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🛏 | APA Hotel "All-you-can-stay flat-rate plan", 29 consecutive nights revealed disadvantages and advantages


APA Hotel "All-you-can-stay flat-rate plan", disadvantages and advantages found after 29 consecutive nights

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By the way, I asked for Uber sweets, delivery hall, and McDelivery multiple times, but due to hotel rules, I couldn't enter the room.

APA Hotel's "all-you-can-stay" flat-rate plan that has attracted a lot of attention online.I will summarize the points that the reporter noticed after staying for 30 days. ... → Continue reading


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McDonald's(British: McDonald's) IsThe United States of AmericaHeadquartered infast foodChain store[2]. ThatRegistered trademark.

Expand globallyIs a fast food chainHamburgerIt has become synonymous with the store.JapanStores and operating companies inJapan McDonald'sIs.The Japanese transcription of McDonald's in this article is defined by the officially licensed McDonald's Japan.McDonald's".


HamburgerAs the main product,Expand worldwideTofast foodChain storeIs.Over 15 billion meals a year[3], The total number of stores in the world is 3 (as of the end of 5429).In the ranking of the number of stores by classificationFood service industry including fast foodNo. 2 in the world[4],Chain storeThen.convenience storeLargestSeven-ElevenNo. 2 in the world after[5] .The United States of AmericaIn the home country, it is operated by "McDonald's Corporation".In the United States2000 eraIn the second halfDrive throughStores account for 65% of salesAutomobileThose who purchase at are an important customer base[6], Those who like it because there is a part that develops with low price as a weaponLow incomeIs also an important customer base[7], Besides thatStarbucksConsists of layers that likeUpstream OfMarketAiming at, providing content commensurate with it[6].. in Japan1990 eraFrom the early 2000sPrice breakdown・ Although we were developing low-priced routes as the main axis, we changed our policy because we got stuck, and price-oriented products,CampaignProduct,tasteEmphasis on products,volume"Expansion of price range" and "Products" such as important products and high-priced productsvariationIs the main customer base by expanding家族CompanionchildrenAnd its surroundingstargetBy surroundingcustomerIt has been performing well since the latter half of the 2000s by shifting to a strategy that attracts a wide range of customers, such as expanding the range of customers.[8].

at first,Scottish OfMacdonald BrothersThe store that opened was not a hamburger store.HamburgerWas not an invention of the McDonald's brothers, but a dish that had existed throughout the United States before that.Nevertheless, McDonald's is often a hamburger, as it has become more widely recognized due to its subsequent global expansion.代名詞Also be treated.

Our main product, "Big MacIs used as an index of the average price of international purchasing powerBig mac indexMcDonald's is so well known that it is advocated.On the other handKentucky Fried ChickenWith "AmericanizationAs a representative ofWestern-AsiaThere is also an incident in the area where "McDonald's stores are attacked."

Currently, not only hamburger chains, but also Aroma Cafe, Boston Market, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Donatospizza(Donatos Pizza), Pret A Manger and other chain stores are also open. 2001 annual sales of 148 billionU.S. dollarThe net profit was $ 16 billion.The name McDonald's "Mc"Old Celticで息 子It means that.

In McDonald's, it is not officially called a "hamburger" but "sandwich (Sandwich) "Shareholder benefitsThe ticket also says sandwich.But beforeTV commercialThey also call it "hamburger", and the store signboard has long used the notation "McDonald's hamburger".

There is also a training facility named "Hamburger University" (Later).

i'm lovin'it

McDonald's2003Started all over the worldAdsThen "i'm lovin'it"(My favorite)SloganAre using.




The first McDonald'sThe United States of America-CaliforniaSan BernardinoでMacdonald Brothers 1940It started in. With the catchphrase "Speed ​​Service System"工場The formula hamburger manufacturing method, andセ ル フ サ ー ビ スBy the mechanism ofSecond World WarAfter1948Since then, it has become particularly famous.

Ray kroc

In 1954,Milk shakeusemixer Ofsalesmanso,BohemiaJewish[9][10] EntrepreneurRay krocWhen (Ray Kroc) came to his brother's shop to sell a mixer, he was curious about how McDonald's worked.I was particularly interestedAudience seat OfTurnover rateWas very expensive, and it was to handle a considerable number of customers one after another.[11]..The clock that impressed me was the mixermaintenanceWhen I came to the cafeteriaシステムTheFranchiseI suggested that you start a business that sells the system itself in the form.

The brothers were reluctant to say, "I'm just running this store for ourselves, and I'm not going to franchise." Agreed that "McDonald's name and system will be used by Clock for business", and although the contract fee requested by the brothers was quite high, Clock's ambition was able to take the first step. ..

