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🛏 | Evacuation shelter Hotel deadline to new residence "Two and a half months in a blink of an eye" Atami debris flow


The deadline for the shelter hotel is reached. To a new residence "In a blink of an eye for two and a half months" Atami debris flow

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Due to a large debris flow that occurred in July, Atami City set up a shelter at a hotel in the city, and as of the 7th, 14 people from 60 households had been evacuated.

Due to the debris flow disaster that occurred in Atami City, the hotel that the city used as an evacuation center has reached the expiration date on the XNUMXth.Evacuation continues ... → Continue reading

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Atami(Atamishi) isShizuokaLocated in the easternmost part with a population of about 3.5City.Atami OnsenSuch asHot spring townThere is.Kanto region OfKanagawaContact with.



Izu PeninsulaLocated at the eastern base ofSagami TroughThere isSagami NadaTo face.

Facing the same Sagami NadaIto-Yugawara townThe direction has geographical continuity along the coast,Numazu City-Kannan TownWhat is the directionSuruga BayWith water systemwatershedBecomes steepTanna MountainsTanna TunnelSeparated by.

In addition, it is in Sagami NadaHatsushimaIs within the city limits.


Most of the city areahillsAndVillaMany places such as land and houses are built on high ground, and many roads have steep slopes.Most of the coastline will soon become hills, but the central part is reclaimed to form a sandy beach.


Climate of Ajiro Special Area Meteorological Observatory (Ajiro, Atami City, altitude 67m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F25.1
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F10.7
Average daily temperature ° C (° F7.0
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F3.9
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−3.1
Precipitation amount mm (inch)76.1
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)6.67.612.111.311.213.912.39.613.
Average monthlyDaylight hours147.4142.8158.2176.4184.1127.7161.8194.1136.9126.0128.5142.81,826.7
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1937-present)[1][2]



  • Spring(Izumi)-Centering on the Chitose RiverYugawara OnsenSouth of the area ("Izuyugawara Onsen") The northernmost district of Atami City that composes. The riverside is divided into three neighborhood associations from the west upstream to the eastern downstream: Izumi Nakazawa, Gokencho, and Izumimoto Ward. Along the Chitose RiverIzumi ParkIt is,Yugawara town OfManyo ParkIt will also be used at events in the "Yugawara Onsen" area. In the southern mountains, there are "Yuzuriha" and "Sakuragaoka", and in the southeastern coast (south of Kadogawa), there is a condominium area called "Okurosaki" (Tonatsumi villa area).
  • Izuyama(Izusan)- Izuyama ShrineIzuyama Onsen(Running hot water) Centered on the district.It is divided into Nanao on the northern mountain side, Higashiizusan / Inamura on the northern sea side, Nakamichi / Hama in the center, and Kidani on the southern mountain side.In addition, it is an inland area to the west located at about the same north latitude.Atami StationNorthern part of the back (Atami club golf course, Hachiarak villa area),Kinomiya StationTosawa district in the northern part of the back,Hime no Sawa Park, And the roots of Izuyama ShrineTokuni PassNikkoyama Tokoji Temple (Nippanayama) is also included in "Izuyama" in the address.
  • Atami city area -Since it is an image that extends from northeast to southwest, the northern part is customarily called "eastern part" and the southern part is called "western part".
  • South Atami
    • Taga(Taga)-"" in other areasTaga'[3]In order to distinguish it from, as Taga in the Izu area, "Izu Taga(Izutaga) "is also called.
    • Ajiro(Ajiro)-Fishing area in the southeastern Atami city.1957 Until merger with Atami cityAjiro TownIt was an independent port town. It is a third-class fishing portAjiro Fishing PortThere is. From the west to the east, Katamachi, Minamicho, Miyacho, Miyazaki, Machiba (Dingba/Choba), Sakaecho, Asahicho It is divided into nine neighborhood associations, Midoricho and Ajiroyama. On the hillside on the southern mountain sideJapanese Meteorological Agency OfWeather stationTherefore, the name "Ajiro" is often seen in the weather forecast for Shizuoka prefecture. In addition, from the foothills of the southeast facing Hatsushima to the national highways on the coast, the villa area of ​​the Wadagi district and the villas, hot spring inns, and resort apartment concentrated areas (Midorimachi/Ajishiroyama district) are held.
  • Hatsushima(Hatsushima)- Atami PortA tourist island on the eastern sea of ​​Ajiro that can come and go from here. "ShizuokaIt is not only the eastern end of the island, but also the only inhabited island in Shizuoka prefecture.izu-OshimaIncludingIzu IslandsIt is,TokyoBecause it has jurisdiction). Also,Tokuni Pass-Atami Pass~Izu skylineOnly in the city except the mountains likeMount FujiIt is also a place where you can see. The port of Hatsushima, which serves as the doorway, and stores, housing, and community facilities for locals are concentrated in the north, and the rest are in the southwest.Resort trustOf the systemXIVThe facility of "Hatsushima Club" is in the southeastern partFujikyuThe facilities of "PICA Hatsushima/Hatsushima Island Resort" of each line occupy each. On the plateau in the southern part of the space, the tower of Atami TV relay station andHatsushima LighthouseIs erected.
  • Others ("Atami City Atami") -Around Atami Pasania Club, Atami Crematorium, Atami City Environmental Center, Nishi Atami Golf Course, West of Mizuguchi Town, west of "",Nishikigaura-Atami castleからAtami Nature TownOverAtami ShindoAn address assigned to a large-scale newly-developed frontier mountain building/facility, such as in the vicinity.


Atami City has a declining birthrate and an aging population compared to the national average. The population is declining significantly, but like the neighboring Hakone town, because it is a non-delivery organization for local allocation tax,Depopulated areaIs exempt from the designation.

Population distribution of Atami, Shizuoka, Japan.svg
Atami City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Atami-shi Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Change of population of Atami-shi (area equivalent to)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Adjacent municipality

Shizuoka prefecture flagShizuoka
Kanagawa prefecture flagKanagawa



It has been a hot spring resort for a long time, and the original place name was "Atami" (Atamago).[4]By the Edo period, the notation "Atami" had taken root because hot water was gushing out of the sea and it was also called "Atsuumi ga Saki".[5].

Ancient times

Atami OnsenIt is,Nara period(749 )Hakone OfTen thousand volume superiorHowever, by praying for the eruption of a submarine volcano that was annoying fishermen, a volcano on land (Oyuma Reizumi)Open hot water legendThere is, thereYuzen ShrineIt is said that (Yunomae Gongen) was made.[5][6]..Of course, it is just a natural phenomenon / disaster. Description of "Izu Fudoki" (713 ), there is also a part that seems to represent Oyuma Reizumi[6].. Both are gods enshrined in Yuzen ShrineSvinavikona GodIt refers to (Shikohiko Meishin and Shomei Bikonaga).

In the northern Izuyama areaIzuyama Onsen(Running hot water) Is699 (Civilization3 years)Small angle(Actor) Is said to have been discovered by[7][8], And the northernmost Izumi district is involvedYugawara OnsenIt is,ManyoshuThe origin of the hot springs in this area is so old that it goes back to ancient times.

