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🧳 | Global airlines supply seats recovered to 8,000 million seats per week OAG survey


Global airlines supply seats recover to 8,000 million seats per week OAG survey

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Etihad Airways sells for an average of $ 3,359 and business class for $ 7,626.

OAG, an aviation research firm, believes that the number of seats supplied by airlines around the world per week will exceed 8,000 million ... → Continue reading


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Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways(Etihad Airways,A: الاتحاد للايران; al-it tiḥād liṭ-ṭaya rān,British: Etihad Airways) IsUnited Arab Emirates(UAE)Abu Dhabi EmirateAbu DhabiBased inNational OfAirlines.Arab Air Carriers Organization A member of the (Arab Air Carriers Organization).Etihad (اتحاد, Ittihad) means a coalition.

Etihad AirwaysIt may be written as.Also, at the time of establishmentEchiad AirlinesWas also called. [2]

England·Sky traxBy airlineratingSo, in the past, it was certified as "The World's 5-Star Airlines", which is the highest rating in practice, but it was decided to be demoted to 2019 star airline in May 5.[3].


Etihad Airways is the second president of the United Arab EmiratesKhalifa Bin Zayed Earl NahyanEstablished in July 2003 as an airline in the United Arab Emirates.The so-called Abu Dhabi EmirateFlag carrierAnd in the same UAEDubaiBased inEmirates AirlinesAlong with, it is a representative airline in the UAE and the Middle East.3 big like EmiratesAviation unionNot a member of, but a wide variety beyond alliancesCode share flightsWe are trying to expand.

Until the establishment of the company, the Emirate of Abu Dhabiバーレーン,OmanWas invested and operated withGulf AirWas the flag carrier of the country, but with the establishment of Etihad Airways, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi2005Withdrew its investment in Gulf Air.


Hub airport OfAbu Dhabi International AirportCentered onMiddle East,AfricaAnd othersAsiaIn various placesEurope,North America,South America,OceaniaWe are developing routes all over the world.

Expansion through M & A

Since the beginning of the 2010sAs of 2014, it has invested in the following airlines.Other than Virgin Australia, they have almost all the management rights and are effectively affiliated companies, but some companies have since been removed from the umbrella due to management difficulties.

However, in addition to the bankruptcy of Alitalia-Italian Airlines in May 2017, the partner in October of the same yearAir berlin, In August of the same yearAdria Airways, And in June 2019Jet AirwaysMany of the affiliated companies are difficult to manage, such as the suspension of operations, and Etihad's consolidated business performance fell into the red in 2016 and 2017 as a result of being dragged by them, and the business performance is sluggish.[6]..For this reason, it was traditionally seen as a rival.Emirates AirlinesWe are working to strengthen the cooperative relationship with, and have taken measures such as allowing two pilot companies to work concurrently.[6].

Owned equipment

2013May 11,Boeing 777-8X,Boeing 787-10,Airbus A350 XWBWe ordered a large number of aircraft such as.The company777-8XBecome the launch customer of[7].
The number of Airbus A350-1000 has decreased to 12 due to delays in development such as design changes.[8].. With the introduction of the 2015 and A787 in 380, they are wearing new paint.

Etihad Airways owned aircraft (as of 2021)[9]
ModelNumber of holdingsNumber of ordersNumber of seatsRemarks
Airbus A320-20019--16120136
Airbus A321-20010--16158174
Airbus A321neo-26Undecided
Airbus A350-1000317UndecidedWaiting for maintenance after receipt from 2018
(Initially, 22 aircraft were ordered, of which 2 were canceled)
Boeing 777-300ER19--28384412
Boeing 777-8-8UndecidedLaunch customer
Boeing 777-9-17Undecided
Boeing 787-93011-28271299A6-BND: Manchester City FC special paint
A6-BLV: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix special paint
Boeing 787-10921-32304336A6-BMH: Greenliner special paint
Boeing 777F5-Freighter

In addition, it may be painted for a limited time as a special painting for Abu Dhabi tourism promotion.