Clock works hard to market McDonald's and can do it soonTokyo DisneylandOf McDonald's inCafeteriaTo put inWalt DisneyI also met in person and actively marketed.This attempt failed, but the clockIllinoisOpened the first franchise store in Des Plaines, which was a huge success.Furthermore, on March 1955, 3, a new company "McDonald's Systems Inc." was created, and on April 2, 4, Clock opened its first directly managed store in Chicago.[12].. In 1960, the company name was changed to ("McDonald's Corporation").

Ronald McDonald

Of the clockMarketingOne of the strategies is to make it a family-friendly store.In particular, it was to target children for business.1960 erabeginning,Washington, capitalOscar Goldstein, who was operating as a McDonald's franchise in Japan,Willard Scott(Willard Scott) Crown (Clown) Belongs to the sponsor of a show named Bozo's Circus.When this show is stopped, Goldstin will be McDonald'sMascot characterWillard Scott was hired as "Ronald McDonald" after McDonald's, and Willard Scott played the role of Ronald for about two years from 1963.commercialAppeared in[13].

Ronald was a little overweight compared to the role he was looking for, but thischaracterMcDonald's chain stores have spread throughout the United States as a result of the advertisement.Subsequently, characters other than Ronald were also developed.

Sales strategy reasons in Japan, andJapaneseBecause it is difficult for the speaker to pronounceFujitaByDonald McDonaldHas been translated, and has appeared in commercials for children from the beginning.

Transfer of management rights

In the contract between Crock and his brother, the brother is responsible for the production process and receives profits from the company's shares.Instead, Clock was supposed to take full responsibility for sales expansion.But by 1961 the clock failed to expand.The brothers, because of their retirement,1961Agreed to sell all McDonald's rights to Clock for $ 270 million.It's expensive for a clock, but it's judged to be beneficial in the long run,Princeton UniversityHe raked up from many investors, including others, and bought his brother's stock for $ 270 million.

The contract did not allow the brothers to use the name "McDonald's," so they were forced to change their store to the name "The Big M" and continue to operate.However, Crock opened a large McDonald's store just north of his brother's store, and "The Big M" went bankrupt, and his brother's store closed and no longer exists.

Crock died in January 1981, and for the year McDonald's held a sale called a memorial campaign for the founder, but the McDonald's brother Richard was allegedly furious when he learned of this.

According to the agreement accompanying the transfer of management rights, 1% of the chain's sales will be paid in the future even after the transfer.Gentleman agreementHowever, it was not protected because it was not included in the contract.If protected, the brothers would have earned $ 3 million a year.[14].


Since then, McDonald's Corporation has opened stores all over the world. On January 1990, 1MoscowSo, the first McDonald's in the communist bloc opened.

The price of McDonald's Big Mac isBig mac indexIt was used as a means of comparing purchasing power parity prices between currencies.The creator of this indicatorThe United KingdomEconomic magazine "economist"magazine(The Economist,).McDonald's standardization is at the same time lifestyle and economic activityGlobalizationWas meant.

Thomas FriedmanIs his own book, "LexusとoliveIn "Tree", he predicted that "countries with McDonald's would not wage war" as "golden M-shaped arch theory", but in 1999, the United States of AmericaSerbian bombingHas been broken by.

Intensifying competition

In developed countries such as the United States, competition is fierce with more expensive and higher quality burgers and other fast food restaurant chains offering more multifaceted services.

According to a 2002 survey by an American restaurant magazine, McDonald's ranking is "Burger King"When"White castleBelow that, the food quality of hamburgers was 15th.According to market research firms, McDonald's share has fallen 5% in the last five years and is now 3%.Sell ​​with a healthy imagesandwichChain "SubwayHas the largest share in the United States.

First withdrawal

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Dayアイス ランドIt was announced that McDonald's will be the first McDonald's to announce the closure of all three stores in the country.[15]..The reason for withdrawal is that due to the financial crisis from time to time, it was difficult to produce in-house and the cost of raw materials (especially imported ingredients such as fresh vegetables) that depended on imports soared (as a backbone)Iceland KronaIt is said that it became unprofitable due to the fact that the value of the company was lost due to the financial crisis and the import tariffs were raised.During the past year and a half before the withdrawal, the cost has doubled from normal, so it is difficult to recover the economic situation of the country until it is profitable. It is said that it decided to withdraw due to the complexity of.

A large number of customers packed up until October 10, the last day of business after the announcement of withdrawal, waited 31 minutes to receive the product, traffic congestion occurred due to drive-through use, and McDonald's side also responded by increasing the number of temporary employees It became a great success such as[16].

Names, abbreviations, common names, nicknames in each country

In English-speaking countriesMcDonald's", And" McDonald's "(IPA [məkˈdɒnldz]) Is close[17].. EnglishSlangIn (slang), "Fri Ofarch"The Golden Arches" which means "" and "Mickey D's"It's called (Mickey Deeds). The name" The Golden Arches "isSignboard Of M Due to the two yellow arches that also look like.

