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🛏 | What is the rumor about the storage room where Hayaume (Fumi Nikaido) is trapped ... Tuesday drama "Promise Shi ..."


Rumors about the storage room where Hayaume (Fumi Nikaido) is trapped ... Tuesday drama "Promise Shi ..."

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On the other hand, Kikuno (Rena Matsui), a popular geisha who is dating Seigo aiming for the position of a young proprietress, also notices Seigo's swaying feelings and restrains him, saying, "I can't hide it."

A housewife, Saume Imai (Fumi Nikaido), who lived happily while being mediocre, said from her husband, Masahiro (Kai Inowaki), "Other happiness ... → Continue reading

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Rena Matsui

Rena Matsui(Matsui rena,1991〈Heisei3 years>May 7 -) isJapan Ofactress,talent,Novelist,YouTuberAnd a female idol groupSKE48[4],Nogizaka46Is a former member of[5].Hyogobirth[6],AichiToyohashiBackground[7].GrickAffiliation[2].. Height 162 cm[1].. Blood typeO[2].. Nickname isRena[4].


Before debut

He had a cheerful personality until he was in the first grade of elementary school, but when he was in the second grade of elementary school, he transferred to another school, and many of his children were sent to the school he was transferred to. There were factions, and he was shocked by that and became a shy personality. But it became an inconspicuous existence[8].. Also, my parents have a quick curfew and I often play at my own house, and my brother has an influence.Anime-Boy cartoon-GameSuch asTwo dimensionsI was absorbed in the world of[6].. In junior high schoolAKB48But"Music Station"so"Skirt, HirariI was interested in the two-dimensional and novel choreography when I saw him performing.[6].. 『AKB48 Second Research Student (5th Year) AuditionI wanted to receive, but when I was about to give up because I could not go to Tokyo, the Nagoya version of AKB48 (SKE48) I heard that I could do it, so I applied for the audition[6].

July 2008, 20, "SKE48 opening member audition』Passed (total number of applications 2,670, final passers 22)[9].. In the singing examination, AKB48's "Cherry blossom petals”[10].

When enrolled in SKE48

September 10 of the same year, "SKE48 Team S 1st Stage "PARTY is about to begin"Debuted as one of the 16 selected members in the performance[11].

In March 2009, 21 selected members moved to Team S and became members of Team S.[12].

AKB48's 10th singleSelected inJurina MatsuiFollowing that, AKB3's 4th single "AKB48 released on March 11th of the same year"10 years cherry blossomWas selected from SKE48[13]..12th single "Tears Surprise!Was also selected[14].. 『AKB48 13th Single General ElectionWas ranked 29th, and the 13th single "Excuse Maybe"ofCoupling songWas elected to the Under Girls who sing[15].

On August 8, the same year, SKE5's 48st single "Strong manWas released and participated in SKE48's debut single as a singing member.

"" Which started broadcasting in January 2010 (Heisei 22)Majisuka Gakuen』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.), And played the role of Gekikara of the four trumpet kings.[16].. The one-shot drama broadcast on September 9 of the same year "thanks to your help!』(CBC TV) Also appeared[2].

SKE3's 24nd single "SKE48 released on March 2th of the same year"Blue skyIn addition to participating in singing, AKB48's 16th single "Under Girls"Ponytail and Hair TieIn the coupling song "Stolen Lips", he served as the center position. In SKE48, the 7rd single "I'm sorry, SUMMERAnd the 11th single released on November 17th1!2!3!4!』, Served as a double center position with Jurina Matsui.Also, in the 4th single coupling song "TWO ROSES", Jurina Matsui and the limited-time unit "TWO ROSES"KinectWas formed[17].

The same year "AKB48 17th Single General Election』Was ranked 11th and was elected as a selected member[18][Note 1].

In "SKE7 Request Hour Set List Best 31 48-Which God Song?-" Held on July 30st of the same year, his solo unit song "Dead Leaf Station" ("Dead Leaf Station"teamS 3rd Stage Uniform bud』Performance song) ranked first[19], "AKB2011 Request Hour Set List Best 23 1" held in January 48, "Dead Leaf Station" ranked 100nd, which is the highest among SKE2011 songs.[20].. Also, in "SKE11 Request Hour Set List Best 48 50 ~ Fans' Kamikyokutachi ~" held in November of the same year, "Dead Leaf Station" ranked first for the second consecutive year.[21].

SKE3's 9th single "SKE48" released on March 5th of the same yearBanzai Venus』Also served as a double center position with Jurina Matsui, and won the first weekly chart No. 48 as SKE1.[22].

The same year "AKB48 22nd Single Selection General Election』, Became the top 48th among SKE10 members, and was elected as a selected member[23].

