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🧳 | Alaska Airlines Expands Offering Meals and Drinks onboard


Alaska Airlines Expands Offering Meals and Drinks onboard

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First Class provides recyclable box-shaped packs of water made from trees that have been logged in a sustainable manner.

Alaska Airlines will expand its in-flight food and drink offerings as part of a process that began earlier this year.Firth ... → Continue reading


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first class

first class(British: first class) IsPassenger planeIt is the superlative audience seat of.



Originally, like many examples of aviation termsCruise shipThe term used in, also refers to the highest-class guest room.世界 OfTrainEven in the first class car[1](First class car), Second class car[2](Second class car), Third class car[3](Third-class car) Was separated.日本の旧Japanese oldJapan National RailwayThen, until 1960, the 3rd grade system was adopted, and then until 1969, the 2nd grade system was adopted.Currently, most railways in major countries have a two-grade system.

In aviation, this name was given when travel by passenger planes began in earnest after the 1920s, and the number of passenger planes increased and the cabins were classified.Basically, seats with a larger floor area will be provided and more services will be provided.

From around the 1950sDouglas DC-4B orBristol BritanniaWith the full-scale introduction of modern large-scale equipment such as these, the number of passengers has increased to more than 30.Along with this, the provision of multiple seat classes for aircraft represented by first class has begun in earnest.

Also, in the era of single-class offerings, such as until the 1940s, short-distance services and meals were at the same level as today's business class, and long-distance flights were very expensive at the time. Coupled with this, it provided almost the same level of service as the current first class. 1954年にIn XNUMXJapan AirlinesWas launched on the Tokyo-San Francisco regular route, with all 21 seats set as first class[4].


In the past, while there was a dedicated lounge on board, the seats themselvesEconomy classIt was just a larger model with a footrest added.As the times went down, the reclining angle of the seats was deepened, the occupied space was increased, and the seat pitch was expanded. In 1996,All Nippon Airways,Air FranceIntroduced a full flat sheet that is perfectly parallel to the floor, soonBritish AirwaysIntroduced a solo seat without a seat next to it.In recent years, against the backdrop of intensifying competition and technological updates, it has been changed to new seats in about 5 to 10 years on routes with a lot of competition, and private room type seats with partitions to the ceiling and doors have also been introduced. It's progressing.

in recent years,business classBy improving both hardware and software services due to competition and reducing the number of first class passengers by reducing travel costs of client companies, we will improve business class services and at the same time abolish first class or reduce the number of routes set. The number of airlines is increasing.Also,Virgin AtlanticSome airlines do not set first class from the beginning because of the claim that they "provide business class with the same service content as first class."さらに、ファーストクラスを残す選択肢を選んだ会社も、ビジネスクラスの設置スペース拡張やビジネスクラス以上の豪華な仕様にした事もあり、ファーストクラスの座席数は少なめとなる場合が多く、全日本空輸がIn addition, companies that chose to leave first class also expanded the space for business class and made it more luxurious than business class, so the number of first class seats is often small, and All Nippon AirwaysHonoluluOperates exclusively for goingAirbus A380So, although it is a two-story building, the first class setting is only 2 people, which is quite small considering the capacity of over 8 people.

For highly profitable passengers who frequently use business class or economy class regular fares,Mileage serviceSome airlines offer first class seats as a benefit of.

For international and domestic flights within the region

Many airlines offer advanced cabins for short-haul international and domestic flights within the area under the name "First Class", but due to the short flight time, the seat size and service content are business class for medium- and long-haul international flights. In many cases, it is about the same as.

As an example, of the Virgin Atlantic seriesVirgin AmericaHas set up first class on US domestic flights (not installed on the parent company's long-haul international flights), and offers services such as free in-flight meals, genuine leather seats over 130 cm wide, and free checked baggage. However, the number of seat spacing is close to that of the parent company's business class "upper class" medium-haul line.

On the other hand, in Europe, even on short-distance international flights and domestic flights within the region, advanced guest rooms are often classified as "business class" instead of "first class".Also, in this case, the "business class" seats differ only in the extent that the seat spacing is wider than that of the economy class seats, and the seats in the middle of the three-row seats are closed to use as two-row seats. In most cases, the function is used to keep the difference simple.

