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🛏 | "Omi Gyoza" in the parking lot of Moriyama Natural Hot Spring Hotaru no Yu opens on July 7


"Omi Gyoza" in the parking lot of Moriyama Natural Hot Spring Hotaru no Yu opens on July 7

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The hot spring is a high-quality hot spring with a slimy and moist feeling that springs from 1,300 meters underground through the Hira Mountains, Suzuka Mountains, and Lake Biwa Formation.

In the parking lot of "Moriyama Natural Hot Spring Hotaru no Yu", the direct sales office of the take-out dumpling specialty store [Omi dumplings] will be on July 2021, 7 ... → Continue reading

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Suzuka Mountains

Suzuka Mountains(Suzuka-san Myaku)Gifuas well as the MieShigaLocated along the prefectural border withMountains.. In generalSekigaharaLocated in the south ofMt. RyozenzanからSuzuka PassInsert the range up to.There are various theories that the definition of the southern end is Aburahidake.


Northern and southernLimestoneIt ’s a gentle mountain of quality,Mt. Oikedake,Mt. FujiwaradakeNear the summitKarst terrainIt can also be seen. Large-scale limestone mining is being carried out at Mt. Fujiwaradake.On the other hand, the range from the south side of Ryugadake in the central part to Nyudogadake isgraniteIt is a quality and sharp mountain.The Mie prefecture side is relatively steep, and the Shiga prefecture side has gentle mountains.It is said that it was uplifted 200 to 100 million years ago, and at the eastern foot of the Suzuka Mountains.Reverse faultPart ofQuaternaryIt is known that the activity is continued even after the latter period.

The highest peak is Mt. Oikedake (1247 m).The most famous mountain in the mountainsGozaishodakeThe number of people entering the mountain is the highest.Mie prefecture sideKomono TownOn the hillsideYunoyama hot springTo the vicinity of the mountaintopRopewayIs tied.It is the only ski resort in Mie prefecture on the summit of Mt. Gozaisho.Gozaisho Ski AreaThere is.In addition, the Fujiuchi wall of Mt. Gozaishorock climbingIt has become a famous place for people.There used to be a ski resort in Mt. Fujiwaradake in the north.It was a natural ski resort with no facilities such as lifts.

The whole areaSuzuka Quasi-National ParkAsNational parkIs specified in[1].


Main mountains of the Suzuka Mountains

Many mountains line up almost north and south. From Mt. Oikedake and Mt. Gozaisho, there are ridges derived to the west.

Triangular point
With Mt. Oikedake
Ryozensan 2008-12-8.jpgMt. Ryozenzan1,083. 45 Second class  11.8Hana no Hyakumeizan(One hundred mountains of flowers)
Eboshidake and Dam Nakazato 2010-11-22.JPGMt. Eboshidake 864. 73 Second class  5.8
Mikunidake from Chano 2009-12-1.jpg 894814. 97cm
(Third-class triangulation point)
  4.3Gifu / Mie / Shiga border
Suzugatake from Fuzukitadake 2009-10-23.jpg1,130  1.9
Oikedake from East 2009-2-15.jpgMt. Oikedake 1,247  0The highest peak of the Suzuka Mountains
Hana no Hyakumeizan(One hundred mountains of flowers)
Hujiwaradake from ninose 2 2010 5 15.jpgMt. Fujiwaradake1,144(Altitude undecided)  4.1Nihon Sanbyaku Meizan(Japan's three hundred famous mountains)
Hana no Hyakumeizan(One hundred mountains of flowers)
Shin Hana no Hyakumeizan(New one hundred mountains of flowers)
Ryugatake from North 2002-5-24.jpgRyugatake1,099. 26 Second class  7.1
Miikedake from Shakagatake 2009-11-26.jpg 971. 46 Third class  10.6
Gthumb.svgNipponkoba 934. 11 Third class  10.7
Syakagatake from kunimidake 2009 10 11 etc.jpgMt. Shakagatake1,091. 89 Third class  12.8
Hatomine01.jpgHatorimine 860  13.5
Odakayama Top 2009 11 26.jpgOtakayama 533  14.3Mt. ShakagatakeSoutheast
Kunimidake from Gozaishodake 2009-10-11.jpg1,170  16.9(Altitude undecided)
Gozaishodake from Nakamichi 2009-10-11.jpgGozaishodake1,2121209. 37m
(First-class triangulation station)
  17.5Nihon Nihyaku Meizan(Japan's two hundred famous mountains)
Amagoidake and Ibune from east 2009-10-11.jpgAmametake1237. 67 Third class  17.7
Watamukiyama from Sugitouge 2009-10-18.jpgWatamukiyama1,110  19.5
Kamagatake from Nakamichi 2010-10-11.jpgMount Kasumigatake1161  19.7
Nyuudougatake from kamagatake 2010 6 2.jpgIrudogatake 905. 54 Third class  22.8
Gthumb.svg 961  25.2
Gthumb.svg 851. 60(Stop)[4]  25.8
Gthumb.svg 693  36The southernmost point
There is also a theory

A river originating from the Suzuka Mountains

Become the sourceRiverIt is,Ise bayas well as the Biwa lakeFlows to.

  • Makita River(First-class river, Mt. Eboshidake, the source of Mikunidake)
  • Inabengawa(Second-class river, Mt. Fujiwaradake, the source of Ryugadake)
  • Morning river(Second-class river, Mt. Miike, headwaters of Mt. Shakagatake)
  • Mitaki River(Second-class river, headwaters of Mt. Gozaisho and Mt. Kamagadake)
  • Suzuka River(First-class river, headwaters south of Kamagadake)
  • Amano River(First-class river, headwaters of Mt. Ryozenzan)
  • Serigawa(First-class river, headwaters of Mt. Ryozenzan)
  • Inukami(First-class river, Mikunidake / Suzugatake / Mt. Oikedake headwaters)
  • Aichi River(First-class river, from Mt. Oikedake to Mt. Gozaisho and the headwaters of Mt. Amagoi and Mt. Watamuki)
  • Yasu River(First-class rivers, Mt. Amagoi / Mt. Watamuki and the headwaters south of Mt. Gozaisho)

Main pass of Suzuka Mountains

It will be closed in winter except for Suzuka Pass (National Highway No. 1), Ishigure Pass (National Highway No. 421) and Shin-Meishin Expressway.Also totalRainfallTraffic is also restricted by.



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