Japan McDonald'sNo official abbreviation has been announced. Regarding "Mac", "McDonald's" and "McDonald's", the company explains that "which is not correct" and "there is no correct answer".[18][19]..There are regional differences in the names given by customers.[20],KinkiThere are many "McDonald's" names around and aroundEast Japan,KyusyuEtc. tend to be called "Mac" or "McDonald's"[18][21][22]..The products for sale are "Big Mac" and "McShakeThere are also people who affirm "Mac" because there is something like[23].

In France, in addition to the pronunciation being the same as in Japan, "McDonald's" is abbreviated as "McDonald's" as in the Kinki region because it is avoided because it is a jargon for prostitution middlemen and pimps.[23].

ChineseThen.漢字so"McDonald's"(Simplified characters), "McDonald's"(繁体字), And "My Tan Lau" (pinyin: Mài dāng láo).


Of McDonald's Corporationbusiness modelIs many otherfast foodChain storeIs slightly different.Billed even with regular chainsPatentFees, supplies, and salespercentageIn addition to, McDonald's alsoRentCollect the fee.

FranchiseMost McDonald's as a condition of the contractstoreIs in the storeReal estateIs owned by McDonald's Corporation.The franchise company pays a portion of the sales to McDonald's Corporation as a rent.One of the founders of McDonald's Harry.J.Sonneborne "Our business is a real estate business. The only reason we sell burgers is that the profits of a franchise company selling burgers bring us the most rent," he said.

At McDonald's, "Mystery shopperA person called "orders one set from the general public.To improve the quality of the store, scoring items include speed, cleanliness, product quality and service. JapanThen.2003,NoonDuring the peak hours (12:00 to 13:00), the "Challenge! 1 Seconds Service Campaign" was launched, which provides products within 60 minute after entering the cash register, regardless of the number of orders.[24][25]..If you can't provide it in timepotatoOrColaAttached a voucher[26]..Since the time was uniform for one minute regardless of the number of items ordered, there were cases where it was not possible to prepare within one minute when ordering a set menu.At some storescash registerIn the middle of inputkitchenEven if it actually exceeds 1 minute, it is within 1 minute by completing the cashier input after telling the order details to.As a whole, the result of shortening the response time of the clerk is obtained, and the customer and the clerkcommunicationWas generally well received due to synergistic effects such as the birth of[24].


McDonald'shamburger,potato(Potato)Central kitchenIt is pre-molded and brought in from (centralized cooking factory facility), and it is only baked and fried in the kitchen, and there is no need for detailed cooking in the store.

The temperature and time of the iron plate and frying oil to be baked are also set.With some training, no matter who makes it, we can offer products of the same size, shape, and taste.The cooking process has also been simplified, and garnishing has been simplified as much as possible so that cooking can be done at high speed.

As a product provision system, "English: Made For You(MFYorM4U, Made-for-you) ”, a new method of cooking quickly after receiving an order and completing the product has been introduced (when all stores are introduced) The United States of America: 1999, Japan:2005)[27].

Other "direct operation" (stockThere is a method called (method), in which products are made and stored in a storage shelf, etc., and after receiving an order, they are taken out and sold.Since the preparation is done based on the forecast of sales and customer traffic during that time, in most cases, there was an advantage that the product could be provided without waiting for the customer.On the other hand, problems such as food disposal due to misprediction occur due to deterioration of taste and internal regulations that discard hamburgers 10 minutes after cooking.[27],Environment issuesEtcCriticismCaused to be.Made For YouThe system also has the advantage of being able to provide freshness to all customers, such as unsold items.FoodstuffEliminate storage and make hamburgerscostWas lowered.Of course, even with this system, there is waste due to making more than the ordered amount, but the amount of waste has decreased sharply as a whole.[27].

Consumer information magazine "Consumer reportsThe McDonald's hamburger taste was "the worst" of all the major hamburger chains in the United States, according to a statement based on responses from 3 subscribers.[28].


Hamburger beefパ テ ィ ThebeefUsing[29].

Depending on the areaReligiousFor customers who cannot eat specific or any meat from the above point of view,chicken"Chicken Maharaja Mac" "Chicken McCurry Pan" (Chicken McCurry Pan)India,Later), Do not use any meatVegMenu for (Veg menu,Later)[30],HokiTo sayDeep sea fish,WalleyeUsing "Fileo fish(FishMac) ”(countries), etc.Food tabooThe menu is prepared in consideration of.

in Japan"TeriyakiThe patties used in "McBurger", "Mega Teriyaki" released from June to July 2007, and "McPork" released from July 6豚 肉In (Pork), McDonald's specifies the use of pork.

in Japan"Chicken nuggetPreviously about 2% was in the United StatesOSI GroupIs under the umbrella of[31] It was purchased from the Chinese meat processing company "Shanghai Fukuki Foods", but it was discovered that it was using chicken that had passed the expiration date for half a month, and sales of the product stopped on July 2014, 7.[32][33].

