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🛏 | Walk around with lanterns Yamanaka Onsen at night New initiatives


Walk around with lanterns Yamanaka Onsen at night New initiatives

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"Lighting Yamanaka" is held with an eye on the after-corona so that you can experience the charm of the night at Yamanaka Onsen.

A new business called "Lighting Yamanaka" started at Yamanaka Onsen in Kaga City so that people could walk around the hot spring town with lanterns in their hands ... → Continue reading

 MRO Hokuriku Broadcasting

Hokuriku Broadcasting is a radio and television broadcasting station headquartered in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It has been supported by viewers for more than half a century as the first private broadcasting station on the Japan Sea side of Honshu.
Our mission is to broadcast programs that show the current (current) state of Ishikawa on radio and television, to plan events that make people happy, and above all, "close to the community."

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Yamanaka Onsen

Yamanaka Onsen(Yamanaka Onsen)IshikawaKaga CityIt is inSpa..And in Kaga CityTown nameone of.A hot spring resort with a long history[1] AndKaga OnsenkyoOccupy a corner.


Yamanaka Onsen Town is a town surrounded by mountains, and in the mountains, valleys, rivers, etc., which are rich in nature nearby.CountrysideYou can also enjoy the emotion of.The hot spring townDaishoji RiverRyokan are lined up along the valley.

Literally in the "mountain", the whole areaKakusenkeiIt is a scenic spot.Is a symbol of the cityKorogi Bridge,Sogetsu schoolUnique shape designed by the IemotoAyatori HashiThere,Day trip bath facilityThere is also.Yamanaka lacquerwareIt is also a production center for souvenirs, and there are many souvenir shops.There is also a folk song called.

Meitetsu Hotel GroupYamanaka Grand Hotel, which was run by but withdrew and closed2005ToYukai ResortAcquired by[2][3]..Taking this opportunity, the advancement of "cheap hotel chains" that acquire and regenerate accommodation facilities such as those that are out of business is remarkable.

Communal bath

Communal bathThere is "Kikunoyu" which is a total hot spring.Under the Kiku no YusourceExists.Large on the wall of the large pool-shaped bathtub of Kikunoyu (for boys)Yamanaka Onsen Engi EmakiA part of is copied with Kutani ware tiles.Of Kikunoyuchrysanthemum TheBack pathIt is named after the phrase.Name,SoyuWas widely used nationwide, but now[When?]Remains only in the Hokuriku region.

Yamanakaza and open space

The communal bath and Kikunoyu are separate buildings for men and women, and in the large plaza between themKarakuri clock,Basho SoraIn connection with the phrase I wrote when I broke up here withDew on the shadeWas namedFoot bath, VariousEntertainmentCitizens to openholeYamanakazaand so on.Yamanakaza is gorgeousMakie OfMagnificent ceilingYamanaka lacquer ware is arranged in the lobby and the lobby, and the appearance is the same.Japanese styleAlong with the two Kiku-no-Yu, there is a wonderful harmony between the three buildings and the large plaza.The outer wall of Yamanakaza is a hot springOmenDetails such as are permanently installed, and huge events that color the seasons may be placed in the plaza.The first Honorary Chairman of YamanakazaMori Mitsukoas well as the Sasaki Mamoru.

Yuge Kaido

From the communal bath to Korogi BridgeNational Route 364The 400m road has been widened from 6m to more than double, and all the stores have been rebuilt and renovated to transform into a hot spring-like cityscape, which is called the "Yuge Kaido".The scenery is excellent, aiming to revitalize the fusion of the shopping district and hot spring customers.2003(Heisei15 years) After completion, Ishikawa Landscape Grand Prize,2004(Heisei16 years)10Cityscape Grand PrizeMinister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportbe awarded1931(ShowaEven in the big fire of the town (6 years), the southern part of the temple miraculously survived the spread of fire, and the road width was as narrow as 6m.2009(Heisei21 years)3"77 new and best shopping streetsWas selected.

Road Station Yamanaka Onsen Yukemuri Kenkomura

Osugi Nagino


  • 5 Yamanaka Lacquerware Festival
Held during Golden Week
  • May 6, 5th Shobuyu Festival
  • 6Late Kutani ware festival
  • June OSJ Yamanaka Onsen Trail Race
  • 7Early Yamanaka Onsen Tanabata Festival
  • May 7 - May 8 Furusato Yamanaka Summer Festival
  • 9 Yamanaka Bushi National Competition
  • September Yamanaka Bushido Nakadashi
More than 300 local Yamanaka hot springs walk through the Yamanaka hot spring town in early autumn with shamisen, kokyu, singing, and dancing.
Produced by: Shamisen player Hidetaro Honjo
Yuna Mikoshi, Owan Mikoshi, Wakashū Mikoshi, Large Lion Mikoshi, Yamanaka Setsuwa Dance, etc.

