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🧳 | What day is it today? [July XNUMX]


What day is it today? [July XNUMX]

If you write the contents roughly
NHK BS1's program "Cool Japan" with the theme of "cool Japan" seen by foreigners.

January 1st is New Year's Day, May 1th is Children's Day, and the third Monday of July is Marine Day, except for national holidays ... → Continue reading


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Japan Broadcasting Corporation > NHK-BS > NHK Satellite 1nd Television

NHK BS1(NHK BS One) is2011(Heisei 23) From JanuaryJapan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK) is broadcastingSatellite backbone broadcastingOf one typeTelevision broadcastingでDomestic broadcastingBut also.

As the name implies1989(6) It was broadcast from June to March 2011NHK Satellite 1nd Television(NHK Eiseida Iichi Television, Digital broadcast receiver display icon: NHK1[Source required]) Is the successor to this channel.This section also describes the NHK BS1 Television.

Both abbreviationsBS1So, when distinguishing, "NHK Satellite 1st Television" is called "Old BS1" etc., and "NHK BS1" is called "New BS1" etc.Also, the new BS1 is newNHK-BSIt is positioned as the main service (representative service) in.

Remote control key IDAs the name implies, "1'[Annotation 1].


Background of the start of the old BS1 broadcast and the situation at the time of the start

1984(59)May 5,Japan's firstBecomeArtificial satellite(Broadcast satellite) Can be receivedTelevision stationStarted broadcasting as.At that time, it was an extremely rare channel in the world, where a dedicated broadcasting satellite was launched to broadcast television.NHK BSFrom the beginning, we plan to have a two-channel broadcasting system, and initiallyMountainous region, Remote islandRegion etc.Hard-to-view areaAs a countermeasure against terrestrial broadcasting (former BS1Synthesis,NHK Satellite 2nd Television(BS2) isEducation (E-tele)) Was supposed to be organized around the simultaneous or staggered broadcasting.However, the first practical broadcasting satellite "Yuri 2aImmediately after the launch, a trouble occurred in which the repeater and its spare unit each failed.For a while after the start of broadcasting, I was forced to broadcast on one channel.

after that,1986(61)May 2In the reserve satellite "Yuri No. 2 bWas launched, and it became possible to broadcast in the original two-channel system.However,1987(62)May 7BS2 will be responsible for simultaneous terrestrial broadcasting from the broadcast, and the old BS1 will organize its own programs as described below.Along with this, the first 24-hour broadcast in history was started through all channels of NHK and commercial broadcasters at that time.[Annotation 2]..The terrestrial time difference formation was consolidated on BS2, and the comprehensive / education mixed formation was resumed for the first time in a year and a half since the opening of BS2.

To start broadcasting the new "BS1"

2000(12)May 12BS digital broadcasting was started in Japan, and as a transitional measure until the digitization was completed, the same content as the old BS101 was broadcast on digital 1 channel.

This digital broadcast is sometimes called "2nd generation BS1" or "2nd generation satellite 1st".

2011Toward the complete digitization of satellite broadcasting (23), the TV channels of NHK satellite broadcasting will be consolidated into two high-definition channels.Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsAfter the procedure in2010(22)May 12, The outline was announced. One of the two channels (2 digital channels) will be used for the organization centered on news / international information and sports broadcasts, which are almost the same as the old BS1, and the channel name of "BS101" will continue to be used.

According to NHK, the new "BS1" is aware that it is a pioneer of satellite broadcasting in Japan (Japan's first practical satellite broadcasting station), and "Aiming to be No. 1 in satellite broadcastingThe wish is also included.The catch phrase is "I want to know now".The logo mark is based on BS1 1 and is the same as "BS Premium".Happy and HappyProduced by Hajime Kabutoya.

2011May 3With the end of the old BS1, BS2,BShi3 satellite channels have come to an end in their history, and digital broadcasting is to change the number of slots.Broadcast pause, Next dayMay 4From 6 am (Japan time), the digital 101 channel started broadcasting as "New BS1".Another high-definition channel "BS PremiumBegan broadcasting on digital 103 channels.

The digital 102 channel has become a temporary channel for the new BS1.Regarding the analog broadcasting of the old BS1, the simulcast of the new BS1 will continue to be carried out in the same year.May 7 OfnoonThe broadcast ended at (Japan time), and after that, only the announcement indicating that the analog broadcast had ended was broadcast.

