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🧳 | Lawson and a popular local ramen shop collaborate!Introducing separate limited edition products in XNUMX areas nationwide


A collaboration between Lawson and a popular local ramen shop!Introducing separate limited edition products in XNUMX areas nationwide

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Serve chicken breast slices of the brand meat "Kamitori", chopped yuzu, and purple onions for an elegant taste.

"Cold noodles" and "rice balls" supervised by popular ramen shops are newly released from Lawson as limited products in 7 areas nationwide ... → Continue reading


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Trizen Foods

Trizen Foods Co., Ltd.It is,Fukuoka CityToMain officePutchickenA company engaged in wholesale and restaurant business[2]..In addition to poultry farming and sales of the brand bird "Kamitori", it also manages the Mizutaki restaurant "Hakata Hanamitori".[2].

In addition,Kyushu professional wrestlingWe support one of the activities of the company, the consolation activity "Jijibaba cheer up bye"[3].

Founded1949 [4].2010 ToChugokuDalianEstablished Dalian Torizen Restaurant Co., Ltd. and opened "Hakata Hanamidori Dalian Store"[5]. afterwards,2014 The store has been open in Taiwan since autumn.[2].

2017 In 1 monthItoshimaConstruction of a new factory begins[4]..The amount of capital investment is about 7 million yen[4].

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  • Like a dragon 5"Hakata Hanamitori" will appear in the fictitious entertainment district "Nagasu-gai" in the game of dreams and fulfillers, and you can purchase real menus such as mizutaki.[6].


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