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🛏 | [Aomori Prefecture] Superb view, hot springs, tuna ... Sightseeing spots you want to visit now & excellent gourmet summary


[Aomori Prefecture] Superb view, hot springs, tuna ... Sightseeing spots and gourmet food that you want to visit now

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Introducing "Koganezaki Furofushi Onsen" located in Koganezaki, Fukaura Town, Aomori Prefecture, at the foot of the Shirakami Mountains, a World Natural Heritage Site.

Aomori Prefecture is becoming more and more interested in being registered as a World Heritage Site in the "Hokkaido / Northeastern Jomon Archaeological Sites".A sport where you can enjoy the coolness and the spectacular view of nature ... → Continue reading


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Koganezaki, Fukaura Town, Aomori Prefecture

Natural Heritage (World Heritage)

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UNESCORegisterworld HeritageAccording to its characteristics,cultural heritage"Natural heritage" "Complex heritageIt is classified into.In this item, "Natural heritageIs dealt with.


Evaluation of natural heritageInternational Union for Conservation of NaturePerformed by (IUCN).For this reason, natural heritage is usually classified as a nature reserve by IUCN.

The categories are as follows (for details)Nature Protected Area CategorySee).The property name immediately after is an example of a World Heritage Site classified into it.

Registration criteria

The criteria for registration as a natural heritage are as follows.

There are many natural heritage sites to which multiple standards are applied, and there are also natural heritage sites to which all four items are applied.Mie confluence group in Yunnan protected area(China),Great Barrier Reef(Australia),Te Wahipou Nam-South West New Zealand,Gunung Mulu National Park(Malaysia),Canaima National Park(ベネズエラ),Lake Baikal(ロシア), Etc. There are 10 or more cases.

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