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🧳 | JAL Mileage Bank, Emirates Airlines First Class Awards are closed at the end of August


JAL Mileage Bank finishes accepting reservations for Emirates First Class awards at the end of August

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Some services provided by Emirates, such as airport transfers, are not available.

Japan Airlines (JAL) accepts reservations for Emirates first class award tickets at JAL Mileage Bank ... → Continue reading


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Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines(Emirates Kokuu,Arabic : United Arab Emirates,English: Emirates) IsUnited Arab Emirates OfDubaiBased inAirlines.Arab Air Carriers Organization A member of the (Arab Air Carriers Organization).


Start of service

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)19852 planes (Boeing 737とAirbus A300) Started service. Initially usedBoeing 747In the Middle EastEuropeOperated a route, but since then the world's largest passenger planeAirbus A380We promoted the active introduction of new models such as, and the opening of new routes.

Aggressive expansion

2011Current,Japan(Tokyo,Osaka),Moscow,Paris,UK,Seoul,Beijing,Hong Kong,Bangkok,Kuala Lumpur,Singapore,Jakarta,Mumbai,Sydney,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,Los Angeles,Sao Paulo,JohannesburgAll includingContinentIt is one of the few airlines operating in the city of. Dubai in recent yearsMiddle EastInvesting to become the economic and tourism center of the citySkyscraperEmirates Airlines also plays a part in the policy of the Emirate of Dubai, and connects Dubai with various parts of the world.

In recent years, we have received a great deal of attention by ordering a large number of state-of-the-art aircraft such as the Airbus A380-800, Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777-300ER, and 777-X. In the aviation industry, it has the nickname of "an airline that does not know what to do" because it boldly places new services and bulk orders for aircraft.[1].

Impact of the financial crisis

Around 2007,Crude oil priceWhile many airlines are suffering from financial difficulties due to soaring fuel costs due to high prices, Emirates was said to be "the best airline in the world", supported by the booming economy of Middle Eastern countries due to high crude oil prices. However, the company, which has been on an expansion route, was also affected by the financial crisis that originated in the United States after 2008. Owned by Emirates in 2008SriLankan AirlinesAll stocksSri LankaThe government will take over. further,2009In March, due to the decrease in passengers, the equipment used was changed, and the service was suspended or withdrawn from unprofitable routes.

But,2010May 3ThanNarita International AirportWe are aggressively introducing equipment to routes that are expected to be more profitable than before the financial crisis, such as starting service to, and are strengthening expansion routes again.

Operation equipment

As of August 2018, Emirates has an average age of approximately 8 years.[2].

In addition, Emirates Airlines placed an orderBoeingCompanyAircraft customer number (customer code)Is 1H and the model name of the aircraft is 777-21HER, 777-31H, 777-21HLR, 777-31HIt becomes ER and so on.


We are actively introducing the latest equipment,Airbus A380(Delivery was postponed after 2008 due to an electrical system trouble by Airbus, so we considered canceling the order itself temporarily, but canceled by ordering 4 additional machines. Was avoided, 2007May 6Made inParisAt the air show, eight more aircraft were ordered, bringing the total to 8, making it the largest customer of the aircraft). After that, on June 55, 2010, 6 additional aircraft were ordered, bringing the total number of orders to 8. This is the largest number of orders for a single airline in the large private airliner sector. As of March 32Boeing 777It is the only airline that has introduced all types of (-200, -200ER, -200LR, -300, -300ER, -X (-8, -9), -F). In addition, the company is a passenger aircraft of this scale.Boeing 747It has been 30 years since the aircraft was born. We have responded to the needs by various design changes, which means that we are reaching the limit.

Dubai A2008 on August 8st and 1rd, 3 ~ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クWe made an unveiling flight between them. And from August 8th, it will be the first commercial flight of a Middle Eastern airline as a round-trip flight between New York flight EK8 (operated on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) and Dubai flight EK201 (operated on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). It was started. Since the company owns the A202 on the largest scale in the world, it is irregularly introduced at the time of opening new routes, demonstration flights, events, campaigns, etc., and it also has a role as an advertising tower of the company. Seem. Also, of the companyBase airportAt Dubai International Airport, which is operated by the company, Terminal 380 Concourse A, which departs and arrives exclusively for the A3, has been installed, and the facility can operate the A20 at the same time at 380 gates. (Flights operated by Boeing 777 may be assigned from Concourse A, and A380 may arrive and depart from Concourses B and C.)

