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🧳 | What is "Tonchan Nabe" !? Excited by the taste that boasts a history of over 70 years


What is "Tonchan Nabe" !? Excited about the taste that boasts a history of over 70 years

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This time, the two are aiming for "Sapporo Soft Stone," which is also registered as a Hokkaido heritage site.

"Do you want to warm up the rice balls?" Which is broadcast every Tuesday at midnight. The broadcast on May 6 was "Hiroshima-Fukuoka 22km ... → Continue reading


The genre is wide-ranging from entertainment to life information! #Hokkaido It's a unique media sent from a particular point of view.

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Hokkaido Heritage

Hokkaido Heritage(Mr. Hokkai Doi)HokkaidoIt is a tangible and intangible property group selected by the Hokkaido Heritage Concept Promotion Council as something that we want to pass on to the next generation from the nature, culture, industry, etc. related to ).

By utilizing the Hokkaido heritage, the people of Hokkaido will create new vitality in Hokkaido.Town revitalizationExerciseHokkaido heritage conceptCalled.The Hokkaido Heritage Initiative Promotion Council is a private-sector organization established to promote the Hokkaido Heritage Initiative.

the purpose

The purpose of Hokkaido heritage is to dig up the values ​​unique to Hokkaido and utilize them for tourism, etc. to further enhance those values ​​and connect them to the future.


1997In November,Tatsuya HoriHokkaidoGovernorAdvocated by "Northernworld Heritage"Concept" is the beginning.The framework of the Hokkaido Heritage Concept was completed by the report released in May 8 by the "Northern World Heritage Promotion Policy Study Project Team" established in the Hokkaido Agency in August of the same year. From 1999 to 5, Hokkaido solicited candidates for Hokkaido heritage.2001The Hokkaido Heritage was selected by the Hokkaido Heritage Concept Promotion Council, which was established in Japan, and on October 10, the same year, 22 of the approximately 1 applications were selected for the first selection. In 6000, candidates for the second selection were solicited from a total of 1 applications.2004On October 10, 22 cases for the second selection were decided.

  • 1997: North World Heritage Concept proposed by Governor
  • 1999: Hokkaido heritage candidates are solicited (-2000)
  • 2001May 10: 1 cases selected for the first selection of Hokkaido heritage are decided
  • 2002 : Oldness and stamps"Hokkaido Heritage" released
  • 2003: The 2nd Hokkaido Heritage Candidates are open to the public.Established Hokkaido Heritage Cheering Party.
  • 2004October 10: 22 cases selected for the second Hokkaido heritage are decided
  • 201710 month - 2018March: The 3rd Hokkaido Heritage Candidates are open to the public.
  • 2018October 11: 2 cases selected for the second Hokkaido heritage are decided

List of Hokkaido heritage

1st selection (announced on October 2001, 10)

2st selection (announced on October 2004, 10)

3st selection (announced on October 2018, 11)

Hokkaido heritage story

Hokkaido heritage story(Hokkai Doi-san's story)Hokkaido Television Broadcast (HTB) が放送していたテレビ番組である。毎週、北海道遺産をひとつずつ紹介している。2002年4月から開始し2007年3月24日で一旦終了し、同年4月21日から2009年3月28日まで「Hokkaido Heritage Story Chapter XNUMXWas broadcast as.The program isインターネット(The main story isBroadbandLimited) andNTT DoCoMo OfFOMAIt was also delivered on the terminal (V liveDelivered by service).

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