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🛏 | Naomi Watanabe Reunited with a junior high school classmate at a hotel in New York "Ibaraki story in the center of NY"

Photo Naomi Watanabe

Naomi Watanabe Reunited with a junior high school classmate at a hotel in New York "Ibaraki story in the center of NY"

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In May, Watanabe reunited with Peace Yuji Ayabe, who also lives in NY and is from Ibaraki.

Naomi Watanabe, a talent who has moved to New York, updated her Instagram story on the 29th. ... → Continue reading

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Yuji Ayabe

Yuji Ayabe(Yuji Ayabe,1977(52)May 12 -) is Japanesecomedian,comedian.IbarakiFurukawawhere one is from.Height is 167cm, Weight is 55kg, Blood typeO.Yoshimoto KogyoAffiliation.My partner isNaoki Matayoshi.. After 2017ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クActive based in.


Yoshimoto College of Performing Arts(NSC) Before enrolling in Tokyo school, worked at the Ibaraki factory of the local chair factory "Toyo Kogei"[1]And when I visited Tokyo, I was recording a TV programDowntownI saw it when I became an entertainer. About 20 to 5 yearsSidaxWorked at a local store in Japan as an associate employee,Harajuku OfBig echoWork experience at[2]There is.

"" From admission to NSCcombinationHe made his debut on August 1999, 8, taking the first stage.At that time, he was in charge of blurring.ControlThere was a reputation for being good at it, but it was dissolved six months after graduation.After that,Pin entertainerAnd act as a behind-the-scenes.

2003,Naoki MatayoshiとpieceFormed.

Yoshimoto handsome rankingFrom 20122014He was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the third consecutive year.

1977Made ofHarley-DavidsonXLCR is my car. I felt destined to be "the same age as myself" and bought it[3].

2011Ayabe, a bright character, has been popular for a while since the piece broke.2012Every timeTalent program appearance rankingThen I ranked in 10th place with a pin.However, at the end of 2012, the scandal described below was discovered, and a temporary stagnation period began.

2015In July, his companion Matayoshi wrote the novel "sparkWhen the Akutagawa Prize was announced and he began to expand his activities as a cultural figure, on the contrary, Ayabe was in a public place with Matayoshi, saying, "From now on, I will be like a secretary behind (Matayoshi) Dai-sensei. Alluding to a self-deprecating remark[4]..Immediately after"If you say goodbye"soLunch DoraFirst starring decided[5]As a result, Ayabe's personal activities attracted attention, but his activities as a combination with Matayoshi decreased, and he began to suffer from the disparity between the combinations, and began to seek a change in direction as a talent.

2016Hold a press conference on October 10th2017From Octoberニ ュ ー ヨ ー クAnnounced that it will be based in Japan, and the combination will be virtually suspended.[Detailed information for identifying documents][6].work visaThe procedure was delayed by half a year due to the above, and the actual migration started in October of the same year.[7]It became.

2018In 1 monthWebsiteEstablished "Yuji Ayabe Official USA" by himself.

After moving to the United States, he is refraining from appearing in the Japanese media, but it is held every February.NFLSuper bowlConduct on-site coverageAudrey NFL Club(Nippon TV) Of MCオ ー ド リ ーHe has appeared as a guest on location and as a commentary guest.

Art style

Shabekuri in the pin entertainer eraComic talkWas doing[8]..It is said that the material matching with the partner will always start from this solo performance."This, this," after the remark that became a white atmosphere when slippingCancelPlease, "was the usual line.At first, I put a woman lover in the foregroundNarcissistIcharacterBut MatayoshiAkutagawa PrizeAfter receiving the award, lift the partner as a "great teacher"assistantDressed as.

Matayoshi, his companion, commented that "Ayabe is so talented that there is no enemy at the top level in the same generation with a momentary inspiration." It stands out. "However, "Since I formed a combination with Ayabe, what a critic seems to convey is only the superficial aspects such as Ayabe's sociability and dexterity, and being able to stand out his character even in the face of adversity. I've never seen inspiration praised as an advantage. "[9].

RakugoIn the case of "Erotic Teihime Hajime"[10].


I like women who admit both myself and others, especially old women sexualPrefer[11].2012Released on October 8Weekly postso,Noriko FujitaAnd 30-year-old precession[12]とMay green,Emiko NamiとE-mailExchanges etc. are reported.

Since middle schoolAmerican FootballWatching games is my hobby.Long time agoSan Francisco 49ersI used to support, but nowNew York JetsIt is a fan of.


Penny auctionAbout false contentBlogIt was discovered that he had received the money by posting it on.According to the affiliated office, in January 2011, he posted an article and a photo on his blog that he had made a successful bid for an electric appliance that had not actually made a successful bid, and received a reward of 1 yen.2012In a blog on December 12th, he apologized, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused to everyone by my careless behavior, even though I was asked by an acquaintance."

Detail is"Penny auction fraud caseSee

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  • If I meet someday ~ My mother will kill my daughter's dream !? ~ (January 2016, 1,Shinjuku Theater Sun Mall, Screenplay / Direction:Suzuki Osamu) --President of a fat-only pub regular customer * Daily cast



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