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🧳 | Patagonia Honolulu store in Hawaii is new and wide and more fun!Introducing Hawaii limited products at once!


The Patagonia Honolulu store in Hawaii is new and spacious and more and more fun!Introducing Hawaii limited products at once!

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Not only is there a tote bag that is convenient for shopping, but there is also a small pouch that can be used to organize small items and store makeup supplies, so you will want everything.

The new Patagonia store is amazing!Hello, this is Yuki from the Aloha Girl Expedition.Japanese people will travel to Hawaii next ... → Continue reading

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tote bag

tote bag(English: tote bag) usually has two handles and is used for many purposes.bag.. "Tote" isAmerica OfColloquialismIt means "carry" and "carry".HandbagA kind of. The biggest feature is to reduce waste[1][2].


OriginallyキャンプIn such casesWed,氷Can be put in and carriedキ ャ ン バ スIt was called the large and angular fabric of durable cloth made from such materials.Later, it became fashionable and the unique cloth belt with a wide open mouth was sewn on both sides from the handle.LaterbagIt came to be used in the name of, and became a general term for bags of this shape. Now specializes in tote bagsbrandThere are also various variations[1].


The first full-scale tote bag in history is an American outdoor brandLL BeanLaunched in 1944, the "Boat Bag" (currently sold as the "Boat and Tote Bag") was developed with the primary purpose of carrying water and ice as described above.Electric refrigeratorIn an era when there was noFoodI used big ice for the purpose of cryopreservation. To do this, he needed a tough bag that could carry heavy ice blocks. The fabric isjeansIt is twice as heavy as the one in the above, so it has the characteristics of blocking the outside air, making it difficult for ice to melt, and making it difficult for melted water to spill. This uses ice outdoorsCamperIt became a favorite item for men in the sea who enjoyed the night, and when it came to be called a "tote bag", it was also used to carry things other than ice, and it became popular as a fashionable women's handbag. It was way[2].

It was an American college student who first noticed the tote bag, which was nothing more than a camping tool, as a fashion item. Carrying a large amount of textbooks and notebooks every day, they focused on a sturdy, easy-to-use tote bag that could hold anything freely. As soon as they started using the tote for school, it was a pandemic among young people in the East Coast area. Japan is no exceptionIvy boomIt became popular as a standard item of. Now the material is alsoleatherからNylonからJapanese paper[3]There are more types,DesignHas been refined and established as one of the fashion items[2].


It is mainly square in shape, and only the upper part of the bag (heaven) is the opening, and in many cases the opening cannot be closed.zipperSome can be closed with a button or the like. Usually strongキ ャ ン バ スDough and production,Nylon,leatherIt is made of. InsidezipperSome are divided into parts.

The town is deep and various things can be put in, and thin things can be folded and put in a pouch and carried. In recent years, "to reduce plastic shopping bags and protect the environment"My bagIs used as.


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