September 7 of the same year, "Star Princess Search TaroThe video of the close-up interview entitled "Reina Continent" was aired.[24]..The omnibus drama "Broadcast on August 8 of the same year"New world you do not know』(Nippon TV)'S "Sin and Trap" starred in the drama for the first time[25]..On October 10st of the same year, the mobile phone siteBeeTVAppeared as the leading role, Rie Matsuoka, in the drama "Cinderella in Love with Fashion-Until Okarie Makes Your Dreams Come True"[26].

July 11st of the same year,Chukyo RacecourseHe was a member of AKB48 at the time as a "public relations ambassador" at the grand opening.Mariko ShinodaAnnounced to take office with[27], At the grand opening commemorative event on March 2012, 24Ando KatsumiRibbon-cutting ceremony with jockeys[28].

July 3st of the same year,Google+ OfAkimoto YasushiGugutus selection was announced in the post, and Gugutus selection was entered.[29].. AKB3 and sister group concert "Business contact" held on March 25 of the same year. I'll ask, Director Katayama! In Saitama Super Arena ”on the 48rd day performance, it was announced that Grick had asked to transfer to his agency.[30], November 6,AKSTransferred to Grick[31].

The same year "AKB48 27th Single General ElectionWas ranked 10th, the same as the previous year, and was selected as a member of the selection.[32].

February 2013, 25 (Heisei 3),Hiromi GoAnd in the PR of the CM "German Clayface Soap"GirlsAward 2013 SPRING / SUMMER][33].

On March 3, the same year, the multi-channel drama "Broadcast Museum Close Call』(NHK General) Starred in the NHK drama for the first time[34].

From April 4nd (midnight of the 2st) of the same year, the radio program "Mu ~ Komi + Plus』(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.) Started appearing as a regular assistant on Monday[35].

July 4st of the same year,Nippon Gaishi HallIt was announced that the team will be transferred to Team E and become the leader of Team E due to the team reorganization called "Kumikaku" at "SKE48 Spring Con 2013" Unchangeable. Always Friends "" held at[36].

July 4st of the same year,Nippon BudokanAt the SKE48 solo performance of "AKB48 Group Extraordinary General Assembly-Let's put on black and white!"[37].

The same year "AKB48 32nd Single Selection General Election』In 7th place, was elected as a selected member[38]..Reorganized into a new team structure on July 7, the same year (transferred to Team E)[39].

The quiz show "" broadcast on July 7 and August 23 of the same year.Hitachi world strange discovery!』(TBS TV) Announced to challenge the mystery hunter for the first time[40].

January 2014, with SKE26GALAXYA new unit, GALAXY of DREAMS, was formed and was elected as a member.[41].

On February 2th of the same year, "AKB24 Group Daigumi Kakusai-The times change.However, in the team reorganization of "We can only go to the front!", He was a member of Nogizaka48 at that time in the name of exchange study abroad.Rina IkomaIt was announced that AKB48 Team B will also serve as Nogizaka46.[42].

September 3 of the same year, "Kansai Collection 2014 SPRING / SUMMERI challenged the model for the first time[43].

July 4st of the same year,Makuhari MesseAppeared at the Nogizaka46 handshake event held inIf you notice, unrequited loveWas unveiled for the first time[44]..In addition, the third stage of Nogizaka5, which will start on May 30 of the same year, "16 principal troisAlso announced that they will participate in[44], Started activities as a member of Nogizaka46[45].

On June 6, the same year, the movie "Aichi Prefecture Limited Release"gift』First appearance and first starring in the movie (Kenichi EndoAnd W starring) announced[46]..From July 7, the same year, it was decided that it will be open to the public at 12 buildings outside the prefecture.[47].

The same year "AKB48 37th Single General Election』In 5th place, was elected as a selected member[48].

On March 2015, 27 (Heisei 3), the ballot counting scheduled to open in JuneAKB48 41st Single Selection General Election』Announced not to run for[49].

July 3st of the same year,Saitama Super ArenaIt was announced that Nogizaka48 will be released from the concurrent post at "AKB46 Spring Solo Concert-Jixo is still training!"[5].. On July 4th of the same year,Tokyo Big SiteAt the individual handshake event of Nogizaka46 held in Japan, a ceremony was held to commemorate the cancellation of the concurrent post with Nogizaka46.[50].

From April 4th of the same yearYomiuri TelevisionBroadcast started in seriesTelevision Animation"Radio teacherDebuted as a voice actor and starred in the TV anime as the younger sister of the main character[51].

