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🧳 | Impress HD makes Ikaros Publishing a wholly owned subsidiary


Impress HD makes Ikaros Publishing a wholly owned subsidiary

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At Impress Holdings, its subsidiary Impress operates the website "Travel Watch," and "Ikaros Publishing's brand power and specialized content power are synergistic with the Impress Group, which aims to be a" market-leading specialized media group. " It is expected that it will be very effective for future business development, "and decided to make it a wholly owned subsidiary.

Impress Holdings will make Ikaros Publishing a wholly owned subsidiary.Ikaros Publishing was established in July 1980. ... → Continue reading


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Icarus Publishing

Ikaros Publishing Co., Ltd.(Icarus Shuppan)TokyoShinjuku wardIchigaya Honmura TownHeadquartered in 2-3InfomationIs.Alphabet notationIKAROS PUBLICATIONS LTD.[1].


Passenger planeManiaFormagazineIs mainly issued, and now it is related to vehicles,語system,hulaThe genres are diverse, from occult to agriculture to overseas travel. There was a "Vehicle Club" store on the 1st floor that handles various vehicle-related products, but this store is2017Closed on September 9th[2].


  • Established on July 1980, 7
  • 1990s Air shop Icarus (later "Carriage Club") opened
  • March 2004 Moved the head office and vehicle club from Kagurazaka to Ichigaya
  • September 2017, 9 "Carriage Club" closed
  • 2021/8/2 Impress HoldingsMade a wholly owned subsidiary of (stock sale price: 1300 million yen)[3]


Periodic magazine

Magazines published in the past

  • Vehicle club
  • J-Police 
  • J-Ground
  • Sky sports 
  • rasin
  • Belly dance Japan


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