In addition, about a week before the channel reorganization, not only all BS channels but also terrestrial general TV and educational TV were broadcasting information spots for switching new BS channels at any time (July 1, 2011, where only analog broadcasting is available). The same video format and narration were used for the announcement of the end of analog broadcasting of BS7 and BS Premium).

In addition,NHK World PremiumBut,Great East Japan EarthquakeIt was broadcast as it was at the time of the program guide spot broadcast of the NHK General TV simultaneous broadcast that was broadcast between the special news and related programs of.same yearMay 10Therefore, channel 102 has been changed from "temporary channel" to "sub-channel".

The catch phrase after the start of the new "BS1" broadcast is "I want to know now.'[Annotation 3] → "Let's meet at BS.'[Annotation 4]Was used, but it has not been set as of the October 2016 reorganization.

To BS reorganization

2019May 12,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsAccording to the NHK materials distributed by the expert study group of 2K satellite broadcasting BS1BS PremiumIntegrates into one channel,4K-8KAnnounced a policy aiming to reorganize into a 3-channel system.The concrete plan is2020It is said that it will be formulated within the degree[1][2][3].. On January 2021, 1, the management plan for three years from 13 was decided, and BS2021 ・ by 3BS PremiumWe are studying in the direction of rearranging and reducing the two waves of[4].

Broadcast organization

Japan and abroadNEWS(Original production of BS News Center. However, for NHK General TVSpecial newsIn principle, the old BS1 may also broadcast at the same time, but the new BS1 will not broadcast in principle except for the extraordinary news of all-wave simultaneous broadcasting such as earthquakes and tsunamis).SportsWith relaydocumentary-Information program(Both are international situations "World news”And sports-related content).

2004(16) Since November, every hour including midnight and early morning from the viewpoint of aiming for a 11-hour news channelNHK BS News] Is being broadcast on a regular basis.This "NHK BS News" is for overseasNHK World PremiumBut because it's being broadcast[Annotation 5], "Simultaneous TV broadcast"NHK News』In addition to世界Among them, there is also the merit that news programs broadcast in Japan can be viewed in real time 24 hours a day."NHK BS News" has not been broadcast in the middle of the night or early in the morning since 2017.

However, at that time, he came up with and promoted this concept.NHK ChairmanIsShoji EbisawaHowever, no progress has been seen since leaving NHK, and sports-related programs continue to increase, and the organization that clearly contradicts the concept becomes prominent.In addition, NHK's satellite broadcasting channels were reduced from 3 to 2, and this concept was virtually defeated.

Golden week-Obon-New Year's HolidayMay have a special formation built in, which is usually sent in a studio formation.Catch! World perspective], Etc., there are days when there is no studio progress.

In addition,OlympicIn order to give priority to the Olympic Games broadcast including recording during the period of the event, almost all regular programs except for a part of "NHK BS News" will be suspended and the broadcast will be broadcast throughout the day.[Annotation 6][7][8].

1987(62)May 7With some exceptions such as "NHK BS News", the ending "End / (Production work) NHK" is hardly seen, and the program name is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen (eye catchingIs almost the same as).

Outline of the current daily broadcast organization

* Monday-Friday.

In the first half (April-October), there will be major league baseball at any time.
* "Exciting Sports" is a domestic broadcast program timetable[9]The name used only on.Even in this frame, there are times when it is broadcast irregularly as a "BS selection" other than sports.

Broadcast video / audio and other specifications

In the old BS1,2000(12) From March 12st2011(23) Until March 3デ ジ タ ル-analogBoth were broadcasting the same content.From the beginning of digital broadcasting, analog broadcasting2007(19)May 11From NHKRadio ActWithout a license based onBroadcasting lawCertification based on (Consignment broadcaster) Was received and broadcast.

2011(平成23年)4月1日から同年7月24日までアナログ旧BS1のチャンネルで新BS1のサイマル放送を実施していた。新BS1も同様に電波法に基づく免許を持たず、放送法に基づく認定(当初は委託放送事業者、2011年6月30日にSatellite backbone broadcasterIs considered to be. ) And broadcast.