Drive through

Drive throughIs called "McDonald's" outside Japan.The usage procedure isvehicleMove to the microphone where the menu is posted and place an order.At this time, the clerk charges the payment amount.

NormallyMicrophoneI'm in the store overincomeI will talk to the clerk who wears it, but at some storesDays OffMobile type, mainly during peak hourscash registerThere is also a situation where you talk directly to the clerk who accompanied you.In this case as well, the cash registerWiredSince it is directly connected to the in-store system, orders are directly transmitted to the in-store Made For You system.In addition, a small size called WOT (Wireless Order Taker)Touch panelOrders may be placed at the terminal. WOT is almost alwaysCorporate colorIt is put in a red shoulder case. WOT places an orderwirelessBy methodKitchenIt may be used in the store when it is crowded to convey it to.in this case,settlement,receiptIssuance is done at the cash register at the counter.At the very beginning of the introduction, the order was made to the clerk on the TV screen, but after that the TV was removed and only the menu board was used.In recent years, stores have introduced displays that display orders under the microphone.

After that, if you proceed along the route, you will find a product delivery port.Here, you first pay the price and then receive the product in a bag or the like.The unused window in front of the delivery port or its traces, which can be seen in some old stores, is a remnant of the fact that payment and delivery of goods were done at separate windows.Even now, there are stores that take this form, and there are also stores where payment and delivery are separate only during peak holidays.Even stores that have opened in recent years may use this method during non-peak hours.(I.e.In areas where there are many areas, care is taken to prevent the products from getting wet, and Japanese stores usually have a roof at the delivery port.If you advance the vehicle after receiving the goodsPublic roadGo out to.

Drive-through progress when it takes time to deliver, such as when there are many purchased productslaneYou will be kept waiting in a waiting area outside of the area.In many cases, the clerk transports the goods to the vehicle.

Drive-through is mainlyOrdinary passenger carEtc., butオ ー ト バ イ,Bicycleな どMotorcycleUse for both is to drive after receiving the productAutomobileDepending on the store, it may be refused for safety reasons such as a rear-end collision.Alsotrailer,TrackIn the case of, it may not be available due to vehicle limits, but some stores have drive-throughs in consideration of these.HighwayRailway lineSeen in, transportation, routes, etc.busIt is also used in.

Customer service in the store

Even when eating in the store, the customer who paid the price at the cash register put the product on the spottrayAnd the customer carries the tray by himself from there to the seatセ ル フ サ ー ビ スIt is an expression.It is also possible to take home the products purchased in the store.

Clean up things on the trayGarbage canThere is no need to collect and wash the dishes, but it has been a source of criticism that no matter what you buy, you will always get waste.Currently, most productspaper包装ButstrawAnd somePlasticThere is also a material.PreviouslyStyrofoamMany containers were used, but they are rarely used now.

Store management

Stores at McDonald'sboatThe clerk who looks like"crew(CREW) "It is called.Most clerkpartOrPart-time jobAnd this is usually more than one person"manager(MGR) "CallEmployeeTo supervise with.However, if there are multiple stores managed by one employee, there will be many absences, so management work such as commuting time of the clerk will be performed from the standpoint of part-time or part-time worker."Swing Manager (SW-MGR)"CallclassThere is.In charge of crew education etc."crewtrainer(CREW TRAINER) "and so on.Normally open all year round, but called in-store typeShopping mallThe stores that enterHolidaySome have.


Japanese stores are usually (traditional) storessatelliteDivided into stores.

Satellites have small kitchens and previously limited menus, but on the other hand, low-expenditure stores were possible and many opened in the 1990s.Satellite stores do not necessarily have traditional stores that serve as mother stores, and are basically independently managed.

Even if there is no parent-child relationship, not only food movement between neighboring stores (due to expiration date, excess or deficiency of purchases, etc.), but also coin exchange is common nowadays when bank charges are incurred.

Even if it is a neighboring store, the OC (operating consultant), who is the manager's superior, does not concurrently serve as a neighboring store, so it is possible to establish a "request" type by the individual employee of each store to the transfer source or the transfer destination of the store worker. It's normal.

McDonald'sSignboard The"Red"For a nice background coloryellowAlthough it is a colored letter,Kyoto CitySome stores such asLandscape protection ordinanceDue to the regulation by, the background color isBrownAnd so on.TokyoToshima ward OfSugamoAt the storeEnglishOf originKatakanaMany elderly customers do not understand the language,potato→ContactPotato,chicken→chicken,Beverage OfS ・ M ・ L→Drink OfSmall, Medium, LargeAnd someJapaneseNotation is made.In addition, the regional pricing system was introduced in 2007, but it was virtually abolished in 2015.

