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🛏 | “Beer garden” vaccination campaign on the roof of the hotel


"Beer garden" vaccination campaign on the roof of the hotel

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On July 7, the prefecture's own warning was lowered to a warning, and the steel tower seen from the beer garden was also illuminated in yellow.

From July XNUMXnd, a hotel in Niigata City started the summer tradition of "beer garden".New for vaccinated people only ... → Continue reading

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beer garden

beer garden(alone: beer gardens) Is outdoors or building ()Department store,HotelThere are many table seats on the rooftop.beerA bar in the form of offering such things.Many are open only in the summer.As a Japanese notationbeer gardenThere is also.The English notation isbeer gardenBut from GermanBorrowing a translation.

Widely preferred by the general public as a summer methodSummer: It is a tradition of summerSeason wordsIs also[1].


The origin of the beer garden19st century,Bavarian kingdom(CurrentGermanyBavaria)ofMunichIt is believed that.In MunichLowenbrau,Hofbrau,(German version,English edition),(German version,English edition),(German version,English edition),(English edition)There is an old brewery such as, and it is thought that it was started at one of the breweries, but it is not clear which brewery first opened the beer garden.

Cryonic storage technology was underdeveloped中 世Then every year for hygiene reasonsMay 4(St. Georg DayFrom)May 9(St. MichaelDuring that day), beer brewing was banned.During this period you will be drinking beer that was brewed and stored before April 4nd, but at large breweriesIsar riverIt had a storage in the basin and used river water to cool and store beer.It is believed that beer cellars for drinking beer naturally occurred in these storages. In the 19th century, these beer depots were built underground for colder storage, and on the ground.Horse chestnutThe leaves are dense and thick, and trees with shallow roots have come to be planted.Tables and chairs were set up in the shade of such trees, and became the prototype of the beer garden known today.

Bavarian Beer Garden Ordinance

Bavarian Beer Garden Ordinance(German: Bayerische Biergartenverordnung) Is1999Bavaria Ordinance of Germany, which came into effect in May[2].

Residents around Munich's long-established beer garden have complained about the noise of the beer garden, which will restrict the operation of the beer garden by 21:30.In response to this regulation, 2 Munich citizens protested to preserve the beer garden tradition.Following this demonstration, the state of Bavaria enacted the "Bavarian Beer Garden Ordinance"1999Effective in May[2].

The ordinance regulates noise such as "band performance until 22:22", "last order at 30:23", and "the flow of people returning home at XNUMX:XNUMX is calm and quiet".[2].

In addition, the ordinance also includes a "definition of beer garden", and the following two points are the main points.[2].

  • The atmosphere is like a "garden" surrounded by greenery
  • You are allowed to bring in food

The above conditions are valid only for the "Traditional Bavarian beer garden", and food may be prohibited in the "Beer garden" attached to restaurants and cafes.

History of beer gardens in Japan

The first beer garden in Japan1875ToYokohama・ In YamateSpring Valley Brewery(1869Founded, currentKirin Beer ) ”, The American who is the founder ofWilliam CopelandHowever, the "Spring Valley Beer Garden" was opened by renovating the house adjacent to the brewery.Mainly for foreign residents and sailors of foreign ships[1].. 1903 Sapporo Breweries Company opens a beer garden on the east bank of Azumabashi, Sumida River, Tokyo[3].

The first rooftop beer garden in Japan1953ToOsakaKitaUmedaOpened in "New TokyoIt is said to be "Osaka Daiichi Seimei Building Store"[4].. originallyOsaka Dai-ichi Life BuildingThe New Tokyo Daiichi Seimei Building store was open on the first basement floor of the (so-called former Osaka Daiichi Seimei Building), but when a charter request was made in 1, participants could not enter the store and the rooftop of the building was also open. It is said that the rooftop beer garden originated from serving beer and food as a venue.[5].

Even before the above-mentioned New Tokyo Osaka Daiichi Seimei Building store1952May 5of"Mainichi NewspapersIn the morning edition, under the heading "Early Summer Overture," a photo of the rooftop beer hall in Ginza is attached, saying, "Summer beer halls also advance to the rooftop under the name of roof garden."Besides this, in 1952NihonbashiTakashimayaAt "Beer Festival Roof Garden",Tokyo TateThere are shops where you can enjoy beer on the roof of the building, such as "Rooftop Summer Garden".[6]..However, although a magazine in Osaka introduced New Tokyo as "Japan's first" in 2005, there is no objection.[4].

1955Since then, the number of female customers has increased in the photos of newspaper articles that convey the success of the beer garden in newspapers.1966May 7In the morning edition of the Asahi Shimbun Tokyo edition, it is stated that "young women and customers occupy XNUMX to XNUMX% of the beer garden."[7].

