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🧳 | Emirates, final deficit of about US $ 60 billion, first in more than 30 years


Emirates last deficit of about US $ 60 billion for the first time in more than 30 years

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With Dubai's unchanging ambitions to grow economic activity and build the city of the future, we are confident that Emirates and dnata will recover and be stronger than ever before.

The Emirates Group's financial results for the fiscal year ended March 2021 revealed that it was the first final deficit in more than 3 years ... → Continue reading


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Economic activityWhat is (Keizai Katsudo)?Economicsthe termone of.A human OfSocial lifeAtmoneyIt refers to the part of establishing a life by exchanging goods and goods. Human beingsfoodIf you need it, to get itShopThis is an activity of going to and obtaining food in the form of a store in exchange for the money he owns. In this caseHouseholdThis means that economic activities are being carried out in this form. Others are done on a larger scale than householdsCompany,政府 OffinanceLarge amounts of money and goods are also traded in areas such as the above, and such large activities are also called economic activities.

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