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🧳 | XNUMX balls of light in the Milky Way and Fairytale Road are also available! "Adatara Illuminations"


The Milky Way of Light with XNUMX balls and the Fairytale Road are also available! "Adatara Illuminations"

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About 10 minutes on the Adatara mountain ropeway, you can overlook the Abukuma mountain range and the city of Fukushima from the top station.

Fukushima's summer tradition "Adatara ..." will open on Saturday, July 2021, 7 at "Adatara Kogen Resort" in Fukushima Prefecture. → Continue reading


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Top station

Top station(Sancho-eki) connects the top and bottom of the mountainCable car,Ropeway gondolaThe name / common name of the station on the upper (mountain peak) side, or such a station.The station on the foot of the mountainValley stationCalled.

  • Mountaintop Station (Sapporo City) --Located in Nishi-ku, Sapporo City, HokkaidoTeineyama Ropeway(Pause) station.
  • Sancho Station (Hakodate, Hokkaido)-Located in Hakodate, HokkaidoHakodateyama RopewayStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Otaru, Hokkaido)-Located in Otaru, HokkaidoOtaru Tenguyama RopewayStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Wakkanai, Hokkaido) --Wakkanai, HokkaidoWakkanai Park RopewayStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Tochigi Prefecture) --Located in Nasu Town, Nasu District, Tochigi PrefectureNasu ropewayStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Gunma Prefecture) --- Located in Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma District, Gunma PrefectureShirane Volcano RopewayStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture) --Located in Minami Uonuma City, Niigata PrefectureHakkaisan RopewayStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Yahiko Village, Niigata Prefecture) --Located in Yahiko Village, Nishikambara District, Niigata PrefectureMt. Hikoyama RopewayStation.
  • Panorama Station (Yuzawa Town, Niigata Prefecture) --Located in Yuzawa Town, Minami Uonuma District, Niigata PrefectureYuzawa Kogen RopewayStation.
  • Sancho Station (Nagano Prefecture) --Located in Chino City, Nagano PrefectureKita Yatsugatake RopewayStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Shizuoka Prefecture) --Located in Izunokuni City, Shizuoka PrefectureIzunokuni Panorama Park RopewayStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Aichi Prefecture)-Located in Minamichita Town, Chita District, Aichi PrefectureUtsumi GondolaStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Shiga Prefecture) --Sankei Valley in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture (currently:Lake Biwa Valley) WasCuratorStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Hiroshima Prefecture) --Located in Onomichi City, Hiroshima PrefectureSenkoji RopewayStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Tokushima Prefecture) --Located in Tokushima City, Tokushima PrefectureBizan RopewayStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Kagawa Prefecture) --Located in Kanonji City, Kagawa PrefectureUmpenji RopewayStation.
  • Mountaintop Station (Ehime Prefecture)-Located in Ainan Town, Minamiuwa District, Ehime PrefectureMisouwan RopewayStation.
  • Peak Station (Hong Kong) --Located in Central and Western District, Hong KongPeak tramStation.

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