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🧳 | JR Central continues to take a temporary leave in October


JR Tokai continues temporary holidays in October

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The second temporary leave has been implemented since September 9, and this will be extended.

JR Central will continue to take temporary leave in October.Train operation plans due to the spread of the new coronavirus ... → Continue reading


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LeaveWhat is (Kyushoku)?employmentThe long-term labor obligation is exempted as it is, and the employment contract remains as it is.When it becomes impossible to work for some reasonLabor regulationsIt is applied according to the provisions such as.During the leave periodLabor Standards ActBased on (Showa 22 Law No. 49), etc.,userWhen the business is closed due to reasons attributable toWorkerTo(I.e.Will be paid.

Civil servant

Civil servantThe law stipulates leave of absence.National Civil Service LawArticle 79Self Defense Force ActArticle 43Local Civil Service ActAccording to Article 28, Paragraph 2, at the following timesGeneral staffCivil servantSelf-defense personnelCan be taken off against the will of the staff.

  1. When long-term rest is required due to physical or mental disability
  2. Regarding criminal casesProsecutionIf done

Besides this,Diet staffaboutDiet staff lawAccording to Article 13, in addition to the above-mentioned examples, employees may take leave against their will at the following times.

  1. When submitted to the Diet Staff Examination Committee for disciplinary action
  2. When the job is closed or overcrowded due to capacity revision
  3. When necessary due to office work

However, in the case of a Diet employee, "when a long-term rest is required due to a physical or mental disorder" or "when necessary due to administrative reasons" must be examined by the Diet Staff Examination Committee. The maximum leave period is one year when "when the employee is out of work or when the number of employees is revised and there is an overwork" or "when it is necessary due to administrative reasons".

According to Article 89 of the National Civil Service Law and Article 49 of the Local Civil Service Law, an explanation stating the reason for the leave must be issued to the employees who are on leave. If an employee is deemed to have taken leave, he / she may request the instructions set forth in the same paragraph. The instructions state that the disposition is a neutral agency (National Personnel Authority,Human Resources Committee,Fairness committee) Must be able to file an appeal and the period of appeal must be stated.

Limited disposalThe so-called requested leave, in which the employee volunteers to take leave even though it does not fall under the reason for the leave, is not planned by the law and is not allowed (however, the employee himself / herself wishes to take leave, and the appointed person does so Supreme Court case that the leave of absence that was taken as necessary does not have to be invalidated[1]There is).

By "No Work No Pay"SalaryIn principle, the salary is not paid, but since the reason for the leave is not necessarily the responsibility of the person, the salary is usually reduced during the leave period.


  1. ^ Supreme CourtThird Small Court Judgment on July 35, 7 Showa 26 (e) 33 Request for invalidation of leave (Supreme Court HP)

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