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🛏 | [Ashitano Onsen Japan National Hot Spring Trip] ④ Hiroshima Miyahama Onsen


[Ashitano Onsen Japan National Hot Spring Trip] ④ Hiroshima Miyahama Onsen

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There are also hands-on activity plans such as sea kayaking, so why not enjoy it with your family and friends?

Hiroshima Miyahama Onsen, the most scenic hot spring village closest to Miyajima ● Efficacy / Simple weak radioactivity low hot spring, neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, ... → Continue reading


Chugoku Shimbun Ashitano is a cross-media between the Web and free papers that delivers content that "enjoys tomorrow" centered on Hiroshima.

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Sea kayaking

Sea kayakingIt is,æµ·Considering to use in, wave, wind,trendHas a design that is not easily affected byKayaking.

Origin isGreenland,Aleutian Islands[1]A small boat made of leather, which was used in the skeleton. For hunting and long-distance travel. This was improved to create a falting boat, which developed into a river falting boat, and further evolved into a rigid type river kayak. There are open deck type and closed deck type.


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