This area is also an ancient mountain sacred ground.Tokuni PassIt is also an area under the influence of (Nikanayama),Izuyama Shrine(Izuyama GongenOriginally,Emperor Oshin-Emperor NintokuIt is said that the origin of the shrine was that Matsuba Sennin created a shrine (currently Higanesan Tokoji Temple) on Mt.836 (AcceptanceIt is reported in the company biography that it has settled down at the present location in 3 years)[9][10][11].

中 世

AndYoritomo GengenSince then, Izuyama Shrine (Izuyama Gongen)Hakone Jinja(Hakone Shrine)When it was designated as "Nissho Gongen" along with (Hakone Gongen) and "Niseko Gongen" was held, Nikanayama developed as a sacred place for important points connecting both companies, and worship paths from various places were also established.[12][13][14][15].

In this waySengoku periodBefore, Minamoto no YoritomoKamakura Shogunate3nd shogunMinamoto morningThe Izusan Onsen (running hot water) at the foot of the Izusan Shrine (running hot water shrine, Izusan Gongen), which was revered by the Tokoku samurai, was more famous, but Izusan and Hakone GongenBetto Temple(Jinguji Temple) BelongingMonkWeOdawara OfHojoBy encouraging the side1590 (18th year of Tensho)Hideyoshi ToyotomibyOdawara SeijiIn the process of, the whole area was burned down and suffered great damage (reconstructed in the Edo period).[16][17].

The early modern period

On the other hand, Atami Onsen1593 (Bunroku 2) In SeptemberKanpaku-Toyotomi ShujiVisited Toji for more than 40 days[6],further1602 (7th year of Keicho)1604 (Keicho 9) In MarchTokugawa IeyasuVisited the spa, and thenEdo Shogunate3nd shogunTokugawa IemitsuHave made a "goten" for hot springs built in the place where Atami City Hall is currently located, or 4 generationsTokugawa KazunaAfter that, Atami no YuEdo Castle"Okuyu" (Okuyu) is carried out to bring you to[18][19], Because it came to be favored by the Tokugawa family as "Shogun's favorite hot water", in the Edo periodHot spring numbering"soGyojiAcquired a national recognition and a privileged rating so as to occupy a part of the role.

Atami Onsen in the Edo periodHot waterAround (currentlyAtami New Fujiya HotelAround the annex, around 27 hot spring resorts were formed with about XNUMX privileged hot spring inns called "Yuko" (Yuko). Atami village in the Edo period was directly under the shogunate (Heaven) And stay in EdoDaming-Flag bookAnd his relatives often visited Toji with permission from the Shogunate.[20][21].

(In addition, the "Goten" trace isMeiji RestorationLater it became a public land of Atami village, butYataro Iwasaki 1878 Purchased in (Meiji 11)MiyauchiProvided to, mainly from 1889 (Meiji 22) to 1931 (Showa 6)Emperor TaishoThe third, after Yokohama and Kobe, for the purpose of medical treatment ofImperial residenceIsAtami Imperial VillaWas built[19].. After that, it was paid down to Atami Town, and now there is a city hall. )


Main timeline



  • July 2021, 3 (Reiwa 7rd year) --The cityIzuyamaLarge-scale in the district due to heavy rain caused by the Baiu frontEarth and stone flowOccurs.

As a resort/sightseeing spot

As mentioned above, Atami is adjacent by the Edo period.Yugawara,HakoneWe have established a position as a hot spring resort in the western suburbs of Edo along with the region and other areas.TokyoIt didn't change even after the Meiji era when it became. And especiallyIwakuraReceived the life ofMinistry of Interior OfNagayo Sensai 1886 (Meiji 19)Oyuma ReizumiMany politicians and high-ranking government officials visited Atami for recreation and meetings, partly due to the influence of the creation of the first hot spring sanatorium in Japan, Kyukankan.1889 In (Meiji 22), Japan first had a long-distance call to Tokyo, and in the same year, for the later Emperor Taisho, "Atami Imperial VillaHas been completed[19].

1896 It opened in (Meiji 29)Tomei Train Train(Between Atami and Odawara), 11 years later1907 (Meiji 40)steam locomotiveTowLight railSince the transportation has been significantly improved, from the end of the Meiji era to the Taisho era, scholars and literary figures were added to the traditional tourist class, which was limited to some privileged classes such as politicians and royalty until then.・Businessmen have come to Atami,Sogakisha"madeTsuyouchiOr laterKiunkaku"madeShinya Uchida(After the war,Junichiro Tanizaki,Naoya ShigaSome people started to build a villa in Atami, and the city area was expanded.[22]. Also,Ozaki autumn leavesof"Golden yasha],Shimazaki Fujimura"Atami souvenir",Ryunosuke Ayukawaof"Trotco], Atami will be treated as a stage for literary works, and the public's awareness will increase.

1924 (Taisho 13nd year)Wire saving(National railway) Atami line (between Kouzu and Atami) was opened, and1934 (Showa 9)Tanna TunnelOpened and was connected to Numazu,Tokaido LineBut (currentlyGotemba Line(From the route of (at) to the current route via Atami), which dramatically improved transportation, and added visitors from the Kansai area. Has increased remarkably, and its contentsHot springからGroup travelWith the increase in the number of inns and various facilities in response to this, Atami will transform from a hot spring resort to a hot spring tourism city.[23].

1950 (Showa 25) On April 4th, you will experience the "Atami Great Fire" that burns down the city, but on August 13st of the same year, the "Atami International Tourism Hot Spring Cultural City Construction Law" was promulgated.International Tourism Hot Spring Cultural CityIn order to prepare the social infrastructure as a building, the reconstruction of the suburban center by land readjustment, road/port maintenance, construction of the city hall/sightseeing hall, construction and maintenance of sanitation facilities, construction of municipal housing, etc. After 3 years, it will recover and exceed the level before the great fire.[23].

1964 (Showa 39) February 10Tokaido ShinkansenThe average number of passengers getting on and off at Atami station is 10 for 1 months after opening, and it is the fifth place after Tokyo, Shin-Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto.[23].. Also, before and after that, in the 1960s (30s-40s),Izu skyline-Atami beach line-Atami Shindo-Atsuko RoadRoads connecting various areas such asAtami Museum-Atami castle-Atami KorakuenWe will further solidify our position as a tourist destination by opening various facilities such as. And1969 (Showa 44), the annual number of tourists reached a peak of 532 million.[31].

From the latter half of the 1970s (Showa 50s), the number of tourists (the number of tourists coming in) will gradually decrease from the 400 million level per year or level off while the overseas travel boom and changes in travel styles will occur.[27].. On the other handResort mansionEspecially in the late 1980s and early 1990sBubble economyIn, a lot of resort condominiums were made. (Since the Shinkansen and hot springs, the sea, and the mountains are all located in the suburbs of Tokyo, resort condominiums continue to be built in Atami compared to other areas even after the 2000s. )

In the 1990s, the collapse of the bubble economy, the economic downturn, and the reduction and reduction of group travel (employee travel/comfort travel) due to corporate cost reductions.SanatoriumThe number of tourists (the number of tourists coming in) will gradually decrease from the 300 million level per year, due to the effects of the closure of buildings, declining birthrate, and aging facilities, and the number of inns will also decrease accordingly.[27].

