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🛏 | Macau, hotel room occupancy rate in June 2021 was 6% ... minus for the first time in 45.3 months = new corona in Guangdong province ...

Photo Scenery of Macau/Cotai area with large casino IR (integrated resort) (source) = July 2020

Macau, hotel room occupancy rate in June 2021 is 6% ... minus for the first time in 45.3 months = new corona in Guangdong province ...

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Following the re-emergence of the epidemic in Guangdong Province, which is adjacent to Macau, from late May, border measures for traffic between the two regions were strengthened (some passengers who have stayed in "medium-risk areas" for 5 days after entering the border The number of inbound passengers in June fell sharply from the previous month (such as requiring quarantine and quarantine).

Macau is a small town with a population of about 68 and an area of ​​about 32 square kilometers, but it is a large IR centered on World Heritage Sites and casinos. → Continue reading

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Number of inbound passengers


Guangdong(Canton, let's goChinese:Guangdong Province(Guangdong Province), Chinese Mandarin Pinyin: Guǎng dōng Shěng,Cantonese Pinyin: gwong2 dung1 saang2,English: Guangdong) IsPeople's Republic of ChinaLocated in the southprovince..next toGuangxi Zhuang Autonomous RegionIn addition, it is sometimes called "Ryohiro".


Mainland ChinaLocated in the south ofSouth China SeaFacing.NorthFujian Province-Jiangxi Province-Hunan ProvinceIn contact with the westGuangxi Zhuang Autonomous RegionIs in contact with.Also to the southwest, it was once part of Guangdong ProvinceHainanThere is.To the south of the provinceHong Kong-MacauBothSpecial administrative districtExists.On the border with Hong Kong深圳Special economic zone on the border with MacauZhuhaiIt has a special economic zone.

The climate isTemperate summer rain climate(Savanna climateからWarm and humid climateIt becomes hot and humid in the summer and warm and light rain in the winter.East and west in the north of the provinceNanling MountainsRuns and forms the border with Hunan and Jiangxi provinces.The main riversPearl RiverAnd its water system (Xijiang-Beijiang-Toe).BesidesHangangetc.


In Guangdong, including Guangzhou, the capital of the provinceCantoneseIs widely spoken, but from the east to the northHakkaBut in the eastChaozhouSurrounding (Chaozhou) AndZhongshan CityIn some parts of and in the southwestMinnan LanguageIs being spoken.Large population imported from outside the provinceShenzhenUrban areaZhuhai cityIn the center ofMandarinIs being spoken.In the northern part of the provinceShaoguanThere is a group of dialects called Tuhua and Shaozhou Tuhua.other,Zhuang-Yao-Kin languageSuch asminorityThere are areas where words are used.


ancientBaiyueIn the land of214 BCTo OfEmperor Shiki ReinanConquered Nanhai County and established Panyu District (currently Guangzhou City)Panyu District).After the death of Qin Shi HuangChen Katsu and Kure Hiro's RebellionWhen the whole of China is in a state of warZhao TuoMakes Panyu the capitalNanyueI stood up and became independent,111 BCWas annexed to Han.Han DynastyToJiaozhouBelong toMikuni period OfKureMostly divided into Guangzhou.Tang DynastyTogether with Guangxi, it became Lingnan Road.Five Dynasties and Ten KingdomsThe capital was set up in PanyuSouth HanBelonging to, Southern HanNorthern Song DynastyAfter being conquered by, it was renamed Guangnan Province.Former generationCanton Road is established inMing DynastyIs under the jurisdiction of Guangdong FuseiQing DynastyIt became Guangdong Province.

Historically, economic development was slow, but in the Ming Dynasty it finally developed into an economically advanced region comparable to the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.1979 OfReform and opening upIn Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, etc.Special Economic ZoneBecame the first, Guangdong Province, which is close to Hong Kong, made a great economic leap with the introduction of foreign capital.Chinese Communist PartyGuangdong Provincial Party Committee SecretaryWang YangThe economic reform method thatGuangdong modelWas called.

Administrative division

21 in GuangdongCityIs installed, especially in Guangzhou and ShenzhenDeputy cityIs specified in.

