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🧳 | Hotel Keihan Tsukiji Ginza Grande sells long-term stay plan from 14 yen for 60,200 nights


Hotel Keihan Tsukiji Ginza Grande sells long-term stay plans 14 nights from 60,200 yen

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On-site facilities such as a gym, laundromat and trouser press are also available.

Hotel Keihan Tsukiji Ginza Grande has released a long-term stay plan for 14 consecutive nights or more on August 8th.Customer ... → Continue reading


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Facilities in the hall

Coin laundry

Coin laundry(British: coin laundry,British: self-service laundry,coin wash,Rice: laundromat,British: launderette,laundrette) Is providedWashing machineThe user himself usingWashingA store in the form of

Installed washing machineDryer,Furthermoredetergent Ofvending machineetccoin(coin) Can be used.


The format isvending machineIt is the same as the unmanned store by, but the installation location isWashingDue to the nature of the "product" provided, a certain amount of water supply and drainage equipment is required, and for dryers.City Gas,propane gasAndkeroseneboilerIt is necessary to prepare a heat source such as.Therefore, it is easy to secure these water supply and drainage facilities and heat sources in urban areas.Public bathIn some cases, a washing machine or dryer may be installed by remodeling a corner, or in a coin laundry.shower roomMay be attached.

セ ル フ サ ー ビ スBecause of that, the price per laundry is alsoCleaning industryIt is extremely cheap compared to the above, and is used by singles and students who have less laundry.

JapanThen,1953ToSanyo ElectricLaunched a jet-type electric washing machine in the popular price range[1][2]"Rental laundry machine (cultural laundry)" which can be said to be the predecessor of coin laundry[3]A joint electric washing machine shop called has appeared.1966ToToshibaReleased a two-layer washing machine that can also dehydrate electrically.1960 eraFrom then on, gradually general家庭It became widespread in Japan.Later, a dryer that dries the laundry after washing was released, and a washer / dryer that performs from washing to drying with one unit was also released, but both are in the price range equal to or higher than the washing machine and are essential items. The character is thin, and it is not widely used in the same line as washing machines.One of the big selling points of a coin laundry is that you can use the dryer once for a hundred yen.Especially(I.e.,rainy seasonDifficult to wash due to climatic problems such as(I.e.Even in some areas, the utility value of dryers that dry laundry in a few tens of minutes is great, and especially when the dryer cannot be purchased or installed due to household circumstances, these coin laundry dryers are useful.

In addition, household washing machines are not very large due to the problem of installation space.But doubleblanketIf it is necessary to wash such items, it may exceed the performance of a household washing machine.Even in such cases, a coin laundry equipped with a large washing machine and dryer is used.[† 1].1970 eraAlthough it showed a certain increase in the metropolitan areas since then,1990 eraSince then, the number of single-person residents has tended to increase even in local cities, and many small-scale unmanned stores have been created with them as customers.There are also stores that offer a service called drop off, in which a clerk acts on behalf of the customer for laundry.

1980 eraSince then, the influx of people into urban areas has increased as urban convenience has improved.Apartment,ApartmentIn Japan, where etc. tend to increaseStudio apartmentMany people live in or in apartments, but the washing machine is a motornoiseThere are circumstances that make it difficult to operate at midnight when the loud vibration noise is likely to reverberate.For this reason, even a single person who owns a washing machine may use a coin laundry.In addition, in studio condominiums, there are cases where tenants of the same format are on the first floor for the convenience of residents.business hotel,capsule hotel, Or even cheap hotels have these facilities for medium- to long-term residents.

Overseas (especially Western countries), each household cannot have a washing machine (space to put it) due to construction regulations such as landscape protection and protection of historic buildings (new construction, rebuilding, remodeling, etc.). In many cases, the building cannot withstand its weight, etc.), and these reasons are also pushing up the demand for coin laundry.In these places, there are stores that only have a large number of washing machines for general households instead of the large equipment below.Since there are many unsafe places where the laundry being washed is often stolen, customers need to keep an eye on the laundry until the laundry is finished, and they go to the store for that customer.Wi-FiMany stores also have rental video services.

The usage pattern is not limited to daily laundry for singles and households without a washing machine, but when there are many children and families and the laundry cannot keep up with the drying, only the dryer is used. It is often used for washing and drying large items, and for saving clothing taken out of home by travelers and truck drivers who use it while traveling.