On the new BS1 (digital 101 channel, hereafter, 101ch), all programs are broadcast on a high-definition 16: 9 screen (all news programs and some sports broadcasts, documentaries, etc.) (old digital BS1 broadcasts in standard image quality. It had been).Digital 102 channel (hereinafter, 102ch) is a sub-channel of the new BS1 and is broadcast in standard definition during multi-organization.The format is the same as the former digital satellite Hi-Vision, 101ch will be broadcast in high-definition image quality (however, the transmission slot will be slightly lowered), and 102ch will be in standard-definition image quality.For audio, 5.1 surround broadcasting and stereo broadcasting of bilingual broadcasting and commentary broadcasting are also possible.2006 FIFA World Cup(Digital broadcasting is broadcast on a 16: 9 screen like all games HDTV), 1 surround broadcasting was performed for the first time since the start of digital broadcasting of the old BS5.1 (digital satellite high-definition simultaneous broadcasting only. 1 surround broadcasting was performed on the old BS5.1. Besides this2010(22)Vancouver OlympicsOpening Ceremony and 2010 FIFA World Cup only).For the first time since becoming the new BS15.1 Surround broadcastingWas done in 2011May 8 OfNHK professional baseball(However, alternative broadcasting due to special news being set up on NHK General TV, which is originally scheduled to be broadcast[Annotation 10]).

Old BS1 digitalData broadcastingOnly weather information could be seen on NHK BS1, but after the new BSXNUMX, data broadcasting with almost the same contents as NHK General TV / Digital Satellite Hi-Vision (BShi) can be seen.

Old BS1 is both digital and analogSubtitled broadcastingWas not done (only in NHK's domestic digital television broadcasting. In analog television broadcasting2007(19)May 9BS analog high-definition that ended in is also applicable), subtitle broadcasting is being carried out in the new BS1 (also being carried out in analog broadcasting)[12]..In the regular program, "COOL JAPAN"When"BS World Documentary』Started implementation with 2 programs.In addition to this, we will carry out as needed, focusing on a few short trips.プロ野球中継[Annotation 11]And on NHK General TVDiet broadcastAnd special news will be broadcast as an alternativeSumo wrestlingInReal-time subtitle broadcastingWill also be implemented.The average broadcast time is about 4 hours, which is the shortest than other NHK TV broadcast waves that have several tens of hours).

Multi formation

102ch is a regular program broadcast, so when extending the sports broadcast that was broadcast on 101ch, when the sports broadcast with high attention overlaps in two programs, because of the sports broadcast, "Tokyo market informationIs limited to when broadcasting by moving to another channel, but in broadcasting using regular sub-channels, etc.2011(23) After NovemberSumo wrestlingThe start time of NHK General TV (usually until 15:XNUMX, butDiet broadcast・ Depending on the organization status of NHK General TV, such as when there is special news, it may be extended up to 17:XNUMX).

At the time of multi-organization, 102ch has 16: 9 size standard image quality, but 101ch is broadcast with high definition image quality.This is the same system as the previous multi-organization of digital satellite Hi-Vision.Also, during multi-organization, the channel switching icon is displayed on the left side of the screen (in this case, the current broadcast program on each channel is displayed vertically (in the case of 101ch, press the red button to go to 102ch. 102ch) In that case, you can select the channel to 101ch with the blue button. You can delete the icon display with the green button, but you can select the color button even if you delete it.[Annotation 12]).

When the start time of multi-organization is approaching, information such as programs broadcast on sub-channels and channel selection methods is displayed at the subtitle supermarket used for information on changing / suspending broadcasting time (especially in important places such as channel numbers). Is written in yellow font, and the font of the same color as the color button is also written when selecting a channel with the color button on the remote control).The operation of multi-organization has become more frequent than in the previous digital satellite Hi-Vision.In addition, when multi-organization is implemented, subtitle guidance is displayed on the screen for programs broadcast on 101ch on 102ch, and when viewing 102ch, "Press channel 2 on the remote control. Press the numeric keypad to enter 102. The subtitle "You can see it even if you enter it" is broadcast (102ch is set to "2" on many models. However, depending on the model, "2" may be empty (unregistered). be).

However, if the sports broadcast by multi-organization is scheduled from the beginning, but the game / tournament is canceled due to a natural disaster or the like and broadcasting is not possible, the multi-organization may be canceled.