Spring quality

  • Sulfate spring(Old spring quality name: Gypsum-containing gypsum glass spring, New spring quality name: Calcium / sodium-sulfate spring)
Back path OfMatsuo BashoIt features a faint scent that is also sung in the phrase.Basho said, "HibiscusThree famous hot springsI'm nodding (praising) one of them[4].
  • 2012January,Kanazawa UniversityGraduate School Specially Appointed Professor (at that time)Yukio HiroseIs the hot water of the total hot water "2nd Kikunoyu" 1literAbout 400 perppb, 604ppb dissolved at the source of Soyu "Kiku no Yu"hydrogenThe measurement result of the concentration was clarified.HydrogenActive oxygenIs expected to be removed, and according to Hirose, there are many less than 100 ppb in other hot springs.[5]..This measurement result was widely taken up by the local media and became a hot topic, but the survey result was denied by the Japan Hot Spring Research Institute as "misidentification based on lack of recognition of dissolved hydrogen and its measurement".[6][7].


It is said to be 1300 years since the hot spring was opened.Nara periodGyokiThere is also a legend of opening hot water by.However, it is widely knownOpen hot water legend TheHeian periodIt is said that the hot water is openKamakurasamurai,Hasebe NobutsuneWas injuredEgretI found it from the place where he was healing his wounds, and when I dug it again, it is said that a hot spring springed up.This opening legend will come laterHokuriku Main Line L-tokkyu departing from and arriving at Nagoya Station and Maibara Station,Hokuriku Railroad 6010 series trainIt is also one of the origins of the nickname of.Muromachi PeriodToLotusHas also stayed for a hot spring cure.Yamashiro, Yamanaka,KatayamazuIt is said to be the second representative hot spring resort in Kaga Province after Yamashiro Onsen.

Back path OfMatsuo BashoとKawai SoraWalked the journey at an astonishing speed, but at the endGifuOgakiBasho, who was relieved in front of him or hated hot springs, also liked the famous hot springs of Yamanaka Onsen, and after eight nights, BashoNataderaVisit(I.e.Return to Sora, who was sick, and return first.Daishoji TempleI broke up.ChengyangSekku (Chrysanthemum festival) To leave a phrase in honor of the famous hot spring.

1903(Meiji36) The first new family, Kumayoshi, is expensive輸入BicycleWishing for cheap spreadYamanaka lacquerwareWooden for the first time after getting a hint from the processrimManufacture,Russo-Japanese WarDemand has become strong over time,1915(TaishoSucceeded in manufacturing the first domestically produced metal rim based on the model made in England in 4 years).1946(ShowaIn 21), produced the "Swallow" bicycle, and then with the rim.chainThey are also involved in the manufacture of these products, which are part of the machine industry in Kaga City.[8]..Uehara TownNational roadOn the side hillOld man OfBronze statueThere is, by the sideFernThere is also.The second generation new house Kumayoshi is the first generationKaga CityBecame long.

ShowaUntil the beginning, at each hot spring innUchiyuIt is called "Yuzaya"Communal bathWas being used.

1938(Showa13 years)Navy TheSasebo,Kure,Yokosuka OfGuardian officeUnder management, three existing hot spring hospitals (three other hospitals,AomoriMutsu CityOminato Bay, South Korea-Jinhae Port,Taiwan-Makou City),Maizuru Guardian OfficeIt was decided to establish one hot spring hospital on the Sea of ​​Japan side under the management of.Attracting battles are held in various places, and from the battle situationPoisonous gasExpected to be used, effective for disabled veterans with poisonous gasSpring qualityThere is also a free land offer to Yamanaka Onsen1941(Showa16 years)10Yamanaka Navy HospitalWas opened.1945(Showa20 years)12National Yamanaka Hospital,2003(Heisei15 years)3Yamanaka Onsen Medical CenterIt became.After the merger of Kaga City, it will be operated as a city facility and will be managed and operated.Community Medical Promotion AssociationIt is entrusted to.also,1946(Showa21 years) An attached nurse training center was added.1953(Showa28) Opened Higher Nursing School,1975(Showa50 years) includedNursing schoolRenamed,2004(Heisei16 years)4nationwideNational hospital National Hospital OrganizationIt was closed down with more than 50 schools nationwide.