Some stores have shoe washing machines installed.When using it, etiquette such as removing soil and heavy dirt as much as possible before washing is required so as not to cause a malfunction due to soil clogging.

In recent years, in addition to the traditional small coin laundry (washing / drying capacity: less than 10 kg) mainly for singles as mentioned above, a comparison that sells washing and drying large clothes, blankets, futons, etc. Large-scale coin-operated laundry machines (washing / drying capacity: over 20 kg) are becoming more common in suburban areas.Also,motorizationIn modern Japan, which has advanced to a high degree, private cars are mainly used as a means for customers to carry a large amount of laundry and blankets to the coin laundry by themselves, so the requirements for suburban coin laundry stores are ten ordinary cars. A scale that allows simultaneous parking around the tableParking LotA set of store space with a scale of several tens of tsuboRoadside store,convenience storeWill be almost the same as.In addition, the structure where one side of the convenience store is covered with glass makes it easy to check the usage status of washing machines and dryers because the inside can be easily seen from the outside of the store, and it is also for crime prevention in unmanned stores that are open 24 hours a day. It is also excellent in terms of measures.For this reason, there are many cases in the suburbs where coin-operated laundry machines are opened by slightly remodeling vacant buildings and stores after the withdrawal of convenience stores.

There are many places to install it, such as annexed public baths, along streets with heavy traffic, around stations, and shopping streets, but depending on demand, it may be located in a corner of a residential area.

In this way, coin laundry is often used not only for convenience stores but also for existing idle store spaces such as vacant tenants that have withdrawn from small stores, so in general, equipment such as washing machines and dryers are already available. The store door of the product is designed to be sized so that it can be passed through without breaking, and it is designed on the assumption that even large equipment such as a dryer can be divided into several parts and carried into the store for assembly. ..

Japan's first coin laundry was in May 1966 (Showa 42)TokyoKita OfPublic bathWhat was installed in "Kaga Bath"[4][5].

How to Use

fundamentallyセ ル フ サ ー ビ スTherefore, users have their own laundry and coins.[† 2]Prepare.
Detergents vary from store to store, and can be broadly divided into two patterns.
  1. Purchase detergent from the built-in vending machine or bring your own detergent.
  2. The washing machine is equipped with a function to automatically add detergent and fabric softener, and the price includes the detergent fee, so there is no need to prepare detergent.orElectrolyzed water,Alkaline ionized waterThere are also models and stores that do not require detergent by using the water for washing.[6].
Some stores can use fabric softener, some cannot, and some stores have a washing machine that automatically inserts fabric softener (some stores prohibit bringing in detergents and fabric softener due to the automatic loading function).
Put the laundry in the washing machine, if you need to put the detergent yourself, put the detergent in, put the specified fee in the coin slot of the washing machine, and the washing machine will automatically lock the laundry slot. And start.There is also a type that starts when you press the start button to start washing after paying the fee.
in recent yearsprepaid cardThere is also a coin-operated laundry system, where you purchase a card from a prepaid card vending machine using banknotes in advance, and insert the card into the washing machine.Currently, the prepaid card method is an option for each manufacturer.The merit is that fixed customers can be repeated, cash can be collected at one card vending machine, and it is convenient without coin clogging, but the initial investment is about 200 million to 250 million at suburban stores, so the current situation is so widespread. I haven't.However, it is expected to become widespread in the future.It is very good from the management's point of view if it is possible to manage the store, deal with customers, etc. online now, and manage sales while staying at home.From a side business perspective, this system is expected to become widespread in the future.
Washing while the washing machine is in operation ...DehydrationIt is fully automatic, and it takes several tens of minutes to complete the entire process.There is nothing special to do during that time, so I have to finish other tasks during that time.Public bathIf it is attached to the store, you can take a bath, watch TV / radio programs in the rest space provided in the store, read a book, etc.GameThere are many users who do.Some washing machines do not open the lid during operation, depending on the equipment.[† 3], From a running washing machineSteal clothing such as women's underwearSince incidents have occurred, you need to be careful when you leave the coin laundry.In particular, if you leave the laundry in the laundry even after washing, it will easily bother other users and you will be vulnerable to the above-mentioned clothing theft.in recent yearssurveillance cameraInstallation store (Security companyMost of them are managed)theftAlthough the damage has decreased to some extent, it is forbidden to be alert.Please note that laundry that has been left in the washing machine or dryer for a long time (leaved) may be taken out by a coin laundry clerk or a patrol staff.
Recently, like the dryer described later, it is a large one (futon, Many thick items such as blankets), or to handle items that are too largeDrum type washing machineMay be installed.
After washing, you can take the laundry home and dry it in your room, but if you want to dry it, put the laundry in the drum of the dryer installed separately and pay the specified fee to operate the dryer.[† 4]..The dryer can be operated for longer than the specified time for an additional fee, so if the amount of laundry is large or the drying condition is unsatisfactory, an additional fee will be added at the appropriate time to extend the use.As with the washing machine, leaving the laundry after drying carries the risk of inconvenience to others and theft.In the case of coin laundry, a gas clothes dryer is used, and compared to household electric clothes dryers,CalorieIs very high (5 to 30 times), so it can be dried quickly and fluffy.
In the case of a gas dryerMachine oilEtc. are attachedChemical fiberIt is necessary to read the precautions in advance because the clothing in which is used may cause a fire.