Changes in store image

The image of McDonald's stores has changed since the beginning of the 21st century.The traditional store image is a design that incorporates the American taste of the impression brought by the signboard with yellow letters on the red background color, the inner wall uses a simple white background, and the accessories and interior are plastic with red and blue primary colors painted in places. The main material was vinyl, and I was aiming for a kind of cheap interior.The red interior also had the effect of making customers feel uncomfortable and accelerating the turnover of customers.


Since 2006, attempts have been made to extend business hours, and the number of stores that are open 24 hours has increased. However, due to profitability and difficulty in securing crew, the number of stores that are closed 24 hours has increased again.

Several companies since the late 2000s to attract customersPublic wireless LAN(Wi-Fi spot) is provided and power serviceOutletSome stores have.

Since 2018, we have been regularly conducting a "toy recycling project" to collect Happy Meal toys at stores nationwide and recycle them into trays used in the stores.[34].

Store form

The types of McDonald's stores are roughly divided into the following three types.

Urban store
A normal store is a dining room with seats, and it also has functions such as to have a good time and to finish meals easily and quickly when going out.
It is located in front of the station, in a downtown area, in a commercial facility, etc., and there is no parking lot due to the site.
At event venues and school stores, only kitchens and counters are set up, and the audience seats are often those of the facility.
Suburban store
Suburban stores have drive-throughs (see:System> drive-through).In-store orders are also possible here, and there is also an order counter for that purpose.Many of these stores are located along highways, on the edge of the city or in small towns between big cities.
"McDrive" store along the highway
Pure drive-through stores, such as parking areas on highways, often have no seats, and customers eat in the parking lot or in their car while driving.

There are other stores with special themes.Specifically, Rock'n'Roll McDonald's, 1950s-style dining room, etc.Many new stores in the suburbs have a large amusement facility called McDonald's Playland.Many are indoors, but sometimes outdoors.

The McDonald's mark, called the yellow "Golden Arch," is often placed on a high pole to indicate the location of the McDonald's store.In Japan, this is called a barber's pole.The red and yellow used in this mark are also the color schemes often used by many companies that utilize advertising.

DeliveryApplicable when there are some stores where you can order more than the specified amount at a time[30].

Hamburger University

As a training facility for McDonald's employees, separate from the training center(English edition)Is located in 7 countries including the United States (training centers are located in each country).

American main school

Hamburger University is a McDonald's employee education facility.IllinoisOak BrookChicago130,000 in the suburbsSquare feet(12,000Square meter), And owned by McDonald's in the United States.So far, more than 70,000 managers have "graduated" and about 30 "professors" belong to it. The "University" was founded in 1961 in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. In the early 1960s, early students had to ensure that they had completed courses in chemistry, marketing, cooking, etc. by the time they "graduated" to improve corporate profits.Some of them, "McDegree," were in the department of researching the economic quality improvement of McDonald's products.The current scale is more than 1 people per class on average.

  • Hamburger University has a campus area of ​​80acre(320,000 square meters).
  • Twenty-two international full-time professors are stationed to teach students in more than 22 countries.
  • There are 17 interactive educational classrooms, 5 classrooms for extracurricular activities, and an auditorium with 300 seats in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • Hamburger University translators can translate over 27 different languages ​​at the same time.
  • Employees study for about 32 hours at Hamburger University in the first month.
  • Over 5,800 students learn each year.

Japanese school

Japan McDonald'shead office(Shinjuku Island Tower) Located on the 38th floor.

July 2005, Hamburger University Basic Shift Management Course (BSM)When,Advanced Shift Management Course (ASM)Two courses,Young people employment basic ability acquisition support projectReceived (Yes-Program) certification.

Image character

Donald McDonald

McDonaldlandRonald (Japanese name:Donald McDonald), Grimace, Birdie, Hamburglar, Flyguyマ ス コ ッ トcharacterThere is.The main character is Ronald.these areHappy setIt becomes a toy attached to the children's setCMAppeared in or in the pastNES,Mega driveIt was also released as a game software of.The use of these characters is universal, and in many countries dolls are placed in front of stores.Also, in the image of Ronald who enlightens "garbage goes to the trash can"PictogramIs drawn on the packaging, containers, and cups.It is set to speak multiple languages ​​and can speak multiple languages.Japanese(However, no dialect is used),Dutch,Tagalog,Hindi31 languages ​​such as are the target.Also, the name "Ronald McDonald" may differ slightly from country to country.