Retired equipment

As another freighter

Destination city

Etihad Airways service city(As of 2016 year 9 month)
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates flag United Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiAbu Dhabi International AirportHub airport
North africa
 EgyptCairoCairo International Airport
 KenyaNairobiJomo Kenyatta International AirportSuspended
 (I.e.TripoliTripoli International Airport
Morocco flag モロッコCasablancaMohammed V International Airport
Sudan flag スーダンKhartoumKhartoum International Airport
South Africa
Seychelles flag セ ー シ ェ ェMaheSeychelles International Airport
Uganda flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euEntebbeEntebbe International AirportSuspended
 Republic of South AfricaJohannesburgJohannesburg International Airport
West Africa
Nigerian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euLagosMurtala Muhammed International Airport
Central Asia
Kazakhstan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euNursultanNursultan-Nazarbayev International Airport
Armenian flag アルメニアYerevanZvartnots International Airport
Azerbaijan flag アゼルバイジャンBakuHeydar Aliyev International Airport[10]
East Asia
Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuBeijingBeijing Capital International Airport
ShanghaiPudong International Airport
GuangzhouGuangzhou Baiyun International AirportFreight only
成都Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Hong Kong flag Hong KongHong KongHong Kong International Airport
Japanese flag JapanTokyoNarita International Airport
NagoyaChubu International AirportFlight via Beijing[11]
Republic of Korea flag South KoreaSeoulIncheon International Airport
South Asia
Bangladesh flag バングラデシュDhakaShahjalal International Airport
Indian flag IndiaMumbaiChhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
ChennaiChennai International Airport
DelhiIndira Gandhi International Airport
KolkataNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
Chori codeCalicut International Airport
ThiruvananthapuramTrivandrum International Airport
coachCochin International Airport
HyderabadRajiv Gandhi International Airport
BengaluruBengaluru International Airport
AhmedabadAhmadah Bird Airport
Maldives flag MaldivesMaleIbrahim Nasir International Airport
Nepal flag ネ パ ー ルKathmanduKathmandu International Airport
 PakistanIslamabadIslamabad International Airport
KarachiJinnah International Airport
LahoreLahore International Airport
Sri Lanka flag Sri LankaColomboBandaranaike International Airport
Southeast Asia
 IndonesiaJakartaSoekarno Hatta International Airport
Malaysia flag MalaysiaKuala LumpurKuala Lumpur International Airport
Philippines flag フィリピンManilaNinoy Aquino International Airport
Singapore flag SingaporeSingaporeSingapore Changi International Airport
Kingdom of Thailand flag ThailandBangkokSuvarnabhumi International Airport
プ ー ケ ッ トPhuket International Airport
 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHo Chi Minh CityTan Son Nhat International Airport
West Asia
Bahrain flag バーレーンManamaBahrain International Airport
Jordan flag JordanAmmanQueen Alia International Airport
Kuwait flag クウェートクウェートKuwait International Airport
Lebanese flag LebanonBeirutBeirut International Airport
 OmanMuscatMuscat International Airport
Qatar flag QatarDohaHamad International AirportAfter suspension of operations from June 2017, 6, it will be treated as suspension of operations.[12]
Saudi arabia flag Saudi ArabiaDammamKing Fahd International Airport
JeddahKing Abdulaziz International Airport
RiyadhKing Khaled International Airport
MedinaPrince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz International Airport
Belgian flag ベルギーブ リ ュ ッ セ ルBrussels International Airport
 ãƒ™ ラ ル ー シMinskMinsk 2nd Airport
German flag GermanyFrankfurtFrankfurt airport
Frankfurt Hahn AirportFreight only
MunichMunich International Airport
DusseldorfDusseldorf Airport
Spanish flag スペインMadridAdolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport
French flag FranceParisCharles De Gaulle International Airport
British flag The United KingdomUKLondon Heathrow Airport
ManchesterManchester International Airport
EdinburghEdinburgh Airport[13]
Greek flag GreeceAthensAthens International Airport
Irish flag アイルランドDublinDublin Airport
Italian flag イタリアMilanMilan Malpensa International Airport
RomeFiumicino airport
Dutch flag NetherlandsAmsterdamAmsterdam Schiphol Airport
Russian flag ロシアMoscowDomodedovo airport
Serbian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euBelgradeBelgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
Swiss flag スイスZurichZurich airport
GenevaGeneva Cointrin International Airport
Turkish flag トルコIstanbulAtaturk International Airport
Australian flag AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane International AirportFlight via Singapore
MelbourneMelbourne International Airport
SydneySydney International Airport
PerthPerth Airport
North America
Canadian flag カナダTorontoToronto Pearson International Airport
United States flag The United States of Americaニ ュ ー ヨ ー クJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
ワ シ ン ト ン DCWashington Dulles International Airport
ChicagoChicago O'Hare International Airport
Los AngelesLos Angeles International Airport
Closed/abandoned routes
 Egyptア レ ク サ ン ド リ アAlexandria International Airport
 Republic of South AfricaCape TownCape Town International Airport
Kazakhstan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAlmatyAlmaty International Airport
Armenian flag アルメニアYerevanZvartnots International Airport
Bangladesh flag バングラデシュChittagongShah Amanat International Airport
 PakistanPeshawarPeshawar International Airport
Iran flag (I.e.TehranEmam Khomeini International Airport
Iraqi flag (I.e.BaghdadBaghdad International Airport
ErbilErbil International Airport
BasraBasrah International Airport
Syrian flag (I.e.DamascusDamascus International Airport
Cyprus flag CyprusLarnacaLarnaca International Airport
Italian flag イタリアヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ アVenice Tessera Airport
United States flag The United States of AmericaDallasDallas/Fort Worth International Airport[14]
Brazilian flag BrazilSao PauloGuarulhos International Airport[15]