The heyday of the rooftop beer garden was before the spread of air conditioners for air conditioning.1964 Tokyo OlympicsIt is said that it was around that time.In the beer garden these daysbandbyHawaiian musicLive music was also often performed.The prosperity of the rooftop beer garden will increase the number of businesses that allow beer to be drunk outdoors under the name of beer garden, even outside the rooftops of buildings such as parks and tourist spots.As an example19596 timesSapporo Summer FestivalThanOdori ParkThen, a beer garden was held under the name of "Odori Noryo Garden", and it has become a summer tradition in Hokkaido because it was held continuously from the following year onwards.[8].

In the latter half of the 1970s, the spread of air conditioners made it necessary to cool indoors, andsmogDue to the deterioration of the environment and the scenery caused by the beer garden, the beer garden has become the headline of newspaper articles, saying, "It's not another thing."However,2004ToKirin BeerIn the attitude survey conducted by Japan, more than 90% of the respondents answered that they would go to the beer garden, suggesting that the beer garden is deeply popular in Japan.[8].

From 2005 to 2010, next to Tokyo StationDaimaruDue to the closure of long-established beer gardens due to the dismantling of buildings such as the Tokyo store and the Ginza Toshiba Building, the number of beer garden stores in the 23 wards was on a slight decline, at around 30.However, since 2012, beer gardens and beer terraces have been newly opened on the rooftops of department stores, hotel gardens, and terrace areas of commercial complexes, mainly in urban areas, and the number of stores has started to increase.The business period is not limited to summer, but there is a phenomenon that can be called the "Heisei beer garden boom" that is open from around April and May.[9]..According to a survey by Kirin Brewery, the average budget spent by one person in a beer garden increased continuously from 2015 to 2017.[9].

Eating and drinking style

As mentioned above, traditional Bavarian beer gardens must be allowed to bring in food by the Bavarian Beer Garden Ordinance.This is derived from what happened when the prototype of the beer garden appeared in the 19th century.Large breweries were able to serve food, but smaller breweries were unable to serve food.Small breweries, restaurants and taverns where the number of customers has begun to decline are the King of BavariaMaximilian IPetitioned to.In response to this petition1812May 1"Beer Garden Proclamation" is promulgated.The beer garden decree bans beer gardens from selling anything other than beer and bread, prohibits the sale of hot dishes and drinks other than beer, and allows food to be brought in.[10].

The beer garden decree banned the sale of food in the beer garden, but the Bavarian Beer Garden Ordinance also allows it.It is common that food is allowed to be brought in.

An example of the procedure for ordering food and beer in a German beer garden is shown below.[11].

  1. Order food.
    Take the dishes lined up in the showcase yourself or place an order with the staff.
  2. Take beer.
    Take the beer that has already been poured into a mug or glass.White beerIn the case of, the staff may order and pour it.
  3. Make an account.
    Pay for food and beer.For each glass of beer, a mug and a glassdepositPay.Coins for deposit may be distributed.
  4. cutleryI take the.
    Take knives, forks and paper napkins used to eat food.
  5. Get to the table and eat and drink.
    Shared seats are common.
  6. Clean up empty plates, mugs and glasses.
    Return used tableware to the storage area.Return the glass or coin for the deposit and receive the deposit.


Traditionally in MunichRadish,pretzels,Roast chicken, Bavarian food(English edition)(CheeseDip),Schbaine Haxe,(English edition)Dishes such as (fish skewers) are served.

In the case of Japan, the image of traditional (Showa era) beer garden cooking is "slimy beer,"Fried noodles,Edamame,Fried chickenWas something like[9].

Beer gardens (in the Heisei era) that have been popular since 2010 are not limited to beer.Highball,Wine,CocktailsIs also provided,Craft beerThe number of beer gardens that offer[12]..The number of restaurants that target women as well as cooking and promote healthy and beauty-oriented dishes that use a lot of vegetables has increased.[13]..Meat dishes are also traditionalGenghis KhanAn increasing number of stores are offering barbecue and high-class meat such as huge chunks of meat, smoked meat, and Japanese black beef.[13]. Also, the so-calledInstant movieLooks like it's calledPhotogenicIt is a dish that emphasizes[13].


The longest beer garden in the world
"International Berlin Beer Festival" (Germany Berlin) Has a venue of about 2.2 kilometers and was designated as the "longest beer garden in the world" in 2011.Guinness World RecordsRegistered in[14].
Japan's largest beer garden

The largest beer garden in Japan is "Sapporo Odori Beer Garden" with about 13,000 seats.In addition, there are several beer gardens that claim to be "Japan's largest" and "Japan's largest", but the scale of "Sapporo Odori Beer Garden" is an order of magnitude larger with 2000 seats.


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