"" Broadcasted at midnight on June 6th of the same year (before dawn on 10th)AKB48 All Night Nippon(Nippon Broadcasting System) announced that he will graduate from SKE8 by the end of August of the same year.[52].. May 8, same year,Port Messe NagoyaHeld a graduation commemorative Nagoya crossing ultra quiz. After sightseeing in Nagoya city with the participants who won the quiz, watch the research student commemorative performance together at SKE48 Theater[53].. May 8, same year,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euGraduation concert is held at[54][55], A graduation performance was held at SKE8 Theater on August 31st of the same year.[56].. After graduating from SKE48, I chose to become an actress[57].

After graduating from SKE48

September of the same year,Tokugawa Art MuseumAppointed as an image character of[58].

April 2016, 28 (Heisei 4), sister unit "Charan Po LanternUnder the name of "Rena Matsui and Charanpo Lantern" in collaboration with "", the first single after graduating from SKE48 "Soap bubble][59].

From June to July of the same year,New Bakumatsu Junjoden] In the main characterOkita SojiPlayed a role[60].. In January 2017 (Heisei 29), Toyohashi (1rd-3th,Hokokuni Toyohashi Arts Theater PLATSpecial re-performance at Hall New Year opening performance) and Okinawa (7th-8th, 1st Nakagusuku Theater Festival)[61][62].

On October 8th of the same year,ToyohashiFrom "Toyohashi Curry UdonAmbassador "and" ToyohashiOldness and ambassadorIs commissioned[63][64].. In addition, "" held from March 2017 to 3, 3The 1st Yeah, Toyoyoshi Film FestivalWas an ambassador[65].

"" Which started broadcasting in January 2018 (Heisei 30)Kaizukihime"soFuji TV "Moon 9" dramaFirst appearance in[66].. In order to concentrate on the actress business, he graduated from the regular radio program "Mu-Komi + Plus", which served as a regular assistant for about five years with the broadcast on March 3 (midnight on the 20th) of the same year.[67]..The movie released on October 8th of the same yearMovie version Kamen Rider Build Be The One"Special effects debut"[68].. Also the first villain in the movie[69][Note 2].

Broadcasting started in October of the same year, "Manpuku"soNHK serial TV novelFirst appearance in[70].. Released on October 10, the same year, "Novel subaru』(Shueisha) In the November issue, his first short story "Wipe or Wipe" was published and made his debut as a novelist.[71].

The first collection of short stories "Camouflage" (Shueisha) was published on April 2019, 31.[72].. Immediate reprint will be decided on the release date[72].

same year(ReiwaAnnounced that the blog will be closed on July 7th and August 27st.[73][74].

July 12st of the same year,2020 Tokyo OlympicsTorch relay・ Aichi PrefecturePRSelected as a runner[75]..Initially, it was scheduled to be held in April 2020 (Reiwa 2),New coronavirusThe Olympic Games were postponed for one year to prevent the spread of infection, and the torch relay was also carried over to the next year.[76].

July 2021, 3 (Reiwa 1 years),UAF YouTubeOpen channel[77].

March 3, the same year, NHK "Radio midnight flight"of"Radio Literature Museum, Matsui's short story "Family Photograph" was read aloud.[78][Note 3]..This is the first time that Matsui's novel work has been featured in "Midnight Flight".

On April 4, the same year, he ran in Toyohashi City as a runner of the Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay.[80].

On August 8, the same year, it was announced on the official website of the affiliated office that it was infected with the new coronavirus.[81][82]..On the 11th of the same month, he reported on his Twitter account that he would resume activities.[83][84].."The most painful days of my life," he said on a YouTube channel about the pain of fighting corona.[85].

The movie "See you when the curtain goes down』First starring in a movie work alone[86].


Nickname is Rena[4].. SKE48's synchronous studentJurina MatsuiCalled "Reina-chan"[87].. Of junior membersFuruhata NawaIs called "Nyanya" in the blog[88].. In Nogizaka46, it is called "Reina-san"[89].Haruka Shimazaki,Rino SashiharaFrom some membersRie KitaharaNamed "Renahyon"[90]Called by the name[91].Yui YokoyamaIs called "Hyon-san"[92].

At first, the reading of the name "Reina" was thought to be "Reina", but it became "Reina" because "Rei" could be read as zero and it might be unlucky.[93].

Personality at your own pace[94], Shyness[95].. He has a decent personality and frequently updates Ameba Blog, SKE official blog, Google+, and Twitter.[96].Kashiwagi YukiAccording to the report, it is more caring to receive an email earlier than any member of AKB48 when you are not feeling well.[96].. SKE48 members describe it as "basically quiet," "girlish," "open-minded," "very kind to juniors," and "doesn't make a soft noise."[97].. The motto is "Daily training"[98].

In my childhoodleft handedWas[99], I started going to a nursery school and fixed myself to be right-handed[99].

When I was in elementary schoolBrass bandBelonged to the department[6].trombone,trumpetCan play[6].