Even in the 2000s, this tendency did not change, and in the latter half of the 2000s, the number of tourists (the number of tourists coming in) dropped to the 200 million level annually,Great East Japan Earthquakewas there2011 (23), after having dropped significantly to around 250 million,2015 It has been recovering even after returning to the 27 million level on an accommodation basis in 300.[27].. The reason/factor is

As a result, we have been able to further break away from the "old Showa Onsen town" to a "fashionable and convenient resort" (on the other hand, redevelopment is slow compared to the urban areas of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Facilities and stores are mixed, and "retro" is one of the selling phrases of Atami tourism),

  • Sakae SaitoProgress of financial reconstruction under municipal administration, and aggressive public and private-sector events and media PR.
  • TTC Co., Ltd., NPO atamista/machimori Co., Ltd.,Kimiya ShrineBy etc.Regional brands-Regional revitalizationbusiness.
  • (Abe administrationDomestic return phenomenon of consumers due to the depreciation of the yen etc.
  • A re-evaluation of the good location conditions of Atami, which combines "railroad (bullet train), hot spring, sea, and mountains" near Tokyo.

And so on.

Disaster history

Recent disasters, etc.




Successive mayors
  • Shuji Higuchi(December 1937, 7-February 25, 1943)
  • Yoshio Mizutani (May 1943, 5-September 6, 1945)
  • Tsurumi Ken(October 1945, 10-April 4, 1947)
  • Shore guard(December 1947, 4-February 6, 1948)
  • Sogetsu (September 1948, 9-February 8, 1952, 2st term)
  • Fumio Yamagata (April 1952, 4-April 6, 1956, 4st term)
  • Yuji Komatsu(April 1956, 4-July 17, 1962, halfway through the second term)
  • Toshi Ichikawa (September 1962, 9-September 14, 1970, 9nd term)
  • Kawaguchi Yoshio (September 1970, 9-September 14, 1982, 9rd term)
  • Shigeru Uchida (September 1982, 9-September 14, 1994, 9rd term)
  • Ichio Kawaguchi (September 1994, 9-September 14, 2006, 9rd term)
  • Sakae Saito(September 2006, 9-14th term)

Government office


Property taxes

Atami cityVilla,Resort mansionMany (more than 1 units in total),Resident cardWithout moving to AtamiTwo-base lifePerson (Dualer) Is about a quarter of the total population (about 4 people), so in order for them to bear the cost of appropriate administrative services together1976 Unusual in Japan since (51)Property taxes(The annual amount is 1 yen per square meter of the building, totaling about tens of thousands of yen)[32].

Municipal hot spring

In Atami, from before the warOyuma ReizumiThere is a historical history of establishing a "ward-owned hot spring" and "town-owned hot spring" system to manage conflicts associated with the development of surrounding sources.1937 From the beginning when the city system was enforced in (Showa 12), the "municipal hot spring (municipal hot spring)" system was established to own and manage many hot springs.[33].

Therefore, in many areas of Atami City (most of the residential areas of Izumi, urban areas, and South Atami), the supply network of municipal hot springs is in place, and the subscription fee (hundreds of thousands of yen) and monthly hot spring fee (monthly hot spring fee) ( You can bring a hot spring to your home by paying (about 1 yen).[33].


Financial problem

2006 (18) December 12, elected in anticipation of financial reconstruction of Atami CitySakae SaitoThe mayor announced the "Atami City Financial Crisis Declaration."After that, I received complaints and criticisms from all sides that the expression was too strong, and the next month2007 (19) Renamed to "Atami City Financial Reconstruction Start Declaration" on January 1[34][35].

This is aimed at rebuilding the financial situation of Atami City, where the budget deficit ratio at that time exceeded 30% and the fiscal adjustment fund was running out, in five years from now, and actually five years later. Later in 5 (5), the balance of non-performing debt was reduced by 2011 billion yen and the balance of the fiscal adjustment fund was increased by 23 billion yen.[36].. These skills were appreciated and Mayor Sakae Saito became the first mayor to serve for more than four terms in Atami city history.

Wide area administration

Connection / cooperation with the Kanto region

The influence of Kanagawa and Tokyo is great,CensusAlso, in Shizuoka Prefecture,Kanto metropolitan areaIncluded in[37].. Also, by employment location,Yugawara town-Odawara cityThe flow to the western part of Kanagawa Prefecture is higher than the flow to the eastern part of the prefecture west of the Tanna Tunnel,横 浜 市Flow toShizuoka CityOverwhelmingly exceeds the flow to[38].

Of the main stationAtami StationHas a history of railway development as described above, and is located in Shizuoka prefecture.Tokaido Main LineOnly at the stationJR EastIt is under the jurisdiction of.Most trains on the Tokaido Main Line departing from Atami StationYokohama Station,Tokyo StationWe have been on board until 2015 (Heisei 27)Ueno Tokyo LineAfter opening, in Saitama PrefectureUrawa Station,Omiya StationBeyond, it is the prefectural capital of Tochigi PrefectureUtsunomiya Station, The central city of Gunma prefectureTakasaki StationThere are also many trains that can be used up to.Due to these circumstances, even within Shizuoka PrefectureChubu regionthanKanto regionIt is said that there is a deep cooperation with.

The northernmost spring area of ​​Atami City is the Chitose River (with Atami CityYugawara town, Shizuoka prefecture (Izukuni) And Kanagawa (Sagami country), which is the boundary ofYugawara OnsenSouth of the area ("Izuyugawara OnsenArea), and since the two have a united relationship, there has been discussion about the merger and transfer to Yugawara Town in the Izumi district since the Showa period, but it is difficult because the merger and transfer will occur across prefectures. Many have not been realized yet. Great Heisei mergerSometimes, Atami City and Yugawara Town, Yugawara TownManazuru townHowever, Yugawara-machi refused the merger with Atami City and Manazuru-machi refused the merger with Yugawara-machi. ing.

Because of these geographical characteristics,1999 FM Atami, which opened in 11,2001 After adding Yugawara Town and Manazuru Town to the broadcasting area in (13)FM Atami YugawaraHas been renamed.

In addition, the “Hakone/Yugawara/Atami/Ashigara Tourism Area” aiming to create a stay-type tourism destination in cooperation with the administration of 11 municipalities in the western part of Kanagawa Prefecture and Atami City, and a total of XNUMX municipalities and tourism-related businesses and groups.[39]But,2010 (22) On April 4, it was certified as a national government by the Tourism Zone Development Law.

