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🧳 | BS Asahi "New Railroad / Scenic Trip" Choshi Electric Railway Riding Trip

Photo Choshi Electric Railway (photographed by Mr. Santaka)

BS Asahi "New Railroad / Scenic Trip" Choshi Electric Railway Riding Trip

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In addition, it will be broadcast that you have reached out to famous places along the railway line such as Inubosaki Lighthouse.

BS Asahi will broadcast on July 2021, 7 (Sunday) in the travel program "New Railroad / Scenic Journey" to "conquer all stations! → Continue reading

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Inubozaki Lighthouse

Inubozaki Lighthouse(Inubosaki Todai) isChibaChoshi OfInubozakiStand inFirst class lighthouse.Suigo Tsukuba Quasi-National ParkLocated inside.100 World Lighthouses,50 lighthouses in JapanSelected as A rankPreservation lighthouse.. Of the country in 2010Registered tangible cultural propertyRegistered in the country in 2020Important cultural propertySpecified in[1][2][3].


It is one of the representative lighthouses in Japan and has a high historical and cultural property value.Important cultural propertySpecified toJapan Coast GuardBy "A rankPreservation lighthouseIt is also100 World Lighthouses,50 lighthouses in JapanHas also been selected.The largest first-class lens (5st-class 1-sided Fresnel flash lens) with only 1 in Japan[4])It was usedFirst class lighthouseIs[5]..The bulb uses a 400 watt metal halide bulb, 110 millionCandelaGive off the light of.The height of the lighthouse (height from the ground to the top of the tower) is 31.3 meters, which is the height of a brick building.Shiriyazaki LighthouseIt is the second highest in Japan after.

Design and construction supervisorThe United KingdomLighthouse engineer invited fromRichard Henry BruntonIs.White tower shape (circular) from the beginning of constructionbrickAlthough it is a lighthouse, this brick isMinistry of InteriorFirst made in Japan (produced by a civil engineer in Japan)Shinji prefectureKatori-gunTakaoka Village, now Chiba PrefectureNarita CityTakaoka), and about 19 pieces are used not only for the main body of the lighthouse but also for the attached facilities.It is said that Brunton initially opposed the use of Japanese bricks, and probably because he felt uneasy about its strength, it had a double structure unlike the structure of the lighthouse until then, but it was damaged by the wind and snow for more than 3000 years. I have endured it without any problems and have reached today.

The local fisherman who saw the huge lens was surprised and afraid when the lighthouse was about to be completed. A petition for the immediate cancellation of the construction of the lighthouse was carried out, saying, "The light is too bright to catch fish."bonitoIt was a rarely seen abundant catch, and not only was it a melancholy, but it was also appreciated as "thanks to the lighthouse."

AroundSuigo Tsukuba Quasi-National ParkHas been designatedThe Pacific OceanFacingScenic spotsMany tourists are visiting.


Choshi looking up at InubosakiThe Pacific OceanProtruding toChoshi PeninsulaTone RiverAs a natural good port by the estuary, it has long been a key point of transportation and a landing place for seafood (Choshi fishing port),Soy sauceIt prospered as a production area for many ships, and many ships entered and left the port.However, there are many reefs and reefs near Inubōsaki, and the ocean current is complicated.Naruto Strait,Cape IragoAlong with offshore, it was also a place where many lives were lost as one of the three major obstacles in the sea.1868May 10(Keio4May 8) Is the warship of the Shogunate "MikahomaruWas hit by a storm and sank on a rocky reef off the coast of Kurohai, killing 13 crew members.Under these circumstances, the renovation of the Choshi fishing port and the installation of a Western-style lighthouse were required.MeijiIn the early daysEdo Treaty8 units built by, andOsaka TreatyIt was decided to build it as an important lighthouse following the five Western-style lighthouses built by.