I wanted to enter when I was in junior high schooltheaterThere was no part[100].kendoI joined the clubEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euI like to wear a bodiceHakamaI wanted to wear this, and when I actually visited the Kendo club in junior high school, I saw women fighting evenly with men, and I wanted to become stronger myself.[101].. In Kendo 3rd grade[39], Has the experience of winning 3rd place in the city's Kendo tournament[102].. However, I am not good at exercising.Mecha2Cool!』At the bottom of the athletic festival[103].. I belonged to the drama club when I was a high school student[104].

When I was a junior high school student in a rebellious period, my mother, who was numb to Matsui who did not come out of the room, kicked the door of Matsui's room and made a hole, and Matsui who got angry hit the wall and there was a hole in the wall Aki, I was "connected" to my brother's room next door[105].

Accept both self and othersRain girl[106].PVIt often rains on important days, such as the shooting day of[106].. Broadcast on March 2014, 7Downtown DXWhen he appeared as a studio guest in the movie "gift』Kenichi EndoAccording to the report, during the two-month shooting period, although it was not the rainy season, it often started to rain at the same time as Matsui entered the site, and shooting was interrupted, and 2% of the shooting period was rainy.[106].. Also, even with the single released by SKE48, all the PV shooting that was done up to the 15th time was rainy. 15th single "Clumsy sunWas hit by heavy rain from the morning even in the PV shooting of the song, and the director said, "This time it is set after the rain," and I was relieved that "I made a great contribution."[107].. However, there is an episode that the members later told me that the setting changed suddenly because it was raining.[107].

Favorite actorKatsuhisa Namase,Tatsuya Fujiwara[108].Leo Ieiri[109],Fumi NikaidoIs a friend[110].

Lack of a sense of directionAnd the home of SKE48Sunshine SakaeDepartment store nearMarueiI had a hard time getting to the building, and I got lost in the building.[111].

You may be asked to wink at a handshake event, but you can't wink[112].

No desire to marry[113].

The size of the shoes is 23.5 cm[1].

Sometimes "I don't know the left and right"[114].. Also, I am not good at kanji, such as writing "Showa" as "Teruwa" on live TV.[115], He also said, "I can't really write kanji."[116].. "" Broadcast on June 2014, 6Where is Nogizaka?In the project "Nogizaka slope deciding match!"Matsumura Sayuri"FoolIt was like "like",Academic testMatsui was 9th and Matsumura was 5th.[117].


My favorite food is vegetables[118], Drink every morning and eveningCarbonic acid[97].

Haruka Shimazaki of AKB48 and "Melon breadHave signed an "alliance"[119].. Chairman Rena Matsui, Vice Chairman Haruka Shimazaki[120]. afterwards,Miori Ichikawa,Fukumoto Mana[121], Kyoka Isohara[122],Anna Murashige,Matsuoka Natsuki,Sakura Miyawaki[123],Tomonaga MisakuraJoined[124], FukumotoNMB48The alliance was disbanded after graduating[125].

My favorite dish isGreen curry[126].. However, I try not to eat during work hours[97]. The food I hateWasabi[127],meat[128].

I like spicy foods and use it as a saladdressingNot a lotTabascoEat over[129], Even a spicy dish that makes you faint in agony just by putting it in your mouth[97].. When you feel spicy, your body reacts when the spiciness becomes stronger,hiccupcoming out[97][24].. 『Weekly AKBIn "AKB Super Spicy Club", the other three members just put it in their mouths and they are in agony.habañero pepperI ate chicken all at once[130].. I'm not good at meat, but I ate it without changing my facial expression, and I got the title of Super Spicy Ace because of its overwhelming strength against spiciness.[131].. In the broadcast on October 2009, 10, he became the director himself and led the "SKE Spicy Club".[132].. "Nogizaka2015 ski training camp" of "Where is Nogizaka?" Broadcast on February 2, 2RussianTakoyaki"" After eating the spicy takoyaki in the confrontation, I was in charge of the progress when I made a post facto report saying "Oh, maybe I. I didn't feel" spicy "..."Eiji Kotoge(By King) Pointed out, "This game is ruined!"[133].. Drama"Majisuka GakuenThe name of her role in 』is also" Gekikara ".

Favorite artistsビ ー ト ル ズ[134],Blink 182[134],BUMP OF CHICKEN[134],ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION[135],Avril Lavigne,AI[135],THE BAWDIES[134],MAN WITH A MISSIONAre listed[134]. Also,Sound HorizonI've been to a concert with a big fan of[97].