On the other hand, regarding TV radio waves,2011 Full surface from (23)Digital terrestrial broadcastingDue to the stricter regulation of broadcasting areas, the re-transmission of "Tokyo wave" by local cable TV stations has been prohibited in Atami City, which is in Shizuoka Prefecture (there are no competing local stations).NHKKanto area,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.,TVK,TOKYO MXExcept for), relay stations in Manazuru Town and Yugawara Town (Odawara TV Relay Station-Yugawara relay station) AndTokyo Sky TreeIn some areas (about 27%) in Atami city where "Tokyo Nami" from Japan is not reached by the mountains, retransmitting "Tokyo Nami" by local cable TV station was stopped.2018 After October (30), "Tokyo wave" can no longer be seen (excluding NHK Kanto area, TV TOKYO, TVK, TOKYO MX), and "division of TV radio waves" has occurred.

Merger of municipalities

At present, no merger has been carried out with any neighboring municipalities,Great Heisei mergerIn the case of, result of citizen questionnaire[40]In response to this, there was a history of considering transferring to Kanagawa Prefecture by merging with Yugawara Town, which has a strong exchange relationship, and it was reported in newspapers and other media.


City council

Neighborhood association

In the city of Atami, there are "City Neighborhood Associations" whose names and categories are different from the "City Names" used for addresses. It is often seen.

Neighborhood associationTown name
Kaikou TownKaiko Town/Kasuga Town
Higashidawara TownKasuga Town
Tahara TownTahara Honcho, Kasuga Town, East Coast Town
Tahara HonmachiTahara Honmachi/Sakimi Town
Momoyamadai TownMomoyama Town/Hayashigaoka Town/(Izuyama)
Wako Town (Wakoen)Momoyama Town and Hayashigaoka Town
Hayashigaoka WestHayashigaoka Town
Shiomi TownEast Coast Town
Higashi TownEast coast town, Sakimi town, Ginza town, Nagisa town
Sakimi TownSakimi-cho and Hayashigaoka-cho
Onsen-dori TownSakimi Town/Kamijuku Town
Higashi Ginza TownSakimi Town
Ginza TownGinza Town / Nagisa Town
HamachoGinza Town / Nagisa Town
Central beachNagisa Town
YurakuchoChuo Town/Ginza Town
HonchoChuo Town/Ginza Town/Kamijuku Town
AsahiChuo Town / Nagisa Town
Shinjuku TownChuo Town, Kamishuku Town, Mizuguchi Town
Nakata TownKamishuku Town, Mizuguchi Town
Fukudo TownUmezono Town, Fukudo Town, Mizuguchi Town
Nishi-Atami HonmachiNishi-Atami Town
Shinsai AtamiNishi-Atami Town
TsuchizawaNippane Town
Shimomatsuda TownNigane Town, Midorigaoka Town, Nishiyama Town
Sasaragadai TownSasaragadai and Midorigaoka
Atsujigaoka TownAinohara housing complex
Umezono TownUmezono Town/Ainohara Town
Shimizu TownShimizu Town/Chuo Town
Asahicho XNUMX-chomeShimizu Town / Nagisa Town
Wadahama TownNagisa Town
WadahamananchoWadahamanancho, Showa Town, Nagisa Town
Shimotenjin TownShowa Town, Shimizu Town, Mizuguchi Town
Tenjin TownShowa Town
Kamitenjin TownShowa Town/Koarashi Town
Tenjin mountainKoarashi Town
Kamikorashi Town(Kamikoarashi housing complex)
Koarashi TownKoarashi Town/Sakura Town
SakuramachiSakura Town/Wada Town
Kamiwada TownWada Town
SakaemachiWada Town/Sakuragi Town
Nishiki TownWada Town/Sakuragi Town/Atami
Sakuragaoka TownSakuragi Town
Kamifomohagaoka TownMomijigaoka Town
Hinata TownAoba Town
Wadayama TownAoba Town
Sawamachi in frontYamate Town
Hibarigaoka Town(Wadayama municipal housing complex)

National agency

裁判 所

  • Atami Simple Court (Kasugacho, southeast of Atami Station)
  • Shizuoka Family Court Atami Branch Office (Kasuga Town, Southeast of Atami Station)

Foreign relations

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city


sister city
Partner city



  • Izumi station (Izumi, near the Izumimoto-ku bus stop)
Police box
  • Izusan police box (Izusan, next to the Izusan intersection)
  • Atami station square police box (Tawaramotocho,Atami StationNortheast side)
  • Central police box (Higashikaigancho,Atami Sun Beachside)
  • Momijigaoka police box (Momijigaoka town, west of Momijigaoka bus stop)
  • Minami Atami police box (Shimotaga,Taga Junior High Schoolside)


Fire department
  • Atami Fire Station (Chuocho, northeast of the city hall)
Fire brigade
  • 1st Area Corps (Izumi / Izusan)
    • 5th branch (Izumi, same place as Izumi branch office)
    • 4th branch (Izusan, near the Hannyainzen bus stop)
  • 2nd Army (city area)
    • 1st branch (Sakimi-cho)
    • 2nd branch (Fukumichimachi,Kinomiya StationPrevious)
    • 3rd Branch (Showa Town, Southeast of Tokoro Memorial Hospital)
  • 3rd Army (Taga)
    • 6th branch (Kamitaga, next to Taga Shrine)
    • 7th branch (Shimotaga, next to Shimotaga Shrine)
    • 8th branch (Shimotaga / Wadagi, near Ajiroekikuchi bus stop)
  • 4th Army (Ajiro / Hatsushima)
    • 9th branch (Hatsushima, southeast of Hatsuki Shrine)
    • 10th branch (Ajiro, north of Ajiro intersection)
    • 11th branch (Amiyo, north of Amiyo Elementary School bus stop)


Main hospital

post office

Main post office
Zip Code

Zip CodeIs as follows.2006 May 10change to.

Library facility

Exchange facility

  • Iki Iki Plaza (Health Center, Chuo Town)

Exercise facility


The industry is centered on tourism, and the 17 census shows the following results.

Tertiary industry


Main commercial facilities

In addition, there are many restaurants mainly in Sakimi-cho, Ginza-cho, Chuo-cho, Nagisa-cho, and along the main roads.

Major retro restaurants
  • Restaurant Furuya
  • Cafe AGIR
  • Ishikawaya
  • No. XNUMX
  • Sunbird
  • Pure Coffee Pine Tree
  • bonnet
  • Yoshi Hama
  • Daiichirou
  • Yushima Jazz Cafe
  • Three wooden sweets ※
  • MON
  • Wantanya
  • Yuka
  • Countryside
  • Scott (old building)

* Is a confectionery store.

Retro game

Companies based


Mass media

Newspaper company


TV radio wave

Manazuru PeninsulaIn the centerOdawara TV Relay StationAndTokyo Sky Tree(In addition, in the Izumi areaYugawara TV relay station) From the Kanto wide area broadcast wave (Tokyo wave / Kanto wave),HatsushimaAtami relay station,GendakeNorthernAtami Netshiro TV relay stationSince the broadcast radio waves of the Shizuoka local broadcasting station (Shizuoka wave) arrive from, you can watch both in an area open to both by simply adjusting the antenna environment.However, in areas where one radio wave is blocked by mountains, only the other broadcast can be viewed (however, NHK Kanto wide area where there is no competing local station in Shizuoka prefecture).Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.-Kanagawa-TOKYO MX), If you contract with a local cable TV station as described below, you can watch it anywhere).

