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🛏 | One-day bathing at Shofukan: Sucking the uniqueness of Oguni, where you can enjoy both forest bathing and hot spring bathing at the same time


One-day bathing at Shofukan: Sucking the uniqueness of Oguni, where you can enjoy both forest bathing and hot spring bathing at the same time

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The quality of the spring is sodium-calcium-chloride cold mineral spring, so the salt content is conspicuous.

Today, when I'm in a small country, I decided to go home after taking a hot spring on the last day.Basic information Facility name: Shofukan (Sho ... → Continue reading

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SpaWhat is (Kousen)?地下fromspring(Wakimizu)Medical scienceContains healing ingredients from the point of viewWedThat is.


Generally, the temperature is significantly higher than the surface temperature (Japan)Hot spring methodThen 25 degrees or more) Spring waterSpa, Spring water with a temperature lower than thatCold spring) To distinguish it from regular water.but,Ministry of the EnvironmentStipulated bySpa analysis method guidelineIs defined as follows.

"Spring water that springs from the ground and contains a large amount of solid or gaseous substances or special substances, or the spring temperature is always significantly higher than the average temperature around the spring source. In mineral springs, especially for treatment. What is served for the purpose is a recuperation spring. "

Therefore, it is accurate to interpret it as a mineral spring including hot springs.[1].

Originally,1911 ToGermany OfBad NauheimIt is based on the definition of mineral springs adopted in hot springs (Nauheim resolution).The Nauheim resolution contains 16 substances andSpring temperature is 20 degrees or moreWas said. It can be said that the basis of 20 degrees is due to the peculiarity that groundwater springs up while maintaining a water temperature higher than the local temperature.

1948 According to the Japanese hot spring law promulgated in Japan, the temperature is set to 25 degrees or higher.It came into effect on April 1952, 4.San Francisco Peace TreatyJapan until the abandonment of territory byTaiwanThis is because the average annual temperature until the legislation was high (there is a different theory).

Hot springs and mineral springs are defined by the Hot Spring Law and the "Mineral Spring Analysis Guidelines" under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Environment. The classification of mineral springs according to the "Guidelines for mineral spring analysis methods" is shown below.

Classification of mineral springs

Classification by spring temperature
SortFountain temperature
Cold springLess than 25 ℃
Low hot spring25 ℃ or more and less than 34 ℃
Spa34 ℃ or more and less than 42 ℃
High hot springAbove 42℃
Classification by liquid
AcidicLess than 3
Weakly acidic3 or more and less than 6
neutral6 or more and less than 7.5
Weakly alkaline7.5 or more and less than 8.5
alkalinity8.5 and over
Classification by osmotic pressure
SortTotal dissolved substances(g/kg)Freezing point
HypotonicityLess than 8-0.55℃ above
Isotonic8 or more and less than 10Less than -0.55 ℃, more than -0.58 ℃
Hypertonicity10 and overLess than -0.58 ℃


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