In Japan,Japan AirlinesIs 4 routes in Japan (Tokyo/Haneda - Osaka/Itamiline,Sapporo/New Chitoseline,Fukuokaline,Okinawa/NahaIntroduced in "Line)Domestic first class"Is the highest grade in the three domestic flights of Japan Airlines.Dedicated counters and dedicated security checkpoints,Airport loungeIncreased weight limit for checked baggage and partnered with famous restaurants and restaurantsIn-flight mealIn addition to being provided, it is equipped with genuine leather seats with a front-rear width of over 130 cm, which is the largest domestic flight of a Japanese airline. Adopted by JR since 2011 "Gran Class], A large seat with a similar concept has been introduced.All of them are superior to the conventional high-end seats (super seats, green cars, etc.) on domestic flights, but they are also close to business class seats for medium and short distances on international flights, like the US domestic flights.なお、かつてのスーパーシートでは、座席の予約コードが「F」となっている場合があり、旧In the old super seats, the seat reservation code may be "F", which is old.Japan Air SystemEven in the three-class system that was introduced until the merger, the super seat was treated as the highest-class guest room.

Many companies do not install personal TV on short-distance routes.

Fares / Customers

It is mainly set for international passenger planes, and basically, 30-100 million yen for round trips between Japan and Southeast Asia, 100 million yen-280 million yen for round trips to Europe, Northern Africa or North America, and South America and Southern Africa. Round trip is around 120 million to 380 million yen,Economy classSeveral to 20 times as much asbusiness classCollect fare about 2 to 5 times as much as[5].

JapanThe customer base inEmperor-QueenOther thanCourt royal familyAnd eachMiyake[6],Minister,Member of the House of Representatives-Member of the House of Councilors, Of the big companiesBoard Member, Company owner,Religious leader,entertainer,Professional athleteMost of the people said that, in Western countries, they are called "jets" and also own private and company aircraft.CelebrityIs the main.

Basic service

(Depending on airline and route)

On the ground

  • Extra mileage points
  • 空港からHotelFree transfer to etc.
    • Many airlines are between the airport and the city centerHigherOffers free transportation by.
  • Advance seat selection
  • Use of dedicated check-in counter
  • Use of dedicated immigration or priority customs lane
  • Preferential check-in counter procedure time deadline
  • Relaxed weight restrictions on checked baggage
  • A tag that gives priority to receiving checked baggage upon arrival
  • Use of a dedicated airport lounge at the departure / arrival airport
    • In principle, food and drink are free in most cases inside the airport lounge.In some cases, a first-class terminal building will be prepared.LufthansaFirst class dedicated terminal building,Qatar AirwaysPremium terminal, etc.
  • Free provision of business center and bathroom in private lounge.
  • Top priority boarding on board and top priority disembarkation at destination
  • Pick-up by cart to the gate on arrival

A wide variety of services are offered by airlines, but many airlines offer services that enhance or shorten the waiting time at the airport.


Since it also has a preferential service aspect for customers using business class, it is often the case that it offers even higher quality of individual business class services.

  • Dedicated compartment on the front of the aircraft
  • Dedicated to have a pitch of 150-210 cm and be horizontal (full flat) to the floorReclining seat.Etihad Airways Airbus A380In addition to the seats, the "Residence" has its own bed.
  • A special carpet is also used under the floor.
  • Rental of bed sheets and nightgowns to reduce the unevenness of duvets and seats
  • Specially selected amenity set of famous cosmetic brands
  • Personal TV with a size of 15-23 inches, among the internal programsMovies and music can be advanced and rewound at any time
  • Received professional trainingFlight attendantService by (small number of passengers per flight attendant)
  • ア ラ カ ル トYou can choose withIn-flight meal..Offering alcoholic beverages such as fine wine and champagne.In some airlines, you can request your favorite items in advance from a dedicated menu with dozens of lineups.
    • In-flight mealOften invites chefs from culinary associations and luxury hotels as supervision.
    • On domestic flights such as Japan and the United States, in-flight meals and alcoholic beverages such as champagne, which are not offered in regular seats and intermediate classes, are provided free of charge.
  • Dedicated in-flight toilet.Emirates and Etihad Airways A380s have their own shower booths in their own in-flight toilets.
  • An example of seat pitch and monitor

First class such as Japan Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Air France have a chest-high partition between the seat and the aisle, and are called "solo specifications".また、エミレーツ航空のエアバスA340-500型機、B777型機、A380型機や、シンガポール航空のA380型機やIn addition, Emirates Airbus AXNUMX-XNUMX, BXNUMX, AXNUMX, Singapore Airlines AXNUMX, etc.Etihad AirwaysThe first class of some airlines, such as, has a door and a partition about the height between the seat and the aisle, which is a space close to a private room.

Airlines with First Class (approximate)

(Not set depending on the route)
(Only international flights are shown below)

No symbol: All aircraft have first class
★: Only some aircraft have first class

Middle East
  • Australian flag Qantas(QFA)
    "first class"
    (A380, ★ 747-400)


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