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🛏 | What is Takuya Kimura's "notable and wonderful place" revealed by the director of the movie "Masquerade Night"?


What is Takuya Kimura's "notable and wonderful place" revealed by the director of the movie "Masquerade Night"?

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The suspicious guests are Minami Tanaka, Ikki Sawamura, Masanobu Katsumura, Yoshino Kimura, Kumiko Aso, Saki Takaoka, Hanamaru Hakata ...

The second work of Keigo Higashino's best-selling "Masquerade Hotel" series.Takuya Kimura is a detective, Masami Nagasawa is a hotel ... → Continue reading

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Kazuki Sawamura

Kazuki Sawamura(Ikki Sawamura, real name: Kozo Nomura)[1],1967 <Showa 42>May 7 -) isJapan OfAn actor[2],chairperson[3], Originalモデル[4].

Height 184cm.KagoshimaI'm fromKenneBelongs.


Childhood was never wealthy, a family of four was 4 tatami mats and 6 and a half tatami mats, old without a bathroomApartmentLived in.He had an introverted personality and liked to play alone.When Sawamura was 12 years old, his fatherevaporationAfter thatdivorceIn the daytime, my mother was trying to repay the large amount of debt (2000 million yen and 3000 million yen) that my father made.CosmeticsSales, snack work at night, raising Sawamura and a younger sister 4 years younger[5][6].

To my mother when I was in elementary schoolEntertainment worldI was told to proceed to, and from around this time I aspired to the entertainment world.In high schoolvolleyballBelong to the club, and after graduation, locallyPart-time jobI was living.His father died when Sawamura was 19 years old. At the age of 20, I flew from Kagoshima to Tokyo with 19 yen and aimed to become an actor.Fashion ModelActive as.Part-time joblive houseEntered the modeling agency with the introduction of the customerStyleTaking advantage of the goodness of the magazine "MEN'S CLUB』Become an exclusive model[7].

As "Kouzo Nomura", he is in charge of the cover model all year round and begins to attract attention.After that, in 1, Nippon Television Network "Shindora"" Matsuda's Drama "(Mitsuyoshi Uchimura(Director) debuted as an actor, and in the same year, the same station's "Sequel, star gold coin』Also appeared.However, Sawamura says that by becoming an actor, his income has decreased to one-fifth compared to when he was a model.[7].

From September 2000, in the TBS-based 9-hour suspense "Asami Mitsuhiko Series"Takumi TatsumiFrom the hero'sMitsuhiko AsamiTaking over the role, he played Mitsuhiko in 2012 works up to the 31st work of the 18 broadcast series.The series will be released in the fiscal year ending October 2009Wednesday TheaterThis work became Sawamura's first single starring serial drama.In addition, Sawamura played the criminal role in the 11th work before playing the role of Mitsuhiko.

In 2000, he married a former model woman who was 32 years old and 5 years younger.I have three boys with my wife[8].

At the age of 40, I felt a sense of crisis in the situation where only the second role was offered as an actor, and I showed off the lower story for the first time in a variety show, but this strange plan caused a reaction more than expected, and in 2006, NHK Conte program, "Office worker NEO』, Dressed as" Sexie Director "and caught the viewer's heart[7]..Even after the end of the program, he took the nickname of "Erotic Baron" from the appearance of talking about off-color humor on variety shows, etc., and also self-proclaimed at press conferences etc.[9][10].

August 2021, 8,New coronavirusAnnounced that it was infected with[11]..He continued to receive medical treatment according to the instructions of the health center, and his physical condition recovered, and he resumed his activities from August 8st.[12].


The first movie I was crazy about was "Great Mazinger vs Getter Robo"When"Cat in boots』, The actorBruce Lee..Especially for Bruce Lee, he said, "When I first saw it, an electric current ran through my body."[13].

July 2018 Cool broadcast ``Absolute zero degree-Criminal infiltration investigation-At the age of 50Fuji Television Network, IncDue by March 9thFirst starring[14]..In the 9th frame of the monthTamura Masakazu(1997 broadcast "Jinbe』Since 55 years old), it became the second starring in the 2s.

Achieved a record of conquering all the leading roles in the serial drama of the 5 golden time broadcasts of commercial broadcasters in Tokyo.[15].

Appearance work

TV drama

Delivery drama



Voice appearance

Appearance in the game

Entertainment shows

  • Office worker NEO Season 1 (April 2006, 4-September 4, NHK)
    • Salaryman NEO Season 2 (April 2007, 4-September 10, NHK)
    • Salaryman NEO Season 3 (April 2008, 4-September 6, NHK)
    • Salaryman NEO Season 4 (April 2009, 4-September 12, NHK)
    • Salaryman NEO Season 5 (April 2010, 4-September 8, NHK)
    • Salaryman NEO Season 6 (April 2011, 5-September 10, NHK)

MC program

  • Love whip(August 2006-September 10, 13, TV Tokyo)
  • It's(April 2007, 10-March 20, 2009, TV Tokyo)
  • Future Professor Sawamura(October 2007, 10-March 19, 2008, Fuji Television)
  • Tokyo Kawaii★TV(April 2008, 4-March 2, 2013, NHK General)
  • New Year History Romance SP / The Truth of Sengoku Busho ... A miracle moment that changed the times!
  • Star Draft Conference(April 2011, 4 --March 12, 2013, NTV) --Semi-regular
  • A natural heritage site connected by the sea road-Yakushima?Amami Oshima Miraculous Islands (January 2013, 1, TV Asahi)
  • Sawamura 1 week (September 2013, 9, TBS)
  • Japan Cable Awards(TBS) [61](Reina TriendlWith MC)
    • 45th (August 2012, 11)
    • 46th (August 2013, 12)
    • 47th (August 2014, 12)
  • "Unimaginable TV(December 2014, 9,Yomiuri Television・NTV)
    • "Unimaginable TV』Involuntarily watch twice! 2nd! (December 2, 2015, Yomiuri TV / NTV)
    • "Unimaginable TV] New sensation variety 3rd! (September 2016, 9, Yomiuri TV / NTV)
  • "Beckaku" on THE Beckaku TV (September 2016, 9, MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System, TBS)
  • To the history, ho-solve simple questions! (January 2017, 1, NHK General TV)[62]
    • History will change your common sense! (August 2017, 8, NHK General TV)[63]
    • History He ~, Ho ~ How to survive the defeated Sengoku warlords (January 2018, 1, NHK General TV)[64]
  • Searching for Gachi! Unsearchable-I want to see it because it's okay once-Kazuki Sawamura & Milk Boy New Special Program! (February 2020, 2, TV Asahi)[65]
  • Suddenly, is it okay to fortune?(April 2020, 4-, Fuji TV)[66]
  • Is this just me?(July 2020, 7-January 7, 2021, ABC TV / TV Asahi)[67][68]

Radio program


Other works

directed by


Picture book



  • Men's underwear "GUAR DANDO"[73]


  • Sexie Love School, "Love Winning Method" for Men (2008-2013,With)[74]



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