On long-haul routesfirst class(First Suite or First Apartment),business class(Business Studio),Economy class(Economy smart seat) has a three-class system, and short- and medium-haul routes have a two-class system of business class and economy class.Only the Airbus A3 has two seats, "The Residence," which is the highest class than the first class. "The Residence" has a private bedroom with seats, a "living room", a private bedroom, and a bathroom.[16].

2009The new first class, which will be launched in August, is a private room type, and the interior uses a large seat that will be a full flat bed with a total length of 8 m and a width of 2 cm.The seat isイタリア OfPortorona FrauWe are particular about the interior, such as using company products, and the entrance to the private room is alsoArabicDirected by a wind door.others,MassageFunction andcomputer-iPod-Ethernet cableSuch assocketIs installed.

In the advanced classtv set-radioAnd over 600 hoursmovies,GameEnjoy (audio, video, on demand)Entertainment23 with a machineinchWide screenLCD, A private wardrobe and a minibar are installed.New first classAirbus A340-60012 seats are set up in2010We plan to gradually expand to multiple models by the end. Panasonic Aviation since 2011 (PanasonicConcluded an exclusive supply contract for in-flight entertainment (IFE) for 10 years with IFE provider).However, as of December 2012, even if there are Southeast Asian movies and Korean movies in the movie genre, there is no category of Japanese movies. Supplying eX12 to Boeing 2011-777ER and Airbus A300 from 380Airbus A350 XWBEquipped with the latest eX3 series after receipt[17].

Etihad Guest, a frequent flyer program,Air New Zealand,Alitalia-Italian Airlines,All Nippon Airways,American airlines,Asiana Airlines,Bangkok Airways,Brussels Airlines,Jet Airways,Oman Air,Pacific Blue,SriLankan Airlines,Ukraine International Airlines,V australia,Virgin AustraliaIs affiliated with.In addition to the affiliated Darwin Airlines, Air Serbia and Air Seychelles, the aforementioned "Etihad Airways Partners"Air berlin, Jet Airways is participating, while Alitalia and Virgin Australia are not participating[18].

Etihad Airways Partners

In October 2014, we launched "Etihad Airways Partners" as our own airline alliance.[18].

Current member

Former member

Code share

Etihad Airways is code-sharing with the following airlines (as of November 2017).


  • 2004, 2005, 2006: World's Leading New Airline (11th, 12th, 13th World Travel Awards)
  • 2006, 2007: World's Leading Flatbed Seat (13th, 14th World Travel Awards)
  • 2007: World's leading travel television commercial (14th World Travel Awards)
  • 2009: World's leading Airline (World Travel Awards 2009)



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