NHK Satellite 1st Television (formerly BS1)

  • 1984(59)May 5 --Start of test broadcasting
    • Initially, in the old BS1 as a measure to eliminate difficult viewing of NHKGeneral TV, BS2Education tvWill be relayedBroadcast satelliteTwo of the three repeaters of "Yuri 2a" broke down, and one channel was used for a mixed formation of general education.after that,1986(61)May 2When the spare satellite "Yuri 2b" is launched and the satellite No. 2 TV opens, terrestrial broadcasting will be limited to NHK General TV.
  • 1987(62)May 7 --Started 24-hour broadcasting by original organization
    • Through NHK and commercial broadcasting at that time, the first 24-hour organization in history was realized.[Annotation 2][Annotation 13]..Comprehensive organization of world news, sports broadcasts, concerts, movies, etc.However1997(9)May 8Until the transition to BSAT-1, the period of February-April and August-October is "食"(Geostationary satellite 地球Because it overlaps with(I.e.The state where the light is blocked.fundamentallyeclipse(Same principle as) occurs, so the broadcast was suspended from 0:30 to 4:30 before dawn, and it was broadcast for 20 hours.Also, irregularly 1-3 times a year,MonthEating by (a state in which a geostationary satellite enters the shadow of the moon and the sunlight is blocked. BasicallyLunar eclipse(Same principle as), the broadcast was sometimes suspended for 1 to 4 hours.
  • 1989(XNUMX)May 6 --Start of this broadcast
    • Along with this, in order to clarify the program system of satellite broadcasting, it will be broadcast as a specialized channel centered on news and sports broadcasting.
  • 1990(2)May 12 --Broadcasting satellite for transmission "Yuri 2a-Yuri No. 2 b"from,"Yuri 3aIn order to switch to "", the channel was changed from analog BS-15 to analog BS-7 (however, parallel broadcasting was performed on two channels for several months as a transition period).
  • 2000(12)
    • May 9 --Start of test broadcasting of Digital Satellite 1st Television[13]
    • May 12 --Start of main broadcasting of Digital Satellite 1st Television
    As a provisional measure until the BS analog broadcasting is stopped, the same content as the BS analog broadcasting will be broadcast. Future BS at NHKSatellite broadcastingAiming for complete digitalization of the broadcasting, it is positioned as a broadcast to facilitate the transition to it.In addition, as digital broadcastingWireless station licenseBroadcasts as a consignment broadcaster like other BS digital broadcasting stations.
  • 2007(19)
    • May 11 ――Analog broadcasting transmission businessBroadcasting satellite systemEntrusted to the company and transferred to a consigned broadcasting company.
      • Along with this, the conventional analog broadcasting license was abolished (discontinued).
    • May 11 --Due to the closure of independent radio broadcasting and independent data broadcasting and the change of physical channels of some broadcasting stations,Broadcast satelliteChange slot layout.
      • From 5 o'clock, 6 slots were added from the conventional 3 slots to "broadcast in 9 slots", and the image quality was improved.
  • 2008(20)May 5 --Added "Analog" watermark under "BS1" of analog broadcast watermark.
    • 2011(23) In preparation for the end of analog broadcasting in July, viewers can identify whether it is analog broadcasting or not (digital broadcasting has not changed).
  • 2011(23)
    Provides all-day earthquake-related information with the same program content as NHK General TV,May 3Until then, full simultaneous broadcasting was carried out.19 daysFrom now on, news and earthquake-related programs will be broadcast on general TV at the same time, and sports and documentaries, which are the contents of the old BS1, will be broadcast at other times.Regarding the news program of the old BS1, the news program produced by NHK will be broadcast on the 21st.Today's world], And overseas news programs resumed on the 22nd.
    Usually broadcast on BS2NHK News Good morning Japan,Noon news,NHK News 7In addition to broadcasting on the old BS1, simultaneous broadcasting of local news and weather information in the Tokyo metropolitan area will be carried out unless there is a particular problem (however, subtitled broadcasting will not be carried out).Simultaneous broadcasting decreased from the 28th, but continued until the 31st. There have been cases where general TV programs that should originally be broadcast on BS2 have been broadcast as alternatives in parliamentary broadcasts and some sports broadcasts, but the simultaneous organization of general TV programs throughout the day is an original organization in July 1987. Since it was done before.
    In addition, news about every 24 minutes until the base point after 30:XNUMX +Filler(Weather cameraAnd roll subtitles of earthquake-related information)[Annotation 14]..BS2 will also return to regular broadcasting from the 19th, but the above three programs will be the old BS3 and BS1 simulcasts.
    As a result, the regular news program "", which was supposed to be the last broadcast program on the old BS1NHK BS News』Has virtually ended on March 3th at 11:13.
    • May 3 ――Broadcast of "NHK Satellite No. 1 Television" (formerly BS1) ended at 24:XNUMX.The final program isProgram advertisementSo, the de facto last program other than Bansen is "BS World Documentary It was an orangutan chased from the green forest ”(23: 05-55).