Tokyo DisneylandI like, and my favorite character is "Chip and Dale"Tokyo Disney Sea-Sinbad Storybook VoyageChandu[40].. My favorite attraction isStar toursI've been riding 1 times a day and remembered the cast[40].. Also, before concurrently serving as Nogizaka46Miona HoriI've taken him to Tokyo Disneyland with me[137].

Gamers, especially "Love PlusSuch asLove simulation gamePrefer[138].



AnimeSpecial effectsAdmit both self and others who like the programAkiba system[101].. Especially "Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu], [Eureka Seven], [Mobile Suit Gundam SEED"series,"Macross F"[140],Ojamajo Doremi』And like[141].. Among the characters, "Puella Magi Madoka Magica"Sakura Kyoko[142], "Macross F" "Cheryl'[140], "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" "Diaka ElsmanPrefer[143].CosplayIs also showing off, Takarajimasha magazine "smartIn the project of "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" characterAkemi HomuraTo[144],AKB48 37th Single General ElectionIn the election poster of "Kill la kill』With the cooperation of the staff, dressed as the main character of the same work, Matoi Ryuko[145].. Also appear in special effects programsSuit actorIs a fan of[146], As the first place in "My best 2014 respected people" in "Where is Nogizakatte?" Broadcast on July 7, 27Kamen Rider seriesServe as a suit actorSeiji TakaiwaSaid to respect[147].. The movie released in 2018 ``Movie version Kamen Rider Build Be The One』Make a" special effects debut "[68].

Gourmet cartoonI like[148], The last appearance at Nogizaka46, "Nogizaka under construction』May 2015, 5 broadcast featured Matsui's project" Rena Matsui's world's best class to teach[Note 4]"so,Midsummer Akimoto,Erika Ikuta,Rina Ikoma,Marika Ito,Misato Eto,Minami Hoshino, Sayuri Matsumura gave a lecture on the theme of "gourmet manga" to students,Otoriyose Prince Yoshimi IidaWas introduced by "You can order from the information at the end of the book", and seven people other than Ito who lost in rock-paper-scissors ordered "Smoked" by Matsui.MackerelAfter the recording, Ikoma sent an ale saying, "I'm an important senior and a member of Nogizaka, so I look forward to working with you."[148][Note 5].

Railway fan[149]The opportunity to become was at work in the spring of 2011Linear/Railway buildingWas on displayShinkansenI saw the vehicle[150].. I especially like the Shinkansen, and in the promo of "Cinderella in love with fashion-until Okarie makes her dream come true" broadcast on September 2011, 9, "PON!When I appeared on a VTR0 series,N700 series,E5 seriesShowing a copy of the form of[151].. After that, when he appeared as a studio guest on "PON!" Broadcast on June 2014, 6, it was called 17 series.200 seriesHow to distinguish the "face" (front shape) from and the E5 seriesE6 seriesExplained the subtle differences in appearance of[152].. All your favorite cars on the ShinkansenJR East200 series in the belonging vehicleE3 series-E4 series・ E5 series ・ E6 series[153]. further,NHK BS PremiumRailroad special program "Surprising! The power of Japan Railroad Kingdom Story"[154],Tokaido Shinkansen50th Anniversary of Opening Whole Shinkansen ~ Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 50 Years of Dream Bullet Train "[155], Nippon TelevisionLol God suddenly...』\ Railway BIG4 trip[156], TV Asahi "Tamori Club] Tamori Train Club finally advanced to West Japan !!Osaka Loop LineRound tour[157],Ame Talk, a talk show of the Death After the Rain!』\ Appearing in the railroad fan club[158].

"Nogizaka Under Construction" broadcast on May 2015, 5Shitara(Banana man) Instructed to performYuki Himura TheRussell car, ShitaraYurikamome,Mai ShiraishiIs said to be "the most beautiful in Japan"Hankyu train,Kawago Haruna TheNankai Electric Railway OfRapid,Nanase Nishino TheSaikyo Line, Mahiro KawamuraToei Subway Asakusa LineI likened to[148].

sneakersHe is a collector and owns more than 50 pairs, and he likes the design of men's sneakers.[159].. In "Nogizaka Under Construction", Sayuri Matsumura asked for sneakers.[148].


Special skill isprogramming[98].

The qualification isAll commerce information processing test[160].. Other,Penmanship,Abacus,calculator, Commercial English,bookkeepingQualified such as[161].. Enrolled in the commercial department in high school[8], Has a qualification in commercial English.


He is one of the core members of SKE48 and is a selected member of all 48 singles enrolled in SKE18.[162].

Tagline"I can't solve the magic until 12 o'clock, I can't take off my glass shoes."[4].

