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🧳 | Hankyu Hanshin Hotels sells original food for "Koupen-chan" at hotels in Umeda and stores along the Hankyu line


Hankyu Hanshin Hotels sells original food for "Koupen-chan" at hotels in Umeda and stores along the Hankyu line

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Sold at Hotel New Hankyu Osaka, Hotel Hankyu Respire Osaka, Hiyori TauT Hankyu Rakusaiguchi, Tully's Coffee, Hankyu Soba, and Fred's Cafe.

Hankyu Hanshin Hotels and Eki Retail Service Hankyu Hanshin is an ori of the character "Koupen-chan" from SNS ... → Continue reading


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Tully's coffee

Tully's coffee(Tully's Coffee Corporation) IsAmerica-State of WashingtonSeattleBased oncoffeeChain store.

At one point it was one of Seattle's three biggest cafe chains,2013Bankruptcy and sale2018The store is closed.Currently, the name remains only as a brand name for commercial coffee.

Outside the United States, in the form of a brand licenseJapan(1997~) And South Korea(2010Opened in).Since Japan Tully's is licensed independently of US Tully's, it is still operating in stores.


1992ToSeattleでreal-estate companyTom Tally O'keeffe (British: Tom Tully O'Keefe) Is opened.Starbucks(Founded in 1971),Seattle's Best CoffeeAlthough it is a latecomer to (founded in 1968 and advanced to Seattle in 1971), it is considered to be one of the three major cafe chains in Seattle, and was also called the Seattle-based three family in Japan.

The coffee shop opened from the beginning under the pretext of trying to do the same thing as Starbucks, and is well known for its expansion strategy of opening stores adjacent to the opposing Starbucks.Initially, the Seattle headquarters facility also existed opposite the Starbucks headquarters (then the Tully's headquarters moved).In Seattle, it's often joked that "the easiest way to find Tully's Coffee is to stand in front of Starbucks and look around."With such an aggressive stance, we expanded our business performance and set up about 200 stores mainly on the west coast of the United States.2006Recorded the first net profit in.Seattle's Best Coffee, which was also a rival2003By joining Starbucks, it has become the second-largest sales chain in the United States.

However2007The initial public offering plan was terminated due to the crash of the stock market in Japan.2009Gain temporary profit by selling coffee bean wholesale distribution business, brand and roasting business to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (currently Keurig Dr. Pepper)[1]Also,2012In 10 monthFederal Bankruptcy Code Chapter 11Filed for virtual bankruptcy.20131 month 4 dayAuctionAs a result, we formed a partnership with Global Baristas, an investment group founded by lawyer Michael Avenatti.American actor OfPatrick DempseySold 47 stores for $ 920 million.Dempsey is an American drama "Grays AnatomyKnown for his role as Dr. Derek Shepherd, he said he bid to protect Tully's Coffee's name and employees because he considers Seattle, the setting of the drama, to be his second home.Shortly thereafter, however, Dempsey withdrew and filed a proceeding against Avenatti because Avenatti did not provide sufficient funding.After that, 2 Tully's stores were barely open,2018Announced temporary store closure in March due to lack of coffee.It was officially closed in September of the same year.Currently, the name remains as the brand name of coffee sold by Keurig.

Tully's coffee in Japan isTully's Coffee JapanBut,2005The license right was purchased from the US corporation, and since it was independent of the US corporation, it was not affected by the bankruptcy of the US corporation.

Tully's coffee in Japan

ITO EN > Tully's coffee

Sales in JapanITO ENSubsidiary ofTully's Coffee JapanIs going.

Founding presidentKota MatsudaMeet "Tully's", a local coffee shop in Seattle (5 at the time), and negotiated business rights in Japan.1997In January, we obtained a one-year exclusive contract with Tully's Coffee in Japan, and on August 1, we opened the first Tully's Coffee store in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

1998In 5 monthTully's Coffee JapanEstablished a joint-stock company and became president.

2001ToNASDAQ JapanListed on the stock exchange2002Tully's Coffee Japan Co., Ltd. (2nd generation) was newly established through a company split after shifting to a holding company structure and changing the trade name to Food X Globe Co., Ltd.2004Food X Gloves has been unlisted by MBO.

2005Completely acquired the trademark right of "Tully's" in Japan from Tully's Coffee Corporation (USA) in August.

2006Achieved 320 stores and grew to the second place in the specialty coffee chain in Japan.Transferred Food X Globe Co., Ltd. to ITO EN.[2]

2008Food X Globe Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary Tully's Coffee Japan Co., Ltd. (2nd generation) merged to change the trade name to the current Tully's Coffee Japan Co., Ltd.


Women are our main customers in Japan[3]StarbucksAssuming a customer base of 25 years or older who is more particular about the taste of coffee[4], The interior isCremaCallespressoThe walls are unified in a foam-like color on the surface, and country-style chairs are combined.Immediately after the company was founded to improve name recognition1997Green with impact in NovemberstrawImmediately after the introduction of the product, Starbucks also adopted straws of the same color, and the two companies are competing for image strategies.Like Starbucks' 20 yen, Tully's also offers a 30 yen discount if you bring a tumbler or mug.Similar services can be obtained using other than tumblers and mugs sold by Tully's.[5].

useCoffee beansIs only of high quality Arabica, sticking to "specialty" using a full manual machine,ice cream, Meal menu, limited-time menu, etc.Social contributionsfor2003からPicture bookWe recruit works every year and sell excellent works as books in the store.

Unlike Starbucks, which is completely non-smoking, some stores have smoking seats.Smoking seat is "A coffee shopRespect the "Japanese culture of smoking in" and do not affect the aroma or comfort of coffeeSeparation of smoking areasAnd for smokersガ ラ スThere is a small room partitioned by.

At most stores in JapanPublic wireless LANInstall a service access point[6], NTT DoCoModocomo Wi-Fi, NTT East / NTT WestFLET'S SPOT, And NTT CommunicationsHot spotIs available.

2013From April, payment with the prepaid card "Tully's Card" became possible.[7].

Number of stores / store opening policy

2006March 4Azabu JubanOpened a store and became 300 stores in Japan, the last prefecture to enterTottoriAlso2014It will be the 4th store nationwide on April 30th.Tottori University HospitalThe store was opened in an outpatient hall and opened in all prefectures.[8]

The number of stores is2011There were 410 stores in2016Increased on a 638-40 store basis annually to 50 stores.Since then, it has continued to increase on a 20-30 store basis annually.2020There are 747 stores in Japan.[9]

The in-hospital store, which was a pioneer in the coffee chain industry, was held in April 2004 by Kojinkai.University of Tokyo HospitalThe store has opened and is still actively opening[10]..Car showrooms and travel agencies,Securities companyIn addition to joint stores called "" in stores of different industries, we are actively opening stores in special environments such as inside companies, and airlinesStar flyerIn partnership with, it offers in-flight coffee.

In October 2017, the first store of the concept shop "Tully's Coffee & TEA" with expanded tea menu was opened in Motomachi, Yokohama, and the second store was opened in May 10 in Roppongi.[11]

Examples of distinctive stores


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