From 2009 year 3 month 18 daySoftbank mobileMobile phones can be used on board only for terminals. The only services available are calls and SMS.

It will be the world's largest Airbus A380 operator, with 2015 seats in the medium-range 11-class (business economy) specification received on November 4, 2.[3].. Once the paid flight started, it was once the largest number of seats in the world in two classes.All Nippon Airways OfBoeing 747-400DThe number of seats in the two classes will be the largest in the world, and at the same time, it will be the world's first paid seats in the 569 seats.

On November 2011, 11, it announced that it had signed an ordering contract for 13 long-range passenger aircraft "777-300ER" worth $ 50 billion, making it the largest order in Boeing history on a dollar-denominated basis.[4].. On March 2012, 3, Boeing received the 2th mass-produced B1000 (model: B777-777ER, aircraft code: A300-EGO).[5].

November 2011, 11 at Dubai AirshowAirbus A380 Announced additional orders for 50 aircraft. As a result, the airline will have 380 A140s.

Boeing is developing at the same Dubai Airshow on November 2013, 11Boeing 777Xシリーズのローンチカスタマーとなり計150機、ボーイング777-8Xが35機、ボーイング777-9Xが115機と50機の購入権が付いた契約を発表。A380も50機発注し、オプションを除く確定分だけで中型、大型機200機の発注で、金額では990億ドル(約9.9兆円)と小国の国家予算並みの民間機過去最高額の発注を行った。[6]

2016 year 5 month,Sky markTried to introduce it, but bought two A380-800s that Airbus canceled for financial reasons.

From the aircraft operated by the company on November 2016, 11A330-200Mold machine andA340-300With the retirement of the aircraft, the company's active passenger aircraft will be limited to the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 777 series, but at the Dubai Airshow in November 2017.Boeing 787-10Announced that it has ordered 40 models.[9]

2019年2月、発注済みだったA380型機39機をキャンセルし、代わりにA330-900neo型機を40機、A350-900型機を30機発注したと発表した。これによってA380の生産は2021年を以て終了される[10].. The 787, which was planned to be purchased, was also canceled because the engine was not suitable for the climate of Dubai.[11].

Passenger equipment

aircraftNumber of holdingsOrder backlogNumber of passengers注 釈
Airbus A330-900neoType machine—40TBAScheduled to start receiving from 2021
Airbus A350-900Type machine—30TBAScheduled to start receiving from 2024
Airbus A380-800Type machine109141476399489The largest number of possessions in the world
Ultra-long-distance specifications with the in-flight lounge
Shower spa equipment in first class
EngineRRとEACombined use of two rivals
Boeing 777-200LRType machine10-842216266All aircraft will be refurbished to a 2-class system[12]
Boeing 777-300ERType machine138-842310360The largest number of possessions in the world
Boeing 777-8Type machine-35TBAScheduled to start receiving from 2023
Boeing 777-9Type machine-115TBAScheduled to start receiving from 2022
Airbus A319Type machine1-----Suite 10 / bed 5
Charter only


Retired equipment


In-flight service

The in-flight service is highly evaluated and the industry's prestigious American OAG ((English edition)) Has won numerous awards, including the Airline of the Year.

The A380, which the company owns the largest number of aircraft in the world, is the first attempt in the aviation industry to be equipped with a lounge bar and two bathrooms with showers for first class users.[13][Annotation 1].

Of some equipmentfirst classIs equipped with a "private suite" where the aisle and seats are partitioned and the space is like a private room.[14].. For some equipmentice(Information, Communications, Entertainment)on-demandEntertainmentIntroduced the system. Watch movies, music, games, send and receive emails on your personal seat monitorSMSCan be used while in the seat. The system supports Arabic, English, and Japanese as standard.In-flight magazine"Openskies" is prepared.

Some aircraft have a mood lighting effect that makes the starry sky spread on the ceiling of the aircraft at night when flying for a long time.It is said to be effective in eliminating jet lag. 

