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🛏 | Finally the opening ... "One person watching plan" appeared at the hotel according to the Olympics The price of up to 1 hours a day after removing the bed


Finally the opening ... "One person watching plan" appeared at the hotel according to the Olympics The price of up to 1 hours a day after removing the bed

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Comes with a bottle of beer, which is indispensable for watching sports for adults.

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics will be held on the night of the 23rd.In Nagoya, a support plan at the hotel has appeared. ... → Continue reading

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Watching sports

Watching sportsWhat is (sports psoriasis)?SportsThetv set-videoWatching games throughStadium-ArenaTo go and watch the game.in Japanbaseball,サ ッ カ ー,Sumo,marathonWatching games is popular[1].

Health problems

Watching sportsheart attack,stroke, Or other dangerous conditionsstressIf it has an adverse effect on your health, such as giving it to your bodyHarvard UniversityMedical scienceAssociate Professor Robert H. Shmerling announced[2].

Difference between watching a game on a stadium, etc. and watching a game on TV, etc.

In order to watch a game at a stadium or stadium, it is necessary to go to the stadium where the competition is held.Also,Professional sportsIn most cases, you will be charged a watching fee (such as an entrance fee to the stadium).However, you can experience the realism that the athlete is playing sports in front of you and the sense of unity with the spectators who have the same hobby.A kind of when going to a stadium far from home etc.TravelIn some cases, tours aimed at watching sports are also available.Travel agencyPlanned by[3].

On the other hand, TVradio・ Watching games on video has the advantage of being easy to enjoy at home.Part ofPay Per ViewExcept for such things, there is no cost to watch the game.In addition, manyカメラBroadcast byannouncerThere is also an advantage that it is easier to grasp the movements of athletes and the flow of games and performances than in stadiums, etc.In the case of TV broadcastingReplayThere is also an image.

Watching games at, etc. can be mentioned as something that is located between the two.This is for those who have a hobby of watching sports to gather at a specific store and watch the game on TV, etc., although there is no sense of presence, otherフ ァ ンYou can enjoy a sense of unity with.Not limited to stores, stadiums and open spaces where games are not held, etc.screenIt is often the case that fans get together and watch the game in front of.this isPublic viewingCalled, in Japanサ ッ カ ーSuch an example is often seen in watching games[4].

Many people who enjoy watching sports usually watch games on TV and sometimes go to the stadium.For example, hold more than 100 games a yearProfessional baseballMost professional baseball fans are likely to be of this type, as it is difficult to watch all of these games at the stadium.

In recent years, efforts have been made to consider watching sports as a tourism resource and to use it as a catalyst for regional revitalization by attracting sports spectators to sightseeing in the surrounding area.[5].


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