In recent years, targeting busy peopleWebsite,E-mailA coin-operated laundry that allows you to know the availability of facilities at the same time has also appeared.In some cases, it is attached to other facilities, such as convenience stores as well as public baths.gas station, On the highwayParking area[7],pachinkoIt can also be seen when it is attached to a store.In these cases, the inside of the coin laundry can be seen from inside the facility, so it is less likely to be stolen, and there are conveniences such as vending machines for food and drink and ample rest areas.

On the contrary, mainly coin laundry, cafes andPetWashing area, play space for toddlers,Delivery box,massage chairThere is also an example of trying to attract customers and increase profitability by installing such as[8].

In addition, the automation of washing machines has progressed, and there are models that can dry laundry with one washing machine.インターネットCorresponding coin laundry also offers a service to notify the end of washing by e-mail.

On the other hand, on the side where the coin laundry is installed,FranchiseSome companies are developing their business by the method, and not only mechanical equipment such as washing machines, but also store interiors and sales strategies are provided to those who wish to open the store.In some cases, the coin laundry equipment manufacturer itself is engaged in this franchisor business.

In addition, the store management of such a coin laundryOffice workerAs a side job such asRental real estateAlong with "investmentIs also the target of[9]..However, as is the case with other industries, the equipment maker franchisor has shown an overly lenient profit outlook to those who wish to open the store, or recommends excessive equipment introduction, so sales will not increase after the opening. You may have a deficit[10].

It is ideal to operate in areas with a large number of singles, especially in densely populated areas of apartments and condominiums, but on the other hand, these stores, which have begun to expand into residential areas, use large washing machines and dryers to differentiate themselves from laundry at home. Cases can also be seen, and inside is equipped with a large washer / dryer that can wash comforters, which is caused by comforters that are difficult to wash at home.House dustThere are also places that claim mitigation[† 5].

Electronic moneyDemonstration experiments are underway.If you put in the laundry, close the door, and then read the electronic money, the usage fee will be deducted.At the same time, the door is locked and washing begins.After washing, the door is unlocked and the laundry can be taken out by reading the same electronic money as at the start.By not handling cash in the store, you can prevent theft of cash and laundry that destroys coin boxes.consumption taxThere are great advantages such as easy changes in prices due to tax rate revisions.Deposits to electronic money are closeconvenience store,Railway station,Credit cardDo it with.40% share of commercial washer / dryerTOSEIWill be the first in JapanCredit card transactionAnd variousElectronic moneyA payment machine that supports multi-payment by[11].


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注 釈

  1. ^ However, depending on the storeDo not wash blankets or beddingIn some cases, there are restrictions on the use of equipment, so it is necessary to pay attention to the rules when using it.
  2. ^ Some stores have a money changer and some do not, so it's best to carry small change if possible.
  3. ^ The drum type is for danger prevention and water leakage prevention.
  4. ^ Depending on the season, such as during the rainy season, only the dryer is often used.
  5. ^ Franchisor companies of these chain stores said, "The needs for services that can reduce the burden of housework for double-income and child-rearing households have increased rapidly in recent years, and not only single men but also women are in high demand." Are[9].


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