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🧳 | I want to send a letter of happiness The olive-colored mailbox on Shodoshima is cute

Photo From the website of Shodoshima Olive Park

I want to send a letter of happiness The olive-colored mailbox on Shodoshima is cute

If you write the contents roughly
The olive-colored mailbox is a spot that looks like a photo.

[Mimi Yori Live 5up – Hiroshima Home Television] The corner of "Gugutto Setouchi" broadcast on February 2021, 9 ... → Continue reading

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Photogenic (Avoid ambiguity)

Photogenic(British: photogenic)

The original meaning of photogenic is "good photo quality" and "photographable".English version: photogenicAndInstant movieSee also section.

Olive color

BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

Olive color(Olive Iro) is immatureoliveDark, as seen in the color of the fruit绿Mino黄色Is.This color is a small amountblackCan be seen by mixing yellow.The time when it became such a name is so old that it is not clear.Middle englishI only know what came out in.

RGBIn order to reproduce the olive color by, it is necessary to make the ratio of red and green the same without adding blue at all.

Early 20th centuryCaucasianIsMediterraneanIt is,イタリアSince their skin color is darker than other Caucasian races living in the south, it was expressed that their skin color is olive.

In some areas, the color olive is used as the color of the church during the Ordinary Time.

If the olive color is greenish, it becomes "olive green" and it is dark.greenIs added, "Olive drab"become.Dark olive colors such as olive drab have been often used for military purposes as they are easy to blend into the natural environment outdoors as a protective color.Even a single color can be effective as a protective color,camouflageAlso used for.

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