A first-year student of SKE48, he was called "W (double) Matsui" along with Jurina Matsui of the same period.[13], Is the driving force behind the group's popularity[87].. In addition to "W Matsui", the combination with Jurina Matsui is "JR (combi)", which is an acronym for "Jurina" and "Rena".[163]And "Jurirena"[164]It is also called. However, at first, he was called "the second Matsui" and tended to hide in the shadow of Jurina.[10].. Rena has no dance experience, soSKE48 TheaterThe order at the time of the performance debut at the grand opening of was the end position in the back row[165].. "I was frustrated behind the scenes, but I was able to see everyone's backs and learn to dance to everyone, and I was able to see all the good things about other children and how they were doing their best. I had a good experience. "[10].

Akimoto YasushiEvaluates the existence of Jurina, "I look like second, but I think he's actually at the top of SKE."[166].. In addition, SKE48 Theater manager Hiroshi Yuasa said, "I hate to lose and have a stronger attachment than anyone else. I love trying something and I get a million times more enthusiastic. I never get late. It ’s expensive. ”[166].

It was ranked in from the 1st general election, and although the 4th was the same 10th place as the previous time, it is the only member who has not lowered the ranking even once until the 6th.[167].

Membership number 48 of "SKE3 XNUMXD Club"[168].. Appointed Vice Chairman on March 2011, 3[168].

yuanSDN48-Toshima flowerBig fan of[169].. The members I admire at AKB48Oshima Yuko[108].. The member I would like to recommend at NMB48 is Arisa Koyanagi of Team M[169].

"Flightless swallowtail butterflySo, when I was choreographing against Rino Sashihara, I thought that Sashihara would laugh, so I winked at Matsui every time, but I just closed in the shell and talked with the members of AKB48. Not much[170].. At that time, I couldn't ask Sashihara about Wink, but later I learned that Wink was acting thinking of Matsui, and after that, I gradually talked to the members of AKB48.[170].. Even after that, it is mentioned in his blog that Sashihara cares about his junior Matsui, saying "Let's talk with a tame mouth!"[171].

The emoticon that is often used is "(・ ω ・)", and it is used by putting words in this emoticon in the title of the blog article.[172].. The correct usage is to enter the characters symmetrically and adjust the number of characters with "!" Etc. in the case of an odd number.[173].

My favorite song from SKE48 is "About the letter", My favorite AKB48 song is"Takeuchi Senpai'[174].

On Google+AKB48 Group club activitiesI belonged to the drama club[175].

Akane TakayanagiIs a close friend and has exchanges even after graduating from SKE48[176].. Takayanagi's graduation concert held on April 2021, 4 "My sign, everyone's sign-Akane Machuri! ~ ”Appeared as a surprise,Bikes and sidecars”[177].


Nogizaka46's an ・ an beautiful leg selection[178].. My favorite choreography at Nogizaka46 is "Uniform mannequin'[179].. My favorite songs are "Seifukuno Mannequin" and "Your name is hope'[179].

Manatsu Akimoto at Nogizaka46[180], Erika Ikuta[181], Get along with Rina Ikoma[182], Ikoma and I love anime,GeekThe relationship to talk[183].. Miona Hori is a person that Matsui can feel relieved.[183].. What is Kawago Hina?E-mailでIdolNaka to talk. According to Kawago, Matsui and Matsui match each other's idol hobbies.Jun AonamiIs given as an example[148].

Nanase Nishino replied, "It's amazing because you're in the middle of SKE48," about the original image of Matsui, and Mai Shiraishi praised "Nogizaka46's uniform looks great."[183].Kazumi TakayamaAt first, I thought that the atmosphere of Nogizaka46 would change with the addition of Matsui, but there was no big change in me, and Matsui's existence was a big stimulus.[184]. Also,Sera NagashimaIs a favorite person at SKE48[185], Misa Eto cites Matsui as a person she respects[186].

Manatsu Akimoto says Matsui's face is small, and Miona Hori says, "The face is small.salmon roeLike "[183].

When Matsui came to Nogizaka46, the most strange thing was that "the entry time was early", and Seira Nagashima explained that "Nogizaka46 will enter the dressing room two hours ago", Matsui said that AKB2 and SKE48 The members said that they would do all the makeup around their faces, saying, "Nogizaka48 has some children with makeup," he said. "It's something everyone takes for granted, and AKB46 and SKE48 don't. When I was told that in the dressing room, I sometimes thought, "Oh ...", "he said, revealing the confusion caused by the difference between the two groups.[180].. Next, what surprised me most was "I'm out of rice."16 principalsWhat happened during the lesson was "When I went to pick up the rice after checking the lesson, the rice I had prepared wasn't clean and it was for a large number of people.CateringI've never seen a place where it disappears, but it disappears frequently. "[180][187].