  • 1872May 10(Meiji 5May 9), Start of construction.
  • 1874(7th year of Meiji)May 11, Completed and first lit.
  • 1978(11th year of Meiji)May 1, Meteorological observation business started.
  • 1907(40th year of Meiji)May 10, Started handling ship transit communication.
  • 1910(43th year of Meiji)May 4,FoghornCompletion of Kirifusha.Kirifue business started.
  • 1923(Taisho12 years)May 5,So faroilChange from light to electric light.
  • 1929(Showa4 years)May 3,Light qualityChange.Increased light power.
  • 1932(7)May 12,Radio direction signal stationBusiness started.
  • 1945(20)May 8, XNUMX U.S. forcesFighterDamaged by being attacked by.One technician is a line of duty.
  • 1951(26)May 3,War damageRestoration work completed.The first lens (French XNUMXst class eight-sided flash lens) that was used since the first lighting was retired.
  • 1953(28)May 8,Route signOffice set up.
  • 1956(31)May 10, Increased light power. 200 million candela.
  • 1962(37)May 9, Remark Beacon business started.
  • 1973(Showa 48) On February 2, the lighthouse was reinforced with reinforcing bars and completed.
  • 1987(62)May 12, Completed seismic retrofitting of the lighthouse using the PC method.
  • 2002(Heisei14 years)May 3, Lighthouse Material Exhibition Hall opened.Meiji village(Aichi) Returns the original lens saved in.
  • 2008(20)May 3, Inubosaki Foghorn Foghorn at the Foghorn House, abolished with a period in 100 years of history.Farewell ceremony to ring the last fog whistle[6].
  • 2010(22)May 4, Lighthouse is registered as a national registered tangible cultural property (Official gazetteThe notification was made on May 5, the same year).
  • 2012(24) On December 12, the former Inubosaki Foghorn Signal Station Kirifusha was registered as a national registered tangible cultural property.
  • 2016(28) September 9, lighthouse broadcast (Ship weather report) And the Inubōsaki differential attached to the lighthouseGPSBureau weather report abolished[7].
  • 2019(31) March 3st, the differential GPS station was abolished[8].
  • December 2020, 2-Lighthouse, old foghorn house, old warehouse are in the countryImportant cultural propertySpecified to[1][2].

Cultural property

Important cultural property

  • Inubosaki Lighthouse 1 unit 2 buildings[2]
    • Lighthouse (1 old lens, 1 name plate)
    • Old foghorn house
    • Old warehouse
    • 1 attached obstacle
    • 1 old sundial

Attached facilities

White round mailbox

2012(24) On March 3, the Choshi Coast Guard Department, which manages the lighthouse, and the Choshi Post Office cooperated.IbarakiKamisu CityIt was stored at the collection and delivery center in1960ManufacturingRound postWhite mail painted white in honor of the white Inubosaki LighthouseRound postIs installed[9]. White DayBecause it was installed in, it is also called "a post that fulfills romance," "a post that calls for happiness," and "a post that fulfills wishes."[10].

Former Inubosaki Foghorn Foghorn

Former InubōsakiFoghornThe foghorn house1910(43th year of Meiji)May 4Foghorn foghorn building completed in.Started the fog whistle business,2008(20)May 3, Inubosaki Foghorn Foghorn at the Foghorn House was abolished with a period in 100 years of history, and a farewell ceremony was held to ring the last foghorn.[6].

2012(24) It was registered as a national registered tangible cultural property on December 12, and was designated as a national important cultural property along with the lighthouse on December 19, 2020.

Open to the public

The lighthouse is open to the publicVisiting lighthouseIn addition to the observatory, there is a museum for materials.

Lighthouse anniversaryIsMay 11Can be visited for free[11].

  • Adults 300 yen, children free


You can climb up to the observatory next to the lens room.The number of spiral staircases leading to the observatory isKujukuri beachIt is named after 99 steps.

From the observatory, you can overlook the Pacific Ocean and ships going offshore.

Inubosaki Lighthouse Museum

The Inubosaki Lighthouse Museum exhibits the history, functions, and roles of the Inubosaki Lighthouse.Museum.2002(14)May 3Opened in.Okinoshima LighthouseThe first domestically produced first-class lens used in, and the first lens of Kirifusha and Inubosaki Lighthouse (FresnelFormula 1st class 8-sided flash lens),Shiriyazaki LighthouseMany valuable materials such as the fog bell used in the above are exhibited.

Close-up view

Distant view

Directions and Parking

Public transport



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