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🛏 | Hotel "S CUBE HOTEL by SHIROYAMA" and commercial facilities open "Sendai Station Conven ...

Photo Opened hotel "S CUBE HOTEL by SHIROYAMA" = 1-chome, Hirasa, Satsumasendai

Hotel "S CUBE HOTEL by SHIROYAMA" and commercial facilities open "Sendai Station Conven ...

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On the 1st, there was a ceremony to commemorate the completion of the park, and Mayor Ryoji Tanaka said, "I want it to be widely used at cultural events, academic societies, receptions, etc., and to promote the entire Hokusatsu region."

One day at the east exit of JR Kawauchi Station in Satsumasendai City, the hotel "S CUBE HOTEL by SHIROYAMA" and commerce ... → Continue reading

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Events(British: event,English pronunciation: [iˈvent] LeeVeWhat is

  1. Events and events. Details are given in this article.
  2. mereEvent.


modernJapanIn the case of "event" inSports day,Cultural FestivalSuch as large scaleschool event,Cherry-blossom viewing,birthdayPersonal events such as parties,Hanshin Koshien Stadium Ofhigh school baseballCompetition,OlympicOrサ ッ カ ー OfWorld CuplikeSportsTournament,Local government,CommunityDoFestival,World ExpoSuch asCountryIt is common to refer to a typical event. Also done for sales promotionsinger-talent-Voice actor-作家-manga artistIt may also refer to events such as handshake events and autograph sessions.

The frequency of holding is not only one-time events such as expositions, but also once every few years such as the Olympic Games and other global sporting events, and up to twice a year such as the Koshien High School Baseball Championship. There are many.

Temporary to hold the eventFM broadcast(Event broadcasting station) AndTelevision broadcasting(Area broadcasting)ofBroadcasterMay be opened. Also,Tokyo BigsightSome facilities have permanent area broadcasting stations such as.

An event that became a tradition

Some of the many events are held every year and alreadyTraditional poetryThere is something that has become established as.Spring:Cherry-blossom viewing,Fall:The athletic meet (athletic festival) is a typical example.There are many others.

Event promotion

Events are often held as one of the means for promotion (sales promotion). In this case, depending on the host company / organizationCMIs madePamphletIt is done on a fairly socially large scale, such as being distributed.expositionThe main ones are exhibitions, exhibitions, and exhibitions.That's it.Promoters and companies that specialize in planning and managing these eventsEventerSometimes called.

Well-known event

Exhibition system

Expo system

Sports competition system

Entertainment / Music

Market system

Convention system

Festival system

Escape Game

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