Donald McDonald

In Japan, it is called "Donald", the full name is "Donald McDonald", and McDonald is the surname.Usually referred to simply as "Donald", in most cases the surname part is omitted.Similar names,デ ィ ズ ニ ー OfDonald DuckAndThomas ThomasIt has nothing to do with Donald.

in Japan1990 eraUntil the second half, there were many commercials that Donald was talking about,2000From around this time, Donald stopped speaking, and the impression that "Donald = a non-speaking character" became common.2004Donald talked for the first time in a few years in the CM that was held in Japan, but this CM is "Do you talk about Donald?", And it gives a strange feeling to the generation who has the impression that it is a "non-speaking character". It became a CM to give.In the above answer, Donald himself was "talkative".

Big Mac Police

PreviouslyBig Mac PoliceThere was also an image character called, but now it is no longer used all over the world.police officerIt is explained that the Big Mac Police is to give the impression of monitoring Donald and others.Another theory is that "the peaceful McDonaldland doesn't need police."Inside, there is a story that it was excluded because it was a "character scared by children" (many children actually cried at events such as the Donald McDonald show).However, you can get it by purchasing a specific item in the "American Vintage" campaign that has been running since January 2014.LINEThe stamp of this character has appeared in the limited stamp of[35].


A villain character who loves hamburgers and steals other people's hamburgers.In the early days, like Donald, he was dressed as a real human being.A black hat and a black eye mask.And black-and-white border top and bottom clothes reminiscent of prison uniforms.Every time you steal a hamburger (officially "take" instead of "steal")police officerWas being chased by the Big Mac Police.You can also use the magic of stealing hamburgers.However, in the commercial punch line, Donald always disciplined him with magic (Donald Magic) (he was defeated by Donald rather than Big Mac Police).Although it was temporarily revived as a headgear character in Heisei, it has disappeared again in recent years, but on the official McDonald's websiteKids cornerSince the figure remains in the coloring page, the figure is still confirmed at this time.Also, in the "American Vintage" campaign that has been held since January 2014, a stamp of this character has appeared in the limited LINE stamp that you can get when you purchase a specific product.[35].


A purple character who loves McShake. recent years[When?]You can't see it much in, but like Hamburglar, you can still see it in the kids' corner coloring page and the 2014 LINE stamp.[35].


Morning macImaged(I.e.Character.Bright and lively, but a little tomboyish personality. It was rarely seen in Japan in the 21st century, but with the LINE limited stamp that you can get when you purchase a specific product in the "American Vintage" campaign that has been held since January 2014, this character's Stamp has appeared[35].

Fly kids

Mac friesImage character.Boys are called "", girls are called "", and "-kids" is their general term.Pom pomIt looks like it has legs.glassesAnd those whoポ ニ ー テ ー ルorTwin tailThere are several people who have fluttered.


At the beginning of its founding, a mascot character called Speedee, devised by the McDonald's brothers, was in operation.[36]..This character is designed as a hamburger-like person with a cock cap on his head[36]..McDonald's JapanWith NewsAccording to the interview, the specific year of birth is unknown, and as of May 2021, McDonald's in the United States has not used it as a normal product design.[36].

On the other hand, in McDonald's in Japan, there are multiple cases where speedy is used for designing prizes for campaigns.[36].. In the 1990s, speedy mugs and glasses appeared, and in January 2020, speedy goods were prepared as prizes for lucky bags.[36][37]..And in 2021, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of McDonald's landing in Japan, speedy design was made for the containers and packaging of some products.[36].

Other (character)

In addition to this, there are areas such as Mayor McCheese that have their own characters, and in the United States, two boys, Mic and Mac, are also designated as mascot characters.As an example of Japan, "Mr. James" was adopted as a promotional character for the "NIPPON ALL STARS" series released for a limited time from August to November 2.[38].


Symbol of American capitalism

McDonald's is often associated with American mass consumption culture due to its size and influence.American EmpireEconomic control byAmericanization) Is considered a symbol of each countrynationalismSchoolMaintenanceFactions, environmental activists,Anti-globalismIt is often the target of an activist's attack.

Anti-AmericanDemonstration activitiesThen, the McDonald's store is attacked first (this isKentucky Fried Chicken,The Coca-Cola CompanyIs the same).in particularGulf War,Iraq warDuring the period when the United States invades other countries, etc.Middle EastThe store was set on fire or destroyed.AlsoThe United KingdomA critical activist was arrested after blasting a store in London.

Furthermore, after the Iraq WarUK,Paris,ZurichAnti-American demonstrations are being held violently in front of stores such asMexico CityThen "HamburgerOne isU.S. Forces OfbulletThe word "one shot" was born.Also,South KoreaMembers of environmental groups climbed a large McDonald's sign and said, "MUnder the letter ""AD WARWith a banner that says ""MAD WAR(gone crazy戦 争) ”Demonstration activitiesDid.