Because of the strong connection to the Kanto/Kanagawa area, there is a high demand for TV waves (Tokyo wave) in the Kanto area, and in areas where this is hindered by the mountains, it was once viewed by contracting with a local cable TV station. Was possible,2011 With the digitization of the Tokyo wave, the interests were adjusted with the local Shizuoka local station, and the Tokyo wave competed with the local station.Nippon TV-TV Asahi-TBS TV-Fuji Television Network, Inc)ofRebroadcast outside the area 2018 It will end in September.After that, some areas (about 9%) where the Tokyo waves are blocked by mountains[41]), Only Shizuoka waves will be available for viewing[42].

The areas where you can watch Tokyo wave well,Yugawara TV relay stationThe Izumi district, which is located nearby,Manazuru PeninsulaIn the centerOdawara TV Relay Station,Tokyo Sky TreeIn the coastal areas such as the high-rise buildings of the urban area that are open in the direction, the southern coast of the urban area, the southern part of Taga area (Shimotaga), etc. Izuyama area, the western and northern parts of the city, inland areas of the northern part of Taga area (Kamitaga), etc.[41].

Life base

life line


Area code

Most of the area codes areNTT WestIn the jurisdiction0557(NTT West Japan(I.e.MA) However, the spring that touches Okuyugawara0465(NTT East JapanOdawaraMA)NTT EastWill be in the pipe.




Vocational school

high school


Junior high school


primary school



  • Atami City Izumi Kindergarten
  • Atami City Izuyama Kindergarten
  • Atami City Atami Children's Garden
  • Atami City Taga Kindergarten
  • Atami City Ajiro Kindergarten
  • Atami Municipal Wadagi Nursery School
  • Atami City Hatsushima Nursery School


  • Atami City Atami Children's Garden
  • MOA infant school
  • Fuji nursery school
  • Glory Atami Central Nursery School
  • Glory Atami Sakimi Nursery School



In the center of the cityAtami StationExists,Tokaido ShinkansenTokaido Main Line,Ito LineIt is a connecting station.

Railway line

Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)
East Japan Railway(JR East)

Currently, JR East holds railway assets on the Tokaido Main Line up to Atami Station's Ito Line Kinomiya Station (no home on the Tokaido Main Line).Tanna TunnelIt becomes an asset of JR Central from the vicinity of the entrance.Atami Station is the boundary station between JR East and JR Tokai, because there is no platform on the Tokaido Line at Kurumiya Station.As a result, at Atami StationYokohama-TokyoDirection andNumazu-ShizuokaIt is the starting point for conventional line operations in the direction, and there are many trains departing from and arriving at Atami Station.alsoIzukyu LineThe ordinary trains in the line also run to Atami station,ShimodaIt is also the starting point for the direction.

In the past, Tokaido Main Line (Atami Line at that time:Kozu -Before Atami) openedPedestrian orbit-Light railAsMameso jinsha railway → Atami railwayExisted between 1895 and 1923. AlsoJapan sightseeing flight railwayTo sayItoTie upmonorailThe floor plan ofPrewarThere was a plan for the Atami monorail after the war, and the license was issued by the Ministry of Transport at the time, but due to various reasons construction could not be done, and eventually it became a phantom monorail.



Transit Bus

Both are centered on Atami Station.


toll road

National road

Prefectural road

Main local road

Parking Lot

Municipal parking lot

In the city of Atami, there are 10 municipal parking lots.[44][45].. The current designated administrator isTimes 24[46][47].

  • Parking lot in front of Atami station (P9)-Northeast side of Atami station. About 70 units.
  • Kinomiya parking lot (P8)-Kinumiya station facing south. About 50 units.
  • Chuomachi parking lot (P7)-Atami City Hall southwest side. About 100 units.
  • Shimizucho Parking Lot (P5)- Business supermarketAtami store north facing. About 30 units.
  • East parking lot (P0)- Atami Sun BeachNishiwaki. About 250
  • Daiichi Water Park Parking Lot (P1)- Water parkIn the sky deck. About 50 units.
  • Second hydrophilic park parking lot (P2)-Under the hydrophilic park rainbow deck. About 2 units.
  • Nagisacho Parking Lot-The entrance to "Nagisa Nakadori", the side of Itokawa. About 20 units.
  • Wadahama Parking Lot (P3)- Beach park-Marine Spa AtamiKitawaki. About 100 units.
  • Harbor parking lot (P4)- Atami PortSoutheast side. Less than 60 units.


  • Atami Port Sea Fishing Facility Parking Lot-About 350[48].
Private parking lot

Around Atami Station.

  • Hellos parking-about 50 cars.
  • Atami station front parking-about 20 cars.
  • The park Atami station square-about 25 cars.

Times 24A relatively large parking lot operated[47].

  • Rusca Atami Parking Lot- Rusca AtamiSouthwest side. About 50 units.
  • Souishi Park Atami Ginza Town- FamilyMartBetween Atami Honmachi Shopping Street and Itokawa. About 20 units.

Mitsui's ReparkA relatively large parking lot operated[49].

  • Atami Sakimi Parking Lot- Oedo hot spring storyAtami northwest. About 20 units.
  • Atami Sun Beach Parking Lot- Seven-ElevenSouth side of Atami Ginzacho store. About 30 units.
  • Atami Chuo-cho Parking-Handy Home Center Minamiwaki Atami Store. About 17 units.
  • Atami beach town parking lot- Denny'sBelow Atami store. About 30 units.

MaxvaluAtami store parking lot.

  • 1st parking lot-1st basement floor of Maxvalu Atami store. About 100 units.
  • Second parking lot-Southeast side of Maxvalu Atami store. About 2 cars.
  • Third parking lot-south of Maxvalu Atami store, across the Hatsukawa. About 3 units.
  • Fourth parking lot-next to the west of the third parking lot. About 4 units.
Municipal bicycle parking lot
  • Atami station parking lot- Nakamise Shopping StreetTo the south, the Tahara Honmachi crossing and the north side slightly down to the sea.



  • Atami Port - HatsushimaRoute/izu-OshimaRoutes, local fisheries, sea fishing facilities. Model port for promoting fishing culture[50].. Also scuba.
  • Izuyama Port (Izuyama fishing port)-Izuyama district. Local fishery,scuba.
  • Yokoiso Port- Atami Sun BeachNorth. Local fishery, scuba.
  • Tomata Port (Izu Taga Port)-Kamitaga District,Nagahama beachNorth. Local fishery,Atami High SchoolYacht department.
  • Ikeda Port (Shimotaga Port)-Shimotaga area. Local fishery.
  • Wadagi Port-Wadagi district. Local fishery.
  • Ajiro Fishing Port -Ajiro district. Third-class fishing port. Fishing, seaFishing pond.
  • Hatsushima Port-Northern Hatsushima. Atami route, local fishery. Scuba on the east side.
    • Hatsushima second fishing port-western Hatsushima.