NHK BS1 (new BS1)

  • 2011
    • May 4 --Broadcasting of the new "NHK BS1" started at 6 o'clock (initially digital / analog simultaneous broadcasting, digital broadcasting changed to 23 slots).
    これに伴いデータ放送を拡充。旧BS1・2では簡易的な気象情報のみのデータ放送を送っていたが新BS1ではBShiから独立データ放送3ch(BS700・701・707ch)が移行し、BS700chでは気象情報、BS701chではニュース、スポーツ、株式などの情報、BS707chではコピー制御(B-CAS card) Is now provided as a help channel.In addition, BS700 / 701ch now provides broadcast video while displaying it on the screen.
    The water mark display in analog broadcasting has been changed from the Gothic "BS1 (line feed) analog" to "analog", which has the same font as terrestrial analog broadcasting, and the size is twice that of analog synthesis / education.Then on April 2th, a channel logo was added to the left of "Analog".
    • May 6 --Due to the amendment of the Broadcasting Law, both new BS1 (digital / analog) and independent data broadcasting (digital) will shift to satellite core broadcasting.
    • May 7 --The new "BS1" simultaneous broadcast in analog will end at noon and will be integrated into digital.The final program isPGA TourIt was broadcast at that timeShunji NojiWas making an announcement to that effect during the broadcast.
  • 2016
  • 2018
    • May 1 - 4K8K main broadcastWith the BS band reorganization in preparation for, the resolution has been reduced from 23 slots to 20 slots, and the resolution has dropped from 1920 x 1080 pixels to 1440 x 1080 pixels, which is equivalent to terrestrial digital broadcasting.[15].
  • 2019
    • May 12 --Of the 4 NHK satellite broadcasts, 2K BS1BS PremiumWas held on the same day as a policy to consolidate and reduceMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsClarified in the explanatory material of the expert study group of[1][2][3]..It is said that it is part of the business review requested by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in connection with the constant simultaneous distribution of TV programs on the Internet.[3]..It is said that a plan for organizing and reducing will be formulated within the second year of Reiwa, but there was no mention of the implementation time.[1]..The station intends to further increase the production of works that support both 2K and 4K, centering on programs that are broadcast on BS Premium, toward consolidation.[2].
  • 2020
    • May 3 --Renewed watermark channel icon for NHK as a whole.Along with this, the old logo mark produced by Hajime Kabutoya was abolished.

Callsign itinerary

Digital broadcasting
From the beginning of the stationCommissioned broadcaster→Core broadcasting station provider OfBroadcasting satellite system(B-SAT)Satellite backbone broadcasting stationNHK is in charge of the transmission business because B-SAT ownsConsignment broadcaster→Certified backbone broadcasterSince it broadcasts as a (satellite broadcaster), it is not possible to assign a single call sign to all BS digital broadcasting stations, not to mention NHK.
2007(19)May 10Analog broadcasting up to
Since NHK was carrying out the transmission business, the call sign of the broadcasting satellite station (corresponding to the current satellite backbone broadcasting station) was designated to NHK.This call sign was different for each broadcasting satellite.
  1. 1984 years(Test broadcastYuri No. 2a used at the beginning) JO2B-BS-TV
  2. 1986 (using Yuri No. 2b) JO21-BS-TV
  3. 1990(2) (using Yuri No. 3a) JO31-BS-TV * At this time, the broadcasting channel will be changed from BS-15ch to BS-7ch.
  4. 1997(9) (using BSAT-1) JO21-BS-TV
Analog broadcasting after November 2007, 19
Analog has also shifted to the use of equipment managed by B-SAT, and NHK's independent call sign has been abolished.

Broadcast format

  • 5-hour broadcast starting at 00:24 every day (broadcast is suspended for maintenance once a year).
  • In the old BS1, the suspension due to maintenance is digital only.Since analog broadcasting has two systems for transmission, it was broadcast completely 2 hours a day even if there was maintenance.However, depending on the day, both digital and analog may be suspended.