1999May 5,Kosovo conflictInOperation Allied ForceAt the time ofUS Air ForceThe machine is parkedユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ アPeople's Republic of ChinaEmbassyTheAccidental explosionWhen you do北京市10 McDonald's stores inChinese peopleWas attacked by.

またfast foodIs its ease and highcalorieTherefore, "obesityThe image of "the main culprit" was to be planted.To calm this growing foreign opposition, McDonald's procured food and drink ingredients in that country as much as possible, and the menu was also in that country.cultureWe are taking a strategy that takes into consideration.meatFor Indians who avoid, we have also developed a vegetable burger.


2004Is represented by McDonald'sfast foodWith the theme of health destruction in the industry, "1 month, 3 meals McDonald'sHamburgerWhat if I just eat and spend time? "Human experimentationBecame,Documentary movie"Supersize MeIs released,77th Academy Awards OfFeature documentary film awardWas nominated for. In 2011, more than 550 groups facedobesityRequesting the retirement of Ronald McDonald to curb[39].

McDonald's in the United States-Cooking oil switching delay settlement payment of 9 million yen
McDonald's20029,Heart diseasediseaseIt was pointed out that it causesTrans fatty acidsTo reduce cooking oil (shortening)2003Announced that it will be replaced with a new type by February.Trans fatty acidsFrench friesIn response to the fact that the company did not properly announce that the implementation was delayed while announcing that it was contained in a large amount of oil (shortening) used for deep-fried foods and that it would be switched to a new type of cooking oil that takes health into consideration.LawsuitHappened,settlementIt announced in February 850 that it would pay a total of about 9 million dollars (about 2005 million yen) including gold.
However, due to the delay in implementation, 20032Announced the fact of the delay, but American health activists2003As the notification to consumers was inadequateRestitution for DamagesAsking for etc.California OfDistrict courtI filed a complaint with.
Cooking oil switching in Japan
In 2004, when the BSE problem occurred, the cooking oil was temporarily switched to 100% vegetable oil because the cooking oil was blended with beef tallow. As of 2018, according to the official website of McDonald's Japan, no trans fatty acidsPalm oilTobeef tallowIs said to be a blend.

対 応

McDonald's has a menu that includes food production areas and food allergies.[40] Is specified in detail.AlsochefでEnglishmanFor the first time and the youngest in historyMichelin Guide XNUMX StarsMarco Pierre White, who won the award, said, "The products are consistent and the quality is excellent with respect to the price. Despite thorough quality control such as from Ireland, this fact is not well known. Not done. "[41].

Request for improved nutrition

In 2011, experts told McDonald's that food and drink for children was high in calories, high in fat, high in sugar and high in salt.Junk FoodRequests discontinuation of sales, discontinuation of sales with bonus, and retirement of Ronald McDonald[39].

Example in California

As a measure against childhood obesity, California, USA announced "Happy Meal" in November 2010 ("Happy Meal" in Japan.Happy setAn ordinance prohibiting the sale of high-calorie children's set menus with extras has been passed.This ordinance applies to all fast food restaurants, not just McDonald's[42].

Outbreak of food poisoning

Regarding McDonald's hygiene management, each process from the place of production to the storeHACCPA strict system is adopted based on international standards such as[43] But in 2018, AmericaNew York StateContaminated mainly bysaladCaused byCyclosporaCauses food poisoning of more than 500 people due to illness[44].

Frequent proceedings

McDonald's with that imageCopyright,商標Proceedings often file.McDonald's also filed proceedings in small family-owned stores, such as those that have been around for 100 years.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euPrivately run named "McDonald's" inCafeThere is a lawsuit to suspend the use of the name.

McDonald's also holds the longest-running civil trial record in British history.This is often "(English edition)"(McLibel trial).This is McDonald's accusing two environmental activists of defamation for handing out leaflets that slander McDonald's on London Street.[45].

Working conditions proceedings

April 2014 Americanニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,California,MichiganIn each state of the United States, wages reduced by deduction from nominal salary such as compulsory unpaid waiting, uniform purchase cost and uniform washing cost are stipulated by law.minimum wageEmployees sued for illegal wages below[46][47].

Conflict with the franchise

From around 1995, McDonald'sFranchiseThe store became dissatisfied with McDonald's Corporation.McDonald's gave franchise rights so much that franchise stores began to compete with each other.From around this time, McDonald's began investigating market impacts before granting franchise rights.

Relationship with Israel

McDonald'sイ ス ラ エ ルAs a support companyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSupportersMuslimIt is often criticized.For example, Palestinian supporters in Japan include former McDonald's Chairman and CEO Jack M. Greenberg as Honorary Chairman of the American Israel Chamber of Commerce in Chicago, and McDonald's support for Israel, "Jewish United." He criticizes being a major corporate partner of the Fund and the Jewish Federation.[48].