  • Atami Port - Hatsushima
    • Fujikyu600 minutes one way by the high-speed boat "Ile de Vacances" (800 to 25 passengers) at Marine Resort. About 7 round trips from 30:17 to 50:10. Adult one way 1300 yen.
  • Atami Port- izu-Oshima(TokyoOshima Town
    • Tokai Kisenのジェット船(250人乗り)で片道直行45分。毎日往復2便ずつ(熱海発 : 9-10時台/14-15時台、大島発 : 10-11時台/13-16時台)、大人片道4700円程度。
    • The operation time varies greatly depending on the season,Ito Port-InatoriHarborKozushimaOne of them may be added to the route. For details, please check Tokai Kisen official website.
Pleasure boat

Cancellation/Abolition/Planning stage

  • Atami Monorail - Atami StationpreviousAtami Daiichi BuildingFrom the 3rd basement floorAtami PortWas planned to be connected by a monorail, but canceled during construction.
  • Atami Kogen Ropeway -Atami Cactus Park, which was located near the current Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Atami (formerly Atami Hyakumangoku)Izu skyline OfGendake Interchange"Gen-dake Drive-in" was connected to the north of, but it was abolished within three years after the opening.
  • Future City Planning Flux Town Atami- Toshiba elevatorIt has drafted a future urban planning that takes advantage of a new traffic system "sharing vehicle" to the prospect of the 2020 "flux Town Atami".[1][2]


Sights and historic sites

Main shrine
Other shrines
  • Misogino Falls Shrine-Located north of Kinomiya Shrine in Midorigaoka, upstream of Itokawa. Engaged in Minamoto no Yoritomo.
  • Meisui Shrine-North of Kinomiya Shrine, located in Nishiyama Town, upstream of Itokawa. Southeast of the Nishiyama bus stop.
  • Tanna Shrine- Tanna TunnelAbove the entrance. Memorial service for construction victims.
  • Fujimori Inari Shrine-Atami Tax Office, north of Atami City Library. Of the palaceDemon gateContainment.
  • Goten Inari Shrine-The former palace behind the city hall (Goten) remnant shrine.
  • Wada Hachiman Shrine- Hotel OnoyaSoutheast of the corner of Wada town. Of the palaceUraemonContainment.
  • Imamiya Shrine-Central shrine in the southern part of the city.
  • Soga Sengen Shrine-Yama in Soga,Akao Herb & Rose GardenInside.
  • Taga Shrine-Northern Taga district (Kamitaga) shrine.
  • Shimotaga Shrine-Southern Taga district (Shimotaga) Shrine.
  • Tsushima Shrine-Shimotaga/Nakano Shrine.
  • Oyama Shinmeigu-A shrine in the Shimotaga/Oyama district.
  • Wadagi Shrine-A shrine in the Shimodaga/Wadagi district.
  • Ajiko Shrine-A shrine in the Ajiro district.
  • Hatsugi Shrine-Hatsushima Shrine.Izuyama Shrine OfForeign company.
  • Raidensha-Shrine of Izuyama Shrine.
  • Yumei Shrine-The last shrine of Izuyama Shrine.
  • Adachi Gongen (Small angle of roleCompany)-The end of Izuyama Shrine.
  • Hashiyu Shrine-The last shrine of Izuyama Shrine.
Main temple
Main historic buildings

Nearby Tourist Spots

Cultural facility





Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

  • -NippanayamaTokuni PassThe day approach to Kanayama. From Izumi districtManyo ParkPass south sidePrefectural Road 102Route going south viaKimiya ShrineFrom the directionHime no Sawa ParkThere is a route that goes north on the east side. The guide for each oneJizoIt is called by this name because it has (Ding Buddha).
  • ・- Izuyama ShrineThe hiking course goes west to Mt.
  • - Tokuni Pass Cable CarTake the train to Tokuni Toge Station on the mountaintop, and then descend to the south of the Higaneyama Cemetery.Hime no Sawa ParkProceed along the athletic course (Course B), go through Hime no Sawabashi and Sasa no Hiroba and join the "Ishibutsu no Michi" from Kinomiya, then detour to Mt. Mixed and eclectic course of returning to Tokuni Toge Station[54].. (Tokuni Pass Cable Car (Izu Hakone Railway) Suggests several other short distance versions[55]. )
  • -From the southwestern part of the city (Aoba Town), through the Atami Shindo OverpassAtami ShindoWhile crossingGendakeA hiking course that leads to the summit. AlsoIzu skylineThere are also two routes that cross the road to Higaike Pond in the north (be careful of crossing).
  • Higashiura Road(Ajiro pass)-Ancient road. Go up the slope from the old road behind the FamilyMart Atami Ajiro store and go to the villa area in the mountains in the south of the Wadagi district.Ajiro Minami AtamigaokaGo south from "Oshima Chaya Ruins" in the south and pass by "Edo Castle Ishigaki Ishichoba Ruins".ItoUsamiTo the vicinity of.

Paragliding and hang gliding

Izu skylineThe mountain ridge along it is a flight field.

scuba diving

In urban diving1986 (Showa 61) January 1Atami PortThe gravel carrier "Asahi 16" (wreck) that sank offshore,NishikigauraAroundTaga volcanoThe seafloor topography (Kosoga Cave, winter only from November to March) is a highlight spot.

  • Marine House Izuyama-Izuyama Port.
  • Atami Marinbo-Yokoiso Port.
  • Atami Marine Sports Club-Yokoiso Port.
  • atami scuba-Yokoiso Port.
  • Diving service Atami- Atami Port.
  • Ajiro Diving Center- Atami Marina(Oyama area).
  • Hatsushima Diving Center-East side of Hatsushima Port.

Swimming pool


  • Izuyugawara Onsen -A hot spring in the Izumi district at the northern end. Centered around the Chitose RiverYugawara OnsenIt comprises the southern part of the area. It is located in the area close to Yugawara, separated from the following districts, and renamed to the current name in 1966.[56].
  • Izuyama Onsen -Onsen in the Izuyama area. CoastalRunning hot waterIs typical.
  • Atami Onsen -A general term for hot springs in the city of Atami.
  • Minami Atami Onsen-The name used to collectively refer to hot springs in the Minami Atami area (Taga, Ajiro).[21].
    • (Taga Onsen)-In Taga area, especially in KamitagaNagahama Seaside Park/Nagahama beachPrevious(Izu Taga StationHot springs in the (in the neighborhood) group.
    • Ajiro Onsen -From the Ajiro district in the southeastern part to the west adjacent part of the southern part of Taga district (Shimodaga) (Wadagi district), especiallyOhnawa Park/Ajiro Onsen beachnear(Ajiro StationAround the area) and the hot springs in the central area of ​​the southeastern part of Ajiro, in the central area of ​​the hot spring inn (Midorimachi/Ajishiroyama area).

