkiJoined with 2 stones in 24 countries,Izumo Tomita clan(Izumoto Dahan) stood up.

Mr. Tadauji soon died at the age of 9 in Keicho 1604 (27) and succeeded him.TadaharuSince he was still a five-year-old toddler, his grandfather Yoshiharu became the de facto feudal lord as a guardian.Yoshiharu felt that Mt. Gassan Tomita Castle was inconvenient at Yamashiro, so it took five years from Keicho 5 (12) to build Matsue Castle and its construction.castle townWas constructed.In 16, Yoshiharu moved to Matsue Castle and moved to Matsue Castle.Matsue DomainWas established, but Yoshiharu died shortly after seeing this.Tadaharu is an adult but not blessed with boysKaneiWhen he died in 10 (1633) at the age of 33, the Horio family became innocent.ReformHowever, Matsue, which was built by the Horio family, has continued to prosper as the center of political economy and continues to this day.By the way, when Tadaharu died and the Horio family's innocent reform was clarified, then as a kettleBeauty workTsuyama Domainmain·Mori TadamasaThe story of the transfer of Izumo, Iwami, and Oki to the three countries emerges.[1]..In the Tsuyama domain, the clan scholars were patrolled and examined, but since there were many non-fertile lands, Tadamasa was not enthusiastic at first, but he was a senior citizen.Sakai TadakatsuI received this story because I received a more secret certificate.However, since Tadamasa died suddenly in Kyoto on July 11, 1634, the story of the addition of three countries disappeared even before the formal talks with the shogunate were held.[2].

Kyogoku family era

After all, in the 11th year of Kanei (1634), on behalf of the Horio family,WakasaObama DomainThanKyogoku TadatakaJoined the club.Kyogoku familyIn the Warring States periodGuardian feeIzumo before being deprived of control by the Amago clanGuardianTherefore, it means that he has returned to his hometown. In addition to the territory of 24 stonesOfficial fee OfIwami Ginzan,IwamiKuma-Ochi-gunIt was decided to keep a total of 4 stones.However, three years later, in Kanei 3 (14), Tadataka died.Facing deathLate adopted childAs a nephewGaoheHowever, it was not recognized and it was changed.However, in the same year, Takawa was blamed for the merits of his ancestors.HarimaTatsuno DomainIt was sealed in 6 stones.At this point, the Oki Islands became a public royalties.

Matsudaira era

Kanei 15 (1638),Hideyasu YukiThe third son ofMatsudaira NaomasaWith 18 stonesShinanoMatsumoto DomainMore transferred.After that, Izumo IchikuniEchizen Matsudaira familyIt became the territory of.In addition, the Matsudaira family will also keep 1 stones of the Oki Islands, which has become a public ceremonial fee.

The clan's finances could not stand on the income from annual tribute rice alone, and it was difficult from the beginning of the package.Because of this earlyMonopolyEstablish a system,Japan wax,GinsengControlled the production of cotton, and iron.Especially since this place is oldTatara steelmaking,Tatara blowProduced iron from iron sand.Kyoho11 years (1726) 5th generationNobuzumiIs Tabe(Tanabu)・ Sakurai / Itohara(Itohara)Mt. Ooyama The three forest landowners of Mt. Ooyama made iron under the monopoly system by the union.

Ambiguous(Family)7th generationMatsudaira OsamuIs a particularly famous feudal lord.PredecessorSectThe elder who started the feudal affairs reform from his generationAsahi TambaAs a result of promoting financial reconstruction by continuing to appointKanseiIn the year (1789-1801), 8 cars could be saved.Harusato has been a hobby for a long time in the wake of the clan's financial turnaround.tea ceremonyDevoted toUnclear flowWas founded.We also collect famous instruments, but the catalog "Unshuzocho", the book "Korean Specialty Ju", and the first, middle, and second volumes of "Seto Pottery Ranbu" are one of the important materials for tea ceremony research. There is.Also, due to the connection with the tea ceremony, the town of Matsue has been around since this time.京都-Nara-KanazawaAlong with it, it became a major attraction for Japanese sweets.In the Matsue and Izumo regions, not only tea and Japanese sweets, but also the gardens and crafts that Harusato liked have become one brand called "unclear public taste".However, on the other hand, in his later years, he decided to regain the finances of the clan from a huge amount of splurge.

BakumatsuThe Matsue domain has an ambiguous political attitude,Resignation-Royal reconstructionEven after theShogunate-New governmentI bought the distrust of the new government because I wasn't sure which one.In the end, I was obedient to the new government,KeioIt started in 4 years (1868)Boshin WarThen I got to the defense of Kyoto.In the same year, the representative of the Matsue Domain, who ruled the Oki Islands, was expelled by the uprising of the islanders.Oki riotHappened.Edo PeriodThe islanders' dissatisfaction with the lack of coping with the famine in the Oki Islands, which had frequently occurred since the mid-term, and the inaction of foreign ships coming and landing, exploded.After the expulsion of the daikan, an autonomous government was established in the Oki Islands, and although it was once retaken by the Matsue Domain,Tottori DomainWith the intervention of the new government, the autonomous government was reopened, and after that it became the custody of the Tottori clan.On February 2, 2 (April 25, 1869)Abandoned Domain2 years earlier thanOki prefectureIs born.

The Matsue domain became Matsue prefecture due to the abolition of the domain in 4, and was later incorporated into Shimane prefecture.The Matsudaira family was in the 1871nd year of the Meiji eraRedemptionと と も にEthnic familyIn 17 (Meiji 1884)Chinese lawPiagetHas been revered to.

The branch domains include the Hirose domain and the Mother Village domain, as well as the Matsue Nitta domain, which temporarily existed.

Successive feudal lords

Horio family

Tozama 24 stones (1600-1633)

  1. Mr. Tadashi
  2. Tadaharu

Kyogoku family

Tozama 24 stones (1634-1637)

  1. Tadataka

Matsudaira [Echizen] family

Shinpan 18 stones (6-1638)

  1. Naomasa
  2. Tsunataka
  3. Tsunachi
  4. Yoshitoo
  5. Nobuzumi
  6. Sect
  7. Harusato
  8. Saitsune
  9. Saiki
  10. Dingan


  • Kurobei Otobe
    Is the first generation.
  • Mitani Hantayu family
    The first half-brother of the feudal lord Naomasa's mother.
  • Asahi Tamba family
    Is the first generation.
  • Kamiya Hyogo family
    Is the first generation.
  • Yanagita Shirobei family
    Mr. YukiThe first clan.
  • Shigeemon Ohashi family
    Masanori FukushimaThe old vassal is the first generation.


Matsue Nitta Domain

Matsue Nitta Domain(Matsue Shindenhan) is from the Matsue domain, which was once in the middle of the Edo period.Nitta MinoruThe branch domain by.Genroku14 years (1701), Matsudaira family Matsue clan second generationTsunatakaFifth sonKinkenWas given 1 stones and stood up.The recent constitution isHoeiNew Year (1704) Brother and 3rd generation Matsue feudal lordTsunachiBecame an adopted child and inherited the head family for 4 generationsYoshitooTherefore, the territory was returned to the Matsue domain and abolished.

Territory at the end of the Edo period

Matsue Domain

Hirose domain

  • Izumo
    • 8 villages in Kando district
    • 13 villages in Iishi-gun
    • Of Nogi-gun --32 villages
    • Of Ou District-3 Villages

Mother village domain

  • Izumo
    • Of Nogi-gun --18 villages


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Changes in administrative districts
1600 - 1871 (Matsue Domain → Matsue Prefecture)
Next generation:

400 年前


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