About dance In SKE48, the more violently you danced, the more evaluated it was, but in Nogizaka46, how cute you danced was evaluated.[188].Mai FukagawaSaid that he was really quick to learn, danced sharply, and felt his skill level up close, even though he was slower to transfer than ourselves in other jobs.[184].Nanami HashimotoConfessed his memory as an idol senior, saying, "It's better to stretch your spine firmly."[148].. on the other handnaturalIs[116], Manatsu Akimoto told Matsui, "I have an image that something a little strange is'cute'."Saito YuriIs wearing Saito's shoes and showing an episode that Matsui said, "Is my foot swollen today?"[180].. DoMで[189], Every time I make a mistakeDogezaMay be shown[190], For the broadcast on October 2014, 10, "NOGIBINGO! 3』, As" the member who seems to suit the most dogeza "[180].. There is an innocent side[191], May 2014, 4Makuhari Messe8th single "If you notice, unrequited love"Where is Nogizakatte?" When Hashimoto mistakenly called him "Matsui" at the national handshake event to commemorate the release, and he said "You can call him" Matsui "(laughs). To confuse Hashimoto by jokingly saying[192], Mai Shiraishi and the snake in "Nogizaka Under Construction"Ball pythonWas wrapped around the neck and screamed from beginning to end[193].. Also, in the project "Where is Nogizakatte?" I'm watching it. "[191].

Matsui on the blog in Manatsu AkimotoEye patchExposing that it is Moe[194], Broadcast on January 2015, 1Music StationWhen Akimoto appeared in the dressing room with his eyepatch on, he said to Akimoto, "I'm really excited right now," and wrote in his blog, "I'm still mysterious and cute, Rena-san."[194].

妄想ILinesI like to think about[180], "" Broadcast on January 46, 2014, before Matsui concurrently served as Nogizaka1.NOGIBINGO! 2I have posted a line to Rina Ikoma in the project "Your Mufufu will come true delusion request !!"[195][196], In "NOGIBINGO! 3"Yuka Sakurai"Wait here tomorrow"SIt's enough to make people say such lines as Nanami Hashimoto's "I've come to like you".[180].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAriake ColiseumOn this day at "Nogizaka46 Merry X'mas Show 2014" held atinfluenzaServed as the center of "Uniform Mannequin" on behalf of Rina Ikoma, who took a break in[197].. At first, he was planning to sing in a position behind Ikoma, which was not the original position.Mu ~ Komi + Plus』Revealed in[198].

The only unsubmitted "Where is Nogizakatte?" Project "You can do this in a month! Summer vacation goal presentation"Classical rakugo"Tokisoba』Challenge to master"Third generation Katsura YamatoI have my teacher train me,SobaI can't actSoupIn the drinking crap, "SignThe name of Takaza was named "Katsura Shiruko" from Katsura Yamato, and in the actual performance, the man who cheats the account and the man who imitates it and fails are played separately, but it is the showcase of the same performance. I couldn't do well in the performance of "soba noodles", and the studio members laughed at the seat, but Katsura Yamato evaluated Matsui, who "unlike the practice, played soba noodles firmly". , Made a pass decision. Osamu Shitara evaluates that "it can be used for business."[199].

In response to the announcement of Matsui's release of concurrent posts, Reika Sakurai learned various things such as lifestyle and attitude toward live performances while looking back on the fact that there was tremendous pressure to do together at first, and Nogizaka46 changed dramatically with the addition of Matsui. I remember[200].

March 8Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAt the graduation concert held inJingu StadiumNogizaka46, who was holding the concert on the same day, delivered the costume that Matsui first wore at Nogizaka46, and Reika Sakurai said, "Don't forget us forever, and whenever you want energy, Nogizaka46 When a farewell message was sent, "I'm glad that there was something different from what I was hearing at the surprise," he said thanks to Nogizaka46.[201].

Rina Ikoma will appear as a guest on the railroad BIG2017 / Hokkaido edition of "Smile God Suddenly ..." broadcast on May 5, 1.[Note 6], Became the first co-star with Nogizaka48 members after graduating from SKE46[203].. Also, the TV drama "Manpuku], Co-starred with Mai Fukagawa and became the first co-star with Nogizaka46 graduated members.[204].