Guangdong administrative division
Guangdong prfc map.png
No.NameChinese notationCantonese PinyinMandarinpinyinarea
Government location
#GuangdongGuangdong Provinceguong2 dung1 sang2Guǎng dōng Shěng179,800.00126,012,510Guangzhou
Deputy city
9GuangzhouGuangzhou Cityguong2 zeo1 xi5Guǎngzhōu Shì7434.4018,676,605Yuexiu District
21ShenzhenShenzhensem1 zen3 xi5Shēnzhèn Shì1996.7817,560,061Futian district
1Qingyuan CityQingyuan Cityqing1 yun5 xi5Qīng yuǎn Shì19152.903,969,473Qingcheng District
2Shaoguan CityShaoguan Cityxiu4 guan1 xi5Sháoguān Shì18412.532,855,131Zhenjiang District
3Heyuan CityHeyuan Cityho4 yun4 xi5Héyuán Shì15653.632,837,686Yuancheng District
4Meizhou CityMeizhou Citymui4 zeo1 xi5Méizhō u Shì15864.513,873,239Meijiang District
5ChaozhouChaozhouqiu4 zeo1 xi5Cháo shōu Shì3145.892,568,387Xiangqiao District
6ZhaoqingZhaoqingxiu6 hing3 xi5Zhàoqìng Shì14891.234,113,594Duanzhou District
7Yunfu CityYunfu Citywen4 feo4 xi5Yún fú Shì7779.122,383,350Yuncheng District
8FoshanFoshan Cityfed6 san1 xi5Fó shān Shì3848.499,498,863Chancheng District
10Dongguan CityDongguan citydung1 gun2 xi5Dōng guǎn Shì2465.0010,466,625
11HuizhouHuizhouwei6 zeo1 xi5Huì zhōu Shì11342.986,042,852Huicheng District
12Shanwei CityShanwei Citysan3 méi5 xi5Shàn wěi Shì4861.792,672,819Urban area
13Jieyang CityJieyang Citykid3 yêng 4 xi5Jiēyáng Shì5265.385,577,814Rongcheng District
14ShantouShan Tousan3 teo4 xi5Shàn tóu Shì2248.395,502,031Konpei Ward
15Zhangjiang CityZhangjiang Cityzam3 gong1 xi5Zhàn jiāng Shì13225.446,981,236Chikan District
16Maoming CityMaoming Citymeo6 ming4 xi5Mào míng Shì13225.446,174,050Maonan District
17YangjiangYangjiang Cityyêng 4 gong1 xi5Yángjiāng Shì7955.272,602,959Jiangcheng District
18Jiangmen CityJiangmengong1 mun4 xi5Jiāng mén Shì9505.424,798,090Pengjiang District
19Zhongshan CityZhongshan Cityzung1 san1 xi5Zhōng shān Shì1783.674,418,060
20Zhuhai cityZhuhai cityju1 hoi2 xi5Zhū ​​hǎi Shì1724.322,439,585Xiangzhou District
* Part of Shanwei City (Tosha Islands) IsRepublic of China(Taiwan) Is under effective control.


Guangdong Province, which has special economic zones in Shenzhen and Zhuhai, has become the most economically wealthy province in terms of gross national product, foreign capital introduction value, export value, and local tax revenue.2009Gross domestic product (GDP) increased 9.5% year-on-year to 39,082 billionyuanAnd continue to secure the top position in the whole country[2]..The amount of trade is also the highest in the country and has been favorable for many years, but in 2009Lehman shockDue to the economic downturn in each country, the export value decreased by 11.5% from the previous year to 2,522 billion.U.S. dollarIt became.

Famous companies:Hiadi Motor,Huawei technology,ZTE,TCL group,Aesthetic group,Evergrande


Health / medical / hygiene

Provincial hospital
  • Guangdong People's Clinic
  • Guangdong Second People's Clinic
  • Nakayama University Third Clinic
  • Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University[6]
  • Guangzhou Medical University First Clinic[7]
  • Guangzhou No. XNUMX People's Clinic

Sister municipalities/affiliated municipalities

Affiliated municipality



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