It was also held from 2008 to 2009Israeli Gaza ConflictThen,India,MalaysiaTo "Israel Supporting Companies" including McDonald's by Muslim GroupBoycottIs called, Malaysia'sMahathir Bin MohammadThe prime minister also called on McDonald's employees in the country to resign.AlsoFrance OfParisProtesters destroyed the windows of a McDonald's store[49][50][51]..As seen in this case, as an "Israel support company"The Coca-Cola Company,Starbucks,H&MAre often criticized at the same time as McDonald's.

Characteristic matters in each region

  • ベルギー,スペインSuch,beerThere are also areas that handle[30]..In Spain, you can choose beer from the set menu drinks at no extra charge.
  • GermanyMcDonald's is often installed in places such as just after getting off the main station.The rate of attracting customers is not high, probably because the price is high.This is cheaper than McDonald'skebabThis is because the food service industry has become very wide with the liberation of immigrants.
  • ハンガリー OfBudapest West StationThe McDonald's inside the building is full of luxury and is far from the image of McDonald's stores that Japanese people generally think of.Therefore, it is sometimes described as "the most beautiful McDonald's in the world".Prices can be as high as Hungarian restaurants.
  • NetherlandsLet ’s have our own hamburgerCroquetBurger orSatayThere is a burger (satay is peanut sauce).The potatoes come with mayonnaise and the sweets are from the NetherlandsApplescake, Apertart and 100% Arabica coffee from the famous Dutch coffee company, Dutch food culture and former colonialIndonesiaThe food culture is fused and the standard is not comparable to Japan.Caesar saladCan be ordered, but the price may be equal to or higher than that of nearby restaurants.
  • Collapse of the Soviet UnionAfterロシアThen McDonald'sOctopus bellIt is always full, suppressing others.This is not an exaggeration, actuallySt. PetersburgA terrorist attack with a bomb on a McDonald's table near the subway[52].
  • IndiaThen,HinduismIn the doctrine ofbeef, For eating habits豚 肉Can not be used in generalchickenIs the main menu ingredient.Especially "Chicken Maharaja Burger" is famous[30].
  • Islamic StateInIslamInHalalCertified.As a matter of course,Dream PorkOffering kindalcoholThere is no cooking using the kind, but there are plenty of alternative menus.
  • IndonesiaThen with riceFried chickenThere is a set of.This is because hamburger sets are expensive and cheap chicken is popular.
  • イ ス ラ エ ルThen,JudaismBy the doctrine ofcheeseburger CachetBecause it is not recognized, there are stores in the country that comply with Kashrut and stores that do not.
  • "Teriyaki"McBurger"Japan McDonald'sIt is a product developed in the United States of America, which is not found in the original United States.Initially sold as a limited-time menu, it became a regular menu due to its popularity, and moreHong Kong,Kingdom of ThailandSold under the names "Samurai Pork Burger" and "General Burger"[30].
  • vegetarianIn some countries, "Veggie Burger" is prepared for[30].
  • Once in JapanRiceIt was usedChinese-Western styleMenu items such as "McDonald's", "Ebi Chao", "Hamburg Chao", "Katsu Chao", "Lunch Cutlet Curry", "Beef Curry", "Chicken Curry"Curry menu 1991-1992Has been released in[53].
  • JapanandKingdom of ThailandFor example, a motorcycle (Mac bike) Delivery service (McDelivery) Is also available.
  • デンマークEmployeesHourly wageIs a minimum of $ 18 for over 21 years old and a minimum of $ 18 for under 15 years old[54].
  • "McDonald's in Japan世界The service is the best inWall Street JournalIs evaluating.The reason is that "there are no staff members who sigh during work, and there is no lengthy chat between employees."[55]..However, such extreme manual support for employees rarely exists outside of Japan, and it is due to differences in the environment, such as McDonald's outside Japan being positioned as a restaurant that cannot be enjoyed at low cost.McDonald's official websiteYou can check the difference between various services by following the official McDonald's websites around the world from the link at.

Relationship with sports competitions

McDonald's1976Or laterModern olympicServed as a sponsor company of, and continued to sponsor with the highest sponsorship, "TOP Partner".

またPlayer villageHe has also expanded into the cafeteria of No. XNUMX and says, "The advantage is that you can eat the same food anywhere in the world."Sapporo OlympicsThen, of women's skatingJanet Lynn Homesick"Then it tastes like America," he said, delivering hamburgers by plane.

In June 2017, announced that the contract until 6 will be withdrawn from TOP three years ahead of schedule (2018 OfPyeongchang GamesContinues only sponsorship contracts in Korea)[56].

Major tournaments in charge


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