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🧳 | "Asia Living Classroom" taught by local entertainers is open for August!


"Asia Living Classroom" taught by local entertainers is open for August!

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Thank you for participating in our Asian entertainer event, melons.

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cantaloupe (muskmelon) It is,Musk (musk) Has a strong fragrance likemelonIt is a general term for.Another name isJakouuri.

In Japan, mainly Earl's Favorite (or its lineage varieties,Later), Not the variety name.

As mentioned above, the name "mask" means musk."musk"(Pronunciation is[mʌˈsk])and[1],mask"Mask" that points to(mask)is not


fruitIs almost spherical.On the surface of the pericarpcorkProduces a quality mesh.The flesh is yellowish green,fruit juiceMany and very sweet.Panama diseaseNot resistant toPowdery mildewCultivation is very difficult as it is not resistant to other diseases such as.rootFor melons that are weak and resistant to Panama disease (Oi, Burnett Hill Favorite, etc.)GraftIs cultivated[2].


Cultivation controlled temperature and humidity温室You have to do it in-house, and you can't do good quality without diligent modification.Also, only one is produced from one vine.For this reason, the price is high, and some high-end products cost more than 1 yen per ball.The main production area isShizuokaso,KochiIs next to this.

Some farmers take advantage of the mesh pattern on the surface of the pericarp to produce gift melons that bring out messages of congratulations and gratitude.[3].

If multiple fruits bear fruit, one is left and the others are picked while they are small.The picked fruit is actually called "small melon"pickles(Pickled in melon) Andsashimi OfTsumaMay be used for.


In Japan, melons became the first varieties of melons to spread and have grown to become a synonymous brand of melons.

This variety was developed19st centuryEndThe United KingdomIs. The name meaning "count's favorite" comes from the fact that it was made on the farm of the Earl of Radnor's residence.1925 in Japan14th year of Taisho), Shizuoka greenhouseAgricultural cooperativeThe predecessor of the Crown Melon branchIwataCultivation methods were established at the Marushizu branch of the Greenhouse Agricultural Cooperative and spread throughout Japan.Currently, this species is no longer cultivated in the home country of England, but in Japan it is a traditional luxury that has continued since the Showa era.melonIt continues to be prized as.SenbiyaIt is also the main product of.

Main melons

Cantal pensis group (Cantalupensis group)

The net has a coarse mesh and skin (with warts), and has an oval shape.
Cantaloupe,Spanish melonetc.

Reticulatus group (Reticulatus Group)

The mesh of the net is fine and it has a spherical shape.
Andes melon, Earl's Melon (Earl's Favorite),Takami Melon,Yubari Mellonな ど

Earl's Favorite

Earl's Favorite (Earl's Favorite) Is a representative variety of melon.For shortEarls MelonAlso called.

Earl varieties

It refers to a variety that looks similar to Earl's and has been improved by imparting weather resistance and disease resistance, which are the weak points of Earl's.It is as strong as a house melon, easy to cultivate, andsugar contentThere are many varieties that are easy to rise.When cultivated well, it is indistinguishable from pure Earls, and the taste is the same quality as Earls.Sakata Seeds"Earl's Night", Yae Agricultural "Earl's Seinu", and Yokohama Ueki's "Ya" series are cultivated in various places.All three series are powdery mildew resistant and Panama disease resistant and easy to cultivate.Ibaraki,Aichi,KumamotoIs the main production area.

Mating species

It is a representative of red meat melonYubari MellonIs this "Earl's Favorite" (mother) and "Spicy cantaloupe"(Father) is a hybrid.

Studies claiming anti-cancer effects

Once upon a time, melonsDesigner foods planIt belongs to 3 groups in the pyramid of, and among the 3 groups,basil,Tarragon,Oats,AsatsukiBelongs to the top of the 3 groups,cancerIt was positioned as a preventive ingredient[4].


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