Surprised Pachinko Sengata Heiji with Team Z

Sukeban Girls

AKB48 Team Surprise

  • Gravity Sympathy (September 2012, 9, AKBS-12 10001/2)
  • Alice on Wednesday (September 2012, 9, AKBS-12 / 10003)
  • Nice triangle relationship (November 2012, 11, AKBS-7 / 10019)
  • At the time of departure (November 2012, 11, AKBS-14 / 10021)
  • AKB Festival (November 2012, 11, AKBS-21 / 10023)
  • Than you think ... (July 2013, 7, AKB-D16 / 2172)
  • Heart vector (August 2013, 8, AKB-D17 / 2182)
  • The future is visible (September 2014, 9, AKBS-6 20101/2)
  • Hell or Heaven (October 2014, 10, AKBS-11/20113)
  • Lost Love Alliance (November 2014, 11, AKBS-8/20121)
  • Rose Ceremony (November 2014, 11, AKBS-15 / 20123)
  • Beautiful hunting (November 2015, 11, AKBS-2 / 20125)
  • Philosophy Forest (November 2015, 11, AKBS-21 / 20127)
  • Hoppe, Tunel (November 2015, 11, AKBS-28/20131)


Rena Matsui and Charan Po Lantern




Sugitetsu (Sugi-chan & Teppei)

  • Run! Dream Super Express Orchestra ~ Super Express 50th Anniversary Album ~ (October 2014, 10, KICC-1)- EAN 4988003456757.


Unsourced songs

Pachisuro AKB48 Goddess of Victory[206]

  • Your news (2017)
  • Heavy rotation (2017)
  • AKB Festival (2017)

Pachinko AKB48-3 Pride Hill[206]

  • Proud Hill (2018)
  • Take it away with your left arm ... (2018)
  • I can't accept the kindness (2018)

Video work




  • Camouflage (April 2019, 4,Shueisha) --Short stories.In addition to the published works, 3 newly written works "Handmade", "Ito-chan" and "Ripe" are included.[213][72]..On August 8, the same year, the bookstores in the three Tokai prefectures voted for the "28rd Japan Booksellers' Award" in the novel category.[214].
  • Successive (January 2021, 1, Shueisha) --Romance novel collection[215].

Magazine publication

  • Even if you wipe it, even if you wipe it (October 2018, 10, Shueisha)-"Novel subaru』November 2018 issue recording short story, novel debut work[216].
  • Jam (January 2019, 1, Shueisha)-"Novel Subaru" February 17 issue short story[213].
  • Real-time intention (March 2019, 3, Shueisha) --Short story recorded in the April 15 issue of "Novel Subaru"[213].
  • Family photo (June 2020, 6,Asahi Shimbun Publishing)-"Novel tripper』2020 Summer issue recording short story[217][Note 7].


TV drama

Television Animation


Other TV programs

  • Aichi Police SEASON3(August 2013, 8-February 6, 2014, Nagoya TV)[268]
  • Animage -Moderator[269].
  • Even BAR (August 2018, 8, NHK General TV)[270][271]
  • Flowers bloom ~ Run! Santetsu ver. ~ (5-minute version: March 2019, 3-, 23-minute version: March 1, 2019-, Making version: March 3, 25-, Ver. 2019: August 3, 31-, "Do your best to recover!" Version: November 2, 2019-, NHK)[272][273]
  • Doki Doki! NHK World JAPAN(March 2019, 3-March 31, 2021, NHK General TVNHK World JAPAN)-Moderator[274].
  • Crash Robot Rugby ~ Aichi's Technical High School Students' Try ~ (January 2020, 1, TV Aichi) --Narration[275].


Theater animation





Online delivery

  • SKE48's Private SPA! Gakuen (February 2011, 2,Nico Nico Douga)[313]
  • Cinderella in love with fashion ~ Until Okarie makes her dream come true ~ (October 2011, 10-December 1, 12,BeeTV) --Starring Rie Matsuoka[26].
  • ghost story of school(July 2012, 7-September 20, BeeTV)-Storyteller[314].
  • Rena Matsui (SKE48)'s (Alone, ω, Sama !!) (March 2013, 3-,AmebaStudio)[315]
  • DAM channel(August 2015,Daiichi Kosho) --SKE48 Limited time MC[316].
  • 1st Gachi Live Broadcast ver.4 Rena Matsui's "Shi-Dried" Covered ~ The Trajectory to the New Bakumatsu Junjoden ~ (June 2016, 6,AbemaSPECIAL channel)[317]
  • Tokyo Vampire Hotel Episode 2 (June 2017, 6, Amazon Prime Video)[318]
  • 30 ban It is a love that refuses under 30 years old. (September 2020, 9-November 15, 11FOD) --Starring Shino Moriyama[319][320].



  • Japan Credit Card Association Awareness Campaign "I like you, people who follow the rules!" (April-June 2013)[338]
  • Ichibanya Curry House CoCo Ichibanya Team Seafood Leader (October 2013, 10-)[339]
  • Meitetsu Nagoya StationCampus announcement
    • (October 2016, 1-December 23, 2)[340]
    • (October 2017, 1-December 21, 2)[341]




Photo album

Magazine serialization



Mook book

  • 20 ± SWEET 2013 SUMMER (July 2013, 7, Tokyo News Service)[359]


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