1948(23)May 6,Fukui earthquakeOccurs.One was seriously injured and more than 1 were slightly injured due to the confusion when dozens of people bathing in the communal bath escaped all at once.[9].

1959(Showa 34), Leisure facilities including amusement parks, ski resorts, and ropeways "Yamanaka Mizunashi ObservatoryIs open (1978(ShowaBusiness suspension in 53)[10]).

2009(HeiseiSince 21), the food and drink cooperatives in the hot spring town have beenWestern musicWas called the masterpiece ofrecord OfDisc jacketPhotos etc.Parody"GourmetmapWas taken up in newspapers and television and became a hot topic.As an example of a parody imageビ ー ト ル ズ4 peopleAbbey Road OfcrosswalkFour people related to Yamanaka Onsen, imitating crossingDojo Rokusaburo(From here),Back path OfMatsuo BashoとKawai Sora,Kutani-yakiThere is something that Saijiro Goto, the founder of, crosses the "Yuge Kaido"[11][12][13].

2013(Heisei25 years)May 4, "Mitsuko Mori Ichiza Memorial Hall" opened.Former Yamanaka TownMayorMinoru Tanaka around 2000Mori MitsukoI was impressed to hear that "Yamanaka-bushi is my favorite folk song" on a radio program, and begged the honorary chairman of Yamanakaza many times, and Mori took office.2015The story of the construction of the memorial hall was also summarized, but it opened ahead of schedule due to the death of the forest.[14](Closed in November 2015 due to the expiration of the borrowing period of the relics and the expansion plan of the prefectural road)[15].

Directions and Parking

  • Public transport
JRHokuriku Main Line,Kaga Onsen Station30 minutes by bus fromKanazawa StationThanHokuriku RailwayGroup ofKaga hot spring busThe limited express bus that runsYamashiro OnsenIt runs to Yamanaka Onsen via.
Also from YamanakazaEiheiji TempleDirect bus "Eiheiji Odekake" Operates daily from March 3st to November 1th All flights reservation system 11 round trips a day (2008(Heisei20 years)May 8Current).2010May 7From the sightseeing tour bus "キ ャ ン バ スHas begun to enter Yamanaka Onsen.
Long time agoHokuriku Railway Kanan Line Awazu Station-Doudobashi Station-Daishoji StationI was able to communicate from1971(ShowaIt was abolished in 46.
  • Automobile
Hokuriku ExpresswayKaga ICからNational Route 8-National Route 364About 30 minutes viaFukui Kita IC,Maruoka ICAbout 364 minutes from from via National Highway 40.
National highway No. 364,FukuiSakai CityMaruoka TownFrom YamatakedaPrefectural border OfMaruoka / Yamanaka Onsen Tunnel(2004(Heisei16 years)4Yamanaka Onsen Ouchi Town,Gaya dam,KayanoIt leads to a hot spring town via the town.
Kanazu ICFromFukui Prefectural Road No. 10 Maruoka River West LineIt is possible to go via, but it takes some time because the narrow section is long and there are many curves.
Komatsu Airport,Natadera,Awazu OnsenFrom the directionForty-nine temple tunnelThe route via is the shortest,2000(Heisei12 years)9It was shortened by the opening of a new tunnel.


Yamanaka Onsen as a place name

It was a hot spring town in Yamanaka from ancient timesEnumaYamanaka TownとNishitani Village,Higashitanioku VillageとHenan Village3 villages1955(Showa30 years)4,merger(New merger) will result in a new Yamanaka Town.2005(Heisei17 years)10ToKaga CityAnd Yamanaka Town merged (new merger) to become Kaga City, and the area of ​​Yamanaka Town was changed.Local autonomous district"Yamanaka Onsen" (2015(Heisei27 years)May 9However, the old village area is not necessarily a hot spring town except for some areas.

"Yamanaka talks"

19636ToYoshida ShigeruFormer Prime MinisterEisaku Sato,Takeo MikiAlong with this, he stayed at "Yoshinoya Irokuen Villa", which was the most luxurious inn in Yamanaka Onsen.Hayato IkedaIt is said that a secret meeting was held with Sato as the successor.[16][17].

All Night Outdoor Music Festival

1970 era, Rock bands from Komatsu City held an outdoor music festival called "Sunset Festival" all night ahead of the rest of the country.The first sunset festival1973(Showa48 years)May 8 - 26th[18] ToNew family industryMaerinmineen[19], The second time1975(Showa50 years)May 8 --On the 24thMizunashiyama ski resort[20] Was held in.

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