Itinerary of broadcast time

After 24:XNUMX, the actual date is the next day.[16]
年度Broadcasting beginsBroadcast endRemarks
March 1984, 5-February 12, 1987PM6:00PM24:00
March 1987, 7-February 4, 1997Basic 5:00(Basic overnight broadcast)However, during the "food" period from late February-mid-April and early September-mid-October, 2: 4-9: 10 was suspended.
August 1997, 8-Present(Broadcast all night)However, there are occasional dates and times when broadcasting will be suspended due to maintenance of broadcasting equipment.

Broadcast channel

  • Digital broadcasting
BS-101ch, 102ch (Remote control key ID1[Annotation 1])
With high definition2011(23)May 4After 18:2, BS-102 used by the old BS1 was used as a spare channel for BS16's extraordinary broadcasting (standard definition broadcasting with a screen size of 9: 102).Initially, even if BS-101 is selected, "Not currently being broadcast" is displayed, or the receiver that automatically guides from special broadcasting to normal broadcasting is "Because the special broadcasting channel is suspended. "Switch to another channel." Was displayed and the user was automatically guided to BS-XNUMX.
After October 2011, 10, it will be posted on the EPG at all times, and if there is no broadcast, it will be written as "(Please see 17ch for this time zone)" on the EPG.Also, when BS-101ch is pressed, the message "Not currently being broadcast" is displayed, and even receivers that support automatic guidance no longer automatically guide.
2013年1月10日からはEPGのBS-102chのスペースも使いBS-101chの番組を表示するようになり、以前の様に臨時放送終了後は自動的にBS-101chと同じ内容に切り替わる(2011年4-10月のような停波確認後の自動誘導ではなく、101・102の双方のチャンネルで同じ番組の内容が流れる)。なおマルチ編成が実施される場合(スポーツ中継とニュースが重複する場合など)については、電波運用上の関係から、一部の時間でBS-102chの放送が中断(BS-101chでスポーツ中継が実施される時間帯など)する時間帯が生じるため、放送されていない時間帯は電波を停止せず、総合テレビとEテレのコールサイン画面と同じデザインの画面に(色は紫色)、"Please watch channel 101 during this time."And insert the BS1 channel logo mark (bottom). Until March 2020, it was designed to insert the subtitle "Please watch channel 3 during this time" and the BS101 channel logo mark (lower right) with a light blue background.
(Example 1)Sumo wrestlingIf is implemented, the scheduled program at 101 (BS Islands NewsOthers) will be broadcast and the sumo wrestling will be broadcast at 102, but it will end at 15:12 (→ relay to NHK General TV), so the next scheduled program "Tokyo market information15 broadcasts will be interrupted until 25:102 when "" starts.
The same applies when the sports broadcast is carried out on both 101 and 102 or only 101, and the initial broadcast end time is extended and the continuation is broadcast only on 102. Broadcast will be interrupted until the start.
(Example-2) If the sports broadcast is broadcast on 101 and the scheduled program is broadcast on 102, the time from the start of the sports broadcast of 101 to the start of the scheduled program at 102 and the end of the scheduled program at 101 Until the end of the sports broadcast (or the start of the above-mentioned extended broadcast), 102 broadcasts will be interrupted.
(Example-3) Also, sports broadcasts on either channel (NHK professional baseball,Major League,PGA TourOthers) are scheduled to be broadcast in multi-organization, but will be canceled or discontinued due to natural disasters such as rain.[Annotation 16]Or, even if the match is held as scheduled, if it ends earlier than the scheduled end time, multi-organization may not be performed.If it is discontinued in the middle, a preliminary program will be broadcast when it is canceled in the rain according to the pattern of (Example-1).
When BS-102ch is selected with the remote control key ID while using BS-101ch,Event relay functionBS-102ch broadcast information is displayed.
Since data broadcasting was not available until January 102, 2013 on the special broadcast BS-1, even if you press the d button during broadcasting, "Please see the data broadcasting on 101ch.Was displayed.After January 1th, it will be displayed when data broadcasting on the same channel is suspended only when sports broadcasting and multi-organization of news and regular programs are carried out.
When performing multi-organization, you can switch channels with the 4-color buttons on the remote controller.In this case, switch between blue = 101 and red = 102.When the target program is being broadcast, "Red (when watching 101) or blue (when watching 102) = (program name), green = turn off the display" is written vertically on the left side of the screen.However, when watching 102, "Red = to channel 101" is displayed depending on the time of the program. When 102 broadcast is suspended (blue background), it is not possible to tune in with the 4-color button.
NHK also owns BS-000ch as a frame, but it has never been used.
In addition, BS-102ch is news with high urgency.[Annotation 17]Simulcast with BS-101ch was sometimes performed even when20131Simulcast with 101ch at all times except during the time of "multi-organization"[Annotation 18]It is carried out.