One-day hot springs

Day trip bathingHot spring facility (only for bathing)[57].

Izumi (Izuyugawara Onsen)
  • Heartpia Atami
  • La Vista Izuyama
  • Beach (communal bath, Hama Kaikan 1st floor)
City area
City area (communal bath, low price)
  • Atami station square hot spring bath (Tahara bath)
  • Fukushimaya
  • Yamadayu
South Atami
  • Minshuku Miyakoso
  • Taste and Yunoyado New Tomiyoshi
  • Myorakuyu
  • Iso cuisine Heizuru
  • Taiseikan
  • Bamboo hermitage Mizuno
  • Ajiro Shokudo (Ajiro Isofune Hotel)
Hatsushima (kaisen)

Villa area

Other,Atsuko Road,Izu skylineOn the other side of the mountain (western foot of the mountain) that can be accessed via

There is also a large-scale villa area.

Resort mansion

In Atami cityResort mansion(Onsen large communal bath or apartment with Tobe Onsen) list.

NameAddressCompletion dateRankNumber of houses
The Palm Shore AtamiEast Coast TownOctober 201714 floor47 door
The Crest Tower AtamiKasuga TownOctober 201729th floor / 2nd basement335 door
Leben Atami The MasterNagisa TownOctober 201410 floor23 door
Lowen Rhizosia Vesty BlueSpringOctober 20127th floor / 1nd basement221 door
Lowen Resocia Atami Seaside TowerGinza TownOctober 201120 floor120 door
Tokyu Resort Villa Atami AoiUmezono TownOctober 201115 floor183 door
Adenium Atami Hamano RikyuEast Coast TownOctober 200914th floor / 1nd basement71 door
Luxecia Atami ShizukaShimizu TownOctober 200910 floor153 door
Renes Atami BruciaIzuyamaOctober 200711th floor / 1nd basement138 door
Coccolare AtamiSakimi TownOctober 200710th floor / 1nd basement25 door
Zephyr Atami Beach TowerEast Coast TownOctober 200719 floor76 door
Adenium Atami SuikoenSakimi TownOctober 200610th floor / 2nd basement121 door
Adenium Atami Ocean SuiteKasuga TownOctober 200615th floor / 2nd basement95 door
Reage AtamiTahara HonmachiOctober 200613th floor / 2nd basement47 door
Dupia AtamiEast Coast TownOctober 200314th floor / 1nd basement47 door
Zephyr Atami View StageSakimi TownOctober 200313th floor / 3nd basement67 door
Berciel AtamiHayashigaoka TownOctober 20037th floor / 1nd basement69 door
Atami Bay FrontEast Coast TownOctober 200314 floor38 door
Sophia Atami DesusSakimi TownOctober 200213th floor / 2nd basement141 door
My Castle AtamiMizuguchi TownOctober 200211th floor / 1nd basement76 door
J Grace AtamiKamishuku TownOctober 200210th floor / 1nd basement53 door
Four Seasons Garden Atami HappoenMizuguchi TownOctober 200011 floor166 door
Zephyr Atami Sea HillsTahara HonmachiOctober 200010th floor / 2nd basement38 door
Sofia Atami View HillsKaikou TownOctober 199816 floor100 door
Atami City Villa SakimiSakimi TownOctober 199615th floor / 1nd basement101 door
Diamond Palace Yugawara Grand Hills NibankanSpringOctober 199414th floor / 2nd basement168 door
Asahi Freres AtamiSakimi TownOctober 199416 floor95 door
Lions Mansion Yugawara ChitosegawaSpringOctober 19939th floor / 1nd basement148 door
Royal Resort South AtamiShimotagaOctober 19939 floor35 door
Royal Garden Atami IzuyamaIzuyamaOctober 19937 floor32 door
Tao Court AtamiUmezono TownOctober 19939 floor72 door
Domaine Atami IzuyamaIzuyamaOctober 19939th floor / 2nd basement111 door
Diamond Palace Yugawara Grand Hills IchibankanSpringOctober 19938th floor / 1nd basement56 door
Seaside Villa South AtamiKamitaOctober 199310 floor79 door
Atami Takenosawa Beverly HeightsNishi-Atami TownOctober 199311th floor / 1nd basement76 door
Royal Van Veil Atami Izu TagaShimotagaOctober 19928 floor51 door
Cosmo Atami HayashigaokaHayashigaoka TownOctober 199213 floor56 door
Sun Life AtamiNishiyama TownOctober 19927 floor41 door
Park Sereno AtamiNishiyama TownOctober 199215 floor113 door
Sukore AtamiIzuyamaOctober 199212 floor29 door
Lions Mansion Atami no OkaIzuyamaOctober 19929 floor24 door
Atami BenefisWadahamananchoOctober 199210 floor89 door
Lions Mansion Atami Marine ViewKaikou TownOctober 19928th floor / 1nd basement68 door
Royal Villa AtamiNishi-Atami TownOctober 199213 floor103 door
Sunvale Atami IzuyamaIzuyamaOctober 199212th floor / 1nd basement88 door
Lions Mansion Yugawara ChitosegawaSpringOctober 19919 floor148 door
Sun Hello YugawaraSpringOctober 19916 floor24 door
M-road AtamiUmezono TownOctober 19919 floor67 door
Regina Villa AtamiMizuguchi TownOctober 19918 floor36 door
Lions Mansion Yugawara Manyo ParkSpringOctober 19919th floor / 1nd basement61 door
Petit Mond AtamiAtamiOctober 19916th floor / 2nd basement56 door
Nice Stage Atami Resort GingetsuFukudo TownOctober 19919th floor / 1nd basement53 door
Bell claire atamiMizuguchi TownOctober 199110 floor87 door
Lions Mansion Atami Plum Garden No. 2Mizuguchi TownOctober 199110 floor43 door
Peerless AtamiShimotagaOctober 19917 floor69 door
Vintage Atami MomoyamaIzuyamaOctober 199114th floor / 1nd basement85 door
Lions Mansion Atami IzuyamaIzuyamaOctober 19915th floor / 1nd basement28 door
Lions Hills AtamiSakuragi TownOctober 199110 floor58 door
Urban Hills AtamiSakimi TownOctober 19907th floor / 1nd basement59 door
La Vi AtamiHayashigaoka TownOctober 199018 floor124 door
Asahi Freres Atami SeigaokaSpringOctober 19909 floor33 door
Bettei SakuranoshoSakuragi TownOctober 19906 floor25 door
Spax Atami IzuyamaIzuyamaOctober 199010 floor113 door
Lions Mansion Atami Plum GardenMizuguchi TownOctober 19907 floor40 door
Lions Mansion Yugawara 5thSpringOctober 19906 floor25 door
Gauss Atami MomoyamaMomoyama TownOctober 19905 floor15 door
Sky Resort South AtamiShimotagaOctober 19908 floor24 door
Grand Festa AtamiUmezono TownOctober 19905 floor23 door
U Hause Atami MomoyamaMomoyama TownOctober 19905 floor11 door
Atami Pasania ClubAtamiOctober 198928 floor280 door
Lions Mansion South AtamiShimotagaOctober 198910 floor47 door
Fancy Palace AtamiMizuguchi TownOctober 19894 floor19 door
Seaside Palace South AtamiShimotagaJuly 19879 floor58 door
Angel Seaside South AtamiKamitaJuly 198710 floor260 door
Camilia sea white atamiShowa TownJuly 19845 floor29 door
Fujita Daini Atami MansionEast Coast TownJuly 19828 floor148 door
Atami Resort IzuyamaIzuyamaJuly 19788 floor88 door
Villa South AtamiAjiroJuly 19782 floor92 door
Sakimi HeightsSakimi TownJuly 197814 floor187 door
Atami Targus MansionKamitaJuly 197710 floor157 door
Mansion South AtamiAjiroJuly 197710th floor / 1nd basement289 door
Fujita Atami MansionEast Coast TownJuly 197612 floor53 door
Atami Sky HeightsKasuga TownJuly 19768 floor120 door
President AtamiSakuragi TownJuly 19766 floor50 door
Atami PlazaKasuga TownJuly 197614th floor / 1nd basement288 door
Fairmont View IzuSpringJuly 19755 floor78 door
Plaza IzuyamaIzuyamaJuly 197512 floor247 door
Blue Sea AtamiAtamiJuly 19756 floor102 door
Chateautel AkanezakiKamitaJuly 197512 floor389 door
Ocean view AkanezakiKamitaJuly 197513th floor / 1nd basement90 door
Mansion Bel AirIzuyamaJuly 197510 floor54 door
Momijigaoka Garden HeightsMomijigaoka TownJuly 197516 floor110 door
Atami Cliff SideKaikou TownJuly 197515 floor298 door
Highness coming Miyanomiya Atami green sideFukudo TownJuly 197512 floor116 door
Atami Sunny HeightsKaikou TownJuly 197413 floor439 door
Palasion AtamiWadahamananchoJuly 197411 floor82 door
Atami first villaKasuga TownJuly 197411 floor122 door
Yugawara Sunny HeightsSpringJuly 19749 floor141 door
Autumn leavesEast Coast TownJuly 197410 floor30 door
Mannheim Atami*Momijigaoka TownJuly 19749 floor106 door
Maison beachNagisa TownJuly 19738 floor29 door
Villa Nature Town MansionKamitaJuly 19737 floor90 door
Totsumi second seaside heightsSpringJuly 19736 floor46 door
Atami Park MansionSakuragi TownJuly 19728th floor / 1nd basement204 door
TOKYO ATAMI Seaside HeightsSpringJuly 19716 floor43 door
Swan apartmentShimotagaJuly 196711 floor79 door
Atami High PlazaKoarashi TownJuly 196618 floor88 door
Momoyama MansionMomoyama TownJuly 196511 floor59 door
Nonakayama MansionSakimi TownJuly 19656 floor181 door
Izuyama CorpusKaikou TownJuly 19647 floor40 door
Matsugaoka MansionHayashigaoka TownJuly 19634 floor16 door
Atami PansionKaikou TownJuly 19625 floor33 door
Atami AbitasionIzuyamaJuly 19627th floor / 1nd basement83 door
With elderly care service
NameAddressCompletion dateRankNumber of houses
Central Bank Life Care Atami No.23 Izuyama Building No.XNUMXIzuyamaOctober 199216 floor165 door
Central Bank Life Care Atami Mizuguchi Building No.22Mizuguchi TownOctober 199114 floor253 door
Care Resort AtamiAtamiOctober 19896th floor / 1nd basement191 door
Central Bank Life Care Atami Sakimi Building 20Sakimi TownJuly 19865th floor / 1nd basement114 door
Central Bank Life Care Atami No.18 Izuyama Building No.XNUMXIzuyamaJuly 198511 floor223 door
Central Bank Life Care Atami Umezonodai Building 16Ainohara TownJuly 198314 floor294 door
Central Bank Life Care Atami South Atami Building 15AjiroJuly 19805th floor / 1nd basement136 door
Central Bank Life Care Atami Izuyama Building No. 12IzuyamaJuly 19765th floor / 1nd basement327 door
Central bank life care Atami Rainomiya building 10Umezono TownJuly 19749th floor / 1nd basement258 door
Central Bank Life Care Atami Shiroishi Building 8KamitaJuly 197311 floor146 door
Central Bank Life Care Atami Umezono Building No. 7Umezono TownJuly 197310 floor86 door