In-flight mealIs allHalalMade with the same ingredients and recipes, alcoholic beverages are also provided[15].

Before entering JapanJapaneseFlight attendantIs adopted, not only for Japan routes but also for departures and arrivals in DubaiEuropeRoutes andAfricaHe is also on board routes, American routes, and Asian routes. Many crew members need to be fluent in English and can speak more than two languages. A popular airline where active flight attendants want to work世界It is one of the most difficult airlines to get a job in.

Most of the routes can be connected to the Internet via Wifi provided by OnAir. You can use up to 20MB of communication for free, and there are paid plans for more than that, but Emirates Skywards members can use it for free, unlimited use, and discounts.[16].

Ground service

When connecting at Dubai International Airport, there are lounges for first class and business class.[17][18] Terminal 3, which is exclusively for Emirates, is located on the 4th and 5th floors of each concourse. In particular, Concourse A has a boarding gate dedicated to each lounge, so you can board the plane without leaving the lounge. There is also a paid lounge called Maruhaba Lounge that can be used regardless of seat class.[19].. We provide hotel rooms free of charge for passengers with long transit waiting times.[20].. We offer hotels and tours at low prices for passengers staying in Dubai for a short time at the time of transit.[21].


Emirates Skywards is a unique frequent flyer program.Long time agoSriLankan AirlinesWhen"SkywardsIn the name ofMileage serviceWas shared, but2008May 3SriLankan Airlines left Skywards and is now Emirates' sole mileage service.

Emirates Skywards has four tiers: blue, silver, gold and platinum, and the tier is determined by the number of flights and mileage boarded within a certain period of time.Various benefits are available from Silver, such as access to the aforementioned Business Class lounge.[22].

Japan Airlines,Jet Airways,Korean Air,South African Airways,Qantas,Jet Star Airlines,Jet Blue Airlines,Easy jetWe are affiliated with.


Destination city

Dubai International AirportIt serves more than 100 major cities on all continents.

Also, to cities other than the above, with other companiesCode shareIt operates in.

Code share

In March 2013, it dissolved its 3-year partnership with British Airways and replaced it with a broader partnership with Qantas, including code-sharing, fare setting, sales, flight planning and lounge operations. In addition, with this alliance, Qantas will have the only right to use the A13 dedicated terminal installed and operated by Emirates at Dubai International Airport.

History of Japanese route operation

Sponsor activity

Active in sponsorship activities. CurrentlyAsian Football Federation(Since 2002) One of the main sponsors of various competitions[51].. About 12 Emirates female cabin attendants are present at the awards ceremony to add color.[52].. in the past,International Football Federation(FIFA) Official Partner of EnglandChelsea,FranceLeague Ann OfParis Saint-Germain FC,Horse racing OfWorld Racing Championships,F1 teamMcLarenWas also a sponsor of.

2006From England / England Soccer ClubArsenal FCHome ofEmirates Stadium OfNaming rightsSince the same year, he has been a sponsor of the team and can see the words "Fly Emirates" on the chest of his uniform.[53].. However, from the 2018-19 season, the logo has been gradually changed to "Emirates Fly Better" notation.

Also in Spainreal Madrid,Germany'sHamburger SV[54],ItalianAC Milan,FrenchOlympic Lyon, PortugalSL Benfica[55], GreekOlympiacos FC[56],FA cup,America'sNew York Cosmos, BaseballLos Angeles Dodgers[57] The company officially shows that flight attendants perform at exhibitions before the start of home game games sponsored by these sponsor teams as the main sponsors ofyoutube It is published in.

Bicycle road racing team since 2017UAE Team EmiratesBecome a sponsor of.

OthersF1,ATP,Australian Open,French Open,US Open[59],ICC,World rugby,European Tour,Dubai World Cup,Dubai Sevens,Team New Zealand,AFLof,,Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai Jazz Festival,Melbourne Symphony OrchestraとSydney Symphony Orchestra, Scheduled to be held in 2020Dubai International ExpoIt is designated as the main sponsor / official airline.

Also the ropeway in London, EnglandEmirates AirlinesAlso has the naming rights of.

From the 20-21 season, he became a breast sponsor of Ligue XNUMX's Olympique Lyonnais.


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