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Tree fish flower bonito Makurazaki city company on-line public relations Takayu charm

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"Travel on the line" "Teaching material" such as "Kezuri-bushi" trunk bonito fish, etc.

[Kyodosha September 9st Electric] Mokugyo Hanasei Amount of mokugyo bonito resident in Japan Kagoshima Agata Makurazaki Municipal company 將啟 蕇 "Line Ueno Journey", Mokugyo Oya Amigami Mokugyo Hanako FactoryUnder the declining trend of the number of passengers in the new coronavirus, the world's purpose is to make an effort to attract the charm of Takayu.Makurazaki City, etc. Toru, last year Japan's raw wood fish with flowers 21% Left and right Makurazaki.Koji Nakahara (48 years old), President of Mizuki Nakahara Co., Ltd. Professor Ryo Katsuki, professor of bonito flakes in the last 45 years.Atsushi Tamura, a professional cook, and a request for submission by a professor.Immediately, the number of people who live in a lonely home is increasing.Mr. Nakahara, a close friend of the landlord, Takayu-like machine. "Kezuribushi", "Kezuri-bushi" -like trunk bonito fish, etc. "teaching materials", passing APP dismissal arsenal, etc.Mixed wood fish flower, bonito miso, and green tea-like Kagoshima tradition food "Chabushi".Nakahara Indication: "Imaginary Kokuzo Visiting Vineyards, Vineyards, Vineyards, Sake, Makurazaki, Makurazaki, Makurazaki, Makurazaki, Makurazaki, Makurazaki.On the 10th of this month, Nakahara Mizuki, the first line of the first line, Ueno Journey, 20 days yuan.From the second time onward, the echoes of the land. (End) → Continue reading

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