Festivals and events

All Year

1 Month - 3 Month

4 Month - 6 Month

  • Spring Atami Beer Festival (early May)
  • It's Spring Izuyama Ise Shrimp Iso Festival (Early May)
  • Hatsushima Tokoten Festival (Early May)
  • Jacaranda Festival (June)

7 Month - 9 Month

  • Hatsushima Fireworks Festival (Early Sunday in July)
  • Kogashi Festival(Usually July 7-14,Kimiya Shrine OfAnnual festival
  • Ajiro Bay Festival (late July, related to Ajiko Shrine annual festival)
  • Marine Festa Atami (late July)
  • Izu Yugawara Hot Spring Fireworks Festival (7th Saturday in July)
  • (Early August)
  • Izuyama Onsen Noryoumi Fireworks Festival (August 8)
  • Hatsushima-Atami Group Swimming Tournament (August 8)
  • Atami sea fireworks display・Fixed date (August 8)
  • Izu Taga Maritime Fireworks Festival (August 8th)
  • Ajiro Onsen Hometown Festival (August 8th-14th)
  • Hyakuhachitai Lantern Festival, Ajiro Onsen Maritime Fireworks Festival (August 8)
  • Gyōgei Festival (mid-August)
  • Izuyama Onsen Sazae Festival (late August)
  • Atami Aloha Festival (Early September)

10 Month - 12 Month

  • Yumatsuri(From the end of September to the beginning of October,Yuzen ShrineAutumn festival)
    • On the way to hot water
  • Atami Arts Festival (early October-late November)
  • Atami Halloween Parade (near the end of October)
  • Atami Fish Festival (Early November)
  • Ajiro Onsen Himono Festival (November to mid-February)
  • Atami Plum Garden Momiji Festival(Late November-early December)

Film Festival/Music Festival

Past events

Works set in Atami




Tv animation

TV drama

In recent years, not only TV dramas but also variety programs such as Atami have been on the rise.



Game software

Origin-related celebrities

Honorary citizen

  1. Sawada Masahiro(彫刻家
  2. Sugimoto(Novelist
  3. Toshiko Hashida(Writer

Native celebrity

Person with connection

A person who has a house and is the base of life


  • "Atami City History" (upper and lower volumes) Atami City / Atami City History Compilation Committee 1968/1
  • "Atami Hot Spring Magazine"Ishikawa RioSupervision Publishing culture 2017/4


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