Previous broadcast channel

  • Analog broadcasting
BS-15ch (~1990(2)May 11)
BS-7ch (1990(2)May 12~2011(Heisei 23) February 7)
Relay station
OgasawaraChichijima VHF9ch (10W)
OgasawaraHahajima VHF10ch (1W)
Minamidaito VHF4ch (100W)
* In the Ogasawara Islands and the Daito Islands2010(22) Until June, terrestrial analog television broadcasts that had been broadcast in Tokyo using communication satellites were retransmitted (in all digital broadcasts, terrestrial digital broadcasts in the original broadcast area were retransmitted through submarine optical cables. Has been sent).
* Initially, BS analog broadcasting was planned to use BS-1ch for the first TV and BS-11ch for the second TV.


2006May 11After 5 o'clock, BS digital broadcasting has standard image quality, but high-definition programs are broadcast in a size with a screen aspect ratio of 16: 9.However, there are very few programs that broadcast at 4: 3 (for example, some sports broadcasts sent from overseas,X game, ABC News Shower,NHK WorldProduction "" and a few other mini-programs).After the transition to the new BS1, the screen aspect ratio 1: 4 information that was implemented in the old BS3 was not added, andSide panelIt is broadcast with.

Very early, to the NHK satellite broadcasting stationReceipt reportWhen mailed, the broadcasting satellite was designedVericardWas issued, but the original verification card has not been issued at present.


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注 釈

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  5. ^ Mainly midnight and weekend daytime in Japan time.In addition, it will be broadcast even during times when there is no news of simultaneous TV broadcasting due to the organization such as the Diet broadcast.
  6. ^ Made in 2021Tokyo OlympicsThen.Otani XiangpingAmerica includingMajor LeagueIn response to the success of Japanese athletes, during times when there is no hindrance to the Olympic Games broadcast, such as midnight Japan time (dawn the next day), "Major League Broadcast』Organized[5][6].
  7. ^ On Sundays and MondaysPGA TourThere is live broadcast
  8. ^ Major league baseball is mainly live broadcast.There is a recorded broadcast depending on the match day.In November-March, when the major leagues are in the off-season, live broadcasts of the NFL and NBA will be held at any time, centered on recorded broadcasts of European soccer.
  9. ^ In the spring, European soccer was broadcast mainly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, NBA on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and in the summer, NHK broadcasted international sporting events. Rebroadcast orX game,Air raceFrom autumn to winter, such as the world championships, NFL is mainly organized on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, NBA on Wednesday and Friday, and European soccer on Saturday and Sunday.Saturday and Sunday European soccer is mainly live broadcast
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  11. ^ Until 2018, only alternative broadcasting was carried out when special news was organized on NHK General TV, but from the following 2019, it is always carried out.
  12. ^ In the case of 101ch, it is written as "red = ○○, green = turn off the display", and in the case of 102ch, it is written as "blue = go to ○○, green = turn off the display".However, on 102ch, "Blue = To channel 101" may be displayed depending on the time of day.
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  14. ^ At that time, there were large-scale disasters caused by typhoons and earthquakes, and when reporting disasters on general television at midnight, it was often broadcast simultaneously with BS2, but this time it was a huge tsunami and a nuclear accident in addition to a huge earthquake. Because it was a catastrophic disaster that accompanied the disaster, the disaster was reported through all media including educational TV and radio No. 2, which are not normally replaced.During the week from the beginning of the outbreak to March 3, we will perform simulcasts of "General TV and BS18" and "Educational TV and BS1" in the same format as the appearance of measures against difficult viewing, which was the original purpose of satellite broadcasting. Was there.Even after the 1th, when the educational TV / BS2 returned to regular broadcasting, the simultaneous broadcasting of the general TV / BS2 continued, including the filler at midnight.
  15. ^ In the videoSuperimposeUnlike the conventional method, it is displayed by the function on the receiver side.This makes it possible to hide the telop during recording and playback (excluding some models).Breaking news telops including graphic information such as Earthquake Early Warnings and tsunami information, and telops of earthquake information at the time of announcement of Earthquake Early Warnings are performed by superimpose as before.Also, during real-time viewing, it cannot be hidden regardless of the settings on the receiver side.[14].
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